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Getting Rid Of That Mustache AKA Brown Spots

secret wedding weapon | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi, hi!

Ahhh, fresh off the plane from our wedding & before I dive right into all the DETAILS ( I can assure you there are 6 to 7 million ), I wanted to share some randomness with you.

Ok so as we know I’ve struggled ( STRUGGLED ) with ‘Mustache Syndrome.’

What’s ‘Mustache Syndrome’ you ask?

Well it’s when you have a mustache. But there’s no hair.

Yes that’s right there’s just like a brown shadow.

No girl wants a brown shadow haunting their upper lip everyday.

I mean, hands anyone?

::: CRICKETS :::

Before I got married, I got fucking serious on my mustache.

I was just over it. LIKE go away.

There’s a couple different techniques I tried but what’s crazy is the one that worked WAS THE MOST SIMPLE OF THEM ALL. Allow me to introduce you to my favorite skin brightener on the planet: Eminence Organics Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum.

Here’s the thing: my skincare regimen is so simple, it’s almost painful how simple it is.

It involves a lot of rose hip or avocado oil ( I switch it up ), & this serum. If I have a zit, that’s a different story. But to be real I don’t get a lot of zits because I don’t overdo it on the product.

I’m a BIG, BIG BELIEVER that LESS IS MORE when it comes to our skin.

Oils have changed my life.

They fight fine lines, wrinkles, remove my makeup ( I HATE MAKEUP REMOVER LATELY ), & keep my skin moist ( for lack of a better word ?? ).

They’re game-changing.

This is the rose hip oil I like & this is the avocado oil I like. Both are pure, unrefined, & organic. I just use it in the morning before applying makeup and at night to remove makeup & then after the makeup is removed.

BUT there’s been another secret weapon.

First off, all of you should know that this is not sponsored.

I just really, REALLY love this product.

So much so that I’ve been dying to recommend it to you because it works better than anything.

I use this like 6 times a week in place of oil. Switch it up.

If you’ve read TSC Book you know I wash my skin with a bar of all-natural soap. Easy, painless, quick.

Then I apply either oil or this skin brighter.

A while ago I read the book The French Beauty Solution and they SWORE every girl in the world should have a god serum.

Serums are so underrated ( just like my poor oils ). A serum & oil are my recommendations 100% if you’re looking for clean, one-toned, glowy, dewy skin.

I’m getting off track but seriously SERUMS. This brightener is a serum. And the best I’ve tried. Plus it’s organic. The line, Eminence is my favorite too. Such great products.

So 6 months before the wedding I started using this serum about 6 times a week AND WHEN MY WEDDING CAME AROUND THE MOUSTACHE WAS GONE.


I really didn’t want to do a brown moment while walking down the aisle, so this was incredibly ideal.

If you’re struggling with a brown mustache…or perhaps you have a brown spotted forehead ( I’ve been there too ), try this. PLEASE.

You will not be sorry.

I’ve actually been so excited to come back & do this post because if there’s one thing about The Skinny Confidential it’s that I want to provide value. Things that work. Things that aren’t 23948723987429 dollars. Things that anyone can use with insane results.

And well, this product is SO, SO TSC.

Every girl should own it. It’s $44 dollars, works, & makes the skin feel amazing.

I highly recommend getting a raw, cold-pressed oil & trying these two together with an all-natural bar of soap. Right now I’m obsessed with this goats milk & honey soap. Really, it smells like graham crackers…WHAT IS BETTER?

Of course, I also love my AM collagen eye pads.

Other than that I feel like my routine is very low maintenance. It’s not hard. It takes about 30 seconds in the AM, 30 seconds in the PM.

& for any lucky bitches that don’t have mustaches, you’ll still want this serum because it brightens.

By the way: I’ve found to avoid coconut oil on the face. My girlfriend, Erica, told me that it clogs the pores because of its thick consistency. So stick with avo or rose hip & you’re golden.

LASTLY: I will be Snapchatting my 30-second nightly skincare routine this week so make sure you’re following along! I want to make sure I’m showing you guys the exact breakdown. Username is @laurynevarts.

Ok SO in the upcoming weeks you can expect A LOT OF BRIDAL, WEDDING, CABO posts. BUT no fear, this isn’t turning into a full-on wedding blog. Like I don’t want to make you projectile vomit. Don’t want to overdo it on the couples thing. Just want to showcase the details in a pretty, valuable way!

I’ll sprinkle in other tips, tricks, recipes, & randomness & come mid December things will go back to normal. Good?

Ok, I’m off to enjoy a bun-less burger, extra avocado, with lettuce/tomato/sliced jalapeño AND some fries sans mustache.

Michael & I are overwhelmed with all your incredible wedding messages— honestly the wedding week wouldn’t have been the same without having you guys along for the ride. Fucking best readers EVER.

WE LOVE YOU, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast. My best friend, Steve, is on & a lot of you guys have asked about his calendar advice ( remember this post? ). He’s sharing all his tips & tricks that have saved my life. We’re also kind of talking wedding!! Happy listening.

++ two new posts are live on TSC App too: tips for fighting a hangover AND how to fight anxiety. ENJOY!

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  1. Until I read your post about Moustache Syndrome I did not knew there is one. I also have moustache but not so much as hair just like a brown thing, like you said. I thought it’s because once I took my moustache and then I went in the sun and it got tanned. hahha So silly I am! My problem is that my skin is really pale so you can easily see my brown moustache situation. I will look into the serum you recommended. Thank you for the idea!

    1. This serum has been a game-changer!! It helps SO much. Give it a try and let me know what you think Mihabalan! xx

  2. I’ve used oils on my face, after washing with either soap or cleaning with wintergreen rubbing alcohol. Many times I’ve been complimented on my skin and lack of wrinkles for my age. It’s the mustache that bothers me most. Thank you for writing this, I’ll try the serum

  3. Thanks for sharing, congratulations on your wedding! I love oils too, have to try these. Not sure if I have ever experienced a brown moustache type moment but nevertheless they can’t hurt x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. Love this! As of lately (and credit to you)…. I have been putting rosehips on my face / neck AM – PM. I have also been putting jojoba oil on my body instead of lotion after dry brushing. I love the simplicity of it all and how these oils do not contain any chemicals. Cannot wait to see the results. I will be adding the serum to my routine as well. Thank you!!…and now…I patiently await your WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA!

    1. Seriously oil is the best for everything! Can’t wait to share all of the wedding details with you : ) xx

  5. Thank God your back! And I am a single lady and I can’t wait to hear about all of the details of the wedding and seeing you two in love! I love it!!!!!! This post is amazing, buying this product – already use the Rose Hip oil bc you told me too and i love it! My skin thanks you! This coming from a 31 year old! xoxo Tiff

    1. SO many fun wedding details to share with you babes! If you love the Rose Hip you will LOVE this. It’s a real game-changer. Thanks for all of the support Tiffany! xx

  6. Thank you for this! I get those spots on my forehead and have been dying for a natural solution.

  7. I want to hear about everything wedding ! we aren’t worried about it being a wedding/coupley blog but you just got married and we want to see it all ! Ive been following you for years and we’ve all seen you get engaged and plan the wedding, now we want to see it – at least i do, I’m obsessed with all things wedding ! Congrats to you and michael ! Hope your life if full of laughter, car ride hand holding, first class work travelling, endless blogging success and more dogs 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing.. How would you compare it to the MURAD Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Brigtening serum?
    xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style), Travel, & Culture

    1. This serum has been a complete game-changer! It’s amazing and I love all of the natural ingredients. xx

  9. Inspirational as ever Lauryn! Love how simple your skincare is – with great results indeed. I feel like i spend way too much…will give your way a try. Thank you for keeping us in the loop during this exciting/special time in your life! You are appreciated!

  10. Hi Lauryn! I am getting married in June and am SO excited to read all of the upcoming posts. Also looking into these products ASAP. Congrats <3

  11. Thanks for sharing Lauryn! I don’t have this problem, but a couple of my girls always complain about this issue. Thank God there’s is resolution! I know what I will be getting for their Christmas gift. 🙂

  12. Hey Lauryn! First of all congrats on the wedding! You looked stunning as always. 😀 Per all of your fabulous recommendations I’m looking forward to trying this serum. Question about using the oils (rose hip/avocado) on your face/body. I notice when I put the rose hip oil on my face it leaves a bit of a layer of oil that never fully sinks in making me feel oily. Is that normal or does it sink right in for you? Do you use them on your body instead of lotion as well?

  13. Hi Lauryn! I feel better knowing I’m not the only one out here with this unattractive mustache! I am african american and dark skinned. I tried a product called sunday riley’s good genes and it irritated my skin (thankfully i didn’t actually buy it bc it retails at $105) i tried to get rid of my stache before my Cali trip and it was no bueno. I wanted to know if you applied this serum to just the LIP AREA or the entire face?? Also, I LOVE oils too.

    I use Boscia tsubaki oil and i ran out so i started putting coconut oil on my face and pimples came in addition to it being that time of the month. I had a feeling it might’ve been due to the switch in what i was putting on my face. Thanks for the recommendations! I also have avocado oil so ill see how that works.

    Do you have any suggestions for pimples? Sorry for the long comment!! lol


  14. Hey Lauryn,

    Per usual I love your post. It’s simple, to the point, and oh so valuable. I’ve been trying to simplify my routine with oils and this just answered so many questions. So would this serum work for minor acne scars (discoloration), I’m going to try it regardless but was just wondering if you had any input.

    Thank you!


  15. IPL photofacial – Google it. It will change your life! Most effective and easy way to go with pigmentation xx

  16. ooooo this looks awesome! i love Eminence – their herbal recovery oil is awesome too 🙂
    Cant wait for all the wedding deeds!

  17. Hey! Do you think this would work on dark under-eye circles? I’ve tried another cheaper brand of collagen eye masks you posted a while ago… but they don’t brighten, just reduce puffiness and my circles are DARK! So can you use this serum around the eyes??

  18. Too funny that you wrote this post because I got a facial last night and my facialist used all eminence products and I bought their skin starter kit! Extra excited to try it out now that I know it has your stamp of approval. Okay oil question: I started using organic, pure rosehip oil on my face and I broke out. I gave it a good two weeks too so that my skin could get used to it. Do you think I was using too much oil? Or is it one of those things that it may not work for my skin? I have dry skin so I was surprised that my skin reacted negatively! Would love your input. Thanks Lauren and CONGRATS to you and Michael on your wedding. Loved the drama. Xox

  19. Good job for not doing what I did before my wedding to attack my brown forehead spots, which was to use an Rx cream from my derm to lighten them and then neglect to tell my eyebrow waxer this at my pre wedding appointment. A huge chunk of skin came off with the wax so I had a lovely forehead scab at my wedding. Terrible.

  20. Hey Lauryn! Thanks for this. 🙂 I love oils lately – I do have some acne so I used to fear them making me more oily…complete opposite! I’m curious what all-natural soap you use on your face? I have been using Cetaphil but would love a recommendation for a face soap! P.S. CONGRATS on your wedding. Can’t wait to see the gothic deets!

  21. OK…You sold me! I seriously need to get rid of this brown smudge on my nose LOL. Congrats on the wedding! May you both find equality in each other and balance one another out in harmony!

  22. Love it here, Lauryn! Thx for always telling us about your game-changer products 🙂 So far I have the Natural Calm (and lovvvve it) and I think oils will be next! And yes, Erica is right. Coconut oil makes me break out :((

  23. This is EXACTLY the post I have been waiting for! THANK YOU! I have been using rose hip oil for a while now after reading about it on tsc and a few other places and I just love it, but I need a little extra something for my pesky acne scars! Can’t wait to try! Always looking for new organic products to improve my SIMPLE skincare/ beauty routine!! Keep them coming please!! 🙂

  24. I have used this products for my face and believe it or not it has improved my skin in just 15 days. After suffering form acne my skin was in very bad condition. I tried all the alternatives but still there was no improvement in the skin. I tried this and my skin has shown improvement in just few days. I would like to recommend to my family and friends

  25. Lauryn! This is a great tip. Do you think it would work for that dark shadow around your eyes?? Not under eye circles.. like the dark eye lid syndrome. RACCOON eyes, if you will. Def going to give it a try!

  26. Hi Lauryn! I love this post I am always about trying new skin care products. I previously bought the rose hip oil after reading one of your posts on it and at first I noticed a big improvement in my skin. I use it at night as a night cream mixed with retinol. I don’t have any hyper-pigmentation but I do have dark scaring on my face from the years of struggling with acne. Do think this serum will reduce the appearance of dark spots from scarring?

  27. Thank you, Lauryn. You rock, chica! I have been asking all around for a product or treatment to cure my mustache pigmentation that stayed after pregnancy. Everyone just brushes me off saying I am being over dramatic…pfff! They clearly haven’t seen me without makeup. I am ordering this a.s.a.p. I appreciate you keeping it real, and this is the reason why I follow you! P.s. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a fellow Aztec…class of ’08 over here. Xo

  28. SO glad I found this post!! I have the SAME issue and am getting married in May. I’m getting on this serum stat! Thank you!!

  29. Ugh I have this stupid stache as well. People always ask if I got lipliner tattooed on lol definitely not. Quick question! Did you use the serum on your whole face or specifically your upper lip? Thanks so much! This post is extremely helpful!

  30. Bought the rose oil and the soap right away. I have hyper-pigmentation on my forehead so will have you try the serum, too. Thank you for the recommendations, you’re amazing! xx

  31. Someone may have asked already but how do you apply the oils? Do you use a cotton ball or makeup application sponges or just your (clean) fingers?
    And do you apply them in a certain order?
    My wedding is 6 weeks away and I recently lost weight after I was able to stop taking prednisone. My face had been so swollen that now it looks like it has fallen and gotten some new fine lines. Any tips or products you might recommend? I have been on and off following you for quite awhile and I must say I love how candid and honest your posts are!

  32. I am a dark skin african American woman and I have spent so much on other products for hyperpigmentation around my neck, Dermalmd lightening serum started to work and I saw results in a little over a week with daily use. There was a little peeling and also minor tingling when applied, but, finally what a miracle. Im stocking up.

  33. Love love love this post! I have a SUPER simple skincare routine too and love it. Very similar to yours but have sun spots and hoping that this will actually help! Also- do you use any kind of eye treatment besides the pads? Like an anti ageing serum? I feel like I need one for preventative purposes! xoxo thanks again!

  34. For age spots, you have to use the Made from Earth Carrot Serum. The carrot seed oil in the product was recommended by my dermatologist, and worked better than some of the expensive treatments I tried. The serum is only $20.

    The age spots on my hands are gone and the age spot on my face is fading away.

    I use it about 2-3 times per week, and saw the age spot diminish around week 2. Highly recommend it….

  35. Fuck me. I’ve been using coconut oil to take off my eye makeup for years. Learn something new from you all the time. Now I have to switch to some avo or jojoba oil.

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