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Hugh Hefner’s Widow Crystal on Playboy Mansion Secrets, Her New Book and What Hugh Was Really Like in Bed

Hugh Hefner's Widow Crystal Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s Widow Crystal on Playboy Mansion Secrets, Her New Book and What Hugh Was Really Like in Bed

Let’s just say the latest episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show is pretty juicy.

Crystal Hefner sat down with Lauryn and Michael to have a very real, raw, honest conversation on what it was like being married to Hugh Hefner.

In the episode Crystal discusses her upbringing, how she got into the world of Playboy, how she came to be the wife of Hugh, the objectification and misogyny of the Playboy Mansion, how the bunnies are actually treated, and yes, what Hugh was really like in bed.

It’s as good as it sounds.

Crystal’s life journey from childhood, to the Playboy mansion to what her life is like now is worth a listen. You might even hear some dirt on your favorite celeb.

She’s just come out with a new book called Only Say Good Things where she gives us a look inside her life at Playboy and how it’s impacted her transformation in the present day. She’s now an author, self-help advocate, podcast host of Beneath the Surface where she explores self-worth, self-acceptance, health and wellness topics.

And she’s also an explant advocate. So you can hear Lauryn and her discuss the health issues she was having with 425 cc implants too. They really cover it all in this episode!

Crystal is also into clean beauty and wellness so we’ve rounded up her top favorites here for you, too.

Crystal Hefner beauty favorites

Be sure to check out Crystal’s episode on The HIM & HER Show. And go listen to her podcast Beneath the Surface. For advice and inspiration on wellness and self-acceptance stalk her @crystalhefner too.

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