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The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

Boy oh boy do I have a real big surprise for you guys!

TSC has teamed up with Yahoo! Style…& we’re giving away a Skinny Confidential Beauty Box ( << worth about $600 bucks of goodies! ).

As you guys know, I love anything that has to do with style, beauty, fashion, etc. so it’s no surprise I love reading Yahoo’s Style section ( especially loved this article on Jennifer’s style!! ).

So when Yahoo Style offered to give away all of my handpicked beauty favorites to a lucky reader, I was pretttttty excited. The lucky winner though?


The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

So in this beauty box are my EXACT favorite products. Like what?

Glad you asked.

The Clarisonic ( which I use once a week ), Laura Mercier’s tinted sunscreen moisturizer ( live & die by this ), Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ concealer ( remember this post? ), Prada ‘Candy’ perfume ( their latest scent ), my favorite candle in the world ( !!! ), the best primer ever, cutie Twistbands, & a super vampy/cruelty-free lip gloss by Cate McNabb.

We’re also giving away a bunch of other goodies like:

Skinfix lotion
Victoria’s Secret bronzer
‘Tease’ perfume by Victoria’s Secret
Flexx hair ties
A Flower Gypsy flower crown
Happy Plugs in leopard
Ashley Designs coffee mug
True Lipz lip gloss ( AND it lights up!! )

Plus I’m also throwing in a signed personal copy of The Skinny Confidential Book!

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.


♡ Check out this article & comment below on why you like Jennifer’s style

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♡ Post an Instagram of your favorite style/beauty product & tag @yahoo and @theskinnyconfidential in the caption telling us why the beauty product is a must-try!

Don’t forget to check out Yahoo! Style’s feed— I promise you won’t be disappointed! It’s on point.

Also, since we’re on the topic: what’s your absolute favorite beauty product?

SPILL. I LOVEEEE when you guys share your tips/tricks/beauty deets.

– Lauryn, xx

{ anyone eligible to enter | giveaway ends March 11th, 2015 }

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

The Skinny Confidential's beauty box.

  1. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style, simple yet elegant. She appears so playful and fun! I’ve noticed lately that she’s not wearing as much black as she used to. It’s inspiring me to PPP some more color in. I loved the red dress on her.

  2. I Love how Jennifers style is chic, girly and unique all at the same time. She can bring multiple different styles together in a flawless result. Her blog is absolutly lovely and my favorite one out there. Xx

  3. this is fabulous!!! Jennifer is gorgeous! If she uses any of this I would love to try as well!!!

  4. I Love how Jennifers style is chic, elegant and unique all at the same time. She can bring multiple different styles together in a flawless result. Your blog is absolutly lovely and my favorite one out there. Xx

  5. jennifer’s style is so relaxed. She looks great but doesn’t work too hard at it. Her confidence really shines through.

  6. I love jennifer’s style because is simply and elegant and my favorite beauty product is the oil free tinted mosturizer by laura mercier.

  7. I like that Jennifer rocks a natural look. She keeps it classy without overdoing it. She stays true to herself.

  8. Jennifer’s style is timeless. She has sofistcated and Classic look from head to toe that will never go out of style.

  9. I love Jens style because she is understated, yet cute and sexy. I also love that there are so many over 40 actresses killing it! Makes me look forward to getting older. Forties are the new twenties!

  10. Jennifers style is elegant but effortless. She is flawless but yet relaxed. She can basically make any outfit look beautiful. Im always looking up to her for fashion/beauty inspiration. Xx
    Ps. I love your blog!

  11. I LOVEEE your lifestyle Lauryn!!! As a nutritionist I think sharing your tips at the skinny confidential is very important cause you are an example with your style, hoy you take care Of your body, your diets, excercise routine, outfits, habits, etc!!! Keep doing it

  12. Jen’s style is very down-to-earth and not too flashy. I don’t like it when celebs are superficial and think they have to look expensive and extraordinary every time they walk out of the house 🙂

  13. (Following on instagram!)

    I like how classic and effortless her looks are (or at least, she makes it appear that way! 😛 )!

  14. I love Jennifer’s style because it is chic and elegant but also relaxed and feminine. She wears clothing that enhances her individual style and taste. She dresses for herself which accentuates her beauty and her confidence.

  15. I absolutely love Jennifer Aniston! She’s so classy and put together and has a killer body. How awesome was she at the Oscar’s and she seems so kind! I Love her more natural makeup look, she knows she’s great at what she does and doesn’t need to go over the top to compensate!

  16. I like Jennifer’s style because she always looks relaxed and comfortable, but still classy. Her hair, makeup, and clothes are simple but she always looks pulled together.

  17. I just found your page and I am already … OBSESSED!! I’m a junior in college and I can’t believe to tell you how inspired I am by your page. Can’t wait to be entered into this giveaway – Unfortunately I am on a “social media cleanse” with some of my girlfriends for the month of March… but will be back after this month ;). Would you mind entering me into the giveaway? So sorry!!

    As for Jennifer’s style – I love how she is so incredibly simple and elegant. Everything she wears is so timeless. The photos on that article really speak to the fact that she can work any style. She always dresses with an accessory of confidence, too! I honestly hope I look half as good as she does at 46….

  18. I love that Jen has such a classic style. She always appears effortlessly put-together, while still showing off her natural beauty.

  19. I don’t have instagram. I love Jennifer’s girl next door casual style. And my favorite beauty product I use is coconut oil 🙂 love you Lauryn

  20. I love Jennifer Aniston just because, but if course it started with friends but now she’s just an icon for being very natural, down to earth actress with a great sense of style and humor!

  21. Jennifer looks ravishing as ALWAYS! Super find of the white number – totally works with her beach-babe glow. Also a fan how simple and sexy her sandal heels are – they really show off her GORGEOUS feet!

    Thank you Skinny Confidential for sharing! xox

  22. I love Jennifer’s style! She is always so fresh faced and she chooses pieces that fit and compliment her body!

  23. Jennifer is effortlessly beautiful. She never looks too done up or fake. It’s as if she wakes up looking the way she does in photos… It really lets her confidence and inner beauty shine thru.

  24. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style because it is timeless! She’s always trendy without being too trendy to imitate.

  25. I’ve always loved how amazing her skin looks because of her commitment to eating well!! #vitamins #water

  26. I have always been envious of Jenns classic style and her toned legs. I love that she often wears nude heels to elongate those legs even more. I am very short at 4ft 9inches tall and can use all the help in creating the illusion of a longer version of myself 🙂

  27. I am just designing and setting up my blog and social media for it, but I don’t yet have one (Instagram). But I am really interested in this giveaway, is there any way I could still be entered? Thank you – TSC is such an inspiration!

  28. Jennifer has never worn an outfit that didn’t encompass her natural beauty, her makeup is always pristine and she has always had a healthy figure. Her style is classic but suits her perfectly. Also can her hair be healthier? Love her movies

  29. Unfortunately I don’t use Instagram. I admire Jennifer Anniston enough to comment even if it can’t enter me in this amazing contest! I’ve always noticed the flawless natural beauty she presents. It just can’t go unsaid that always has super shiny locks complimenting her glowing skin!!!

  30. Jen’s style is always on point and I love that as she gets older her classic style doesn’t change. She is always classy and I know some people think that’s a sooze but I am obsessed with her consistently chic ways!!! #teamjen

  31. Jenn Aniston always seems effortlessly perfect. Her style is easily replicated for anyone to try. Simple but sexy always.

  32. I love how Jennifer is always sexy, but tasteful. It is amazing how she is always pulling fresh looks, but still staying within the realm of what works for her!

  33. I think Jen Aniston is such an inspiration babe! She has always had the best hair (remember the “Rachel”) and she has impecible taste when it come to her style. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this giveaway! Ah!

  34. Love her style now and love her style back then! She’s still so gorgeous and always has been!

  35. Jennifer Aniston has a timeless look. Let’s start with makeup. It’s always so natural and enhances her beautiful features like her eyes. A perfect light lip color in pinks and nudes. Her complexion is always a Sunkissed glow that Im in love with. Her color and blonde highlights enhances her skin tone and is the perfect compliment. The cut is perfection a slight change up in her look with a long bang to the side w/ Long layers, & a perfect length.I love her classy and playful style. Bold statements without going overboard. The red dress really enhances her tan and brings out her hair color. I could go on and on. She has been an idol to me since I can remember and taught me to enhance your beautiful feautures, take good care of your skin & bring out your natural beauty don’t hide it.

  36. I love Jennifer’s look because she always looks natural! She has stayed true to herself and always has an overwhelming confidence that shows she is comfortable in her own skin, which is what all woman should strive for! Xo

  37. I love Jen’s style, which I noticed even more after watching hours of Friends on Netflix this weekend! Hehe. 😉 She truly seems to never age! Her style is always simple but classy, which I can admire.

    (Ps, I’m a long time insta follower!)

  38. I love Jennifer style because she is utterly timeless and dresses perfectly for her age. Her look is refreshingly achievable; I’ve loved and admired her for years! I deffo had a ‘Rachel’ haircut more than once!

  39. I love Jennifers style!! I don’t know how but I think she dresses perfectly for her body figure. The dresses that she’s wearing are really colourful, or at least some of them. Every dress is different and that is unique!! She don’t have the same kind of dresses, she have different colors and different styles everytime.

  40. I love Jennifer’s style because she always looks polished and put together and classic. I’ve never seen her in something she didn’t look great it!

  41. Loving this giveaway! I posted about Jen after the Oscars and she was definitely one of my best dressed. She is the definition of timeless and has always been a trendsetter (the Rachel haircut, I mean.. revolutionary!!!). Most of all I love that she takes risks with her look that gives people an outlet for debate. You can love her style or hate her style but you can’t help loving her confident attitude and flawless body!

  42. This is an exciting giveaway!! I LOVE everything about beauty, skincare, etc. and the fact that Jennifer’s is so similar to my own, makes it even better!!
    I love everything about this!!!

  43. This is an exciting giveaway!! I LOVE everything about beauty, skincare, etc. and the fact that Jennifer’s is so similar to my own, makes it even better!!
    I love everything about this!!!
    I don’t have Twitter, so I hope I am entered this way!!!

  44. I love Jennifer’s style because it’s so laid back yet stylish. She can take a regular tee and pair of shorts and make them look awesome!

  45. Jennifer is a prime example of why less is more! Her ability to maintain her gorgeous natural look over the years has made quite the statement. We all love our go to products to enhance our beauty, but Jen rocks her internal glow. This is something you can’t find on the shelf, because it’s something we all already have but need to remember is there. Jens timeless style I think is a great reminder to use you that internal sunshine everyday.

  46. I have always loved Jennifer’s style since Friends. I’ve loved her natural yet elegant look. I love that she is one of the few who can show young girls and women that you don’t have to cake your face with make-up to be gorgeous! Jennifer’s my favorite actress by far too!

  47. Oh I forgot to add that I don’t have Instagram to do the other part of the entry. I have Facebook, but that’s it. Sorry! 🙁

  48. The thing I love most about Jennifer’s style is that she always looks classy and chic. Throughout the years as she’s been in the public eye, she’s always been a fashion icon and makes everything look that much more stunning, and she has a way of making everything look effortless.

  49. Jennifer’s style is amazing because she knows just how to balance interesting, elegance and appropriate. She knows what colors she looks good in and that is a must for a woman. Also I love that she is trying different silhouettes and experimenting with different cuts!

  50. I really love how Jennifer’s style is classy and timeless, without losing her natural and youthful look. She always manages to look effortlessly gorgeous!

  51. I’ve always liked Jennife actually my favorite celebrity, and always thought og her as a natural beauty and one who stands out as her self. She’s elegant, simple, relaxed and she always have sunglasses that makes her look cool.

    My favorite beauty product is Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy, I like the two standars smells the gold and pink one. I use the pink for the summers and the gold one for rest of the year. Love them 🙂

  52. Oh I hope this one has my luck!!! I want all of those! And I love that Jennifer’s style is so down to earth and approachable. She makes beauty look effortless and timeless! Something I would love to achieve.

  53. Jennifer always displays a natural beauty. Her outfits, hair, makeup, etc. always look so real and yet gorgeous!

  54. Jennifer has always been my favorite!! So classic and natural. First time checking out Yahoo! Style.. I love it! Best beauty product, dry shampoo. Can’t livewithout it!

  55. Awesome giveaway!! I love Jennifer’s style because it’s so classic with a touch of beach babe 🙂

  56. I love Jennifer’s style because it is classic and chic. She never looks like she is trying to hard, plus her hair is just amazing.

  57. Jennifer is TIMELESS right from when I first discovered her on friend to now where she’s still killing it on the red carpet. She embraces the person she is and isn’t afraid to be comfortable rather than over the top. True hero!

  58. I love Jennifer’s style as she always looks effortlessly classy and dresses to her body shape perfectly. She also has the most amazing figure for her age. I hope I look as good as she does when I reach her age. Love reading your blog x

  59. Jen is always so classy and lovely! Her style and dialogue are always graceful! She’s not fake and she’s so relatable!!

  60. The best thing about Jennifer Aniston’s style is her hair obviously! I have her Living Proof perfect hair day shampoo and conditioner and they’re incredible

  61. First of all, I feel like Jennifer is always looking soooo clean and chic on the runway. She mixes up her style which is something I love (I never feel like I’m like cooool this again). And she’s always sophisticated but also fun and sexy!

    Also, thank you for the intro to Yahoo! Style! I love their page, I’ve been going through it all morning and am so surprised I never saw it before!!

    xo Meg

  62. This is as though Ulta/Sephora and other happy places exploded to make one perfect sprinkle of goodness. What a good way to bring a smile! You truly nailed it with this giveaway!
    No Instagram here, sorry!
    What I love about Jennifer’s style is she is age appropriate, in a gorgeous way, every time, year after year. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not and that in itself is style for the generation.

  63. I love the last pic of her in a red dress it’s rare that she strays from her staple black. I loved her oscars dress it was shimmery nude. This woman knows what looks good on her and werks it! I wish I had her body. Scratch that Id kill for her body!

  64. Thanks for the heads up about Yahoo style! I had no idea!! I’m all about Jennifer’s glow. She looks healthy and happy. Nothing is overdone about her style, but that doesn’t mean its underwhelming. She’s a flawless, {almost} effortless beauty!

  65. Omg. dying. dead. over this giveaway! Love Jennifer’s style because her make-up is always SO natural. We also have a similar body type and I feel inspired to try things that she’s rocks!

  66. Jennifer always looks on point! But I especially love the more natural look. It’s very classic and sends such a great message to women of all ages!

  67. Love love love Jennifer! She’s amazing! She doesn’t need makeup. What a great role model for women everywhere she is 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your top beauty picks! You’ve got fabulous taste!!!! I’m super excited, and love it all!!!!

  68. I am a long time Aniston fan. She is never over the top trendy and doesn’t need someone else to tell her how to look hot. That’s confident and sexy!
    I don’t have a Instagram account 🙁 sorry!

  69. Jennifer has never been over the top when it comes to make up or any other beauty products. She always looks natural and I almost envy her for it (:

  70. I LOVE her style because it ranges from comfy to stunning! Her style is very much what I already like & wear! She’s fantastic!!!!

  71. i love that Jennifer’s style is so true to who she is. She is so relaxed and easy going. She doesn’t try to impress anybody or try to be someone she is not.

  72. I love Jennifer’s style because it is very simple and minimalist. She also has this “you can buy this from target too” vibe, very relatable !!! Keep shining Jen!

  73. I don’t have insta, but wanted to give it a try on your comments instead. (love your blog and doggies)
    Jennifers style is always on point, but the most attractive thing about her is how her healthy lifestyle just beams inside and out!
    My favorite style/beauty product is Burts Bees radience eye cream. It’s so soft, cooling, and under $13! I buy two at a time because I never want to be without it.

  74. Thank you skinny confidential! This is awesome!
    Jen… What can I say? She’s amazing! Her style goes without words. She needs no makeup! You go Jen! Role model for all of us ladies 🙂

  75. I don’t have insta, but love your blog (and your doggies), so I figured I’d give it a shot.
    I think Jennifer’s style is always on point, but what is most attractive is that her healthy lifestyle beams through inside and out and it shows!
    My favorite style/beauty product is Burt’s Bees radience eye creme. It is so soft and cool around your eyes, and under $13! I buy two at once because I never want to be without it!

  76. I love how Jennifer’s style is fun and flirty, but she still remains elegant, beautiful and chic. She is strong and confident and it shows in her style.

  77. I love her style because it is on the latest fashion tips it is healthy and always so elegant yet simple. Always beautiful

  78. Jen’s style is classic. She doesn’t try to be something she’s not. The little black dress works for her and she knows it and no matter how many times and versions of it she wears, it still ALWAYS looks flawless. In 20 yesrs we’ll look back and still say “oh that dress is amazing”

  79. Jennifer has always has such a classic style, but I love that she has been mixing it up recently while still staying elegant!

  80. Jennifer has always had a classic style, but I love that she has been mixing it up lately while still staying true to her elegance!

  81. Hmmm where to even start on Jen? Other than she is beyond gorgeous, has such a chill personality and is one of my fave actors, her style is glam meets “let’s do coffee in 10”. The red dress she is wearing looks so made up but also something that most women will want to wear, since its not tight and seems very comfortable. She pulls it off, along with every other outfit we wears.
    She, along with this dress is amazing. Doesn’t hurt that the red really brings out her tan 😉

    xo xo Lalalooove this blog.

  82. I love Jen’s style because it is sophisticated and age appropriate while still being sexy and sometimes a little edgy. I think she knows how to play it safe and rock the classics as well as take risks with something different. I think she always looks tasteful and that never goes out of style.

  83. I love her style and her natural look! Plus she is funny as hell so that just adds to her sexiness.
    This giveaway is great, and would help me get that natural Jen look.

  84. I love that, through the years, Jennifer has continued to only get better with age. Her look is truly timeless and classic, and there is a reason why she is my hubby’s celebrity crush!

  85. OMG so excited! I love everything in that giveaway!!!! Eek!!

    And it’s so funny that it’s about Jennifer Aniston’s style because she’s actually one of my faves. I love how casual and effortless her style is and I love that she’s stayed the same throughout the past 10-15 years! She can rock green cargos, tank top and flip flops like no one else. She seems so laidback and chill.

    I shall post an Instagram pic soon!!

    – coffeeslag

  86. I love Jennifer’s less is more style.She knows what looks good on her and sticks with the basics..but makes it her own!! I’m totally following u on IG and I have to say I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with your blog! (Not in the creepy way-lol) AND I’d love to win a basket of your favorites!!

  87. As a kid I always wanted “Jennifer Aniston hair.” Now I want her skin (not literally), which isn’t so easily attainable. She’s always had a clean, fresh style and it’s forever envied by everyone. And of course, her breakup with Brad Pitt made her that-much-better because she stayed on top despite a blow to her esteem. Jennifer Aniston is nothing short of perfection (literally).

  88. what i love most about jennifer is that she doesn’t look overly made up all the time. she doesn’t look like she had to put on 12 pairs of fake eyelashes to leave the house! she’s proving you don’t need to do so because she’s still a babe!

  89. I love Jennifer’s sense of style. She looks great in anything, honestly. I feel like she plays it safe with the neutrals that we all love…grays and blacks, but she looks gorgeous in any color. And this red dress…WOW. She looks incredible.

  90. Omg this is the best giveaway ever! I love Jennifer Aniston’s style because it is classic, timless and hot! I can’t wait to see Cake. And one of my fave beauty products currently is NYX HD Studio Primer!

  91. I really admire Jennifer’s style because she always manages to look natural, elegant, and chic at the same time 🙂 (p.s. I don’t have an instagram could you still enter me?)

  92. Jennifer is a total BABE! She would be the perfect candidate to interview on TSC! I haven’t seen her new movie Cake, but I did see Horrible Bosses and she’s perfect. She’s my fiances lusty celeb crush, and I don’t blame him! She has a killer body and is probably really cool in real life!

    This giveaway looks amazing! I had the sample tube of pore fessional and I can’t believe it actually worked as well as it did! Will definitely be participating in this giveaway! Thanks girl!

    Sensibly Sharp

    1. PS My favorite beauty product is probably Benefits Lollitint in Candy Orchid. I LOVE that color! And I’m not big into weary heavy lip colors, because I’m always eating and it always comes off, so I like the tint because it makes my lips look “bitten” all day and the color doesn’t fade for 10 ish hours! You should give it a try! Also, ever since I switched to an activated charcoal face wash I have had ZERO Breakouts. Even at that time of the month when I normally get some sort of HEINOUS hormonal acne, I don’t get anything! Not sure if it’s that or the magnesium pills of the DIM detox I’m taking, but something is working and I recommend EVERYONE to try it!

  93. I love her style because she always looks effortless AND chic. I have no idea how she does it! Always classy, sexy and fun!

  94. I love Jennifer Aniston’s simple, but classic style! I’ve been following her style since season one of Friends (“The Rachel” haircut, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and it’s only gotten better. In that slide show I particularly love her white dress. And her skin looks so great!

  95. Jen always looks great. She’s natural & classic which both translate into a glowing confidence. Such an inspiration!

  96. Jennifer’s style seems so effortless! I love her relaxed and natural feel. Yet, she is still so elegant and gorgeous!! Not trying so hard and enhancing your natural beauty can never go out of style.

  97. Not only does Aniston embody confidence and wellness, her looks exude this. From her natural look, to her classic style choices, Aniston begs one to look beyond the outer appearance. I love how she goes for a single-color palette, then accessorizes to add accents.

  98. Jennifer’s style is modern yet classic. Understated and sophisticated, she sticks with mostly neutrals but often shows her personality with sleek, unexpected, and artful cuts. And her beauty M.O. is natural & glowy – every girl wants skin like that – her makeup looks are actually a lot like yours, Lauryn (which I totally admire! :)). At this year’s Oscars, her champs-colored, intricately beaded Versace gown was an absolutely stunning style win. Definitely an icon of beauty and class for the American woman.

  99. I have loved Jennifer Aniston since I was little! She always looks super comfortable in her clothes which I admire. She never looks like shes trying too hard!

    This giveaway is awesome- thank you so much! I would be beyond excited to win 🙂

  100. Jennifer Aniston has always been a fashion inspiration to me, even when she was on Friends. And seriously, what is the woman taking?! She has not aged since Friends!!

  101. The thing I like most about Jennifers style is that she exudes confidence. That is something I am constantly working toward and to see such a strong woman bravely portray it is inspiring. This is in an incredibly give away! Thank you! I Hope I win!!! Skinny Confidential is the best!

  102. Also my FAVORITE Beauty product that I highly recommend is “Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara” Seriously the greatest mascara I have EVER used, absolutely LOVE it. It’s magical I swear hahaha. Thanks again for this opportunity!

  103. How could you not love Jennifer’s style? Even if her particular style isn’t your thing, you have to love the way she ALWAYS knows what to wear for every occasion. She just always looks fabulous. She knows what colors look good on her, what styles flatter her body, and never lets what she’s wearing overpower her natural beauty. She’s an icon and a style inspiration.

  104. I love Jennifers style because she keeps it classy but sexy! She never goes for something overly extravagant but always stylish, it’Sspretty similar to my style 🙂
    Lauryn keep up the amazing work I just love reading you’re blog <3

  105. I love Jennifer’s style mostly because she would look great in anything! Her style always look effortless and elegant at the same time.

  106. Jennifer is a natural beauty and is comfortable in her own skin. I think that comes across as relatable and authentic because she’s not trying hard to look like something she’s not. She can rock almost anything!

  107. I love Jennifer’s style because she is always so elegant and keeps it simple. This is why she is so timeless.

    I recent re-watched all ten seasons of friends and she was perfect the entire time. Just love her effortless style and confidence.

  108. I love her style because she always makes it seem so effortless. It seems like she just puts on an outfit that anyone really could have in her closet. She makes look fabulous seem easy!
    Following on Instagram too. Fingers crossed!

  109. I love Jennifer’s style because it has always been about what she decides to wear, and how confident she is about all her wardrobe choices. She tends to to alternate from a very fun, chic, and modern look to very elegant and grown up and can work both styles. My favorite beauty product is the maybelline super stay 14 hour lipstick because it vibrant and is durable 🙂 I follow the skinny confidential on instagram and posted my favorite product already.

  110. I have always loved Jennifer’s style even on Friends.
    She has her own pop!
    I mean at that age, looking that classy but yet still so young I mean how does she do it!??
    Her hair, make-up, & clothing has always been a favorite by many women all over. Who wouldn’t envy her??
    I mean #WCW for sureeeeee……
    My favorite tho is when she wear whites, I feel like her hair color/complexion looks really clean and elegant when she wear lighter shades. Although her LBD are also a good choice but that really is being said for most haha.
    LAURYN- I already follow you on Instagram for TSC so im on my way over there now to post my fav beauty product for the world to see but I wanna say you actually are the person that pushed me to use this product!
    Thanks so much for this awsome giveaway Yahoo & TSC.

  111. I like the fact that she dresses appropriately for her age. Her style is quite classic and chic, which resonates with my style quite well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I don’t have a personal insta!! 🙁


    I’m obsessed with Jennifer’s style because she’s in her 40s and still looks UNREAAAL in everything from jeans & a tee or a gown on the red carpet. Simplicity is everything & red is sexy. && Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is definitely my go to – it save my dry, flaky skin in the winter!

  113. Jen is timeless! Her style never goes out of style and what I love most about her is she always appears to be confident. Love, love, love Jen!!

  114. I forgot to unclick the heart box at the bottom lol so it put up that I posted this website, sorry about that .

  115. I don’t have an Instagram but wanted to say I love Jen’s effortless style! She always looks chic without trying to hard! Not to mention…that hair. 🙂

  116. I love that Jen dresses for herself and no one else! She always finds great clothes that flatter her strong, healthy body- such an inspiration to fit chicks everywhere!

  117. I already follow you on Instagram…love your website! Also LOVE Jennifer’s style…she can be wearing a tank and still be on point.

  118. Jennifer Aniston’s style is simple and classic! I love that type of look and it translates well into every day life!

  119. Whenever I see pictures of Jen weather it’s for a big event or on the streets one thing comes to mind effortless. Out on the street she’s casual chic. For her red carpet events she’s always in something classy and classic. She’s never over done with her natural beauty shining threw and she only gets better with age.

    I would love to win this give away!

  120. I cannot do the instagram tag part of the contest. I have a private instagram account, and my tags are not made public. Is there an alternative for this part of the entry?

  121. I love that Jennifer always has that classic look with a little added sex appeal. Her outfits are timeless and fit her so well.

    She also sticks to the rule that I LIVE by, show off your best assets,but only one or two at a time. Example: legs and arms (damn she has the gams!) but she covers the girls. No one wants to see all your bits, leave a little to the imagination.

    LOVE Jennifer’s style.

  122. I love Jen’s chic effortless style. She always looks beautiful and put togather even in a simple jean/tee/ sandle outfit!

  123. I like Jennifer’s style because it is never complicated, easy and tons of fun. I feel free when I see her, like has has no cares. I just love her style

  124. Not only is she super confident and classy always, but she dresses in a way that my teen girls can also look up to. She always seems to be comfortable in what she is rocking and that is so important…. more so than any trends. This is someone that girls can look up to and feel really good about!

  125. She’s effortless, classic and she doesn’t try too hard. She has a confidence about her that makes her iconic. Absolutely love her style because it seems easy to replicate too!

  126. While her style is elegant and classic, I mostly love that Jennifer always looks like she isn’t trying to be anyone but herself. She exudes confidence and comfort, which really is the most chic thing!

    Instagram: TheEastCoastPrep

  127. I love that Jennifer always looks so effortlessly put together. She never looks uncomfortable or forced. She’s always glowing!
    I don’t have an instagram but I check your blog every day and have learned so much from you! I am dying to go get your book. So many amazing products in your giveaway. Xo

  128. What a great giveaway! I’ve never entered one before, but couldn’t pass this one up! Can I still enter if I don’t have an instragram? Just curious 😉 Also, just wanted to tell you that I ordered the TSC book from Amazon, and finished it front to back in about 2 hours! It’s FABULOUS! Such awesome tips 🙂 Jen A. has been a style icon of mine for as long as I can remember! Love that her style is classic yet sexy without being overdone. As far as my fave beauty product, I just recently tried the Hey Honey Exfoliating Peel Off mask…I know, not really a “beauty product” but it’s awesome! My skin was glowing afterwards!

  129. I love Jen’s style because it’s pretty classic across the board. Plus, she wears everything so well with her confident glow!

  130. Jen has always had THE most classic style – from the way she wears her hair and makeup, to the way that she experiments with her style. The thing we love best is that, despite her ever-changing and adventurous wardrobe, she seems to stay true to her personal identity and style by choosing items that work with her build and skin tone. The little red dress she wears is sooo classic, and we LOVE that it’s a piece that can really be dressed up OR down (similar to a lot of the items you share on your blog!). We are all about investing in items that are multi-purpose and can be worn multiple times! Fave beauty items: Stila palettes that can be used for eyes, cheeks, and contouring!

  131. Great giveaway! I love my Clarisonic Mia, Poreprofessional and my copy of TSC! Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite style icons (along with Reese Witherspoon). I love how she sticks with a classic style with simplicity and clean lines. It really makes her look timeless.

  132. I love JA! Her style is classic with a modern twist. I like that she maintains a glow year-round, and that her fashion choices are tailored to perfection. I really like that she sticks to black, red, and white, but keeps things interesting with pops of random color or a very cool cut.
    I love her hair… sometimes I wish my hair could be as versatile… but if there’s anything to learn from JA, it’s so just accept yourself and work with what you’ve got!

    1. ps my instagram is @thanx4stalkinme just in case anybody wants to see the products I posted about! I have enjoyed scrolling through these comments and started googling stuff that you all have mentioned 🙂 bye

  133. I absolutely love the sophistication she brings to all of her looks. Especially the ones featured in the slide show; they are all very simple pieces, mostly only in one or two color tones. Yet they all look well planned and accessorized. I think my favorite outfit in the slideshow would have to be the plaid dress with the black peacoat, I think it looks stunning for this season. I have always loved her simple yet sophisticated style…and pointed-toe heels <3

  134. I just recently found your blog and absolutely love it! I just purchased your book as well and can’t wait to dig in. It’s great getting to know someone via their blog, kind of like finding a new friend. 🙂 Anyways, I love Jennifer Aniston’s style because she is classic and real. She wears real clothes and things she feels good in and looks good in. She doesn’t feel the need to constantly reinvent herself. She knows what looks good on her and goes with it.

  135. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style, simple yet elegant. She appears so playful and fun! I’ve noticed lately that she’s not wearing as much black as she used to. It’s inspiring me to PPP some more color in. I loved the red dress on her. Xoxoxo

  136. I’ve always love Jennifer’s simple & classic style. She doesn’t need to try to hard and still always looks gorgeous. My favorite style/beauty product would have to be my Chi Hair Straightener. Although, I try not to use it too much, I simply could not live with out it 🙂

  137. I don’t have an Instagram but Jennifer Aniston is an AMAZING AMAZING style inspiration…..she can truly pull off any look with a grace that’s all so classy….heck she could wear a wheat sack and look incredible!

  138. Jen’s style is seriously AMAZE, I love how simple and elegant she always looks. That plaid dress is so perfect on her, she could probably rock a paper bag to be honest.

  139. I love how Jennifer always manages to look effortlessly chic and fun. She knows what works for her and sticks with it, but still plays her style up with trends and unique twists. She KILLS it, every time.

  140. I love love love that Jen’s style is so classic, and it always has been! What is especially amazing about her is her magic beauty routine. She’s 46 and still looks like she is in her 20’s. Such a timeless babe!

    xo Bre

  141. Jennifer’s style is all about the outfit… she never over-does it with crazy hair, makeup or accessories. Her look is always effortless!

  142. I love Jen’s style because she has always been true to herself, we never see Jen wearing outrageous things for the sake of publicity! Speaking of beauty products I love a good fragrance… currently wearing Taylor by Taylor Swift #dontjudgeme lol

  143. What I like about Jennifer Aniston’s style is that she always looks put together and chic, but effortless all the same. At 46 years old, she still looks as hot as she did on Friends in outfits that are timeless, practical and that look phenomenal on her. She is definitely a style icon <3

    1. I’m following you on Instagram already (and obvi check it daily) but will add a photo of my favorite beauty product this weekend! Such a cool contest — thank you so much for the opportunity!


  144. Jennifer exudes personal confidence & has the “always put together” look down! Her outfits are always tailored & polished, with clean lines and classic elegance, creating looks that are a complete from head to toe! I love that she is starting to embrace patterns & textures in her latest red carpet trends & her chic & sophisticated attitude help bring her to the top of the style charts!

    Already following your blog & Instagram for my daily dose of awesome inspiration (insert hair flip here)! =]
    Thanks sharing fun, funky, girl (at times), adventurous and all around amazing things on here! Inspiration is contagious & I always leave your blog feeling excited & ready to take on anything!

    Posting my favorite style & beauty products on Insta later (LivingThe_BlondeLife) <3 <3 <3

  145. Jennifer Aniston’s style is always simple and classy I think. She doesn’t push the envelope too much but always seems to amaze you with every red carpet appearance.

  146. I have always loved Jenifer Aniston’s style largely because of 3 things.. 1) natural beauty, less is more! 2) she has a sense of humor and can be playful in her style. 3) she is confident and shows other women how to be comfortable in their own skill as well. She is the epitome of style and grace with a fantastic sense of humor, and for that, I applaud you Jen!

  147. I have grown up watching Jennifer Aniston and have always viewed her as a beauty icon. She keeps it stunningly classic with side of sexy. She knows what pieces look great on her and flatter her favorite attributes and always looks great. My favorite beauty tip is mixing Batiste blonde tinted dry shampoo with Dove’s version of dry shampoo. Batiste helps keep my blonde hair light when it has been a few days since a wash and Dove really gives it the extra volume!

  148. Done and done! This giveaway is full of the loveliest things! I have just started following your blog recently, and am already obsessed! Lauryn, you are such a fantastic person and inspire me to be a more beautiful person inside and out. I love Jennifer’s style because she somehow manages to look impossibly sophisticated and chic, whilst adding her own fun accents that give her sparkle and intrigue.

  149. I have always loved Jen’s style. It’s classic and HOT at the same time. I can;t wait to see Cake. My favorite product right now is NYX HD Primer! Thanks Lauren, this is an AWESOME giveaway!

  150. I love that Jennifer keeps it classy and classic, while at the same time constantly updating her look and experimenting. I never look at one of her outfits and see a mistake – she is always looking stylish and having fun at the same time!

  151. Jennifer’s style is killer! I think it’s a look I try to aim for effortless but still so chic and glam! I need to get that wonderful confidence of mine to shine through just like her. I sadly don’t have an Instagram

  152. Heyy! I don’t use Instagram besides from my family/private things butttt I do follow you on there 🙂

    So Jenny’s style? Well she’s the definition of flawless! Jen’s always looking so put together, whether it’s daytime or nightime. She wears clothes that fit her body well (which people tend to not) and compliment her features without ‘over’ doing it. She is chic, stylish and classy- symbolising fashion even in your 40s!!!! This woman’s a saint. And to be honest, she was with Brad Pitt first so she must have been doing something right ;)!!!!

  153. Jennifer Aniston has a laid back and effortlessly chic style. She presents herself as a friendly and approachable cool California girl which I love.

  154. Jennifer’s style has always been effortless and classic. I love her in everything she wears.

  155. For me, Jennifer is the essence of beauty. She radiates from the inside to out. Her style is one that always extends her inner beauty outward. Her makeup, hair, and clothes always accentuate her outer beauty and lets her personality shine through.

  156. Jennifer has the best style because she totally plays up her best assets and rocks anything she puts on!
    I already follow you on insta! (ashletys13)


  157. OMG this looks absolutely AMAZING! Jen is truly iconic {I mean, does the girl ever age?!} but keeps a simple, classic look. LOVE that she strikes the perfect balance between “put together” and natural.

    Awesome giveaway Lauryn! Loving every item! 🙂

    xx, Lindsey

  158. I love you so much!! You’re inspriring, beautiful, and truly amazing. It would mean so much to me to win because you mean a lot to me!!!!

  159. Jen ways dresses timeless and classy. She’s a huge inspiration in fashion, fitness, and self-acceptance.

  160. I love Jennifer’s style because she tries to be healthy and live well but is realistic about it. She gives room for fun, mistakes and plain ole life!

  161. I do not have an Instagram either, but I think Jennifer is effortlessly beautiful and has a plain and simple style that only accentuates her beauty. I love how casual yet gorgeous she always looks

  162. i dont have instagram!

    but any who, whats not to love about Jennifer’s style. It is effortless chic, she always looks so classy and put together without looking like she’s tried so hard and spent hours in hair and makeup. She is truly a natural beauty and she always highlights her features whether it be her perfectly tousled hair or her amazing cleavage. Absolutely love her style, always head to toe perfection.

  163. What a great giveaway. I have always loved that her style is just effortless. Whether she’s bummin on the beach or walking the red carpet she looks at such ease. Not to mention breathtaking!

  164. I already follow you on Instagram, and I am seriously obsessed with everything you do with this website! I check it literally everyday and actually out loud squealed when I saw you were doing a giveaway!
    Jennifer Anniston’s style is totally classic! She’s always been a pop icon for her style and beauty. It’s always so effortless and pulled together at the same time. Like, classic meets casual. My favourite outfit in the article has to be the plaid Carl Lagerfeld dress with the black coat. It is so gorgeous!

    Keep up the fantastic work with the blog, I always look forward to reading your posts (and especially watching your videos!).

  165. Jennifer is absolutely breathtaking. Her style is soo striking because she always looks classy, sexy, and fierce all at once. She manages to keep it effortless though! Her glow shows that she clearly takes care of her body, and has great confidence and love for herself. Amazing style for sure!

  166. This give away is bananas! So great, everything there looks amazing! I love Jennifer Aniston’s style. She is trendy, relevant, and natural.

  167. Currently binge watching Friends, and I have to say, Jen NEVER goes out of style. From the 90s to now, she’s timeless.

  168. hmm.. okay, so I LOVE Jennifer Anistons style because it is effortless, timeless, and classy. Also, I love her very California Vibe, she looks stunning in a gown on the red carpet or leaving the gym in with her hair in a pony tale.

    I love her! And I love you!

    xoxo, Kalyn

  169. As i don’t have an Instagram, I still love how Jennifer is so versatile with her style and doesn’t pound on the makeup. Super classy lady!

  170. I love Jenn, ever since friends I’ve been in love with her as a person, her style (which is so sophisticated and classy yet still so fashion forward), and her acting career. Seriously if I look even half as amazing at her age I’ll consider it an accomplishment…with her amazing natural makeup and simple hair with streamlined classy style. she’s my idol.

  171. Just added you on Instagram! I found your blog last Friday while reading RunEatRepeat and I am so glad I found your blog. I spend most of the workday afternoon reading your wellness pages (cubicle life).

    I love Jen. She just seems so graceful and her beauty just comes naturally, I think. I mean can I look like her at 46? Pleaseandthankyou.

    I would love to win this giveaway, but if not I still plan on buying your book! 🙂


  172. Jen’s style is flawless. She is sexy, classic, confident, and a little sporty. She has a gorgeous (spray) tan year-round and beautifully matching gold locks that scream healthful care. She loves those around her and loves her own skin – she glows!

    I follow you on insta and will post a photo tagging you shortly — Mucho Amore.


  173. i love Jennifer Aniston’s style! She always looks so put together. Simple, classic, elegant. And I love her hair….. And FRIENDS 🙂

  174. Jen just always looks so effortlessly chic and comfortable in her skin. I love that she never goes overboard with hair and makeup. She is a true natural beauty and seems to get younger with age! Love her.

  175. I find Jennifer Aniston to be accessible and down to earth. Her easy going persona and natural look add to her accessibility. She has confidence and with that comes beauty. I use the Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer in Nude – I have for years! The five things you will always see in my beauty bag is a moisturizer, LM Tinted Moisturizer, Urban Decay Concealer Crayon, Smashbox Kohl eyeliner (I like this because I can use it on my inner lids without it being irritating), Mascara, Smashbox soufflé blush, and Fresh Sugar Lips.

  176. I love love love Jennifer’s style because it’s a simple look for my everyday on the go lifestyle. Plus it’s clean, with a splash of fun, and totally cute.

  177. I love how Jennifer’s style is so natural. You see more of her personality and she really is an awesome person! Also I feel like she always has a smile on her face which I think is the best accessory anytime!

  178. Jen’s style is effortless and classic. Seriously, can I be as chic as her when I hit my forties?!

  179. Love her style, because she truly looks comfortable in her skin regardless of what she is wearing on it 🙂

  180. I love that she often chooses a modern/minimalist fit with sleek lines that let her face and awesome body be the main focus!! My favorite beauty product is my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh Perfume !! I know you like it too! I have dying to get my hands on the Victoria Secret Noir Tease! xoxo

  181. I have been watching A TON of ‘Friends’ on Netflix and I have been realizing that Jennifer has been a style icon for so many years now its no wonder she is still getting praise a decade later. From her perfectly styled (yet effortless looking) locks to her bodacious bod, she will always be the one to look out for on any red carpet. She’s not only hilarious on camera but seems like such down to Earth, genuinely nice person in her interviews. Congrats to her and all her success on and off screen! xo – Kim

  182. LOVED Jen’s style since Friends (always thought she was the best dressed;))! She pulls off being flirty, and sexy while keeping it simple and classy. Also, always does an excellent job of dressing for her physic (not that it’d be all that difficult with a bod like that).

  183. Love Jennifer’s style because it is HER style. It is clean and polished and very classy. She doesn’t try to hard and yet she looks on point (wink wink).

  184. Hello! This giveaway sounds amazing – can’t wait to see if I win!

    To be honest, I really didn’t like Jennifer’s style until recently. She seems to have grown into her own over the past few years, favoring simple lines and solid colors with a slightly edgy twist. I like that she’s willing to play with the colors and cut of her dresses, but for the most part knows what suits her and sticks with it! I’d also kill for that hair color, too. 🙂

  185. Jen’s style is great because she exudes confidence in whatever she has on, I hope that I can harness that same confidence at her age!

  186. Amazing giveaway!! Jennifer has a great way of standing out in basics. Basics and neutrals are the staples of my wardrobe! She keeps it really simple and never overdoes it which really brings out her natural beauty – very understated but really glam at the same time. She focuses more on the detail in the cut and shape of her clothes, which really flatter her figure plus the neutral shades really compliment her skin which always looks super bronzed and glowy! Love that she mixes it up with Classic bold colours such as that lovely deep red.

    My favourite beauty product is probably a good bronzer or fake tan! Even though I have freckles and my skin tone can look a bit uneven at times, fake tan or bronzer really helps to even out my complexion even without any foundation or concealer. Great for holidays when it’s too hot to wear a lot of makeup – I don’t like tanning the skin on my face at all so always carry Fake Bake 60 minute fake tan (mixed with some moisturiser and over a layer of moisturiser so it doesn’t get in your pores). wash off after an hour or maybe longer and it lasts for days!!

  187. What a great giveaway this is!

    Jennifer is effortless and down to earth and I appreciate that. Kind of like me. 🙂

    I also follow you on IG already.

    Have a happy week! XO

  188. I have always LOVED Jennifer. She is a natural beauty, I like that she doesn’t overdo it. I also have been a really big fan of black, so seeing her branch out to other colors is inspiring. 🙂

    PS. I love your blog

  189. Jennifer has hit it out of the park since Friends I mean hellooo?!?! Her HAIR is iconic! At the Oscars, her simple yet beautiful champagne gown EXUDES this beautiful glow and her hair looks like it could be worn while grocery shop, yet it works so well just because it’s her.She’s been an icon for years, can pull anything off and continuously follows trend yet at the same time pulls in classic elements to make it timeless.

  190. I don’t have an instagram (I hope I can still enter!) I love Jennifer’s natural style and how she ‘owns’ it – easy for me to copy at home without her budget. And I hope I win this giveaway, because it is absolutely amazing!! Thanks Lauryn! 🙂

  191. Omg Jennifer is my girl crush! I love that she knows what looks good on her abs she works it! Sorry, I don’t have instagram.. I know, I know.. I’m probably the only one left on the planet who doesn’t! 🙂

  192. I love Jenn’s style because it’s classic, effortless, and simple. She is sexy without looking like she is trying too hard.

    And I follow you on Insta!

  193. Jennifer is such an all-American-girl-kinda gorgeous! She exudes warmth and confidence and effortless beauty!

  194. I posted on Insta!! My absolutely favourite top 3 products right now are: hourglass mineral veil, too faced chocolate soleil bronzer, and offff course my lancome lash primer!! Thanks for introducing me to it!! I would love to win this contest!!

  195. Jennifer’s style no matter what she has on is always classy. Everyone loves her because she puts herself together so perfectly whether its jeans and a classic tee or an elegant dress. I already follow you 🙂

  196. First of all, If Jennifer Aniston can survive a breakup with Brad Pitt, I can survive a break up with my sub-par ex who happened to just cheat on me. Whoops, too much info…But Jennifer Aniston is a Total babe and inspiration. Seriously, she a knock out. I wish I look that good when I am in my 40’s. Jennifer’s style is so iconic because she is effortlessly chic. She can be rocking a white tee, jeans, and supergas, but still looks super hot in a sleek LBD. GOALS!!!

    I would also lie to note that her hair color is always perfect…. True story! She makes it all seem so easy.

  197. I’ll give into Instagram soon, but I don’t have it yet. Jennifer’s style is natural, classy and chic which reflects her down to earth, sweet personality!

  198. She dresses sexy but age appropriate! She doesn’t try too hard and looks great because she is confident.

  199. i love that Jennifer’s style is effortless, yet she still looks put together, and like she spent a lot of time putting the outfit together.

  200. my favorite thing about jennifer’s style is how comfortable she looks regardless of what she is wearing, it truly is effortless. she is always confident and glowing and has the best smize (sorry tyra)! it also helps that her active fit lifestyle has given her an amazing bod that looks great in everything!!

    my current loves are men’s cologne (givenchy play intense for men) for me and aquaphor as an intensive face moisturizer at night… i was hesitant at first but i swear it saved my skin and made it glowy and soft again!

    xx B

  201. Jen rocks because I have been following her hair styles / color for years I even got the “Rachel ” in 6th grade 🙂

  202. Love Jennifer’s style because it’s effortless and natural yet stunning all at the same fucking time – she’s amazing! Plus I was always team Jennifer since day one so… 😉

    Already following you on insta so will be posting pic and tagging you and yahoo soon! xx

  203. I don’t have Instagram but Jennifer is such an inspiring person to women of all ages. I love that no matter what she wears or how she does her makeup she looks effortlessly put together.

  204. I’m obsessed with Jennifer’s style bcause its real. She’s polished but doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard. It’s trendy but a little messy. And the girl next door look that the guys would like. 🙂 and I like her style because she’s fit. Not just super skinny but shes fit because she takes care of herself.

  205. Jennifer’s style and personality are a giant high five, everything is going to be great to the young women of today. The young girls I teach are bombarded with unrealistic and unhealthy ideals from many young actresses that I pray they won’t try to replicate. Jennifer Aniston is a classic, healthy variety of beauty that the average woman can aspire to replicate and everyman should use as a benchmark.

  206. I love how comfortable she is in her looks. Her confidence in herself shines through and as a result, she is able to wear and rock the look, as opposed to some of these couture outfits wearing her. She is always true to her sense of style and who she is and I think alot of women could learn a lesson from her in how to wear clothes that fit your body…sexy doesn’t mean 2 sizes too small! Jennifer’s clothes are always tailored well and fit properly.

  207. I love Jennifer’s style because she always looks effortless. Shes a huge proponent of health and fitness and I feel like being healthy is part of her preparation for looking so good later at events. She knows what suits her, even though she has the body to wear anything. Always so jealous of how she can pull off white!

    1. Forgot to say my favourite beauty product! Its actually the body shop’s chamomile oil cleanser. I was so worried about how an oil would do on my skin but its perfect

  208. I love Jennifer’s style because it is classic and timeless. I’ve actually recently been re-watching Friends on Netflix (let’s face it, who isn’t) and keep thinking to myself that I love what she’s wearing/her hair/her makeup even though it was 20 whole years ago!

  209. Love how refined and elegant Jennifer’s style is. She always keeps it understated and classy. Even now that she’s branching out into lace and color, her underlying style stays the same.

  210. Jennifer is the definition of the girl next door. She has so many easy natural looks, yet she knows how to up the va-va-voom when needed. I feel like in person she would be down to earth and real…like she would be the friend that was always honest with you and helped you look your best. I don’t have instagram (don’t hold that against me!) but I’m loving using coconut oil to naturally treat some horrible hormonal chest acne 😛 Its the only thing that’s helping! Love your blog!

  211. Jen has an active, happy lifestyle and to me that shines through to her actual style. Feeling good comes first before looking good and I believe she captures that. She’s has the perfect mix of style – beach chic meets classic simplicity.

    I would consider my own style gypsy-hippie meets glam-minimalist, so I really look up to Jens style & beauty!

  212. I have always wanted Jennifer to be my BFF. Because I think her style comes off the same way her personality does – just so dang REAL. Like, I feel like I could recreate her looks myself (having her budget would help out a lot though!)

  213. I don’t have an Instagram account BUT! what I love about Jennifer’s style [and your’s too Lauryn!] is that she’s just seems happy – she always looks beautiful, healthy and comfortable in her own skin. Her style and the fact that she never seems to be trying too hard just highlights that all the more!

  214. I do not have Instagram, however, Jen has a versatility in her style and she can rock something simple and still look elegant.
    My favorite beauty product is Benefit’s Gimme Brow. I don’t have much for eyebrows so this product definitely gives me the volume I want to achieve. It is also a super quick and easy product to use.

  215. Love Jennifer Anniston…especially her hair colour! I love how her look is always understated, yet she looks like a million bucks! So, products you MUST try and they are my daily staples: Loreal Double Extend Mascarra, Stila 10 in 1 illuminating beauty balm, Sugarbomb by benefit, Mac nude lipstick in Faux and I also love the MAC setting spray. Oh! and the pore minimizer by benefit is the bomb! Been in my make up bag for a while! LOL 🙂

  216. oops, I accidentally tagged you in the picture NOT the caption on IG. But why I love the product is in the caption…and now you’re just tagged in the actual pic! lol

  217. What an amazing giveaway! Jen looks confident in whatever she wears, which I think is the best look! Already following you on IG. 🙂

  218. She always seems to get it right and I LOVE the plaid Karl Lagerfeld dress!! I’ll post my photo later (arin_tiu) but my favorite product is Mario Badescu Facial Spray! I keep it in my gym bag and love it as a quick refreshing spritz after a workout or during the day!

  219. I absolutely have fallen for Jennifer’s style more and more over the years. Her style is just very feminine and presents a confident and radiant air about her. I also love how adaptive her style is–from back in the 90s to now. Her look is always up to date, yet she makes trends subtle and always according to her personality. She’s a style icon!

  220. I love everything about Jennifer’s style! It is so timeless and classic, and I have been watching her style since the FRIENDS days <3 Thank you so much for this giveaway! It is a beautiful opportunity, xoxo

  221. I have THE ultimate girlcrush on Jen. She’s effortlessly chic and sexy, never over-the-top and stays true to herself. Plus the Versace pant suit she wore a few weeks ago? I die

  222. Jennifer’s style is effortless and elegant, she always looks so put together without it looking like she’s spent hours getting ready. This is an awesome giveaway, P.S. I’m from San Diego too 🙂

  223. Psssh I already follow you in insta! <3

    Jen is gorgeous, aging beautifully and is always natural and timeless. Her style is so fun but still age appropriate. Definitely a style inspiration!


  224. She makes a little black dress look like so much more! Plus, her beach hair is a look I’ve been trying to achieve since I was 15.

  225. Love how Jen always look chic and put together, with an effortless feeling to it. She is always glowing. Wonderful giveaway, love the blog. xx

  226. I love Jennifer’s style because it is always effortless looking and chic. She is always put together, whether she is casual or at an awards show.

  227. Jennifer has a style that looks tailored but effortless at the same time. Great example of someone who can be sexy without having to show too much skin.

  228. Why do I love Jennifer’s style?

    *takes deep breath*

    I love, love, love Jennifer’s style because even though she is 46 years old, she shows up every super model and young actress around her. She can wear anything from a low-cut Versace dress to a conservative Calvin Klein original and still look just as classy and effortlessly beautiful in both. Aside from the clothes she wears, her makeup and hair make up a large portion of her whole “look”. Jennifer keeps it simply, normally with her hair straight down or in a pony tail with little makeup on at all. Its the simplicity that makes her truly beautiful and an inspiration to us all!

  229. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style, pretty much for the same reasons I love TSC – it’s chic while being real, effortless because it’s genuine, and has always seemed like it’s really truly HER. I’m a big fan of looking put together without having to spend hours getting ready or wearing anything uncomfortable, and Jen is basically the epitome of that style. Also, please let me be her workout partner, because her bod is insane. Jennifer Aniston lets her style work for her, not the other way around, and it seems like she takes that approach in most of her life. You go, Jen Coco.

  230. Why do I love Jennifer’s style?

    *takes deep breath*


    I love, love, love Jenifer’s style because she is 46 years old and can show up every super model or young actress around her at an event. Jennifer is not known for being ‘over-the-top’ in ways like Lady Gaga and Madona are. No, she captures our attention with her simplistic beauty. She normally wears her hair down and straight with little to no makeup and still manages to capture the attention of everyone in a room. In other words, she makes her beauty look completely effortless. Now, I’m not saying this beauty is effortless. I’m sure she works out like a MOTHER and does things most people would consider weird like putting gelatin in her tea or drinks a ton of Suja Juice (come on we all know Jenn uses Lauryn’s tricks to look and feel young). But let me just say that that hard work PAYS OFF. She is and will always be my style inspiration, along with a few other million girls.

  231. i love jennifer aniston! i’ve been watching friends on netflix and she’s so funny.
    her style in the article is so elegant, but bold, just like her! she’s awesome 🙂

  232. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style… always classy, put together and CHIC! She looks approachable and down to earth which I love!! I follow you already on Instagram (my name is kristinkizyma) and I will post soon!!! Xo LOVE your style Lauryn!

  233. her style is so classic and clean. Sexy but tasteful. Just fresh and light. Beautiful and effortless. Makes the everyday girl relatable love it.

  234. Jennifer’s style is timeless and always looks so effortless. She is who I aim to be as I age!

  235. I’m all about health and Beaty and I love trying new products- I’m going through a weight loss transformation and profits like these will help me maximize my transformation and be the best me:)

  236. I’m all about health and Beaty and I love trying new products- I’m going through a weight loss transformation and products like these will help me maximize my transformation and be the best me:) I love Jennifer’s style because she is real- she’s classy – and simply beautiful- she slays every look!

  237. I’ve always loved Jen’s style, as I feel it’s very much like my own. She takes calculated risks, but tends toward effortless and classic on the daily.

  238. Jennifer keeps it elegant and fun and flirty at the same time which is extremely difficult to do
    Insta @lydialivas

  239. Jennifer’s style is classic! Her hair is always the same but it’s perfect so why change it! She’s elegant in dresses and everything else she wears she makes the clothes look that much better ! Love her! & her aveeno ads! & amazing giveaway ! All the best items I may add! Fingers are crossed for this gift! Eek luck luck luck !

  240. JA is simply timeless! Always stylish and age appropriate, but never looking as old as she is! I pray to the Chihuahua Gods I age this gracefully, and never forget how to dress myself with poise and just the slightest bit of sass! Pick me TSC! I would love to get my hands on all of these glorious goods! Xxoo

  241. I love Jennifers style becausw its simple, elegant and her styles can either be dressed up or down to suit whatever occassion!

  242. Jennifer is one of those women who like wine get better with age. She honestly keeps getting better and better.

  243. I LOVE Jennifer!! She is the perfect California girl, she keeps it down to earth with her jeans and t-shirt style and always looks so effortless. Her hair is always amazing, just so carefree! Seriously, I love her. (Plus she has great taste in men!)

  244. I love Jennifer’s style. She ha da relaxed, yet chic and polished look at all times. She effortlessly pulls of street style into evening wear. One of my favorite celeb icons!

  245. I’ve always wanted to exude the vibes that Jennifer does with her style. She is so effortless yet put together, and she has such confidence that you can really see through what she wears and how she wears it.

  246. Love Jen Aniston rocking a bronzed& toned& sunkissed look 365 days a year!! True Beach babe with a laid back attitude to match XXOO

  247. Jennifer has such a classic easy going look about her! She’s relaxed yet put together! Love her style! She can look amazing in workout clothing and just as beautiful in a dress!
    Amazing giveaway !! Praying!!! My Instagram is ayosmalls

  248. I love Jennifer’s style because she’s such a simple and Classic dresser. She doesn’t have to overdo it, and looks amazing in a simply jeans and Tshirt outfit

  249. What’s not to like about Jennifer Aniston’s style? She is so effortlessly chic and classy. I love how she is so naturally beautiful. She is a true example of why less is always more.

  250. Oooh and Fave beauty products:: Laura Mercier Natural Radiance Illuminating Tint, Pantene Dry Shampoo Spray, Guerlain Bronzer, Too Faced Boudoir Eye Palette& BabyLips Sheer Lip Tint in the purplish color: ) for starters haha

  251. Jennifer’s style is always effortless, and I love it! Whether it’s a run for Starbucks or red carpet, she always looks great. Also, I love her signature hair, so beautiful, shiny, and healthy. Her best latest look – Oscars 2015!

  252. Jennifer Aniton is simply beautiful. She highlights her features with beauty products vs. altering them. I love her because she embraces her small quirks and is radiant!

  253. I’ve always admired Jennifer’s simple, classic style. She’s never overly trendy but always looks gorgeous, classy, and current!

  254. I love how versatile her style is. She is capable of pulling off just about any look and looking comfortable and confident in all of them.

  255. I think what I really like about Jennifer’s style is really how simple and classic her beauty and fashion choices are.
    I think about her humor and crazy pretty smile…. ( OK and A-MAZZING hair)
    But, really it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and also the added confidence!! That’s why I’m a product junkie/”guru’.
    I like feeling put together.
    AND I love love your bog for the same reasons!

  256. I love Jennifer’s style because its classic and timeless! She always looks fabulous!

  257. First things first – always been on TEAM JEN. Not only that but Jen was one of the first famous people I’ve ever seen in person, looking beyond fab in her post work out attire and oversized sunnies and let’s just say I’ve been fan girling every since. There is something about her ability to make the simplest outfit look fabulous and effortless – I’m talking slouchy white tee and boyfriend jeans fabulous. Team Jen till the end.

    This giveaway looks so awesome – I have used some of the products including Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and love it. Would love to try out some of your favorite products. I am constantly taking your recommendations and style tips and tricks (loving the double pony tail trick from your valentines day post – thanks for that Lauryn!).

    1. OH – and as far as other beauty products go, I have been loving LUSH products –
      I know the thought of even stepping foot in a LUSH store is overwhelming to anyone, but it has become an obsession. Like you, I am a fan of any all natural foods that I can find but I never thought using all natural beauty products would interest me just becuase in the past I have felt like they don’t really make me feel clean. But have eagerly changed my mind.

      Some of my favorite products include – the R&b hair moisturizer (will make your hair smell like a rainforest – I’m not kidding).
      Also – Mint Julips lip scrub. It’s great for dry lips and tastes like mint chocolate.
      : ))))))

  258. I love Jennifer’s style because she is a natural.
    Besides she is beautiful on the outside (without too much effort), her personality it’s what makes her that much of a babe!
    She can be cute and sexy/smoking hot at the same time. She is unique (specially when you know some of whats she’s been through and she’s still kicking ass)!

    PS.: is living in the US absolutely necessary to be in the contest? cuz I don’t =(

  259. I love Jennifer’s style because she always looks so elegant and chic. Her look is so effortless and her bubbly personality is by far her best accessory 😉

  260. Jennifer’s style is perfection. I love it because she makes it easy to live yourself.

  261. I love Jennifer Aniston’s style! I love how classy she always looks yet she finds ways to be daring and different! Please check out my instagram! @victoriaengh

  262. I love Jennifer’s style because she is simple yet elegant. Plus she has the most wanted hair in America!!

  263. I love that Jennifer is super stylish without going over the top. She comes across as super nice and friendly from her youtube videos too! Love this giveaway! Thanks for hosting it Jennifer and Yahoo! My current beauty product is Laura Mercier foundation primer and silk creme foundation applied with a Beauty Blender!! I am also loving Zoeva’s brushes at the moment!

  264. Instagram crystalstar3

    I have always loved Jennifer Aniston! She’s strong, confident & true to herself! And of course, she has incredible style. All over class!

  265. I love everything about Jennifer Aniston she is the most beautiful person inside and out! I love this outfit because the red dress is short which shows off her rockin legs and it compliments her glowing tan. I can only pray I look as hot as her (fingers-crossed).

    My favorite beauty products are always lip products! I feel by simply changing your lip color you can change your whole look and attitude! I posted on instagram specifically Too Faced’s Melted Lipsticks. They are a life changer!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  266. Awesome giveaway! I love Jennifer Aniston’s style because of the classic, rich and elegant! She is a beautiful woman!

  267. Gosh! So much to say about Jen! To me she has always looked so comfortable in her own skin AND her clothes. She knows how to dress so that she can look beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable. That’s a hard thing to achieve. I’ve always loved the way she can even make a pair of jeans and a tee look amazing!! She’s a HUGE role model of mine and I’m always excited to see what she will wear next.

    That red dress is superb.

  268. I love Jennifer’s style. I have loved her casual chic elegance for many years. She is one of the reasons I finally said to friends and family “I’m done worrying” about being perfect. As a teen I felt pressured to always look and be the same as everyone. Jennifer aniston made me feel like it’s ok to be beautifully fresh and clean looking by combing my hair and throwing on a scarf! Thank you jen. U rock!!!!!

  269. Jennifer’s style is timeless! She always looks polished yet carefree. And she knows what looks best on her. She owns her style!

  270. Jenn’s style works because she always has three things: a great body, great hair, and great skin. Coupled with her awesome attitude, I will never get sick of this lady!!

  271. Jennifer’s style is sophisticated like she never went through a naive phase. Love her ambiance!

  272. I think what I really like about Jennifer’s style is really how simple and classic her beauty and fashion choices are.
    I think about her humor and crazy pretty smile…. ( OK and A-MAZZING hair)
    But, really it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and also the added confidence!! That’s why I’m a product junkie/”guru’.
    I like feeling put together.
    AND I love love your bog for the same reasons

  273. I love Jen’s style because she always looks so effortless beautiful! She doesn’t cake on make up, or over-do it with her outfits. She shines brighter than anyone else because of how little she has on. All her pieces are classically beautiful, and that is something that is hard to find these days. Jen is a gem <3

  274. I love Jen’s style for 3 things:

    1. It’s classic. Her style is effortless and timeless which I love.
    2. Natural. Her makeup and hair always highlight her natural, born-in beauty. Fantastic.
    3. It’s genuine. I get a sense of who she is with how she dresses and styles herself.

    She’s the girl that everyone wants to be. Love that Jen!!!

  275. I love Jennifer Aniston’s style because she is so effortless and confident and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She knows she looks good and owns everything she wears. Love her! My Instagram is on private, will the tags still work? Thx!

  276. Jennifer’s style is natural and relaxed with some class. She always looks effortless and never goes over that fine line between classy and nasty.

  277. Jennifer Aniston is my idol! She is so beautiful and so real. Her personality shines through any style she rocks. But her style is always so timeless and laid back. She makes it look so easy! And the HAIR! I mean come on, the woman has NEVER had a bad hair day!

  278. I love how Jenifer Aniston always brings her natural beauty to her look. She isn’t overly done and allows herself to shine.

  279. I love Jennifer’s style because she is so natural and she promotes a natural beauty. She always proves to be who she is and doesn’t try to be anyone else.

  280. I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style because it’s simple and classy, which is my favorite style as well. She doesn’t entertain momentary fads – she’s always poised and polished and is so beautiful and timeless!

  281. Ps I follow you on Instagram as well! My username is erinlee09. And my absolute FAVORITE beauty product right now is Clinique’s All About Eyes under eye cream. I have bad dark circles, and this helps so much!

  282. Jennifer has a timeless look that is simple, effortless and feminine!
    Check out my Instagram post on skin care must haves- Sunday Riley products and the PMD device! @jelv3
    Love your blog & the book xo

  283. Jennifer is my fav actress. Her styles are plain but she carries them so well that it get its fan following and becomes the trend. I like her in the dresses which has metallic touch aha I meant golden bronze silver… Nice prize following on IG too

  284. I love how Jennifer always maintains a chic, classy, MEOW-y look while still keeping everything très simple and natural! Not to mention she was probably the original women crush wednesday as Rachel on Friends, so there’s an obvious reason to idolize her(: Also, thanks for including the link to Yahoo Style!! I never knew that even existed! Your guys’ giveaway is very well equipped! *heart eyes*

  285. Jen’s style is timeless and classic. She always looks put together but comfortable! I love this giveaway and I’m posting on IG. My fav product is a body butter I got in Maui. It is 100% pure and it smells like heaven!

  286. Jennifer has the look that everyone desires!! She just becomes more stunning with age enhancing on her natural beauty and assets with flattering but simple style choices. Her hair is always a beautiful honey blonde and her makeup accentuates her youthfulness

  287. I love jenns style because its clean and sophisticated and oozes confidence and ofcourse she always wears her best smile

  288. Jennifer’s style is quite simple compared to others (which I love)! Her makeup and hair always look natural which adds to the simplicity of the look. I love the solid color dresses she often wears, especially the white dress in the article!

  289. I love Jennifer’s style because she is feminine, classy, and an inspiration. She is never trashy and always radiates from within. Her simplistic style makes her likable and relatable. She is forever beautiful

  290. I love Jennifer’s style because it’s simple but elegant. You don’t have to over do it. She know that her hair looks great down and her face is beautiful so less is better. Why mess with a good thing. She is just simplistic but so gorgeous. I love her style and her.

  291. I love Jens style because she has a way of looking comfortable and sexy. Two things I would love to conquer.

  292. I live Jennifer’s style because it’s so elegant and simple. She’s a great role model for others, including me. She always looks so natural and doesn’t try to hard to over do it.

  293. I live Jennifer’s style because it’s so elegant and simple. She’s a great role model for others, including me. She always looks so natural and doesn’t try to hard to over do it.

  294. I have always loved Jennifer’s style, for years i have aspired to have her hair, just the other day I went and asked the hair dresser to color me to look like her. I think she is beautiful and classy.

  295. Jennifer always looks effortlessly chic, she knows the styles which suit her and runs with them. Confident and comfortable in her own skin allows her style to shine! Xx

  296. Jennifer Aniston has always been so effortlessly beautiful. I love that she is expanding her red carpet looks, while still staying true to her style. I particularly love the photo of her in the white dress because, lets face it, she looks absolutely stunning! The contrast of the white with her tan skin is amazeballs. I love that she isn’t afraid to be herself, while also not so set in her ways that she is able to consistently make awesome changes to her look.
    I am a doctor, and am at the beginning of my career. With 80-hour work weeks in the hospital taking care of people, I find that I don’t have too much time to take care of myself. I hope that if I win the beauty box that I can make some small changes with big impacts on my daily self-care regimen!

  297. Your all these beauty boxes are praiseworthy and useful for everyone but one thing is that the price of products are expensive. Over all great……


  298. Jen’s style is timeless! She always looks so elegant and wears clothes that suit her absolutely gorgeous body. She has been a major style icon for years and will continue to be for many more to come.

  299. Love how Jennifer has always stayed true to herself and never follows any crazy trend going on. Her bod would look amazing in anything! She knows how to rock a killer nude heel : )

  300. Her style is timeless and so classical. The outfits fit perfectly to her type and she looks ladylike. Most important thing about her styling is her attitude: Jennifer looks so bright and energetic!

  301. I love Jennifer’s style because it is just so effortless! She is always put together and simple, and still looks so amazing.

    My Instagram is lovethekate!

  302. Hei, Lauryn!

    I have just stumbled upon your blog not so long ago..and I love it! And here’s this HUUUGE giveaway, it’s like the cherry on the top of the cake (or ice cream, or cupcake..or whatever :)) )
    I must try my luck!
    Why I love Jennifer’s style – well, just look at her – she looks flawless, her wardrobe is simple yet elegant, and feminine at all times 🙂

    And for the beauty trick – I love virgin coconut oil for my skin, my hair, lips.. Everything!

    Thanks again, for this beautiful blog!
    p.s. fingers crossed :))

  303. I love her style because she is very elegant and versatile all the time. She is an awesome person and that shows in her way of clothing as well.

  304. I’ve always loved Jen’s style, not just for her amazing legs that she always manages to make look Amazonian, but because she always looks chic & so put together. She knows what she’s comfortable in & isn’t afraid to make that her signature. But when it comes to events such as the Oscars (can we seriously talk about her dress!!!) She isn’t afraid to try something new. Jen’s style has always been hers, she doesn’t follow trends because that’s what’s in; she dresses how she wants.

  305. Her style is classy, elegant, simple and authentic. It seems to be comfortable for her and I think that is important. Style has to show in a hidden way your character and personality. 🙂

  306. Jennifer’s style is so classic!! She always looks so put together and lets be honest, sexy, without looking like she is trying too hard. I know I’m always looking at pics of her and gives me hope for aging beautifully:) and the hair ugh, so perfect!

  307. I love that her style stays authentic to her. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about building my wardrobe to reflect me and she is a good model for that.

  308. I love that her style stays authentic to her. She knows what looks good on her body and you can always count on her looking chic and put together.

  309. I love her style because she isn’t trying too hard- you can still see the person through the makeup!

  310. Jennifer always has that cool, laid-back style in a chic way. She always looks comfortable and knows how to find clothes that fit her perfectly. I love love love that she’s starting to show more color and more sex kitteness lately.

    P.S. Love your blog super mucho!!!

  311. This giveaway is amazing! I would loveee to win. Jennifer’s style is amazing because she’s so effortlessly chic and glamorous. She doesn’t ever go overboard, yet she always looks flawless.

  312. I love Jennifer’s style because no matter what she can wear anything, literally she could wear a trash bag and look good….haha. Her style is chic, sleek, and shes sexy in a composed way. Everything she wears flatters her amazing figure and she knows how to wear a dress!

  313. Everyone has taken a picture to their hair stylist to mimic Jenifer’s iconic hair style. Jenifer is beyond her time meaning she sets the style standard, starts trends, and continues to show the world class, elegance, and sophistication. My favorite red carpet look she has wore was to the Grammys like three weeks ago? She has aged like a fine wine and is an iconic fashion staple in America. She is on every mood board that I make!!

  314. I love Jennifer’s style because it is something people can look up to. Rarely is she ever in something controversial or too revealing, she embodies classy, chic elegance and loves her natural beauty. I’ve never seen her with a caked face full of makeup, which makes we truely beautiful and someone who women and girls all across the globe can look up to.

  315. Is that a Hello hair product? This is the best giveaway I’ve seen on Instagram! So excited!

  316. Jen looks great! Loved her since she talked about crying in yoga class during the Brad breakup. Will always love her hair and classic look.

  317. I love Jennifer’s style because of how effortless it looks, while still being classy and elegant. Very simple and not too overstated as well.

  318. I don’t have an Instagram account 🙁 hopefully i can still enter!

    Jen’s style is timeless to me, she doesn’t over do anything or look desperate to stay “hollywood” she’s got class & natural appeal.. obvs takes care of herself..look at her body! Always seems happy and glowing.

  319. I love how Jennifer’s style is so effortless. She’s a natural beauty. She’s classy and elegant in a simple way. She’s definately a style icon.

  320. Jen knows what styles works for her body, always showcasing pieces that are flattering and classic at the same time. Luv that about her 🙂

  321. Aniston’s style is all class with an edgy flair. She chooses great tailoring with unique patterns, great texture, or slightly different cuts… And her confidence says everything about her style. She is stunning and an incredible actress to top it off! Love her.

  322. I just started watching Friends, and I love love love her style in the show! From well-fitting high-waisted pencil skirts to super cute blouses, she’s a fashion icon for sure 🙂

  323. I love jen’s style because she just rolls with it! She never looks over or underdressed and she is the queen of jeans! Love!

  324. Jen looks best when she styles with neutrals and goes for cuts no one else does, like she did when she paired the Bouchra Jarrar pencil skirt with the peplum. Her beauty look there is the best in my opinion, too, because she looks more natural!

  325. I have always loved her style and the way she embraces being yourself without even trying! She is such a role model for women and her timeless beauty is inspiring!! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  326. I love Jennifer’s classic California girl style! She always is the right amount of polished and laid back, and I love how her hair is so shiny and done. I don’t have instagram but please still enter me! I love your blog and all your product recommendations that I’ve followed before have turned out AWESOME!

  327. I love that Jennifer Anniston is a natural beauty. She takes pride in her body and her health and she is always glowing from within. Everything she tries with her hair, outfit choices, and makeup looks great because she has the confidence to rock it. I love that she is always willing to try new things and doesnt take herself or fashion too seriously. She always looks effortless.

  328. Her style is just so easy. It looks like it is attainable, like it is who she really is and not just made up for show.

  329. Always found Jennifer to have a great sense of style. She never goes over the top crazy with her looks, and seems to be able to pull off everything. Plus she’s gorgeous and her skin is flawless. And you’ve got to love her girl next door personality.

  330. I would love Jennifer’s style so chic and cool, she has a real down to earth look and very simple as well, love it! Thanks for the great giveaway and I’m following both on IG @Racegirl1022

  331. A sleek and sophisticated style represents Jennifer. I look forward to the future of fashion and products that will guide my style choices. Cheers!

  332. Oh my word – this is to die for!! I just checked out the slideshow of Jennifer’s recent looks. She is pretty much flawless. I do love seeing her in pattern for a change so I’m partial to the Lagerfeld shift dress with tights and boots. But the black Zuhair Marid (sp?) in the first picture looks spectacular on her too. I especially like the hair up! I don’t have Instagram 🙁 I’m old and tech-averse.

  333. Oh and my current favorite product is Zen Society’s Bilberry Serum. It’s a blend of antioxidant oils and my skin just sucks it up in our dry New England winter weather. I put it on right after the shower and then put standard moisturizer on top of that.

  334. LOVE Jen. She is TIMELESS (and ageless?!?!)! She just gets better and better. Fit, beautiful, and her personality always shines through. I want to grow up to be like her. 😉

    The Clairsonic is #1 on my list of things I NEED to buy but wedding budgeting makes shopping wayyy less fun. 🙁

    Currently obsessed with Benefit’s new mascara Roller Lash and their LolliTint for cheeks….especially with a self-tanner base!

  335. I love Jennifer’s style because she always looks so effortlessly put together. She has transformed over the years since her days back on friends but still stayed true to herself and her unique look. As a mother of a little girl I also try to strive this not only for me but to show my daughter that nothing is more beautiful than being true to yourself and letting your natural beauty show just how Jennifer does everyday.

  336. I am sitting in a puddle of my own tears right now because I don’t have an Instagam account 🙁 🙁 . Is it possible for me to still enter the competition???? I love Jennifer’s fabulously flawless, cute, stunning, classy, edgy, simple (yet amazingly perfect), and well put together,
    style. It suits her so well and she is perfect <3. Some of the adorable outfits she has worn remind me so much of my one and only role model : Sharpay Evans.

    Stay beautiful <3

  337. I think Jennifer’s style reflects how confident she is. She shows us all that true beauty is more than skin deep, but that taking care of yourself is important too. She’s beautiful because she’s genuine. She can light up a room and that to me, is true beauty.

  338. Honestly, I just love her natural beauty- her smile is clearly her best accessory as well as her confidence. A woman who truly cares for herself- love it Jen :*

  339. Jens style is classic, chic & always stylish from her shoes to her original hairstyle! Inspiring fashion and she makes the clothes look good! Love her & her aveeno ads! Timeless!

  340. Holy cow, where to start about Jen’s style, I mean what is there not to like??!! The fact that she’s 46, looks darn gorgeous, has the vitality of a 20 year old? Her style, everything she wears looks uh-ma-zing! Let’s not even start about her hair, everyone wanted ‘The Rachel’! Not to forget her talent. But coming back on what I love about her style is she is able to make everything look so effortless, coming from a pilates class? Lookin fab! Red carpet? Gorge! Magazine photoshoot? No worries she’s got it all covered, and with a wink. Her beauty and the way she wears her style comes from within her, she has this ‘Je(n) ne sais quoi!’. Jen has always been one of my fashion & career icons and I’m always looking forward to any new project she comes out with! Team Aniston here!

  341. Jen has timeless style, and looks flawless in whatever she wears whether it is her beautiful black dresses to her more feminine looks, she’s got it all!

  342. Absolutely love the effortless she exudes. She doesn’t ever appear to be trying to hard and what can I say, she is always glowing.

  343. I have always admired Jennifer’s style because it’s never over done or fake looking and always amazing! It’s simple, sweet, sophisticatated, and sexy all at the same time. She’s confident in her skin and it shows.

  344. I love Jennifer’s style due to the simplicity she keeps with everything. I find the simplest outfits tend to be the most gorgeous as you can focus on the individual which is the most important thing.

  345. i have always loved Jennifer Aniston’s style!! She is all over my Pinterest boards:) She has such a classic style and never looks like she is trying too hard. She gives me hope as well for aging beautifully and the hair…always amazing!

  346. Jen’s style is always simple pieces and looks, but they fit perfectly. In my mind, that’s one of the best marks of true style – clothes that fit your body.

  347. What’s there not to say about Jen Aniston’s style?! She can look sexy in a trash bag! Jelly! She just always looks so put together and never overdone.
    And how does the woman never age?! Seriously! I need whatever it is she’s drinking. If you can get an interview with her in TSC like asap and ask her what her secret is, that’d be amazeeeeeee!
    Great giveaway btw!

  348. I love Jennifer’s style because she is the embodiment of class and reflection of health. Not only does she appear happy and healthy, she also is stylish, makes it look effortless and this should inspire other women! xxxx

  349. I like her style because it comes off as effortless! She always wears the clothes versus the clothes wearing her. She knows her body and style and wears what works best for her so she always looks great! {I don’t have IG}

  350. I like Jennifer’s style because its simple; she doesn’t need some huge pair of earrings or an elaborate hairstyle.

    I don’t have an instagram (I know I’m a grandma) but good luck everyone 🙂

  351. I love everything aboutJennifer her look is always fabulous she is a natural beauty and she’s so funny. She and I are best friends she just doesn’t know it yet. This giveaway looks amazing!!!

  352. Hi, I love the way Jen wears clothes, they don’t wear her. She’s always glowing, and she looks like a happy chilled out person 🙂
    I don’t use Instagram now (hope that’s ok) but if I did I’d be instagramming a tube of Goe oil, which is a mix of a whole lot of plant/fruit oils. Smells amazing and you can use it for ANYTHING ….. eyebrows, cuticles, lips, hair, whatever. I love it! thank you 🙂

  353. Love Jenifers Classic chic style from her clothing to her hair! Her out fits are always on point and her hair is her staple classic. She’s fit and chooses to show off her great legs! I love her aveeno adds.
    She’s not afraid to have fun but not look completely bizzar in clothing. My favorite beauty products are Clinique moisture surge gel and loving Paul Mitchell hair products they make my hair so smooth! Also LOREAL pen liner for the eyes! Coconut oil for extra moisture on the body! Love the give away items! Someone is going to be beyond lucky! Eek fingers crossed !!

  354. I love that she doesn’t look too “dolled up” with her makeup – it is gentle and enhances her natural beauty!

  355. I love Jennifer’s style because it’s unique with such charm. I am so tiered of seeing the same old thing time and time again!!Jennifer gives me that special something, which is what keeps me coming back!

  356. I have always liked Jennifer’s style, it’s never over done. Always chic and sexy! Love it!

  357. I like (love) Jennifer’s style because she always looks amazing from head to toe; but with her recent golden globe nomination she really stepped out of her ever gorgeous ‘neutrals’ box, with some edgier choices. My favorite is of course the black lace dress because I love ANYTHING lace!! my wedding dress was 100% lace 🙂

    My favorite beauty product you ALL must try: Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30; Smells amazing, love how it feels on my skin, and it works! I have seen a reduction in any sun damage I had and of course wearing this daily is helping to protect my skin from further sun damage! it is part of Murad’s Environmental Shield Collection which I swear by!

  358. I adore Jennifer Aniston! She is so naturally beautiful and seems so sweet and approachable. I love her fragrances, too – feminine and delicate, just like her!

    I posted a pic on Instagram and tagged you both –

    Thanks for offering such an amazing giveaway!

  359. I always liked her style because it rarely feels overdone. I do like that she’s wearing a little bit more color, though!

  360. I love Jennifer’s style because everything is so simple but gorgeous, she can rock anything honestly. my style goals and inspiration

  361. I love Jen (currently watching Friends right now!). I love how she has fun with her outfits, but always keeps it classy. And it helps that her skin is always so tan and glowly. xx

  362. Hi Lauryn! I hope I’m not too late! I’ve been following you on Insta for ever and I love all your posts! As to Jenn’s style, the girl simply knows what looks good on her and doesn’t try too hard and pretend to be someone who she’s not. She doesn’t follow trends but is always trendy! Love her!

  363. I love Jennifer Anistons style because she is not afraid to be herself. She is so free and gives me the confidence to express myself through my style. She is a natural fashion and beauty icon and still seems so down to earch which is something I truly admire and try to replicate in my lifestyle. She is an amazing idol to have. Love her!!

  364. Frankly speaking, Aniston is my favorite actress. Her style has always impressed me very much and she has always been an example for me. On the one hand, she is extremely feminine, classic, elegant. For example, when she goes to the ceremony, she dresses very nice, but it does not look as if it applies much effort to look stunning. On the other hand, in real life she dresses simply and definitely not provocative. I really like that she sees the line between events (such as ceremonies) and real life. Some celebrities wear the best clothes they have, even if it is just a walk in the park. To be honest, this looks ridiculous. But Jennifer just puts on a stylish T-shirt or blouse and jeans and she looks SO much more beautiful than all of them.
    I also want to say a few words about Jennifer’s make-up. She can be seen with bright makeup very rarely, because it is absolutely not necessary. She attracts attention with her natural beauty, only slightly emphasizing her advantages.
    By the way, my instagram: surfpolza

  365. I just finished your book and love love loved it! I like that Jennifer is confident in her own NATURAL skin. She is a beautiful woman and is inspiring for women like myself. Classic, perfection! I added you on instagram.

  366. Hi,
    I love how Jennifers style is pretty and glamorous all at once. It’s a very beutiful woman 🙂 And my absolute favorite beauty product is the Scotch on the Rocks palette by Bobbi Brown.
    On Instagram: coline_touil
    Thanks for this lovely giveway! ♥

  367. Pretty sure I commented already? But just in case….

    I love Jennifer’s style because it is timeless! She always looks so effortlessly put together. Such a gorgeous woman and wonderful role model!

  368. I LOVE Jennifer Aniston. I’m actually re-watching friends now (hello nextfilx binge). Her style is so timeless and simple. Plus who doesn’t love smart water and the brands she represents.

  369. First off, thank you so much for putting together this amazing giveaway – there is going to be one very lucky girl!
    I love her style because it is so simple, classy, elegant, and timeless. The simplicity of her clothes compliments her natural beauty and she wears pieces that are conservative and that a “real woman” would wear. She always looks put together but never overdone, and I like that.

  370. hiiii!!!! Writing on this post again just before the deadline to make up for no instagram for the month of March 😉 this is an absolutely AMAZING giveaway!!! I have been looking into the Clarisonic for years now but due to my college budget…. haven’t found time to purchase it!!
    I posted earlier about Jen’s style which is so chic and timeless. I’m pretty sure she looks better than I do and she’s 46…

    a little update since my last post on this giveaway! I found your blog last week and instantly became obsessed….. literally inspired, hahah! I’m currently a junior in college and loving it, dont want it to end!! I joined Pure Barre in my area – already in love with it, went on a mini shopping spree online from the clothes suggestions you post (so helpful, within budget and so cute) and lastly bought your book!!! Fell kinda fast and hard for TSC to say the least… I’ll be sure to like your instagram in March after my social media cleanse!!

  371. I love Jennifer’s style as she always keeps it sophisticated and classy, while also having that touch of sexy about her as well. While it may not count to style, I think her body is amazing and is a perfect example of how we should look after ourselves now so that in our forties and into the fifties we can look as amazing as her!

  372. Jennifer is most definitely one of the top women to look to for style. She’s always classy and always natural. Her talent speaks louder than her clothes and that’s something that Hollywood typically lacks. Way to be a class act, Jen!

  373. Jennifer Aniston to me is the poster girl of health… her legs, her hair, her skin. I mean she was the face of smart water! I love that Jennifer’s look is natural and fresh.. and inspires me to drink lots and lots of water!

  374. Jennifer’s style is sexy classy chic! Always on point! Great giveaway! I’m a fan of Clinque moisturizers ! My beauty fave 🙂

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