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HUGE SUJA GIVEAWAY!! x The Suja Juice Solution

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

Since I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days, I wanted to do a funnnn giveaway with you guys!

Firstly, my talented girlfriend Annie Lawless, co-founder of Suja Juice ( & blogger at BLAWNDE ) wrote a book. EXCITING! Annie is constantly killing it with Suja so really it’s no surprise she’s an author too.

Annie is the girl I text when I’m walking through Whole Foods, debating what coconut milk to buy. The girl knows her shit when it comes to food. She’s an amazing person, friend, & colleague in the healthy living community.

Oh, & I’m not promoting the book just because I like her ( but really, I do, I do!! ) but because I believe in her lifestyle. I do not & will not put things on TSC that I don’t believe in myself.

So on that note: her new book, The Suja Juice Solution is NOT A DIET.


It’s a healthy lifestyle filled with nourishing foods. Basically a cleanse/jumpstart to putting the right things in your body & eliminating nasty shit.

The book is filled with easy, delectable juices that are quick, real food meals. The cleanse is one that is actually maintainable AND includes food. Woo-hoo.

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

Also, it’s not some annoying diet that is impossible to follow. It’s about pushing out the crap to make room for the whole, nutrient dense foods/drinks.

If you’re looking for a ‘get skinny in a week & then gain it all back in two weeks’ book, this one isn’t for you. But if you’re looking to sincerely adjust your habits and feel your best? That’s The Suja Juice Solution.

Some other rad standouts: beautiful photography, grocery lists, delicious/clean recipes, & advice from outsiders who have tested the lifestyle out. Basically the book is for anyone who’s looking for renewed clarity, focus and energy, healthier skin/hair/nails, a faster metabolism, easier digestion/elimination, increased hydration, greater flexibility, better sleep, reduced hunger, fewer sugar cravings, and feel more satisfied & full after meals. Sounds good, right?


Ya ready? Mmkay.

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

Giveaway Timmmmme!

ONE LUCKYYYY babe will win:

* a Breville Juicer ( YESSSS!! & my personal fav )
* $500 to Whole Foods Market ( EEK!! )
* AND a personalized signed copy (by Annie) of The Suja Juice Solution.

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.


♡ Follow The Skinny Confidential (@theskinnyconfidential) & Suja Juice (@lovesuja) on Instagram.

♡ Tag two friend’s, who are interested in wellness & healthy living, on my latest Instagram picture.

♡ Comment below & tell us why you HAVE TO win!

The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

By the way, who the hell doesn’t want a BRAND new juicer, right?!

Ok, & since we’re on the topic: how do you feel about living a healthier life? Thoughts? Love when you guys share.

Oh, & I promise a Beijing recap is coming tomorrow. Jet lag still has me feeling stoned.

Good luck!!

– Lauryn, xx

P.S. anyone who purchases the book through this link with get SEVEN free Suja Juice coupons…AKA more than $70 dollars worth of cold pressed juice. Simply e-mail your receipt confirmation to & you’re golden.

{ anyone eligible to enter | giveaway ends April 17th, 2015 }

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The Skinny Confidential x Suja Juice.

  1. First of all, I always see you drinking Suja Juice. I’ve read your posts on it before and I’ve been dying to try it!!! I have heard the most amazing things about juicing and honestly… a juicer is the last thing on my list of things to buy. I know it’s amazing for your health and when you work shifts (like I do… 2am to 9am) sometimes you really need a healthy kick in the butt. I hear it’s a great way to energize… am I right?

    Great contest Lauryn. Always love your posts!

  2. I have to win because I’ve overindulged over easter I feel like a fat bloated bunny rabbit! Please give me this chance to start an awesome sustainable cleanse and healthy change to my lifestyle

  3. holy amazingness! first things first obsessed with your blog and all the tips! just ordered the book! been looking for a cleanse to try but don’t want to go in blind. this seems like a good fit! second i would love to win the giveaway to get a jumpstart into juicing! so many rad goodies and groceries for a month? hells yes! all the love!

  4. I would love to win this giveaway bc it’s been a long cold winter here in Philly and I had a baby 1/25/14, so the combination of those two things have left me with too tight jeans. I think this giveaway with the books would help me to get over the hump of he stubborn last 7-10 lbs. amazing giveaway!!!

  5. So exciting! I need to win this! Festival season is arguably the most fun of the year but definitely requires a serious detox to make the most of the days between trips. And nothing beats Suja! This year’s schedule is looking like CRSSD, Ultra, two Coachellas, Bonnaroo, EDC, lollapalooza, outside lands, HARD summer, tomorrowworld, HARD halloween etc!

  6. I love suja juices so the second I saw this post I went ahead and order the book on amazon! The photography looks amazing and I can’t wait to make all the beautiful recipes! I’ve been dying to have a juicer and if I won I’d probably use it like everyday!

  7. Hey Lauryn & Annie!
    I discovered The Skinny Confidential about a year ago, seeking guidance in a time of need with much instability. I came across tons of other blogs but I never stuck with them as I have with this blog; you are such a huge inspiration to me because you are so genuine, humble, and honest about everything you do. You have helped me to achieve a lifestyle that I never knew existed for myself. I came looking for nutritional help for my stomach problems, but I found so much more than that! Every day without fail I check your page and Instagram, because it gives me a boost/reminder as to why I am pushing myself so hard to be my best. I realize now that I may struggle sometimes but I never need to doubt myself, because we all struggle. I am inspired to be a strong, brave, and fearless woman like you and Annie are. I really would like to take myself to the next level, as I love Suja juice and Annie’s dedication too ( she has done such miraculous things in her life)! I still struggle each day and would like an opportunity to jumpstart myself in the right direction (I am a college girl, so no juicers out of my budget! LOL). Thank you both for all that you do for the world! I hope you have a wonderful future and stay strong! <3
    -Lots of love, Summer Alzayani
    P.S sorry for the long post!
    P.S.S SKIN BRUSHING HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!totally got rid of my eczema! 😮

  8. I need to win because I’m obsessed with Annie and all her good food knowledge! Her ‘you think it’s healthy but it’s lying’ posts are amazing. So excited to see this book and can’t wait to get into some of the juicing ideas/recipes

  9. I would be so honored to win this because like Annie struggled with Celiac, I am currently struggling daily with IBS and a dairy allergy. I am constantly in pain and cannot get a handle on what foods set off my IBS, even when trying to follow a FODMAP diet. I believe that winning this will allow me to re-set my system to start of my summer happy, healthy, and hopefully over these hurtles.

  10. I’m about to get after a serious knee op and I’ll need all the nutrients I can’t get after to replenish and come back like a straight champ.

    Cooking will be tough on 1 leg so this’ll be the next best thing to staying on track and crushing this summer.

    Oh, and go Torrey Pines.

  11. I neeeeeed to win! This would be perfect for after I have my baby come June! This would make it easier to make healthy food an get back to pre baby weight 🙂

  12. I have been having a lot of health issues lately, specifically related to digestion that are really weighing me down. I have heard wonders about juice cleanses and feel like this may be the key to get over the hurdle/plateau I’ve been unable to surpass for over a year now.

  13. I have started a journey to be healthy not just for myself but for my family. I want my daughters to see the importance and benefit of a healthy lifestyle! This prize pack would be an awesome start! (And a Whole Foods just opened up close to where I live!)

  14. I absolutely positively NEED a juicer in my life. I’m obsessed with fresh-pressed juice and am currently relying on one teeny tiny juice bar in town to get my fix… but they’re not open on the weekends! WAH, send all the help (and that juicer!!!)

  15. I absolutely positively have to win because I am obsessed with fresh pressed juices and am currently relying on one teeny tiny juice bar in town to get my fix… but they’re not open on the weekends! WAAAHHHH, send all the help (and that juicer!!!)

  16. I need to win this giveaway because it will be the perfect boost to my daily gym rutine, that I’m a little bit stack. Perfect for detox and feeling healthy… sure I’ll enjoy it! I need it for my recently mind change about food. Welcome to my kitchen, babe!

  17. I have to win!!! With spring/summer vegetables/fruits coming into season, there is going to be so many fresh juice options when using the new juicer!!!! Fresh juice recipes from the suja solution will also fill me with fresh motivation!!! It would be so fab to win!!!!!

  18. I love Suja!! Just recently did the 5 day cleanse and made my boyfriend do it with me! With $500 to WF… I could buy so many juices.
    Already following you and Suja on IG and tagged 2 friends. I really would love the book… And the extra coupons wouldn’t hurt!

  19. I would love to win this book and a juicer of course! I absolutely love learning about nongmo and just healthy foods in general. I really believe our society is increasing on knowledge of food but there should be more awareness and I believe this book will help! I’ve never had a juicer because it’s expensive but also because of the waste it creates at the end but I promise I will compost if I win. Finally I would love to tell you how much I appreciate suja being created. Suja has made my lifestyle easier with grabbing this juice from target. Also thank you for putting this product in target, I live so far north that I would have to stock up two hours away when I was at a whole foods. Thank you for creating an easy healthy lifestyle that consumers can follow. Thank you for this opportunity as well! Xoxo

  20. I am always striving to find balance in my life. Easier said than done, but I feel I’m getting closer every day! I would love to read this book in order to help fine balance internally. Hopefully once my body is balanced, it will be easier to find balance in other aspects of my life! Also juice=amazing.

  21. had my 2nd babe 3 weeks ago! need to stay healthy for my children & hubby… and with such little time for myself juicing seems the perfect solution to get my nutrients! xoxo

  22. I have to win because I just spent an enormous amount of money on surgery for my pet and I want to eat all the healthy foods but want to save money at the same time and this will help me!

  23. I HAVE to win this because a. I need a juicer so bad it hurts and B. This suja book looks so AHMAZING and healthy. This whole prize pack goes perfectly with my healthy lifestyle. Please pick me!!!

  24. Dear Lauryn,

    I recently started following your blog and I’m a huge fan- you give the best most practical real life advice! I’m also a super fan of SUJA and would use this prize pack to kick start a healthy lifestyle again and get my glow back on – from the outside in! It’s been a long ass winter in New England and I would love some help shedding this layer of extra padding I’ve been wearing during my winter hibernation!!! Thanks xoxoxo

  25. i have been looking for a way to start a cleanse but always feel so overwhelmed with the options – not to mention afraid I will be hungry!! I have 2 babies so I can’t be hungry – it doesn’t work for me. That is one of the reasons I am dying to try the Suja juice!!! Also the book sounds fabulous and sounds like exactly what my family needs to make a transition over to a cleaner and healthy lifestyle.

  26. i’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse to reset my system, but have always been too anxious! this would be a great motivator!

  27. Lauren,
    I need to win
    1. I read your blog and FB regularly and you actually respond to my questions!! ((Love))
    2. I know you like the Suja juice and I need to try it!
    3. I follow a healthy lifestyle and would love a good cleanse to add to my routine!
    4. I don’t own a juicer? Why don’t I?
    Winning would be awesome!!

  28. I have to win because I am so love with the Suja Brand and all of their juices. Having my own juicer would be amazing. Living a healthy lifestyle and having the right tools is key

  29. Hi Lauryn!

    First, this is an awesome giveaway! I recently lost 70 pounds, mostly due to the help of your wonderful healthy tips from The Skinny Confidential (I read every morning with my coffee from my apartment in NYC), well-rounded exercise and of course the yummy and FANTASTIC Suja Juice. I can’t express how thankful I am to you and Suja for providing me with the tools I need to succeed in transferring my life from a blah bloated lifestyle to one full of energy, health and positive thinking.

    Whenever I felt stuck or unmotivated I’d check out your blog and find the motivation to push through to be the best version of me. I’m still working on my process (I want to hit a total loss of 100 pounds) and this give-a-way could really help me through these last eek 30 pounds! I drink about 4 Suja juices a week (my faves are Green Delight and Mighty Greens)! With the Breville Juicer, The Suja Juice Solution and Whole Foods Market Gift Card I know it will help give me the tools I need to complete my goals.

    On a side note, since I haven’t commented before, thank you for all that you do for people looking for that extra dose of inspiration. You and your blog have really made a difference in my life and I’m so thankful!


  30. I would love to win this contest, I am getting so excited for spring and would love to be able to juice all of the fresh produce from the farmers market! I think Annie’s story and beliefs for Suja are inspiring. It is cool to see how fast this company has expanded and the impact it has had! I love Suja juice and would find her book incredibly interesting!!

    Such a great combo for a contest Lauryn~ Love all of your posts!

  31. I have to win because April’s a good month to shed the winter blahs, detox all the heavy comfort food and get outside and be active. What better way than with a new book full of recipes I haven’t tried and some fresh juice.

  32. This giveaway is super exciting! I keep telling myself I want to try juicing but honestly juicers are so DARN EXPENSIVE!! I have been watching my diet all winter but have hit a plateau, I really think juicing is the key to getting me back on track! Instagram @its_not_red_its_auburn

  33. I have to win this! I do love buyin Suja when its in stock at my local target but my “local” target is almost an hour away!! I need my own juicer so I can make my own at home!!

  34. I would love to win this awesome give away to keep myself in check with the upcoming summer season! Maintaining a healthy living is, as you said, definitely a lifestyle and this would be the absolute best way to get back into the swing of things. My boyfriend also loves juice and trying new healthy recipes so having this book, juicer and a little extra $$$ would help create new recipes that we have not tried, using whole natural foods that would benefit the both of us!

  35. You’re so inspiring! As a vegan, health nut and avid blog reader (particularly yours!), I’ve come to realize that cold pressed juice, albeit pricey, should become a way of life for all people. I think that breaking that barrier of juicing as a meal is quite difficult and this book can change that. I’d be thrilled to win and introduce the Suja way of life not only into my own life, but into that of my friends and family. 🙂

  36. I love fresh pressed juice and am in desperate need of a cleanse! I actually prefer to make my own juice when on a cleanse so I know it’s super fresh…so this is perfect!! I get so excited thinking about all those organic fruits and veggies I could snag at Whole Foods!!

  37. I have to win because I’m FINALLY kicking my ass into gear a YEAR after I broke my leg and am trying to eat healthier and exercise every day. Need to get out of the “my leg isn’t the same” any more funk.

  38. I would be so excited to win because I suffer from chronic migraines and switching my diet has been the only saving grace. I am in graduate school and I work two jobs so eating healthy can be a challenge. Winning this contest would help me stay healthy enough to get through my thesis and start a PhD next fall! Not to mention, eating clean is the only way to stop the migraines. This juicer is my dream!

  39. I love Suja juice, I get it every time I go to Target, which is everyday. I’ve been wanting to start juicing since I saw this documentary that completely changed the way I think about my body and what I eat. AND Whole Foods is being built right next to my apartment, and it should be open this Summer so what better way to start off my summer than with that!

    Love the health, and love life!

  40. currently planning a trip to Mexico and in desperate need to kick start my diet! this would be perfect

  41. I HAVE to win because to be honest sometimes buying a whole bunch of individual juices can get a litttttttle expensive but I have to do it because they give me so much energy! so having my own juicer will cut down that cost quite a bit. also, by using your cheeky tricks from your book, I got the boyfriend hooked on juices and he’s not a big fan of healthy eating so I need to keep this up!!! so excited for this contest thanks for always thinking of your followers ❤️

  42. What a give away!!! I have heard this juicer is amazing. Just got back from a girls trip to CA and going to St. Thomas in two months, could really use this to get beach ready. This seems like such a great company as well I can’t wait to try it out

  43. I have to win because a) I drink Suja literally all day everyday and b) I’m about to move out of my college dorm and into an apartment so I will FINALLY have a kitchen, which needs to be stocked with useful appliances such as the Breville juicer!

  44. Loving this giveaway and I HAVE TO win because instead of spending MUCHO dinero on fresh pressed juice from my local juice bar I can host juice parties made by ME (with love) to help educate my stubborn family and friends on the many benefits of juicing<3! Loving this giveaway and Suja juice whenever I can purchase it locally. Thanks L!

  45. I already follow you on instagram, once I get off work I’m going to add Suja!
    I want to win this for my mom. I’m slowly converting her to green juices and eating organic. She always says it’s too expensive. Well, if you wanna be healthy you gotta spend money. Why is white bread less than 1.00 and the multigran stuff 4x the price? This is a great way to get her on board so she has NO excuses. I want my mother to live long so she can see me have bebes and watch them graduate from high school.
    Plus she loves free ish, I mean who doesn’t? 🙂

  46. Thanks to you I tried the Lemon Love Suja and I’m OBSSESSED!!!! I have been slowly trying all the flavors and they are all fab! I would love to win because I love fresh and cold pressed juices and drink them all the time but I get intimidated to make my own because they always turn out just slightly funky! I would love to try the recipes in her book and be able to have a juicer of my own! I hope I win!!!

  47. I would love to win this contest! I am in graduate school getting my masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and completing my dietetic internship. I have long hours at hospitals trying to give sick people the best care possible and trying to help them to be healthy when they go home. I currently am *paying* to work at the hospital and my own health has fallen the wayside. This giftcard, juicer, and book will re-energize me and help me to rejuvenate my own passion for health and cancer prevention which is why I went into this field in the first place! I would love to have a juicer right now but cant afford the investment!! I would be so excited to win. I love the blog– it combines everything I love– and also is making me want to move to cali. I am such a fan of BLAWNDE as well!!!

    -Hannah M

  48. First and foremost I love this blog and I love that you made me aware of the wonderful Suja brand and of course products! I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway so I can make juicing a big part of my life!

  49. I’ve been wanting to get myself a juicer for awhile, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, so this giveaway is perfect timing!! I eat pretty healthily most of the time, but it’s always nice to do a little detox to push out the “bad stuff” and make room for the “good stuff.” This book sounds awesome, really informative, and fun to read!! Also, I love any book that has a ton of pictures.

  50. I have literally followed both of you for years. Dry brushing umm changed my life:) And I am searching high and low to find someone to give me a lymphatic massage hehe 🙂

    Suja is everything! I do a master cleanse once a week to reset and would love to have the opportunity to buy it up at whole foods and make yummy recipe’s in my new juicer from Annie’s book!

    XOXO to both of you! Thanks for being such a positive inspiration!

    #sujalove ##skinnyconfidential #blawnd

  51. I don’t want to win, so please don’t consider this an entry. I just wish bloggers would science a little harder. Suja juice has a disclaimer on it that it’s not suitable for diabetics. 42 GRAMS of sugar per serving. Holy sugar! If you think this is going to “cleanse” you of anything (which, by the way, “cleansing” isn’t a thing… Your liver works just fine without this and maybe a little harder with it), you’re wrong. And at $10 a pop, it’s an expensive bit of snake oil.

  52. This giveaway is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I read both yours and Annie’s blog regularly, and have applied So Many if not all of the lifestyle tips into my own day-to-day. After a tumultuous and frankly reckless youth I have used all aspects of health to finally give me some sunshine – clean eating, fitness, juicing, etc. Having said that, I am just a straight up kid in a candy store while strolling Whole Foods. WF as well as Suja Juice are really just things I treat myself too since hitting them up regularly would eat my wallet alive, and I have been DYING for a juicer to help me out every day. A girl on a budget with a passion for healthy eating is a tough act to balance, and this prize would make it BEYOND easier. Thanks so much for all that you do and for this giveaway! Truly admire your message. <3

  53. I absolutely love Suja juices and keeping up with the skinny confidential. I am a single Mom who really tries to eat a balanced diet for myself and my daughter. I love that I am teaching her how to take care of herself with healthy habits by leading by example. I have some health issues that I have been managing with a healthy lifestyle. Adding juicing to this would be awesome for me!

  54. Gurrrl! This is so exciting!

    Unfortunately me and my fiancé are not in the U.S. for the 3 past years for work purposes, hopefully we are coming back in october this year.
    And suja juices is listed in my (when i go back) list to purchase!

    I believe this is a chance to try it out here and start working the book recipes. And i may purchase it from now as i believe i’ll like it.

    I’m not fat but skinny. And i’m aiming to a healthy lifestyle not to burn any fat but to get more fit. And to encourage my fiancé because he is an EATER!! I want to tease him with some tasty healthy food and drinks.

    Thanks alot lauryn. I get so excited when i read your posts, you keep me motivated in my lifestyle.

    Love you to bits.

  55. Ok Lauryn- I HAVE to have this. Lemme tell you why. Right now I’ve got a blender ( a pretty sad one) – and all I ask from it is that it makes me smoothies every AM, Ya know, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. And it makes a really loud grinding noise, and barely processes the fruit and veggies. Sometimes I bring the blender into my bathroom and blend away in there so I don’t wake my fiancé. Let me tell you the struggle is REAL. This juicer would solve atleast 54 of my problems. I love love love Suja, it’s honestly one of the only juice brands I feel I can trust. I think that’s so amazing you’re doing this giveaway! Thanks for the always entertaining reads, Lauryn xox

  56. I LOVE SUJA!!! AND ANNIE!!!! AND YOU!!!! I grab a suja crazy often and always sneak a bit of greens into my boyfriend’s smoothies! With 500$ to Whole Foods, I’d probably buy all the Suja. And also stock up on some of their snackiesssss. Been following the two of you foreverrr and will probably order the book now for the coupons JUST IN CASE I don’t win. But crossing my fingers that I win!

  57. Hi Lauryn!

    Thank you (and Suja/Annie) so much for this amazing giveaway! I’ve always been a health-nut and a book junkie so this is the PERFECT book for me to indulge in.

    I’m commenting a) because I love your site and want to just say wasssupp and b) because I’m really hoping to win this juicer, giftcard, and book for my Mom.

    I’ve come a long way with my health- going from overweight, to underweight, to just right. And a huge part of that growth was through using my juicer! I love juicing and the benefits I feel from fresh pressed juice is truly remarkable. Obvi you know about that!

    Anyway, I’d really love to help my Mom get on the same track. She’s got the interest, motivation, and knowledge and I’d love to give her the final ingredient to get her on the right track. It would be a perfect Mother’s Day surprise.

    Thank you for all you do!



  58. Cold pressed juice makes me feel ALIVE! Like it’s coursing through my veins. And so good for digestion. And who doesn’t need help with that shiz? Hehe.

  59. I HAVE to win because I’m still squeezing oranges and lemons with my bare hands to make fresh squeezed juice. Owning a juicer would not only save my hands and wrist from future carpel tunnel but would open a door to such a delicious variety of juices I could make.

  60. After years of driving two hours to get to a whole foods I am seriously freking out that one is coming to my hometown, Toledo!! Lauren, you’ve got me addicted to lemon love & twelve essentials suja!! I’ve even been caught in whole foods watching your grocery store haul u tube video making sure my cart looks good.. I would dig a breville juicer to try the DYI cleanse in The Skinny Confidential book. What an amazing giveaway!! I am craving a healthy lifestyle so I can be the best me! At work (AVEDA hairstylist), at home (newlywed), and for my fur baby (mommy of an adorable chihuahua, Shay) thanks, xo

  61. As much as I’d love to win these awesome prizes for myself, my beautiful, intelligent, amazing daughter is graduating from college in a few weeks and will be moving into her first apartment shortly after. Her senior year should have been amazing, but instead she has dealt with health issues (3 hospitalizations) and a heart wrenching breakup. Her saving grace has been her love of living a healthy lifestyle; she throughly enjoys cooking delicious, nutritious meals, and running is her go-to stress reliever. And so, I’m entering this contest for her, in hopes that I win and can give the prizes to my lovely, deserving daughter.

  62. Newer reader to your blog, attempting to figure out the best approach to shed the last 35 pounds (lost 80…over 5 years) instead of maintain where I am at! this give a way is a GREAT starting off point for one not all that familiar with juicing. I would cherish the opportunity to give this all a go!!

  63. OMG I just have to win this!! This is like the prize of my dreams!!! Having a juicer and delicious healthy recipes at hand is perfect for spring and summer with bikini season around the corner. I’ve never had a juicer but always wanted to get one 🙂 And $500 to spend on healthy food would just be amazing, I’d treat all my friend and family to this. Some are sceptical to juices and juicers but I guess I’ll have to show them they’re wrong!

  64. This is an amazing giveaway! I follow your blog and you’ve helped me make smarter choices when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, so thanks for that girl! The nearest Whole Foods to me was an hour away, but they are currently building one right down the street! It will be open this summer, and I can’t wait to spend all my extra time and money there, haha 🙂

  65. I am currently nursing a femoral stress fracture due to lack of taking time for me and taking good care of myself. This giveaway will allow to get back on track and to regain my health so I can be the best version of myself and give to others!

  66. I LOVE all things skinny confidential! The app makes it easy to stay up to date and get my daily dose of healthy living, beauty tips, and fun readings about you Lauryn! I have been drinking Suja for a while now and cannot get enough! I have been looking into juicers lately and absolutely love this one (expensive)!! I’m buying my first house and move in this week and would love to have this new edition to my new house to help me continue my healthy lifestyle and start up juicing myself! Books are so helpful, just like yours and would love to be able to read the suja book to help me with new recipes!!!!

  67. I’m a HUGE fan of both you & Annie and have been following both of your blogs & SUJA for SO long now! I actually just ordered the book last night & I’m so, so excited to see the recipes!! I always get stuck in the ‘all-in’ mindset so I want to read all about balance and how to mix juice w/ real food to have the most effective diet out there. & also I LOVE Whole Foods (& obsessed w/ Breville products!). Both are a little (a lot?) out of my price range, so it would be absolutely amazing to win and be able to get more out of those companies than I do today! Thanks for the amazing giveaway Lauryn — totally crossing my fingers & toes that I win! PS – commented on insta — I’m @laurenliveshealthy 🙂

  68. I would really love to win because I am busy teaching and coaching, so having a go-to healthy meal plan would be amazing! And, it is finally Spring in Minnesota; however, those long winter months can wreak havoc on nutrition and fitness. Thank you!

  69. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I was recently diagnosed (like Annie) with an auto-immune disease. I have been trying to change my diet/lifestyle to improve my condition but it gets really expensive!!! It would be sooo helpful to have my own juicer & a book full of new recipes to try myself – instead of having to go out and buy it all pre-made. And I could use the $ to Whole Food to get all the ingredients! 🙂

  70. I would love to win this!! As a soon to be new mom I need to work to make my health something I can do quick and easy and a new juicer along with the suja cookbook is the perfect solution!

  71. Hi! I can’t remember the exact moment I found your blog, but over the past year it has been such an inspiration to me. I’ve created a healthy lifestyle, and I feel like I am checking in with a friend when I look for your daily post. Your lifestyle is truly inspiring, and I am so grateful to have it as a stability in my life. Through your blog I found Blawnde, which led to me becoming more fascinated with nutrition. I was lucky enough to meet up with Annie at a Pure Barre class when she came to Miami (I go to UM college girl! 🙂 ) Seeing how positive, and happy she is I can only bet you’re the same way. I would love to win this give away because being in college the dinning hall can only get you so far, and there is a Whole Foods less than a mile from my campus! I also just bought Annie’s book and would love to create the juices even in my dorm room! I’ll be the girl handing out juice samples instead of shots on a Friday night! Thanks again for creating so much positivity, and radiating health! xo Katie

  72. omg NEED to win: poor college student trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I loveee the suja spicy lemonade but cannot afford fresh juices (or a juicer of my own) 🙁 also $500 to whole foods would save my life omg

  73. Finally managing to keep my new years resolution to be a healthier more fit me……and we all know it is NOT easy. I need some fresh ideas to keep me going and would love love to try a cleanse like this. I’m always looking for more info and i’m still trying to learn about the good things to put in my body, I love this blog for just that reason. It always inspires me to keep on track and teaches me soooo much! Thank you!

  74. Hi Lauryn,

    This is my first contest so I couldn’t be more excited! I would really love to win because my relationship with food has always been mediocre at best. I have a hard time keeping up with eating or eating healthy and I find I get really discouraged and it becomes a cycle. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and now your book but I’m finding it inspiring and picks me up when I slip up. Its also changing my entire view on food in general and positive healthy living habits. I do not have a juicer yet, and after this brutal winter it would definitely be a little ray of sunshine for me.

    Brianna 🙂

  75. I freaking would love to win because I’ve been drinking suja for over a year now! I also have done marketing promos for them in east tn!! Alsoooo my town just got a whole foods last weekend so this would simply be amazing to get all stocked up on healthy yummy foods!

  76. I have to win because I’m a broke lady who works her butt off and is constantly trying to make better choices but all those choices sometimes get expensive!!! Also…living a healthier life is not just about getting skinny, it’s about Feeling your best, and when you Feel your best, you Do your best, which esentially benefits everyone around you. : )

  77. I definitely let the winter months get the best of my diet and exercise routine. I live a healthy lifestyle where whole foods and exercise are extremely important to me but the indulging has been a bit wild. I need to reset my body and do some serious cleansing. I’m always researching and trying to learn more, I think this book would help me so much and I LOVE whole foods, but being 20 and living on my own its not always in the budget for me. Winning this contest would be absolutely amazing!!

  78. I was so excited to see this giveaway! I got hooked on green smoothies several months ago. My blender had a blow out so I have been green drink-less for the past month!!:( I have been wanting to try the juice route instead of smoothie but just haven’t pulled the trigger on buying a juicer! Talk about the perfect opportunity! I need my drinkable fruits and veggies back in my life ASAP. I have been able to tell a huge difference in my energy level and overall well being since they have been MIA and it’s no bueno. I’ve also got a wedding in less than 6 months and want to be able to look and feel my best in my dress on the big day!!!

  79. Hi Lauryn! I have to win because a lot of people in my family struggle to be healthy. I want to incorporate a fun way to change their diet, because they love juices! I love Whole Foods, but going there is a privilege. I’m hoping to have the money to buy some groceries that they’ll love so I can cook for them! Thank you and I love your blog <3

  80. First, I LOVE that marble top that you have in your kitchen.

    Second, I want to enter to win because I’ve started getting into juicing but don’t have my own juicer and it’s SO pricey to buy the $6 ones twice a day! I’ve been waiting for a while to slowly save up money to get my own juicer but. . .they’re just so expensive! But I’ve been super into trying to get healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.

    Commented on your insta!


    coffeeslag: festival style

  81. Hi!!! Honestly, I don’t NEED to win. I have a juicer that works decently! My reason for entering is actually for my parents! I have a selfish need to keep them around for forever! I want to be able to give them more info on juicing how it can help revive their bodies, and how it gets their fruits and veggies to them easier on the go! My parents do truly need a juicer, and the whole foods gift card would sky rocket their first go at juicing!!!

    Side Note: My mom loves ya!

  82. I was so excited when I saw this giveaway! I got hooked on green smoothies a few months ago. I had a blender blow out and have been green drink-less for the past month!! 🙁 I have been wanting to try the juice route instead of the smoothie but just haven’t pulled the trigger on buying a juicer. Talk about the perfect opportunity! I need my drinkable fruits and veggies back in my life ASAP. I have been able to tell a huge difference in my energy level and overall well being since the drinks have been MIA and it is no bueno! I am also getting married in less than 6 months and this would be just the help I need to look and feel my best in my dress on the big day!

  83. Hi Lauryn! I’ve been particularly interested in health and wellness since after gaining the notorious freshman 15 last year. I returned home from school, got a personal trainer for the summer, and learned all about cooking and eating healthy. This semester, I’m abroad in southeast Asia and it appears the weight gain came back at me (not as badly, at least). Judging by your Hong Kong post, I can tell that you understand the struggle of all the good food here. I’ll be moving into my first apartment once I’m back in America and would love nothing more than a juicer and the book to get my diet back on track.

  84. I need this book in my life! I have been dabbling in juicing and have been trying to find a way to add it as a reboot after going a little too HAM in life. I’m not looking for a quick fix, but just another way to add more good juju to my life 🙂

  85. I’ve been on a journey to live a more healthy lifestyle for the past six years. I’m learning more every day. I think that’s key – continuing to be open and learn. I love exploring new health/self improvement books, and I’m excited to read the Suja Juice Solution!

  86. Hi!! First off, living a whole and healthy lifestyle is KIND OF MY LIFE. I do not believe in cleanses and quick fixes but I do believe in treating your body the best you can! I mean, “If you don’t treat your body well, where are you going to live?”, am I right? Anyways, I spend a ridiculous amount of money at Whole Foods on their juices (HELLO KALE YEAH!) but some how can’t bare to spend the money on a juicer. AKA I am a new college grad and parting with that kind of $$$ gives me anxiety haha. Also, I would love to read your friends book!!

    BTW love your blog!!!

  87. Oh this is the most fabulous giveaway yet! I would DIE for that juicer…and of course a Whole Foods gift card, um yes, hello!? I’m picking up that book, regardless win or lose! I’m obsessed with juicing, but I don’t have one and spend an epic amount of money buying juices every week.

  88. This is by far my favorite blog. I have to win the Suja Juice Cleanse giveaway. I have tried countless juices and have yet to find one that I like. I totally trust your opinion and want to give this a shot! I am a health nut being that I have Type 1 Diabetes since I was a kid and feel like this may be an awesome thing to try!!

  89. I am OBSESSED with Whole Foods so this gift card would help me to not spend my whole paycheck there 😉 Also, I would love to try juicing at home this summer!

  90. Of course I would love to win this juicer/book/gift card combo prize! Not only would it help me continue to live a healthy life, it would also serve as inspiration and motivation to really push it! I am getting married October of this year and this is exactly what I need to make it through this summer and look great on my Wedding Day. Please pick me!

  91. I began experiencing stomach sensitivities once I graduated college and began my new job and never had a clue as to where these stomach issues were arising from- were they stress or food related? Maybe a little bit of both? I had gotten a blood test done to detect food allergies and realized I was allergic to soy, wheat, and peanuts! Since being diagnosed with certain food allergies, in addition to the stress that a new job tends to offer, I’ve turned to yoga, Suja juice and a cleaner diet and have noticed significant changes throughout my body! Suja was first introduced to me when I was at Corepower Yoga at the La Jolla/UTC studio. Jeff Church was in our sculpt class, and handed out free Suja Juices and Suja Essentials to everyone after the intense workout! Since then, I’ve been HOOKED. I have no doubt that this book will inspire me to start making foods in my own kitchen as opposed to relying on Whole Foods to prepare all my meals for me! Awesome giveaway 🙂

  92. The skinny conf has made its way into my lifestyle in small ways; when Im doing my brows in the morning or using my Watts Up highlighter, when I’m in the kitchen making my skinny confidential pancakes (and sending you snaps of them), the oh so glorious sleep bun (so thankful for that one), extra lemon on EVERYTHING… and so much more. BUT, i would love to start FEELING TSC from the inside out.
    Its been quite the bitter winter here in Philadelphia, and i have totally let it get the best of me, I would love this juicer to find my energy and balance again before moving back to skinny//beautiful//tan//fit// San Diego! <3 Thanks TSC!!

  93. I would love to win the Suja juice cleanse because I’m striving daily for a healthier, cleaner me!! My husband and I are planning to start a family soon and I am looking to be the best me when I have baby on board. Can’t wait to see what amazing things are in this book!! Knowledge=power <3

  94. OMG. I MUST win this!!!! Seriously, I love Suja. I saw it around all the time and was like…uhhh? Should I?! AND I SHOULD. I tried one and I’m obsessed. I am moving to LA in a few weeks and I need a fresh start. not only is my home getting a refresh (aka, a whole new home) but my body needs a refresh! I need to prep for the LA life.

    Thanks for this AMAZZZZZING giveaway. xx

  95. I need to win this giveaway because I recently learned I am extremely vitamin deficient and that simply getting vitamins through food is not enough for me. Having the ability to make my own juices at home will help me get the vitamins that I need and maybe not need quite as many injections at the doctor. TSC and Suja are amazing, thank you!!!!!!

  96. I love Suja juice & Annie so this giveway is perfect! I’ve been working hard to eat healthy and get fit and I think this book and juicer would be great motivation for me.

  97. I love Annie! I met her when Suja came to Atlanta last spring and was so impressed that she not only started this amazing company but also has a blog! What a babe! I don’t juice (I know I should, but I just buy the occassional green suja when I need the refresh) but I’m still entering this contest for my mom because she went through a major health scare last year that completely rocked all of our worlds and decided that if she was going to live to be 100 and beat that cancer that she needed to change her life. So if I won I’d give this to my mom so that she doesn’t have to use her juicer from the 70’s (true story, I’ll send you pics!) so she could make all the lemon/orange juice and carrot juice her heart desires!

    PS my momma is fine now, all signs of the health scare gone now we’re just waiting for the doctor to use the “R” word before she can have complete peace of mind!

    xoxo- Cynthia

  98. I would love to win the juicer, gift card and book because it would be great to use towards my everyday routine. Be one step closer to my goals and help spread positivity!

  99. I would LOVE to be able to juice. I am all about trying to eat clean with salads and healthy wraps but this would take my experiments to a whole new level! I am also trying to get my boyfriend on to eat cleaner so this would help!

  100. Hi! I love juicing all the time and looking to find a new juicer. I make some interesting juices sometimes and just love the benefits of juicing. Juicing is amazing and I am so glad I love doing it. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!


  101. I’ve only tried 1 suja juice so far and it was absolutely delicious!! most stores around me don’t sell them so finding the one was so difficult!! but I really want to try them all. I’ve completely changed my eating habits and am trying to be healthier and I really want to add juicing into the mix!!

  102. I would be the happiest girl in the world if I won this- I am moving into my own apartment for the first time in June, and havint this juicer and book would be so so special as my first items! I make juice but it is usually in a blender (not good for the juice and it’s so time consuming!) and I have been lusting over the Breville juicers. I have been following your blog for a long time and absolutely love your posts- I appreciate that it is never diet based but rather ‘feeling good’. We need more bloggers like you. And as for this giveaway, thank you for doing it- whoever wins certainly deserves it:) xoxo Ingrid

  103. Well, I just want to say that I have been following you on fb for a while and I love all that you do lauren! It’s amazing what abfew little changes can do! Thanks to your insperation I have been able to lose 23lbs!! All since this January!! I would love to better my lifestyle a little more and the juicer, giftcard and book would be perfect for that!! I guess all I can do is hope!! But thank you anyway Lauren winner or not I love the way you inspire people to become better!!!



  104. LOVE LOVE LOVE Suja! ESP their Twelve Essentials and Lemon Love! YUM! And I loveee Spark with some champs!
    About a year ago I really started to get into healthy eating/drinking and living because of both you and Annie! Also started a little blog because of you guys! So inspired by the way you both live and balance everything. At first it seems so stressful and like you are constantly worrying about it but once you start, it gets easier and easier. ESP when you have great role models to follow! I’ve been looking at juicers for awhile but just can’t seem to commit because they are 1. expensive and 2. there are so many different ones to choose from and I def don’t want to pick the wrong one! I definitely need to get better about having daily morning juices and this would be the perfect way to start! xx

  105. Lauryn,
    First of all I want to say I am obsessed with your blog. It seriously helps keep me motivated when trying to live a organized and healthy life! But I am dying to win this give away because I am in college and on a tight budget and try my hardest to life a clean and healthy lifestyle (but you know how hard that is $$) and this would be so amazing to win. I live for smoothies and fresh juices and truly believe the benefits are for mind as well as body. This would just help so much keeping me on track with a clean and healthy lifestyle. Please Please!

  106. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I am a BIG juicer. While I do already own a Breville, it would be great to pass that on to a family member who cannot afford it and is trying to change their lifestyle habits. This book though, I NEEEED!!

  107. Hiiii Lauryn! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I am a huge Suja/Annie Lawless fan! Seriously like fan girl status, and when she comes to NYC I always hope I’ll run into her somewhere 🙂 I also am in desperate need of a new juicer – I’ve had mine for four years (it was a gift to myself after I finished chemotherapy) and it was great while it lasted, but it’s slowly crapping out on me. It would mean so much to win a brand spankin’ new one! Since finishing chemo, I’ve never felt better so perhaps there really is something to juicing ;). Also, $500 at WF?! HELLO Summer dinner party and P.S if you’re ever in NYC you’re invited! xx.

  108. Good Morning! I would love, love to win this giveaway <3 I am currently drinking the "Glow" juice sitting at my desk in Washington, DC. I am a long-time reader of both the Skinny Confidential (LOVE your book, Lauryn!) and BLAWNDE (Annie, I watched your Ted Talk video on You Tube and it really changed my outlook on juicing). I read both the SkinnyConfidential and Blawnde blogs daily during my lunch break — follow on youtube, facebook, and instagram, and have invested in Suja on a weekly basis. Lauryn and Annie have both really pushed my ideas of fitness, fashion, and healthy living and I have started a weekly "Friday Office Yoga" posting (in heels, or whatever I am wearing to work) with the intention of eventually moving into blog-0-sphere.

    My wedding is in 45 days (yay!) and I would really love this juicer and Whole Foods credit along with Annie's book to push my Wedding-Day fit look to the next level.

    Regardless if I win or not, I will continue reading <3 Much LOVE to you both!

  109. I ❤️Suja juices! Since I’ve started drinking them I have felt so much better, have more energy, and as a bonus have lost a little weight! The book looks great, and I’m anxious to read it! Would love to win the giveaway and try some new recipes!

  110. I don´t know Annie but after following along with her blog/Instagram, you could not have described her more perfectly. This giveaway is PERFECT! Why do I have to win? Because I live in Mexico and finding a juicer is impossible!!!


  111. Hi! I absolutely love suja juices. Every since I discovered them (through your blog actually) I have been a huge fan. I have a fitness group of around 50 ladies only on facebook where we share health and exercise tips – I’m constantly sharing new juice recipes, cleanses, etc. I have turned a few ladies onto to suja and would love to have more information and opportunities to learn more and share the knowledge!

    Thank you

  112. I have of course been hearing about juicing and cold pressed juices for awhile now, but honestly it was reading all of your informative posts and learning more from the people you featured on your blog that got me into drinking juices. I have to have a green juice in the mornings now, it makes me feel so invigorated. I’d love to start making juices at home, but a good juicer comes at a bit of a price tag, but so does buying juices from the store. I’d love to win this giveaway and continue my growing love for combining juices with a healthy lifestyle!

  113. Hi love your blog!! I’m in college right now and trying to eat healthy, but it’s hard with terrible dining hall options. Winning this giveaway would help me to eat healthier!!

  114. I would be so greatfull to win this wonderful prize that encompasses healthy, beauty, friendship and more! Soja has grown so much and I have loved following their success from the very beginning! The Skinny Confidential X Suja just makes perfect sense! I would post pics on my blog of this beautiful new juicer and all the great things that come from it! Thanks! Xo

  115. I would love to win because I have wanted to try juicing for a while now (but a juicer is totally not in the budget :/) I have tried some of the Suja juices and they are amazing!! I will have to buy the book!

  116. suja is the best and i love that this doesn’t sound like some crazy juicing fad! keeping your diet balanced is the only way to not go crazy and binge on taco bell. i cant wait to start drinking more in season juices this summer!

  117. I have to win to better mine, and my families health. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphatic cancer. Since then, he has tried so hard to turn his poor eating and lifestyle habits around, but growing up on a farm certainly did’t ingrain the best habits. I have to win so that I can help give my dad the tools he needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After his diagnosis he started juicing and since he is self employed, paying out of pocket for naturopathic and holistic treatments, however these are very expensive and difficult to maintain when you are trying to support a family. I would really love to win so I can help him along his journey of recovery.

  118. As a business professional and part time nanny with a commute, I am ALWAYS on the go. This makes it so difficult to nourish my body and eat healthy, but the best solution I have found it JUICE!! It would be stellar to win a juicer so I could experiment with my own mixtures and hopefully get my husband in on the juicing action too!! Thanks for the chance, and I can’t wait to read that book!

  119. I have been working towards balance and a healthy lifestyle for over two years now. When I found your blog, I was hooked! I have integrated so many of your tips/tricks into my daily routine and have benefited greatly. With my diet now mainly plant-based, and spring around the corner, I could use a new juicer and a splurge at Whole Foods to kick-start my health before the warm weather! Thank you for such a great offer!!

  120. my body LOVES suja juice, my wallet does not. my husband and I are going to begin trying for children soon and with that we’ve also decided to adapt a much healthier lifestyle. If i’m going to be a momma married to a resident working crazy hours – our health has to be on.point. My husband is also a HUGE gardener so with an amazing juicer our budget will love us even more since we will have some veggies in our backyard to compliment the fruit and veggies from Whole Foods. i need this. my body needs this. my wallet needs this.

  121. I’m not going to leave some crazy ass long post about why I should win, because to be honest, I NEED to win simply because my kitchen aid juicer attachment just ain’t cutting it 😉

  122. Hi Lauryn!! I had to enter this, partly because I’ve been super extremely MIA and the reason being weird health issues all around. (cliff notes version) Lots of stuff came up from out of nowhere around the holidays, and I became completely imbalanced as a way to handle my new-found anxiety + stress in my personal life. I am talking being a full out guilty member of the ‘get skinny in a week & then gain it all back in two weeks’ club you mentioned (I was an old member of it and they let me back in unfortunately, ugh), or I was constantly “fasting”, as I would call it – it was a weird sense of control. About a month ago, it all caught up to me and I realized I had to make a change after I had my vitals and left an ambulance. Within the past month, I’ve lived a healthier, whole, BALANCED life — and finally feel like I am getting my life back slowly but surely, and being on the right track feels, well.. right! I have been SO excited for this book to come out, because I am still in the process of staying on track, staying healthy and creating new habits that are not only all about balance, but help supplement a busy constantly on the go, workaholic lifestyle – which both you and Suja preach (and has made me a long-time follower of your blog, and more recently Blawnde introduced via your meditation post which I still can’t seem to nail yet, but making progress). I love that she has the tips for better grocery shopping, CLARITY!!!, and I wouldn’t mind an upgrade to my Breville. #justsaying 😉 The past almost four months have been eye opening for me in retrospect so this book is just coming out at a good time for me personally, and again, Balance is EVERYTHING.

    On a whole other random note, I am so glad you loved Asia, I was there two months ago with my boyfriend, and the week I was there was a week I finally felt at peace despite everything going on. Not to sound creepy, but seeing your pictures, I could just feel that same peace. There is just something so great in the air there, and I am so glad you loved it so much. Anyways, thank you for doing this giveaway, yours are always the best! And a huge congrats to Annie on her book — that is so neat that you two as friends can celebrate such awesome milestones — not to mention extremely inspiring, and is the motivation I need right now. Thanks again, Lauryn + Annie!

    1. PS – this isn’t just a contest entry, but also how I feel about living a healthier life. I think it is so easy to get caught up on (as you put perfectly) the ‘get skinny in a week & then gain it all back in two weeks’ club. It’s weirdly easy, and you FEEL healthy doing it… until it just doesn’t. Is it weird that it felt so good to just type it all out above?! Funny how it can be so therapeutic. I love that the internet can connect you to the right people / places / outlets aka TSC to do so!

  123. I really need to win, because I’m tired of the direction I let myself go. I want to be happy and healthy! This is a perfect way to kickstart my healthy lifestyle.

  124. I have followed SC, Suja, and Annie on various media outlets for so a time time. They inspire me to live a health lifestyle that is realistic, manageable, and not a fab. I would absolutely love to win the giveaway because it will help me continue to live the healthy lifestyle I have chosen to live!

  125. I would LOVE to win because within the last year I have had to adjust to a gluten-free diet which has eliminated some of my favorite meals…even salad dressing has gluten in it! I would love to win this so that I can get more creative with my cooking, add some tasty juices to my morning routine and stop eating Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese (it’s too good…)

  126. I need this giveaway because my University’s food is TERRIBLE! It’s so hard to get veggies and protein that are in nutritious or healthy forms! I’m about to go home for the summer and it will be my time to FINALLY eat things that are good for me and don’t make me feel sick all the time! This whole foods gift card would put me on the right track to detox all of the horrible food that has been my only real option since September and start filling my body with nutrients again!

    I love your blog Lauryn! Please choose me!

  127. I pre-ordered Annie’s book a few days ago! I follow your blog and BLAWNDE like crazy, and have incorporated so many of your tips into my lifestyle (hello bee pollen and magic seeds on a daily basis) and would love to get into juicing! xoxo

  128. 3 years ago I tried my first “cleanse” and have been on the path to a healthier lifestyle ever since. Like you Lauryn, I am a business woman and require/believe in balance. Growing up in Upstate NY, my family frequently indulged in frozen, processed foods and lots of junk. My first cleanse helped me discover a love of juicing and a healthier, vegetarian diet but it can be a challenge to stay on track. Healthy bloggers like Lauryn and Annie inspire me every single day, and I would love to win this contest to better enable healthy living every day! 🙂

  129. I must win because I love suja. I actually found your blog years back when I was doing some research on their juice cleanse and am so happy that I did! I am also obsessed with Whole Foods, juicing, and healthy recipes! I am in love with Annie’s healthy banana cookie recipe and look forward to her what I ate on BLAWNDE! P.S. my juicer is old and produces too much heat! Horror. XOXO

  130. I would love all of this! I do not have a juicer, but look forward to the opportunity to use Annies recipes and come up with some of my own. Love both of your blogs and the Suja Brand!

  131. I simply NEED to win this amazing giveaway because I follow The Skinny Confidential and BLAWNDE religiously and am actually addicted to cold pressed juices (my bank account can vouch for this).
    I’m a poor college student trying to stay on that healthy juice grind and all I want is to detox and do a HEALTHY juice cleanse (that real sh*t aka SUJA) but I’m just far too broke. This giveaway would for sure change my life if i get this amazing book full of awesome recipes and that Breville juicer!!!
    I’ll be forever grateful and you and Annie would be completely to thank for my lifestyle change!! ❤️
    Pick me please xx

  132. For the last year I’ve been battling skin rashes and allergic reactions to something no doctor has been able to diagnose! 🙁 It’s been terrible and I’ve been keeping to myself more so no one can see how badly I look. I feel and look the healthiest when I remove processed foods and focus on a natural and wholesome diet. The Breville Juicer and Annie’s book will really help me keep on track and the gift card to Wholefoods will really help with my “almost-no-money-college-budget.”

    1. Try going gluten free! I randomly got eczema (had never had it before in my life) about a year ago and it covered my body within weeks. I went to a dermatologist and they took biopsies which showed it was eczema but they couldn’t figure out what was causing it. They told me to go off gluten for three months to see if that would do anything and it completely cleared up. I haven’t had it since!

  133. I must win because I’m currently using a crapy juicer I bought on sale that takes forever!!! And I’m all about juicing and healthy living. I teach kids yoga and am opening a kids yoga studio this Summer in OC. I want to use the juicer to have them make their own juices!! I’ve been following both The Skinny Confidential and Annie on social media for over a year now and really look up to both of you! And since I’m opening a business this summer I could definitely use the help out with groceries too 🙂 <3 🙂 <3

  134. As a college student going to school in Boston there are a couple reasons why I would love to win this giveaway.

    1. Boston has been cold this winter, so freaking cold and snowy. The giveaway would help me to jumpstart spring on the right foot. With some colorful nutritious juices and delicious food.
    2. I am in college. College dining hall food sucks, its so processed. Juicing would help me “detox” my body of all those preservatives I try so hard to avoid and the whole foods gift card would allow me to buy awesome food for my dorm room to supplement for the yucky food I am forced to eat.
    3. I have been looking into buying a juicer, but they can be real expensive and as a college student, winning a juicer would be the bomb dot com.
    4. I love Suja’s juices, and I would love to own a book which allows me to make my own. PLUS Annie is like drop dead gorgeous and amazing so that an added plus. haha

    As you can tell i would love to win this giveaway. YAY for yummy healthy food!

  135. I love your blog and Annie’s as well. I Seriously look forward to them when I wake up! I’d LOVE to to win and try out these new recipes and get all her tips and tricks!! Pick meeeeee 😉

  136. Ommmmmg this is the best give away I have EVER seen! I follow your blog like it’s my bible but more importantly my roommate and I just a few weeks ago have jumped on the healthy living bandwagon. That includes purchasing the kayla intsines bikini body guide and we are now on week 4 and eating healthy real foods. I am still researching what to eat and what not to eat and I just discovered that my juices that I bought every morning had a lot of added fake sugars and sweeteners so I’m on the hunt for a new juice….. Suja!!!!! I’m obsessed with cooking and even more obsessed with whole foods but it’s so expensive I’ve literally been spending all my money on it… I’m a senior at University of Arizona… Aka broke college girl. But I think I should win this because I live with 4 other girls in a house, also excited about healthy living, so id be able to share my new juicer and all my new knowledge with them! XX Zo

  137. The timing of this for me could not be more perfect! I’m going through a separation right now and moving into my own place on Friday. I’m determined to change the way I approach food and start to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. This would be SUCH a perfect kick off to that!!! I’ve tried a few Suja juices and was blown away at how delicious they were, so a chance to be able to create them at home is so exciting!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  138. Love purchasing suja juices from my local whole foods, but would be nice to be able to juice at home. Been a long depressing winter in boston and time to give my body some good nutrients. Would love to be able to win something in my life time, especially something that promotes healthy living.

  139. My ohhhh my, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this package. Annie is such an inspiration (as are you 😉 ) Physically, powerful business mindset and a healthy body..girls got it going on! I would love a new juicer and this book.. i cannot wait for this book! i must! $500 to WF, i can’t even. this would be so beneficial to keep a healthy lifestyle going and experience a fresh mindset for spring and summer! unfortunately i don’t have an insta i hope that doesn’t take my chance from winning 🙂

    Thanks for posting such a great giveaway <3

  140. I love your blog and I love Suja, can’t wait to read the new book. I have slowly been accumulating kitchen necessities since my lifestyle change a few years ago, i.e.;blender, food processor, instant pot etc. It gets expensive. I have a couple items left to complete my kitchen and a good juicer is one of them. I love fresh juice as part of a healthy diet but straining through my nut bag or cheese cloth is getting a little old. I would love to win this package to be able to make healthy juices for my family daily with a quality machine, and have this awesome book on hand. Free groceries is just a cherry on top

  141. Hi, Lauryn!! Just want to say that I’ve been following your site for a few years now, and I’m still loving it! I try so many things you post about, and you keep me informed on what’s going on in the health/beauty world!! I first tried Suja when you posted about it (had never heard of it down in Alabama!), and I’m in love!! Would absolutely love to win this prize because I’m slowly changing my eating habits and making it into a sustainable lifestyle! Thanks for all you do! Love ya!

  142. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lifestyle book and can’t wait for your workout routines to be released! Can’t wait! Annie seems like such a badass I would love to be able to read her book and gain her insight into health. A juicer would make ALL the difference with energy levels! Fingers and toes crossed!

  143. OMMMMG I follow your blog like its my bible but this is literally the best give away ever! Im a senior at the University of Arizona and my roommates and i have just recently hopped on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon…which includes buying the kayla itsines bikini body workout (which i found from you) and emerging ourself in the world of eating healthy and real foods. I also just realized that the green smoothie i get almost every morning is actually filled with lots of added sugars and fake sweeteners so i am looking for a new juice for my morning routine…aka suja juice! her book looks so informative and if i were to win i would share all that knowledge with my roommates and of course the amazingly beautiful juicer would be used by all of them as well! And I LOVE WHOLE FOODS! I literally get heart emoji eyes everytime i go into the store but because I’m a broke college student the gift card would be AMAZING. I really hope i win!!! i would for sure benefit from all of the information and i would use the juicer allll the time! XX Zo

  144. This is such an AAAAMAZING giveaway! My friend introduced me to your blog about a year ago and from here I learned about Annie’s blog, and I am a HUGE fan of both! Lauryn, I seriously have to try almost all of your tips from magic seeds and gelatin tablets to dry brushing and organic tampons, ha! I just ordered my Rosella Tea and next on my list is to get a lymphatic massage…ok I stop 🙂 Annie, I loove your juice I’ve tried every flavor. The lemon love & glow are my faves!! Needless to say I feel like we are friends and look forward to both of your posts!
    Ok had to give a shout out but back to the giveaway! I would be honored to win this giveaway because 1. I love Suja! 2. I have been wanting a juicer for some time now but haven’t been able to invest in a good one yet 3. Whole Foods is like my candy store (who wouldn’t want $ to go there?!?!) I try to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and having a juicer at home would really help my 2 roommates and I stay on track with getting our daily nutrients. Also, I am always looking for new healthy recipes so I’m extremely excited about this book release!!

  145. Hi, Lauryn!! Love your site! And first got hooked on Suja per your posts. I had never heard about it down here in Alabama! Keep up the great work with inspiring us all to look/feel our best! Thanks for all you do!

  146. I would love to win this giveaway!!!! Even though it’s still only 2oC in Toronto today spring is eventually going to get here and I’d love to be able to add some healthy juices into my diet. Can’t hide in high waisted skinnies and sweaters forever!

  147. I HAVE to win because my juicer just broke and I’ve been dying without it!!! So interested in this book for new juicepiration!

  148. Ahh I want to win this giveaway so bad! I love both of your blogs, and have been following you forever and Annie since her blog launched! Plus I’ve been dying to buy a new juicer (unfortunately do not have the funds to buy a nice one)! $500 to whole foods is insanely generous!

  149. Hi Lauryn!
    I just recently started following TSC and love love love everything you post and the humor you bring. I love all the insider info and your delivery always bring a smile to my face or a laugh out loud 🙂 I would be so grateful and excited to win this giveaway because I love bringing new healthy ideas to my co-workers, friends and family and show them that healthy clean eating can improve their lives in so many ways! With all the goodness in this giveaway I would be able to make juices and share all kinds of goodies with them! Thanks for the consideration!

  150. I love SUJA juice! When I was first introduced to SUJA I printed out all of the recipes on their website so I’m glad to hear they wrote a book! My roommate has a Breville juicer and when she moves out, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Definitely would love to win one of my own.
    I would use the WF gift card to plan some yummy, healthy date night dinners with my boyfriend. We love to stay in on Friday nights, cooking together.

  151. I LOVE Suja! I have hooked so many friends on the amazing juice – I’d love to keep it a part of my everyday life.

  152. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I have been looking for a way to make juices at home. I recently discovered SUJA juices at Target and am hooked! I have started to try to have a juice each morning, to start my day off right!!!

  153. I LOVE Suja!! And basically spend my “whole paycheck” at whole foods. I buy juices all the time, but really want my own juicer. I would love to win!!! Thanks got the opportunity. What an awesome giveaway!!!

  154. I HAVE to win. Why? I’ve been recovering from an E for over 4 years. While mentally I’m in the best place I have been and I have gained my weight back, my digestive system is in ruins thanks to the hell I put it through. I bloat any and every time I eat and have horrible pains and discomfort, which has really stumped my social life. I also just always swing between “must eat only “pure” foods” and screw it I wanna eat like everyone else. And the sugar cravings? Ridiculous. I don’t care if it is raw vegan low glycemic. Eating 2 chocolate bars and a hail merry tart a day isn’t healthy (and is hella expensive). I could really use it basically. You and Annie are both two of my biggest inspos and I very much look up to you both! BTW thanks for the post about the Chinese herbs, I went to see a Dr right away and LOVED it!

  155. I love how you talk about this being a lifestyle book- not just a weight loss/get skinny trick. I have found tremendous benefits to incorporating juice into my diet and just eating things that are GOOD for your body! Not that I don’t indulge in unhealthy foods from time to time, but I find you can do that when the basis of your diet is nutrient filled and not full of processed crap! I’ve struggled with health issues that have improved dramatically after switching up my diet, and I love being able to check out new and fun recipes on your blog that are so easy – makes eating healty totally doable, and you begin to form a habit of it!

    Love Annie’s blog too! I am excited to check out her book, and recently stocked up on Lemon Love and Master Cleanse (on sale right now at Whole Foods!), just to kick start my mornings with something fresh! I’m a huge fan of your blog and the lifestyle you promote (by simply living it), and hope that more people are inspired to live healthier happier lives and feel GREAT, inside and out.

  156. I got into juicing many years ago because my mom has always been into holistic healing. She recently beat breast cancer and along with modern medicine she juiced every day (5 times a day) and she swears it helped her fight her cancer. Just like her, I believe that you can heal your body with what you put in it, and of course what you stop putting in it! There is nothing quite like a fresh juice in the morning to start your day. My favorite would be as many greens as possible…think Kale, spinach, cucumber & maybe an apple if I have a sweet tooth!

    Love your blog as always Lauryn!

  157. I would love to win because I am looking to kick start my new healthy eating and wellness plan. My mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and we are trying to get her to start a cleanse and reevaluate her lifestyle. This would be a great opportunity to being with the cleanse together and start juicing as a family. Thank you.

  158. This is such an awesome giveaway!! As a new mom to an awesome baby girl I’m really trying to get healthy and get back to my pre-baby weight. I’m also looking to just live a healthier life so I can be around for a long time and live my life to the fullest!! Xo

  159. I’ve tried & loved Suja and juicing, but this career-driven babe needs a kick start! Time to get my healthy life in gear. Thanks for hosting such a to die for give-away, Lauryn!

  160. LOVE THIS!!!! Ties in perfectly to our new fit life goals!! Can’t wait to feature some of our favorite juice recipes on our blog soon – this would help us make it that much easier!!!!

  161. Lauryn!

    I am currently dyinggggggg over this giveaway! I follow both yours and Annie’s blogs religiously. I recently started my own blog and you are both my inspiration for sure. I love that you each have such strong knowledge about nutrition, while still remaining social and active!

    I would love to win this giveaway because I am in serious need of a juicer… I mean a blender can only suffice for so long, ya know? And a signed copy of Annie’s book and free Lemon Love would just be the icing on the cake! 🙂

    Your vacation looked beautiful btw!


  162. I would love to win this giveaway. I want to win because I have a CSA membership and have gotten really interested in juicing, but I havent tried it yet. I get local fruits and vegetables that would be perfect for the juicer. Last time I went to whole foods i bought a SUJA juice thanks to your promoting! This giveaway would be a dream to win!
    xx Kelly

  163. I am a college girl who has been beyond inspired by your blog to revamp my lifestyle to find more balance and health in my life. Since I am on a college budget of ramen noodles and easy mac, being healthy is not always as easy as it seems. You have inspired me and encouraged me through your blog to improve my being, and I would love to win this to help me on my journey of finding health and balance amongst my hectic college life.

  164. I would love to win because I am already obsessed with suja juice and the BLAWNDE blog. Love her approach toward healthy living. I haven’t pulled the trigger on the juicer yet because I want to buy a goodie and that price stings a little! Winning this juicer would help with that. Not to mention Whole Foods is already my jam so getting a couple months of groceries free of charge would be amazzzzzing. Thanks for doing such an amazing giveaway! xoxo 🙂

  165. I would love to win this contest! I just got engaged on 03/14/2015 at the Grand Canyon and in the midst of planning a wedding for next March. Winning would get me on my way (at the right pace) towards that achieving that glowing, healthy, fresh, beautiful look that I dream of for my wedding day (and life in general).

  166. I would love to win this for many reason! First being that my crappy juicer died on me…but second and most importantly being that juicing and clean holistic nutrition is a very important part of my family’s overall well-being. Living a healthy lifestyle starts in our kitchen and these would fit perfectly in what we try to accomplish everyday. Soooo..pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  167. I need to win this contest!! It may sound selfish but hey, that’s OK because I’m 31 and I’ve never won anything (I KNOW…wtf). I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you that the combination of Suja juices, your blog & Annie’s blog as well as hot yoga/pilates and meditation have literally changed my life in one years time. OK we can also add in dry-brushing my body as well (bye bye cellulite/rough uneven skin). I have always had digestive issues, been moody as eff, struggled with making decisions, figuring out the direction of my life, I mean let’s just say in a nutshell I’ve been a hot mess forever on the inside— but oddly enough a seemingly put-together woman on the outside. I’m a financial advisor with the worlds largest bank, I moved across the country to accept the position just over 2 years ago and I just look like I have my sh*t together. I also have pretty good genes so I was always pretty skinny(FAT) – again- looks good on the outside. This last year I connected with you and Annie on this great blogger/reader level and found inspiration in the way you both live. At first the SUJA juices seemed a little pricey but hey, so is eating out, which I did…a LOT. By cutting that habit out and adding at least one Suja juice per day I started to see changes in the way I felt and the way my body was working. I found daily humor/ideas/advice in your blogs and my mood also improved. I added in the yoga/pilates/meditation and boom! I swear I’m the woman I always wanted to be, but better because I am improving every day. I hope all of this makes sense because I’m way too excited to even think straight. I’m so pumped for this book and so happy that you two have teamed up for this contest and I will be purchasing The Suja Juice Solution either way. I’m just sayin that getting it for free and all the bonuses that come with it (hello juicer!) would be amazing. I am so thankful to you both for this lifestyle I have adopted and looking forward to more improvements/success/happiness to us all! 🙂

  168. I would love to win because juicing a something I have really wanted to try after watching a few documentaries in the last week or so. I really like Suja’s juice offerings but would love to do it myself at home. With all of the prizes I could really jump start my bikini workout eating plan.

  169. I would love the opportunity to win because I love whole foods and Suja! I have been wanted a good quality juicer but just haven’t put the cash aside for it & is such a difference between a random one and one that is on the cold-pressed side. Love TSC and Annie’s healthy lifestyles, would love to follow in their footsteps!

  170. I HAVE TO WIN because my sweet mother who is in recovery from surgery could use that blender!!! I already have one but we want to juice together!!! So I need it for my health, and hers!! For my acne freakjn prone skin, for my blog to get to blog about you guys and be cool!!! And because I LOVE and believe in juicing 200% and I love your blog and in now following Suja Juice too ❤️❤️❤️ Love your blog Lauryn!!!!

  171. My husb and I recently moved and I tossed out my juicer – not sure what I was thinking as I’ll need to get back on the healthy train after I give birth!

  172. Would looooove to win this juicer for my mama- I have one and she’s been borrowing it for years but hasn’t made the investment herself. I’m the “Annie” in my family, and am constantly encouraging my family to participate in a healthier lifestyle and cringing/hyperventilating at all the s%*# that they eat/drink. The book I would keep for myself 🙂 I love how knowledgeable Annie is (been following her for a year or so) and am so happy she has a book now!

    PS: Lauryn, what kind of espresso machine is that?

  173. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win this giveaway. I recently got engaged and would love to use this book to help me tone my body for the wedding! 🙂


  174. I am obsessed with Suja juice! (And the skinny confidential!). I love drinking fresh juice because it makes me feel energized and AHHmazing! I would love to win because then I can juice at home and learn so many new and awesome recipes!

  175. Hi Lauryn! So happy to finally see The Suja Juice Solution hit the shelves! This is an amazing giveaway and I would be so honored to win! I am beginning dental school this July (DMD/MPH dual degree!) and this would be the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting adjusted to the academic demands I am about to face! In addition, I will be moving to Scottsdale, AZ from LA and it will definitely be a climate adjustment (115+ in the summer)!! The WF gift card would be a huge bonus to stock up on HYDRATING foods this summer! Breville is an amazing company and it would be amazing to have a new juicer + book to make high quality juices to nourish and hydrate my body throughout the desert summer! As always, I absolutely love your blog, it is always such a pleasure to read! Keep up the great work! Xoxo

  176. I am already a HUGE Suja juice fan and I just NEED that juicer!!! As a new mama to a gorgeous baby girl, I am not only trying to get back to pre-baby weight the healthy way but I love to introduce and want to instill healthy eating habits to my baby! Btw she already prefers veggies over anything and she’s only 14mos!! 🙂

  177. I would love to wine because as stressed out lawyer, I’m noticing more and more how stress and imbalance affects my entire being. I need to focus on foods that will make my body feel BETTER!

  178. Dying to win this giveaway!! I finally feel like I’m in a solid place with my healthy living lifestyle and I really feel like having this juicer and amazing book would be the cherry on top of the cake. Plus I’m literally obsessed with Whole Foods & your blog 🙂 xx

  179. Yay, such a great giveaway! I would love to win because I am a big fan of Annie, and admire the fact that she can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle despite being a busy and successful entrepreneur. The fact that this detox includes food is intriguing and makes me much more eager to give it a go. Not a fan of hardcore juice diets that make you feel weak and faint.
    Thank you for hosting this, Lauryn. Fingers crossed I win x

  180. I am obsessed with Suja juice! I love how it makes me feel so energized. Plus it tastes AHHmazing! If I won, then I’d be able to juice at home before school or work. I’ve tried to convince my friends for forever to try juicing and with a real juicer and an awesome recipe book, I could spread the word!!

  181. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I need a juicer in my life to add more Greens in my life and a whole foods gift card and this awesome new book with recipes will help to make that happen!

  182. SUJA juice, so funny that I just saw this giveaway. I was literally just telling a co-worker about SUJA Juice and how I’ve been dying to try it. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I’ve been in such a rut these past few months when it comes to eating.. I cant’ seem to get back on track. I’ve been dying to try this SUJA and give my body the push that it needs. With 2 weddings that I’m in this summer plus all the bachelorette parties, pictures and beach days I want to be looking good but most importantly feeling fabulous! Wouldn’t hurt to also test out the juicer and juices and do a big review on them on my blog – a passion of mine that I just started & want to make it into something more than what it is now.

    With all that being said winning this giveaway would give me a boost in more ways than one; getting the kick start I need to whip this body into shape, a new blog post, of course looking killer in all the wedding pictures this summer and most importantly feeling amazing the healthy way!

    <3 fingers crossed!

  183. This is an awesome giveaway. As a mom of (almost!) 3 – I could really use this once #3 arrives to get back on track.

  184. I have always considered myself a healthy person. I am turning 30 this year and my dedication to clean eating, working out and maintaining good health while still enjoying my life has been a top priority. Incorporating juicing as a part of my daily routine would be great and I know this would be the perfect kickstart to not even having to think about it and to just be able to do it. I am all about no excuses! Love your blog by the way!

  185. Okay, I seriously never enter contests, but this giveaway is too good to pass up!!! I’ve been wanting a juicer forever and who couldn’t use dough to WF?

  186. I would like to win because the town I currently live in for med school (Davie, FL.. ew) has the most horrendous grocery stores.. and then a Whole Foods. But being that I’m on a med student budget, it isn’t exactly practical to be droppin them loan dollars at the WF like that.

    Plus, I want to drink all the Lemon Loves in the world! 😉

  187. I would LOVE to win this giveaway for so many reasons! I have been obsessed with Suja ( & with Annie for that matter) for a long time now and have been awaiting this book release. Also, I’ve been *this* close to buying a juicer for several months now- winning one would make it 100x better! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. ALSO- I’ve liked the photos and have already been following you + Suja on instagram. Done and DONE!

    You can find me @callchristina on insta!

  189. I would love to win because I’m trying to get myself feeling back to 100% after having a baby last year.

  190. I need to win because this would make such a huge difference in my families life. I’m constantly trying to convert my husband to be healthy for the sake of our daughter and buy all organic, nothing processed and make my little one green juice all the time. Recently my juicer chapped out and because of my job (americorps) we rely on a monthly stipend ($900) to cover all our food and child care. Nearly impossible… it would just mean the world to us. Plus I never win anything.

  191. Omg!!! Best contest ever! I have to win because I love juice. And whole foods! How awesome would it be to have all the tools to make your own suja quality juice!!!

  192. I would love to have the juicer. I always wanted to try juicing. I want to feel great inside and out.

  193. I’m DYING to win this because I need something to kick start getting back into the healthy lifestyle you got me in to last year! I’ve been laidout with a severe ankle injury since January and feel so sluggish and lazy and unhealthy. This is the balance I need! Plus, that juicer + Suja = all the heart eye emojis!

  194. OMG OMG OMG! I would LOVE to win this! I read this blog every day and keep your book on my coffee table at home and I follow the BLAWNDE blog too ever since you’ve talked about it and love it. Because of these blogs I’ve become a huge fan of Suja juice and will basically only buy that brand from Whole Foods. I also desperately need a juicer and Breville is the brand that I want! My parents have it and it’s the Thanks for everything that both of you do for us girls who love to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  195. One of my favorite past times in the world is wandering the aisles of Whole Foods. Weird I know. But it’s so exciting to me that there are hundreds of ways to make your life healthier and more wholesome. From herbal supplements to organic tampons; these are just a few of the things that your blog has opened my eyes to! There are so many ways to improve your lifestyle, and I want to find more! This is why I would love to be able to start juicing on my own with this awesome juicer giveaway. I would absolutely love to learn more about the #juicerlife. xx

  196. Since being diagnosed with thyroid disease few years ago I have struggled with my weight and other health issues. Winning this juicer and book would be a life changing event for me. this would would make loosing weight mans and easier to achieve and will definitely aide in getting my body cleansed, healthy and back on track. I could only imagine the energy and over all well being this would bring me. Thank you

  197. I would be super grateful to win this giveaway for many reasons. First of all I really have looked up to your The Skinny Confidential this past year dealing with college and missing home it has given me a HUGE distraction and something to look forward to! I also have your app and get constant updates when you post something new. I also started following Annie Lawless’s story through one of your posts which has led me to really enjoying BLAWNDE as well. Your blog has really led me to rethink my major as well and think about starting a blog.

    I have also currently been struggling with eating healthy since living in a dorm is totally not the lifestyle. I have tried numerous “cleanses” that don’t work and lead me to just running to the bathroom. I would really benefit from the juicer and the Suja Juice Solution because 1) I need a juicer but on a college girls budget that will NEVER happen! & 2) I love that the book gives a step by step guidance and not just a few rules that don’t work. The gift card to Whole Foods would also be highly appreciated due to my weekly runs to the grocery store (again on college girls budget) purchasing a box of spinach and a cucumber and still exceeding $30. This giveaway would seriously be such an uplifting gift! Thank you for the opportunity <3

  198. Obsessed with Suja, obsessed with The Skinny Confidential and obsessed with Lauryn and Annie…DUH. You both are two of my go-to girls in the wellness industry and I look up to you both for so many different reasons, but mainly because you both KEEP IT REAL and follow your hearts and are doing what you love to do.

    I have to win so I can add to my health and wellness library and start juicing again! Oh and that $500 Whole Foods gift card could really come in handy when I’m developing recipes for my blog:)


  199. I’m SO excited about this giveaway!! I’ve been UHHbsessed with your blog for a while but I only recently (upon being asked to be my best friend’s MOH in a few months) decided to get real about overhauling my diet. Suja is already a mild obsession but I would love to hear Annie’s tips on detoxing because it’s pretty obvious she knows her shit! PLUS I’ve been on the market for a new juicer forever. Thank you so much for doing this, it’s going to make someone so happy! Keep up the awesome work!

  200. Gimme all the juice! (please?) I’m OBSESSED with Suja juices- Glow & Twelve Essentials are my FAVE! And duh….Whole Foods is basically church for me. Thanks for the give away!

  201. I really have to start getting healthy. I exercise, but my food choices aren’t so good, so having a juicer would help me by giving me the vitamins and minerals I actually need versus the store bought ones that don’t do anything. I’m over 40….I need some serious maintenance.

  202. I would LOVE to win this because I am always on the lookout for ways to better my health and wellbeing! I love finding new and effective ways to make myself and the people around me healthier and just know this juicer and the Suja book would help me in this undertaking. The book looks fabulous and so well done! Coming from a design perceptive it looks like a ton of work went into making it look awesome and readable. Coming from a health perspective it seems like its well written and filled with seriously great information! I would love to better the life and health of not only myself but my friends and family with these products! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  203. I would LOVE to win because Suja’s juices are delicious and I need to make some nutrition-related changes following a winter of a bit too much indulgence to regain my energy! 🙂

  204. Hi Lauryn,

    First of all I LOVE LOVE Suja juice. I’m a big follower of both yours and Annies and all about living a super clean, healthy, plant-based lifestyle (I even write a blog on it with delish recipes & NO dieting or deprivation allowed!!!) Secondly I have a blendtec and make green smoothies everyday, but would LOVE to get my hands dirty with a juicer and start posting amazing juice recipes for people to try (as well as try out the one’s in Suja’s recipe book). By helping me win this giveaway I can use it to help others live happier and healthier lifestyles as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  205. Hey Lauryn! Suja is definitely one of my sister and I’s favorite ways to stay healthy (as well as kombucha!)
    Winning this AMAZING giveaway would let us rev up our juicing-game to the MAX!! And give us some great insight to blog about on our new blog we created this past year, (;
    Love ya and all you do! Keep up the great work xoxo

  206. I just watched Annie’s Ted talk on youtube and was fascinated by restorative power of juicing and how it helped her body heal! I myself am a graduate student at the University of San Diego and while I try to eat healthy while on the go between class/internship/work, neither my schedule nor my budget usually allow for it. I will fall into the trap of quick, easy unhealthy food, and usually have to forego the organic salad bar at whole foods for something more affordable. I would love to start juicing at home before class, and would love even more to be able to hit the whole foods salad bar more than once a month without draining my bank account 🙂 Dreamin’ big!!

  207. My goodness, where do I even begin!?

    Even if I don’t win this Suja Giveaway, I just want to say that I think it is so sweet how open & honest you are in all that you do on this blog. I trust what you encourage because I know it’s real & I so truly appreciate that.

    But the reason I’m so into this particular giveaway is because of my Mom! She’s had high cholesterol for the past 2 years & in an attempt to help her, I’ve been grocery shopping for us, hopefully encouraging a healthier lifestyle for her (fuits, veggies, whole grains.. you know) but I’ve been struggling to keep it exciting. Something like the Suja Juice Solution could really be the solution for us! A little guidance is all we need.

    Thanks for the giveaway in general though! Like I said, so sweet!

  208. I love Suja juices and have to win this giveaway so I can try making some juices at home! I also love your blog as well as Blawnde and would love to read the book and boost my healthy eating before summer!

  209. Heyy Lauryn! I think I should win because I just recently had my first child. He is almost 2 months now! I’ve been working out and eating healthy and this juice machine would just add to my lifestyle as well as all of the goodies included in this prize. I’m in the navy working a 12 hour shift so a juicer would help greatly and of course a $500 gift card to Whole Foods would be so helpful and awesome.

    Thanks for all of your posts and inspiration! You’re amazing!

  210. This would be the perfect boost for after I have my baby next week!!! Love Suja and do the 3 day Suja cleanse twice a year but after baby will need juice+food for the extra cals! Annnnd I’m having a girl which = broke (she must have the cutest wardrobe and accessories right?!) so I HAVE TO WIN so that I can afford getting back on track asap

  211. I have to win the give away because I am a college senior who is about to graduate! Going to a huge state school in the SEC hasn’t encouraged the healthiest habits and I want to make a change. I have been trying gradually improve my health and fitness habits, but it’s difficult to do living in a house of 8 girls, going out way too often, and ballin on a budget (LOL). I think graduating in May is a great way to start a new chapter in my life filled with healthy choices!! A new juicer and some cash to WF would be a pretty great motivator. Love the blog. xo

  212. @nikkimoses @mematthews425 I NEED TO WIN! My husband is deployed and I have 2 jobs and a toddler. I don’t have time to cook fancy meals for just me so I live off of Suja juices! I try to make my own, but this would help so much!! Plus I love, love, love Breville and Whole Foods!! Please!!!

  213. I would loooove to win this! Mostly for the book, honestly! After seeing this blog post I decided to check out Annie’s blog, and I am just amazed at how knowledgeable she is! What spoke the very most to me, is how she was a vegan for 7 years and just felt unhealthy for it. I ate a strict vegetarian diet for just over a year and recently started incorporating meat back into my diet and I feel so much better for it.. but I’m still not feeling as great as I believe I could and I just haven’t found what really works for me. I would like to try incorporating more fats and less grains into my diet to see how that works for me but I don’t know where to start and I think this book would be an amazing starting point! I’ve already read through all the posts in Annie’s “What I Ate” section and I am craving more!! Plus, I am a huuuuuge green juice lover, but generally buy them at my local juice bar which is $$$ expensive! I’d like to start juicing my own and this obvi would be a great way to start!

  214. Why do I HAVE to win? Well duh! Because this is any “working on that healthy lifestyle” girls dream! A juicer, whole foods cash and an amaze book! I mean its a dream come true! Serious love for this giveaway! I am buying the book now, well because I cant wait and who doesn’t love free Suja?!

    XOXOXOXO Jennie

  215. what an awesome giveaway!!! i have a real issue with sugar and sugar cravings, this book and the way it reframes how to eat the good and ditch the bad could really help me!

  216. I should win because I almost lost my dad to diabetes when I was in high school and ever since then My entire household has changed the way we have been eating. Understanding the possible outcomes and seeing what could potentially happen to my health has had a huge impact on my life. I am always trying to find new and exciting ways to live a cleaner and healthier life and I have been able to feel good about myself when I drink Suja. Due to my personal experience I always try to help my friends and family stay on the healthier path and just reading about Annie’s story has been real inspiring. Oh and does it help SDSU is my alma
    mater too?

  217. I have been following you for years! Your blog has sparked my interest in nutrition and exercise and my life has changed for the better ever since! I’d love to try juicing my own juices and have been loving suja for a long time now. Regardless of winning or not I will be buying this book for all of my friends!

  218. I’ve been wanting to get into juicing for awhile, but I’m fresh out of college and it’s not really in the budget right now. This would be life changing!

    I’m @madisanders on Instagram.

  219. I’m dying to win this contest, found out last week I’m going to be a mom (again)late November and I’m dedicated to having a healthy pregnancy. Not to mention Im always trying to set an example for my 5 year old daughter and my salon staff of a clean eating lifestyle. This prize would really help! Love your Instagram and all the healthy recipes! Keep up the killer job. Xx

  220. Hi Lauryn! I absolutely love your blog and look forward to reading your new posts daily! Love your style (have ordered a couple of pieces you own – For Love and Lemons & Stone Cold Fox **i love**) I need to win this because I would adore a juicer and use it routinely! Who doesn’t love Whole Foods and a Suja book as well. Thank-you for this opportunity! xo

  221. Since discovering The Skinny Confidential, I have made so many positive changes in my life. You are my go-to for all things health/fitness/beauty and, thanks to you, I have never felt more like the person I have always wanted to be. My family and friends have also begun adopting my new habits, one of which being drinking Suja on the reg – I am absolutely obsessed with Twelve Essentials and Lemon Love! This is such a fantastic opportunity and, if I were to win, would make it my mission to implement juicing into my everyday life and get my friends and family to hop on board as well. Thank you so much for all of your advice, support and consistency – TSC has truly changed my life! <3

  222. I don’t have instagram but this giveaway is incredible — your blog has really transformed my life, and most of my information comes from your blog and your sources – you “got me into” healthy eating, knowing where your food comes from, being stylish, and sooo many other things (like GMO, Organic, etc…) I would love to also start juicing for me and my family and transform their lives as well… I’m trying to get them into healthy eating, and i think a juicer with the book and the very generous whole foods gift card would be the perfect start and segway into a better lifestyle… Thank you Lauryn for always providing incredible content and blog posts … Winning this would mean the world to me and my family! <3 thank you!!

  223. Hi Lauryn and Annie!
    I knew there was a reason why I loved the TSC SO much. I check your blog daily, creep through your Instagram pics on the regular, and even follow you on snap chat! I even save your snap chat stories as the last one I watch because “I’m saving the best for last,” seriously. LOL. Ever since I started reading your blog, I’ve transformed my lifestyle. You give us the best information EVER. You’re my inspiration. Can you love someone you don’t personally know? Because, I think that’s the case for me! As for why I would love to win this prize, I’ve always wanted to get into juicing. I even bought a juicing book that has wonderful recipes in it, but you see I am horrible at time management. I tell myself I’m going to make a juice when I get up or once I get back from school, and it never happens. I’m either too busy or too tired. I can only manage to juice when it’s my month long winter break or spring break. With that being said I was looking into Pressed Juicery. The whole being able to get it shipped to me and not have to make the juices myself really caught my attention. Yesterday I was going to pull the trigger and buy the 1 day cleanse to try it out, but something told me not to, just wait for tomorrow. Now today, I see this wonderful giveaway on your blog and IG and I’m like holy shit, I knew there was a reason why I didn’t buy from Pressed Juicery! I feel as though The Suja Juice Solution is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s another giant step in the right direction for me. The TSC has allowed me to become the young woman I’ve strived to be. I only hope to be as successful as you and Annie are and I strongly believe The Suja Juice Solution will lead me in that direction. Winning something like this would make me cry tears of joy, I would appreciate something like this so incredibly much! Btw, a $500 gift card? I think I died and went to heaven. Thank you for giving all of us this opportunity 🙂
    Lots of love, Aubrianna XOXO

    P.S. Please don’t ever stop this blog, it’s my everything.

  224. I have just recently started my journey to live healthier and happier and I really think winning this prize package would help me to meet my goals and advance myself.

  225. I have to win simply because I loveeee SUJA juices(you got me hooked on lemon love), would truly enjoy reading the book, using the juicer and lets be real who wouldn’t want to win $500 for the grocery store they shop at!

  226. I LOVE SUJA!! Winning these amazing items would give me such motivation to continue eating healthy and treating my body right. I have been looking for a book like this so I can’t wait to share it with others!!

  227. Love your blog so much! I need to win bc I really want to jump start my healthy lifestyle and this would give me the perfect opportunity!

  228. I’d love to win because I’m out on my own without much support from anyone else, and although I try to eat healthy, it can be tough to do so while trying to save money. This would help so much with that, so please pick me!

  229. I would love to have all of these goodies because I am a gal trying to live a healthy lifestyle on a very tight budget. I literally spend any extra money I have on whatever health foods I can afford. When most girls are spending money on clothes and make-up, I am spending what I can to work on feeling good on the inside. Having a Whole Foods gift card would be the best thing I could ever receive. I can shop freely and get all the wonderful foods I can’t always afford. Having a juicer would allow me to juice daily which always makes me feel amazing. Then having the book to top it off would be icing on the cake, or coconut on my TSC banana/PB ice-cream. 😉 I adore Suja’s bottled juices, when I can afford them of course. I know I would definitely benefit from this giveaway.

  230. Okay, followed the juice account (was already following yours), tagged two friends in the instagram post, and now I am about to comment and tell you why I should win…well obviously because I am an awesome listener and can follow the steps to win the giveaway! duh ;] haha but on the real, I deserve to win because I am 23, and currently weigh the most I have ever weighed before (I am by no means fat but I could use to take some weight off and tone my ass up). It was/is my New Years Resolution to get into better shape and that resolution is something that I have taken seriously and have really been working towards. I have started cooking all of my meals and have stopped eating out all together, stopped eating bread all together and have for the first time in my life actually made eating breakfast a part of my daily routine (ahhh…that was a challenge!) because of all of this hard work I am proud to say that I am already down 10 pounds! But this book and juicer would really help me out with losing my last 10-15 pounds! I could use some new recipes and tips for inspiration! Come on, what do you say? You know I would actually put it to good use if I am STILL working at my New Years Resolution…most people give those up by the end of the first week! ;]

    Haha thanks for taking the time to read! and more importantly thanks for taking the time to post on your blog, I live for it <3

  231. I REALLYYY want to win. I have having a really hard time losing weight I have put on due to stress, and have found that juicing has been the easiest way for me to be as healthy as possible and I would LOVE to try the Souja way of doing this. I am moving to Los Angeles later this year and would love to feel my best before moving.

  232. First, I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I couldn’t find suja anywhere in town, I looked literally everywhere. So I went to a local health market (POM) and told them about it and how they should carry it because it will do great because duh, suja! (dies, so good) So in turn they start carrying it and everyone loves it. Thanks to me! Second I’m a broke ass college student trying to live a healthy lifestyle, which can be hard on a budget of working 3 days a week! – LOl. I love TSC and Suja (lemon love 4 lyfeee) and I basically think since I’ve been following you hot ass babes on your journey to success since I feel like day one, I should totez win! love xxoo Shaye

  233. Why I HAVE to WIN: I avidly follow your blog and I am OBSESSED with your tips and tricks. When you recommend something, I know it must be FAB. As a POOR college student, it is quite a task when it comes to eating right or being healthy. Unfortunately, fast food always seems to be the easy option. To be honest, I don’t even like fast food! YUCK. But hey, there are just times where I have to work, study, write an essay, then pull an all nighter. Fun, I know… —>On days like that, I just eat what is easy. However, I am not happy doing that. In fact, I’m sick of feeling guilty for what I eat. I truly want to make a lifestyle change when it comes to my health. With the resources this giveaway would provide, I feel like I could make this lifestyle change. In fact, I’m already excited for it! Juice is quick and tasty and would fit my busy lifestyle needs…. <3 <3 Plus, I would look a lot cooler on instagram teehee #juice #TSC


  234. My whole life Ive suffered from stomach problems. Growing up I couldnt keep my food down. I tried all kinds of medications and literally went to the hospital every month for testing. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and just diagnosed me with GERD. I took stomach medication and ate a very strict diet for 4 yrs straight. My skin started breaking out so bad , makeup couldnt hide it. Ive finally had enough and have decided to change my life for good by trying to go completly organic. Ive been at it going on 2 yrs and ive seen a huge difference in my health. I would love to try the SUJA juice solution! I want to continue to be healthy. I want to continue to eat clean and motivate others to do the same. Suja would be a great addition to my life. Thank you for this opportunity!

  235. Hi Lauryn and Annie!
    You guys have been inspirational role models for me since the beginning, when I finally decided to kick my eating disorder to the curb and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I follow TSC and Blawnde religiously, and look up to you two not only from a health & wellness standpoint, but just in a “these girls kick ass and are everything I want to be when I’m their age” sort of way. Both of you are so passionate and driven with everything you do, and it really shows and resonates within each one of your readers (i.e. me). You’ve showed me that nourishing yourself can be fun, easy and sexy, and I’d be honored to win a signed copy from one of my role models. Especially as a college student, healthy juicing/eating on a budget can be tough sometimes. The Breville juicer (which I’ve always seen in Lauryn’s kitchen) and the WF gift card would be ah-mazing additions to my apartment and lifestyle as I continue to nourish my body, and nourish my soul. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I want you ladies to know the impact you’ve made on my life; I am so thankful.
    [Instagram: @illum_unnati]

  236. I am a HUGE Suja juice fan !!! I love how easy it is to buy a few bottles and take them with me, while I’m on the go. Their green juice is so tasty and helps me de-bloat after a long weekend. I’m very excited to read the book, to see what other healthy information they have to share. I would LOVE the juicer and Whole Foods gift card!! It would allow me to make my own healthy juices when I’m home and have the time to create healthy options for my entire family !!! Whole Foods rocks, with all of the unique items they carry. Love them !!!

  237. Hi Lauryn,

    What an exciting giveaway! I would love to win for a number of reasons; first and foremost, I have been FINALLY encorporating exercise within my weekly schedule (Corepower yoga sculpt is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me) and so now that my exercising routine is stable, I would really love to start maintaining a healthier diet! I recently graduated from college about a year ago so it’s safe to say that I’ve been having some difficulties finding balance…I am the queen of snacks and will literally eat 3 bags of Pirates Booty at my desk when I’m at work without even thinking twice. I have strayed from the path and honestly just want to continue to better myself. Winning this giveaway would help renew my healthy lifestyle. I am a huge fan of Annie and her success as an entrepreneur…we are both from Scottsdale!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity…you have a wonderful blog! Loved the contour tutorial the other week…Mac truly does have the best makeup brushes!



  238. Winning this give away would be insane! I am in college and have never been able to try Suja juices because of my tight budget. I try my best to eat a non-GMO, organic diet when possible, but sometimes when money is tight it is hard to buy what I would ideally like to eat. I follow your blog religiously and you are such an inspiration to me. Even if I don’t win, I will definitely try Suja someday when I can afford it! Thank you for always being someone I can turn to when I need inspiration and motivation to keep living a healthy life. Best Regards and I can’t wait to hear about Beijing tomorrow. You are amazing.

  239. I’d love to win because I’m newly pregnant and I would love to incorporate juice/juicing to up my nutritional intake for me and my little peanut. 🙂

  240. I would love to win this giveaway. I am a Suja loyalist, and my fiance and I are using Suja as a compliment to our busy lifestyle. It can be so difficult to get all of the nutrients you need, and we love that Suja makes it easy to fit good nutrition into our daily lives!

  241. I’m in a current healthy lifestyle journey…5 months ago I weighed just over 300 pounds and have been working at it and have dropped 63….I have more to go, but the goal hasn’t been “get skinny…go” it’s been about changing my habits (giving up diet coke and fast food has been a bitch!) and my lifestyle so I can sustain a healthy way of life forever…not be back in 2 years! Suja juice has helped me on my journey….I’ve done a couple of their cleanses, and when I can find it on sale, I like to get them for breakfast or mid day snack. I can’t always afford Whole Foods or Suja…so having the juicer and gift card and book would mean successfully continuing in my journey!
    Thanks!! Xo

  242. I NEED to win because I am graduating college next semester and moving to a new city and am ready to change my lifestyle!! I am dying for my own juicer and a nice Wholefoods gift card would be nice jumpstart to stock the new fridge 🙂 Not to mention I am obsessed with Suja juices and would love to read this book!!!

  243. Wow! That would be a perfect early bday gift for me 🙂 I just came around juicing after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and was just looking for the perfect juicer. I am bummed Suja isn´t available over here but I´d love to read Annie´s book and get even more insight in the whole juicing lifestyle!

    I am about to rock my upcoming birthday and hope these goodies will help me reach my goal of a healthier and happier great life!

    (I hope this is an international giveaway, since I am no US resident (but didn´t find any information that I am not eligible to enter), I do hope to spend some time in the US later this year and could put the Whole Foods gift card to good use then 😉

  244. Hiii – I’ve been getting more and more into a totally healthy lifestyle. I guess “totally” wasn’t the correct word to use there since I still sometimes dip into the “ice cream before bed” lifestyle. But, I’ve been going back and forth on investing in a Juicer / trying @sujalove – looks de-lish!

  245. Love Suja Juice!! Been wanting the Suja Juice Solution!! That is ok me of the best Juicers on the market…would love to win these!!!

  246. Hi Lauryn!
    Thank you for such a great post, as always. I would love to win this contest so I can add another element to my healthy lifestyle change that is all about maintaining my healthy weight, pilates + spin every other day, and indulging in as many healthy foods as possible! I’ve always loved a good green juice but I usually just go to my local raw bar where they are prepared in front of you. I would love the convenience of having one right in my own kitch and being able to create my own delish recipes.

    Ps. Moose LOVES his new food. Paleo Paw was the best decision I ever made. Can’t forget the pumpkin!

  247. I would love to win this giveaway because it’s such a perfect way to kick start spring and health! I love suja juice and the beautiful photography!! This is one of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen! Thank you for hosting!

  248. I NEED to win because I’m working on being healthy not just for me but for my kids. Kids need to see the benefits fresh fruit and juice offer. Pick me!! 🙂

  249. I love how you only post things that you truly believe in. It would be great to win because it is exactly what I need to get back into routine. I’m in a slump and have somehow lost my motivation so any thing would help right about now.

  250. Eeek! I love this giveaway! I would LOVE to win for many reasons. 1. I LOVE both you and Annie! I have been loyal follower and am in love in the both blogs. 2. I have been wanting to get away from my normal morning smoothie and try juicing but haven’t been able to splurge on a juicer. 3. Whole Foods is my church. I could spend all day and all night shopping there. However, I limit myself to going because I am a terrible impulse buyer when I am there.

    Crossing my fingers that I win!! 🙂

  251. I would love to win to be able to bring more stability back into my life. With depression it is hard to look away from food as a coping mechanism, but with this system in my life I believe I can make healthier choices that will in turn bring my more self-esteem and happiness.

  252. I have been following Annie’s blog for a long time. I resonate with her believes in healthy eating as I used to be vegan myself. She makes a lot of sense. I would love to get her book for her amazing juice and food recipes.

  253. I would love to win this book! and juicer! I’ve read about Suja here on TSC and on Blawnde but have yet to try it. (Closest health food store is over an hour drive 🙁 ) But I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and this prize would give me a huge boost. I’ve been using my blender and cheese cloth to juice…lol…very time consuming! So moral of the story…pick me! pick me!

  254. I absolutely HAVE TO WIN because this is the jumpstart I need to fulling living the healthy eating lifestyle I desire so deeply. I do my best to eat and drink whole, natural foods as much as possible, but don’t have the resources to dive in fully. Having such an amazing juicer and the whole foods GC would be a dream come true. Please consider me, you wouldn’t be disappointed!!!! xxoo Mary
    P.S. I just adore you’re blog Lauryn, you’re an amazingly hilarious and wonderful woman.

  255. I’m battling candida/sibo, and welcome a cleanse of sorts that is non restrictive, nourishing, and empowering. No more quick-fixes, how about something that I can turn to in the long run? Even better, how about something that evolves into a continuous lifestyle, adapting to seasonal changes, age, etcetera, but is still more or less the same in principle?

  256. Wow! I would love to win this! I’ve tried Suja juice before and it is delicious! Not to mention healthy and nourishing! I love the company and it inspired me personally to start my own health blog!! That’s why I’d love to win!! 🙂

  257. I would love to win because I have been avid followers of both your blogs for a long time now and I truly believe in what you two do. I also would love to try a cleanse for the first time so I think that the book, juices, and juicing machine would be a great combo for a healthy jump start to this summer! 🙂

  258. I just HAVE to win because I full-heartily believe in this lifestyle. I believe in the healing benefits (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotional) of eating a well balanced, healthy lifestyle and incorporating juice into your everyday life. I have been SO excited for the release of this book and am even more excited to begin trying some of Annie’s recipes…the amazing juicer and Wholefoods gift card is an added bonus (amazing one at that!)

  259. I would love to win because I’m a broke college student and have long wanted a juicer! I love healthy living so having a juicer, as well as the suja book as a guide, would be absolutely lovely to have 🙂

  260. I NEED to win because 1; im obsessed with Suja juices, and I drive over 2 hours to the nearest Whole Foods to stock up on them! And 2; I just had a baby 9 weeks ago and I need to jump start my weight loss in a healthy way, by eliminating bad foods and adding more fresh foods and juices back into my life!

  261. You and your blog introduced me to Suja juice over a year ago and I have been hooked every since! I love everything about your blog and Suja juice and what they both represent. I would love to win this book and juicer because I am always juicing and constantly looking for new recipes and tips! I must win 🙂

  262. This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been struggling with my weight for the last 15 years, constantly yo-yo-ing up and down. I am the heaviest I have ever been and I am SO tired and SO ready for a change. Not a temporary change but a FULL lifestyle change. I want to be happy, healthy, confident, and body positive. I suffer from constant injuries, a weak immune system, and skin issues. It’s so important that I make a permanent change now, not just for myself, but for my husband and our future family. The time is NOW and I am ready to be the best possible version of myself!

  263. I am currently a senior in college and have been slowly educating myself on living a healthy, simple, lifestyle for the past 3-4 years. Being in college I don’t always have the funds to try new, nutrient rich food or drinks. That is why I would love, and appreciate, winning something like a juicer (which isn’t a possible purchase for me at this point). I would love to reap the benefits of an even healthier lifestyle by reading the Suja book and buying healthy groceries at a place such as Wholefoods. Anyway, I’ll try to keep this short, but I’m sure anyone of your followers would love to win such an amazing price. Thank you for being so inspiring and knowledgable!

  264. I have to win this this because I am a Nutrition student studying to be a Registered Dietitian and because I love juicing! Sadly, because I am a student I cannot afford a juicer! So this would make my life soooo much better! Juicing is such a good way of getting nutrients and antioxidant! Ahh! What a great giveaway this is! SO excited!!


  265. I would love to win because my moms birthday I coming up soon and I know it would bring her so much joy to have a brand new juicer! She’s the most wonderful woman in the world and she deserves a little love. She’s in love with suja juices & our whole family is all a little obsessed with whole foods. It would mean the world to be able to give her w great birthday present (:

  266. I used to think juicing was just a fad and not really that good for you (lack of fiber and all that), but Annie and Suja have changed my mind on this matter. I realize I was just misinformed and though I’ve read a lot about this subject matter recently, The Suja Juice Solution will be so helpful in my ongoing juicing education. Can’t wait!!

  267. Winning this giveaway would be huge for me. Right now I’m in college, and like I’ve seen you write in your blog, I’m just a poor college kid eating dinning hall food and occasionally getting some Chipotle. This summer I’m trying to re-invent my lifestyle and experience all the great things that healthy living will bring. While the money I make will have to be saved for next year at school, the money to Whole Foods and the book to inform me how to start changing my life would be exactly what I needed!
    As always love your blog and love you!

  268. I NEED to win because I am trying to get in the best shape of my life!! I am getting married in the Dominican Republic in July and would love to juice up to everyday until then and then after! I love GREEN JUICE!! xo -Nat

  269. I want the book to learn more juicing recipes, as well as healthy food recipes to feed my family. I had life-threatening food poisoning last year and was probably a week or two away from being hospitalized from lack of nutrition and weight loss, and juicing slowly lead me back to recovery – solid, non-alkalinizing foods wouldn’t stay down. Over the years I’ve gradually become the family’s nutrition expert and personal chef, and all of the recipes Annie has posted on her blog have been winners, so I want to know more!

    Hope I win, this would really improve my whole family’s lives. Good luck to everyone who entered.

  270. I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and it really keeps me going – even though at the moment I’m trying to be “balling on a budget”. Winning this would mean so much to me & keep up my motivation through out Festival Season!! Would love nothing more than sitting outside this summer with a freshly made juice!


  271. I have to win because I NEEED a juicer! I have twin boys and I love to make them healthy food. They are great little eaters because of it and being able to make them fresh juice at home is very economical and fresh is best!

  272. OH, I’d love to win. I already drink Suja; and it’d be great if I could use that WF gift card to buy more of it. Plus, a juicer. I’ll admit I’m pretty lazy, and haven’t bought a juicer because it’s easier to just buy some juice at the store (and Suja expanding to Targets, Krogers, etc. in my area has made that even easier), but I’d love to test out the book by actually juicing myself. Can’t wait to read. 😀

  273. This is possibly your greatest giveaway to date!

    I need this because….
    A. I love Suja!!! It’s my favorite way to get my vegetables!
    2. I don’t have a juicer, and my career as a fitness instructor doesn’t leave extra money to buy one.
    Lastly, 30 is right around the corner and I’ve been in a health/diet rut. Juicing and detoxing is a great way to jumpstart my next decade! <3

  274. I would love to win this juicer to give to my sister at her bridal shower. It’s the perfect time in her life for her to be glowing with the benefits of juicing before her big day!

  275. My family needs to get on track with food. I have an addiction to sugar and my boy’s are at the phase where they refuse to eat. I believe this would help us get back on track.

  276. Hey Lauryn,

    So I HAVE to win because I’ve been following your blog for sometime and first off it has really inspired my wellness journey. I love how well you treat your body and allow for indulgences but you try not to put anything bad in it (aka chemicals, GMOs, and other gross things). Also, you’ve inspired me to really research wellness and food and what I put into my body. BUT, I want to win because lately I’ve been really getting into juicing and have been contemplating buying a juicer but am nervous to take the plunge with it (commitment issues?? Haha.) Anyway, I want to continue my juicing journey, and I’ve also done research on Suja and your friend Annie Lawless, and I think what she is doing with Suja is amazing, and their juices are delicious – I love “Lemon Love” and “Glow”. I’m interested in Annie’s book and how she lives a wellness lifestyle. Sorry for the LONG explanation, but I’m hoping that you’ll choose me to win!

  277. I would love to win because I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle by eating better and putting good things in my body. I’m getting married in less than 9 months and this would also help with my mission to get healthy for my Wedding!

  278. Hi Id Love to win as im trying to lose weight after sitting on acc for the last year waiting on surgery and we dont have a juicer and i think having one of these beauties i could make some great smoothies and healthy juice drinks to help on my quest to lose weight especially after my operation

  279. I would love to have this to help me on my weight loss journey. I am quite big, obese really. For the past month I have cut back on my foods and walk 4ks everyday, and this would help me to go that extra mile, everynow and then, you get to a stage where you think, is it worth it, but then a bolt of lightening comes from nowhere and says yes, it is! This would give me that extra boost, it would be my bolt of lightening 🙂

  280. I need to take this to college with me! I love living healthfully to keep my immune system up to get through many hours of studying! Also, I have a Whole Foods in walking distance!

  281. Holy cow! I have to win because I have been trying my hardest to get myself into a healthy living pattern. It is hard while juggling taking care of my diva 79 year old Nana, two jobs and full time in school. This would be such a blessing! I will finally be able to post fancy schmancy pictures of my delicious juice- and I will also be able to try some of your recommendations. Hot damn! 🙂

  282. i would love to win this because i love fresh pressed juices and suja! I am really needing to drop a couple of pounds before bikini season and i could not think of a better way!

  283. Hi! I have to win because I’ve always been a skinny girl, but my unhealthy lifestyle has finally caught up with me in my 30’s and I need to get back on track! I’m learning how to cook and plan out meals, I’ve joined a gym and love using the stair machine, and I’m trying to make overall healthier choices. I love your blog, Lauryn, and you inspire me to realize my true potential!

  284. I HAVE! to win this! I love juices and would love to get into juicing myself but juicers are just so expensive! The book looks fabulous too! Love the blog!

  285. Hi Lauryn and Annie,
    I’d use this juicer daily to make funky healthy juice concoctions, homemade popsicles, slushies and snow cones. It would be a fun way to eat veggies I’d otherwise never touch, like beets or parsnips.

    – insta: stephchd

  286. I’d love to win because I have been going through some rough gut issues, if you know what I mean. I recently found out that I cannot process dairy and that I could possibly have celiacs disease (I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic, and Type 1’s can develop both of these problems). Since my gut is totally messed up right now, I’ve been living off of green juices as a way to get nutrients without killing my stomach…basically juice is the only way I can eat pain free right now, so having these items would be AMAZING!!!!

  287. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I’ve been focused on a healthy lifestyle now for about a year, but the last month or two has gotten me off track – this is just the motivation I need to refocus!

  288. Lauryn and Annie:

    I have recently found myself hitting a few health bumps in my road and am on my way to recovery. Now that I am back on track to having a healthy lifestyle I could really really use this to get on track. I love following you and Annie- you are both such inspirations to live a balanced, healthy, fun, and FAB lifestyle! This is an amazing opportunity and I would love nothing more than to win and follow in the examples that you and Annie have both led by. Regardless, I will commit to myself getting back on a healthy track and balanced life and of course I will continue drinking my daily Suja juice because well- they’re the bomb dot com!! 🙂

    XOXO- Shannon

  289. It would be fabulous if I win this book and juicer as 2015 is my year of renewal. Losing weight, healthier diet, balance and exercise is my goal this year and a juicer would allow me to achieve my goal much better! Thank you for this opportunity! It’s juicelicious!

  290. I have to win because I’ve developed GI used and I’ve been cutting out processed foods and would absolutely LOOVE to have a juicer!! Also whole foods is like my paradise. ❤️❤️

  291. I would love to win! I have started to get into a healthier lifestyle and have been absolutely dying for an awesome juicer!

  292. I HAVE to win! I’ve been killing it in the workout department since the beginning of the year and am looking for a way to take it to the next level. I’m working on cleaning up my diet as much as possible, but this could be a huge blessing to help maintain that clean diet 🙂

  293. Lauryn!

    This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this giveaway because it would be the perfect jumpstart I need to get my booty moving! I live in a really small town of 2,000 people and it is at least an hour drive to anywhere close that I can get anything like this! I would gladly make the trip to whole foods to get started on a healthy journey!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  294. I would love to win this, not for myself, but as a gift. Several months ago, my family was driving home when their car was struck by a driver who had been speeding and lost control of his vehicle. The accident killed my mother and left my father and brother with serious injuries. Being that my mom did everything for them, including the cooking, they need help with healthy meal choices. If that wasn’t enough, my dad’s injuries have forced him to become dependent on insulin now. How do you tell an Italian that has gone over 70 years on starches such as pastas and breads to cut back? This juicer would definitely help them get on a healthier lifestyle path and become more independent. I would love to surprise them with this when I go back in May for my brother’s wedding!

  295. I need to win this one! I am excpecting my first baby soon and need a way to whip my body back into shape once the babe is here. I would love to be able to whip up my own juices at home instead of running across town to the juice bar or to Whole Foods every time I need a Suja. This would be an amazing prize to win!

  296. I fell off the wagon after the loss of my beloved canine companion and this would help tremendously getting me back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

  297. I have to win (well really want to win!) because of my daughter. She has a rare food allergy called FPIES. I buy Suja juices for her from our local Whole Foods Market to get her a ton of nutrients into her diet. It would be so nice to have all the supplies to make it for her at home too! My husband is always asking me about a juice cleanse (I’m a little reserved about cleanses due to extended breastfeeding) and this would be great for him too!

  298. First, I need to win this juicer because it will allow my family to continue on the path of healthy eating and wellness. Second, it wold give me a chance to try some the the recipes in the book Suja. Next, it would save money because with the prices of buying the juice prepackaged in he store is much more expensive that making it myself at home.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great item.

  299. I’ve always been one of those people that dont feel comfortable in their own skin and I have spent so many hours sweating away to get to a point where I love my body and I feel great. But theres so many ruts and obstacles in this path to proper and full health and happiness.
    Discovering your blog really has helped give me such a greater knowledge of nutrition and exercise and has furthered my journey slightly, but I know I can only be pushed so far and have to do the rest myself. I’m naturally fairly healthy but I still have my junk food habits and carb addictions that are hard to kick and I know the diet is massivley important to a healthy mind, body and soul and suja is something I’ve wanted for so long but being 19 and working hard as hell whilst trying to build my own brand is a killer and unfortunatly I can’t afford such luxuries, so this giveaway sounds crazy appealing and I just want to be able to find a style in my diet that will really get me to that point of being wonderful. With or without though, I am going to end up at a place where I love my body, I am determined. And all the way through my journey I’ll be looking to you and your blog for guidance and inspiration. 🙂

  300. I have to win because I am changing my eating habits 360 after having a tonsillectomy as an adult and combating other health issues that would benefit from changing the way I eat on a regular basis.

  301. My son is definitely my motivation. I would feel so guilty feeding him processed foods filled with so many chemicals and synthetic products and decided to start my journey on a healthy food lifestyle. I love seeing my son eat raw spinach and string beans. He also loves his fruit! It has become a tradition to buy him a fruit bowl filled with blue berries, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pineapple before every grocery trip. A little snack for him while I shop!. He drinks lots of water and organic milk and I would love to introduce him to some amazing juices that are not filled with sugars and dyes that I know he would enjoy and help him grow healthy and strong!

  302. I HAVE to win, because I have been wanting a juicer for years, since I was a teenager. I love fresh juice and Suja’s is awesome too. I actually got the chance to get some of their free product coupons for suja essentials recently and I LOVED them!!! My favorites are Mango Magic, Green Delight, and Berry Goodness. Having their book would just be amazing and of course, who wouldn’t love a Whole Foods gift card. This is the most awesome giveaway. If I won, I would be ecstatic.

  303. I NEED to win because I am so interested in juice cleanses but have never tried one! I love the sound of this book and cleanse because food is still allowed! I also really need to win because I have wanted a juicer for so so so long and just can’t afford the good ones! I am about 30lbs over weight and have been working out with jillian michaels “ripped in 30” dvd for about 2months and just added in a few new dvds….. I just want to get rid of the baby weight! I used to weight anywhere from 120-130 but was super muscular because I worked out all the time. I let myself go for about 9 years…. I would so love to jumpstart my diet with this…. this is an amazing giveaway!
    my IG name is @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs
    thanks so much for the chance!

  304. This is an amazing giveaway! I live by TSC and her blog posts/book. I am getting married in the Florida Keys next year and want to spend the next year being healthier than ever! This book is coming home with me either way. Would love to win the Whole Foods money and juicer:) <3

  305. I would love to win so I could clean my body of all the bad and start new. I have wanted to juice for a while and really need to lose some weight. I would love to win. Thank you for the chance.

  306. Would LOVE WIN!! I’ve been wanting one of these juicers forever! I’ve done very light juicing so far and LOVE it, I’d love to try out the book and juicer to really dig in and see what’s what!!

  307. I’d love to win this because I have 4 kiddos following in my footsteps and sometimes it’s just easier to hand them a book and have them create their own choice concoction then to force them to drink mine

  308. Hi!
    I wanted to express to you my eternal gratitude I have for all your amazing life changing recipes, advise and game changers. I am an avid follower and have turned many other people (including my grandmother) into TSC disciples. I discovered you through your app and then, in the same week, randomly came across your book while at the library. Of course I read it right then and there before checking it out. I read it cover to cover and then took it home for further investigation but making one stop to pick up some “local” bee pollen(I am being dead serious here). I, too am a health, beauty, fashion guru and constantly testing out new things before blogging about it on Tumblr. I want a juicer more than anything since I have spent hundreds at juice kiosks, whole foods, restaurants and more. I wish I would have just saved up and got my juicer already! Not to mention, whenever I have access to a blender I make that awesome green concoction thingy. Also, THANK YOU for those banana pancakes! I am so happy to eat something so satisfying for my favorite meal without being a bloated mess for the rest of the day. (I also put some bee pollen in it.) Like I said, ETERNAL. GRATITUDE.

    Thanks for reading and never stop posting! -W

  309. I have to win because I need a jumpstart back into healthier and cleaner eating! I feel as though being a college student really makes it hard to eat right (think cheap food and irregular eating!). However, if I had a guide with a grocery list and recipes, I would definitely find that happy medium!

  310. Id love to win so i can get healthy and go shopping at whole foods!! I dont have instagram- my computer wont download it- so i hope this still counts!

  311. I was juicing at home. My kitchen would look like a tornado hit afterwards. Kale leaves, parsley everywhere and let’s not forget the cleanup time. Then one day I came across Suja at my local coffee shop. I was not expecting it to taste very good, but after I tried it I was hooked. I looked at the ingredients more closely to see if it really does have all the good stuff and still taste so good.
    From that moment on I shared the goodness with all my friends and now they’re drinking Suja too, and I have a clean kitchen without hassle of juicing at home.

  312. I need to win this because I am bedbound and husband eats too much junk and lives on over processed sugary crap! SAVE US!

  313. I would love to win this giveaway because I love juicing and making smoothies! I always feel better when I reach for a juice that is not store bought. I am ready to take the next step and eat way healthier and this amazing giveaway will help in my process! Xoxo

  314. I have a juicer (not quite this nice!), but I would LOVE to win one for my momma who suffers from a painful hereditary disease (hereditary angioedema). I know that lately she has not been feeling her best and I think she could definitely use a nice reset — juices packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants sound perfect! I get to visit her and my little sister in May, how cool would it be to spend the week shopping for healthy foods and making delicious juices together?

  315. I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve been wanting a new juicer so badly and new to juicing so this be a great start up for me.

  316. Ohhhh my goodness you’re a little answer to my prayers! I have become obsessed w Suja juice recently and have been dying to get a juicer of my own to have all the nutrients more consistently!
    Unfortunately w my man finishing up school and working my own biz full-time the juicer is not the top of the priority list:(…but health does come first sooo somehow Ive gotta find a way to get juicin!
    Love you lady! Thanks for all the good reads always:)

  317. This is so great! Suja juices are my fave for when I’m feeling down on my diet, they’re a great jump start and actually taste good! I love that you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle change, not just a juice cleanse because we all know that won’t do anything for you! This book and giveaway would be amazing for my overall well-being 🙂 thanks!!

  318. Hey Lauryn,

    Okay. First off, what a boss giveaway.

    Secondly. Why one (me) HAS TO win this Suja giveaway. Such an involved and less-than-simple answer to a simple question…

    1.) I’ve been religiously following your blog for over four years now – since my freshman year in college – and you’ve continually given me a fresh take on lifestyle, health and all things fabulous. Always churning out new, relevant and relatable content.

    2.) I’m always, always on the go. I work 30+ hours a week, attend classes at FSU and am also beginning my LSAT studies. I try to maintain the healthiest lifestyle I can manage. Balancing life, exercise, mental and physical health…it takes practice. Reading your blog gives me new ideas to keep the balancing act in motion, and winning this giveaway will help a college student out like crazy. I would SO love to be able to incorporate Annie’s fabulous juices and advice into my crazy daily life. Winning this giveaway will get me that much closer.

    3.) $500 to Whole Foods?? Holy cannoli would that be a huge help. Since I’m still in school, Suja (or a juicer…or fun books…or fresh groceries) is not the easiest to swing on “the college budget.” I can’t yet afford to shop there as much as I would like, so the gift card would be the most tremendous treat, and just in time to help me celebrate graduation.

    You’re awesome. Keep pushing the amazing content you’ve always been curating. Your readers love it.


  319. I HAVE to win because Annie and Suja are what got me to start living a healthy lifestyle. I first did the Suja juice cleanse to lose weight and I felt AMAZING during it. I did some research and found out that Annie used to have eczema and asthma just like me (it was gone while I was juicing). I was stunned. I had spent about 25 years of my life suffering, had taken every single cortisone cream pill and inhaler and nothing really worked. I thought I was just going to just live with it forever. I did an elimination test and lo and behold gluten was the enemy. Now my husband and I (and our dog!) all eat gluten free, organic and most importantly pay attention to the ingredients in our food. Even if I don’t win I <3 Annie and Suja juice and hope you share this with her so she knows how much of a difference she has made in my lifestyle choices. 🙂

  320. I would love to win because I’ve had a cold winter here on the east coast, and motivation has been hard to come by! I would love to change up my trusty routine of working out, but then blowing it by snacking at night! Im sure this book would motivate me!

  321. After the stress of moving and starting my first ever FT job as a teacher, I put on 25lbs. I have always been active but the stress eating took a toll on my body. I am ready to start fresh and get a little or big SUJA/Juicing push to enhance my wellness. I love fresh juices but have one of those dinky juicers that probably zap away all the nutrients and take foreevvvver. So this would be a lovely surprise for a stressed out, over caffeinated, first year teacher.

  322. I NEED this!! I am on a health journey and this would help me so much. I am obsessed with the skinny confidential and suja and I do not have as much access to healthy juices like this living in the Midwest! I would be soo greatful if I won! It would make my life!!

  323. I HAVE to win so that I can continue to live a healthy lifestyle! As a college student and someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease being healthy unfortunately is not always easy. I consider myself a very healthy conscious person and am always trying new things to help better my life and wellness but when it comes to budget and time this is not always easy! Blogs such as yours and your book have helped me learn greats tip (I am now obsessed with oil pulling and also try to treat excercise as just another daily task in order to stay active!) and ways to continue living a more healthy lifestyle and create better habits! I absolutely love suji juice (the flavors I have tried – love beets is my fav so far!!) and would the opportunity to try more as well as make my own juice! I am a juice addict without a juicer!! Help me fix this dilemma please!! :))

  324. I would love to win this because I’m finally ready to get back in shape and need a great way to kickstart that lifestyle. Plus Suja is DELICIOUS, so who wouldn’t want to win this??

  325. After starting college this year, I have started to feel very unhealthy and I have a lot less energy. I think it’s because of the poorly made dorm food that they’ve been serving. Winning this giveaway would allow me to feel and be healthy again!

  326. I am ALL about a healthy lifestyle. After I graduated college, I really knew I needed to turn my life around and just live an all around healthier lifestyle both with how I act and what I put in to my body. Since changing my life and eating healthy and working out daily, I have become OBSESSED with all things health and fitness. This book is exactly how I want to live my life, and Suja juice is also pretty much my favorite juice ever (it’s impossible for me not to buy a couple on my Whole Foods trips). My instagram is laurenfitzp 🙂

  327. I would love to win this giveaway because for about a year I have been obsessed with green smoothies, but have not taken the next step to do routine juicing! This would be the perfect kickstart to recommitting and taking my healthy lifestyle to the next level, 🙂 Also, I love love love Whole Foods. Fresh pressed OJ anyone?!

  328. I’d love to win this because I am currently working on changing my lifestyle! I’m a few pounds down a long road ahead of me. Your blog is inspirational to me! I would love to be better equipped to make the right choices for myself to fully immerse myself into becoming my best self!

  329. I started a blog in January for wild mystics, beautiful bohemians and gypsy spirits. This was a HUGE step for me. I grew up (and still live in) a conservative area. I’ve been told my entire life by the people around me that the way I believe and think is wrong, that there’s something wrong with me. I’ve decided to shed those layers of shame and guilt and realized in the process just how beautiful I am – and since starting my website I am amazed at how many amazing people there are in the world that hold my same values and view on life. I’ve never felt better! I’m answering my true calling in life – and sacrificing old paradigms to do it. I’ve grown spiritually, emotionally and mentally. However, so many years of feeling down on myself, combined with the after effects of pregnancy weight gain, a massive hormonal imbalance and what must be an autoimmune disease, my body lags far behind the rest of me. I’m 50 pounds overweight. The inside of me does not match the outside, and it’s time for me to do something to change that. I feel like going high raw vegan and juicing daily is the answer to my prayers, and this contest is coming at the perfect time. I believe in synchronicity and so I’m going for it. Whether or not I win, I’m so glad your website exists and I will be following it often to get more information about living a healthy lifestyle. I’m ready to make videos, do live google hangouts with my audience, get professional pictures and get up on a stage and speak my truth – without feeling self-conscious. Thanks!!

  330. We’ve made the switch in our lives to eating a plant based diet and I personally feel that winning this juicer would really help us on our path to health & well being. This is an amazing giveaway, thank you! Following on Instagram: @kingsleyVintage

  331. I have been trying to get back on track for weeks now and just can’t seem to get it going right! This would be the perfect solution to get me (& the boyfriend) back on track to a healthy lifestyle we want so badly before my trip to Hawaii! xoxo

  332. I’ve recently gone through a very difficult time in my personal life involving a death in my family it really took a toll on me emotionally and physically. I am looking for a positive jumpstart to a new me, getting back to a happy, healthy place. I am a healthy person who eats right and makes a conscious effort stay active, however i really fell off the tracks the past few weeks and think this would be the perfect way to get me back on the right path. This will just be the first step!

  333. I have to win because I’ve struggled with eating disorders my entire life- anorexia, orthorexia, binge eating disorder, the works. As a recovering gal, I want to teach my younger sisters how to truly be happy and healthy! This would mean so much to me to win this amazing prize!

  334. I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse for like the longest time, but I have never known an exact plan to follow! If I won this contest I would be able to start my juice cleanse because the last thing I can afford right now is a juicer! This book seems like such a great read and the gift card to whole foods is insane!! I would lovvvvve if I won this, thanks for doing this contest!!

  335. After quitting smoking i realise I’ve done so much damage to my body over the years and I need to Super Boost my Nutrient intake in hopes of making up for it and living a healthier longer life

  336. Because I am tired all of the time, because I cannot sleep at night, because my hair is falling to the point of going bald, because I have a hard time loosing weight, because I don’t have energy to deal with and care for my two teenagers, whom I love, and for a lot of more things, it would be nice to get this juicer & book and reset my body and life! Thanks ❤️

  337. I wohld love to win this juicer! I’ve been attempting juicing recently & really want to try your juice 3 day detox. Also my mom & sister are both trying to lose weight & I’m helping to educate them on diet which being a pescatarian helps to influence. Its also easy because when I go to the beach, get home from the gym or am out the door to work (I work graveyard) I can just make one & head out without getting too full. This juicer would help to cleanse my family’s & my body in the best way; together

  338. I would love to win this! I really need to get back on track with healthy eating. Since moving in with my boyfriend I’ve let me eating habits slide.

  339. After seeing 3 members of my family die of cancer and knowing how many awful things are in are food I would love to start my family trying healthier stuff a juicer would be the perfect way to start. I have 3 kids, twins 18 months and a 4 year old, I think it would be great to start teaching them good habits young. Thanks for the chance….great giveaway!!

  340. I bought the Suja book – mostly because I love suja and do their cleanse quarterly so would like to hear about Annie’s journey. I sent the email to Sam with my receipt but have not yet received a response… Should I provide additional information?

  341. I’m really new to the blog and fitness life. Like a full two hours of exposure have gone down. I came across your blog and I have fallen in love with it. Going through your posts is a huge inspiration to the type of lifestyle that I would love to lead. I would adore winning this giveaway because it is amazing! And like you said who doesn’t love a free juicer. Hoping my comment finds you. Thanks for being so incredible.

  342. I absolutely love Suja!!!! The book would be a great addition to the changes I am making. We all need a little help at times. 🙂 great giveawAy.

  343. I HAVE to win, because I have been super down recently and needing the motivation to start. I have gained almost 30 lbs since I got married, and I REALLLLLY want my pre-marriage body back, and this could be the jumpstart I need. PLEASE PICK ME!

  344. This is amazing! I’ve been trying to clean up my diet and eating habits, it’s gotten much harder working nights as a nurse and with a very busy 1 year old! I would love this juicer, my goal is to get my little one to drink juice with me and start those healthy habits young! We HAVE to have this!

  345. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before, but love your philosophy about health and anti-diet. I’ve been diagnosed with some endocrine issues lately and have been following along your visits to traditional medicine practitioners and love the holistic results you’ve seen. I would love to win this giveaway and get started on my own health journey!


  346. Laurynnnn, I H-A-V-E to win. Here’s why:

    1) Annie is one of my biggest role models. After hearing her story (via your blog obvi, duh), I became really empowered and passionate about pursuing my vision in a ‘health space’ as well. I wrote my vision, did some research, e-mailed a local juice owner, and landed a job as his #2 – better yet? He’s opening a juice bar and superfood kitchen this summer… and may or may not look like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy #swoon

    2) For my birthday this past March, I bought my boyfriend and I 3-day SUJA cleanses… talk about a bonding experience. I did the hardcore green, he did the original, and we both loved the results (minus going mad from not stuffing something in my mouth for 72 hours). I now find it completely necessary to incorporate a ‘bucha and a juice in my daily routine.

    3) I’ve never juiced at home – GASP. I know, total facade I’ve created. I want and need this in my life… now more than ever so I can experiment with and create more recipes. And allocate my $$$ to other necessities… like travel and wardrobe.

    Can we all just be juicing besties please? K, thanks.

  347. I have to win because I am always trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and who doesn’t need a good balance in their life? Plus, juice is amazing! My parents are also wanting to clean up their diets and lives. This would be a perfect opportunity to start! I love helping them balance their lives!

  348. OK. uh hi BOMB giveaway.

    First, I am moving and would LOVE to have a juicer on my fresh, new kitchen counter (not to mention have wanted a juicer for sooo long).
    Secondly, YUM Whole Foods.
    Thirdly, Suja Juice Solution. Pahlease.

    Moral of the story, would LOVE to win 🙂


  349. Let’s be real, I’m still learning to love fruits and veggies. This would give me the jump start I need to get pretty before my boyfriend’s family graduation back in Florida

  350. Firstly I’m OBSESSED with Suja juice! Theirs is seriously the best and so convenient. Secondly I’m trying to get into juicing. I’m recovering from a stem cell transplant I had due to leukemia and know that a healthy diet is only going to help with my healing process. I had to eat a neutropenic diet (aka very unhealthy/ all cooked foods), and am so happy to be back eating fresh raw foods. Juicing is a perfect way to help kick off a new healthier spring too and get rid of my bad habits of eating processed junk! 🙂

  351. Hi there Lauryn! Lauren here! (name twinnz) I’m so ecstatic about this giveaway! I first started reading about Suja on your blog (of courseee, I read TSC like the morning paper), and loved that Suja was a local company and that their juices were cold pressed and so delicious (just tried Suja Elements and I’m in looove)! I started working at Whole Foods this past year and its completely changed my life and the way that I look at healthy living and making better choices. I’ve tried juicing on and off for years, but always looked at it like a way to lose weight, instead of incorporating it into my life as a way to achieve better health! Since I’ve worked at Whole Foods, Suja has been my favorite product to recommend to customers! I rave about it like a madwoman (& occasionally give your blog a mention for reference – hello new readers haha!).

    I would love to win this giveaway as an unofficial Suja/Whole Foods fangirl! As a college student, its hard for me to afford groceries AND pay for my basic living bills (LA living is quite expensive) so I don’t always get to buy all the amazing products my customers do at work… I dream about a shopping spree at WF on the reg haha. And having Annie’s book would be incredible so I can read up on Suja and the amazing benefits of juicing to pass on to my customers! AWESOME giveaway! 🙂

    xx, Lauren

  352. Finally just starting feeling good about my body again. Getting back at the gym and homemade juices with this amazing breville juicer would be amazing!

  353. I love juicing! This juicer would be perfect for me to try new juices. Suja juices are amazing and with summer coming up having the book would be so great to get healthy and summer ready.

  354. This is everything I need to kickstart my juicing cleanse! I’m a college student trying to be the healthiest I can be and this would be incredible to win!

  355. I could really use this for healthy way to get my daughter to eat and drink healthy she has a heart condition and I wanna try and get her to eat and drink more healthy and for me to cook healthier. For both of our well beings.

  356. Before I speak about the suja line.. I just started the bee pollen, GROUND flax seed, Chia Seed and hemp spoonfull! Brilliant! I am rocking it and I thank you kindly for your advice. I am a 45 Year old Menopausal Italian girl missing her pasta.. this has satiated my cravings believe it or not.. So God Bless ya and hope that juicing will be my next benefit withnnn my hubs who is a police officer..He protects the public.. I want to protect us both

    I have bought your suja in the LINE as in a week long process and have found them to be the best of results.. I also go back to WHOLE FOODS which is miles away to purchase the same juices. I have never juiced, but am willing to learn. My husband is a Police Officer and I do In Home Childcare.. I can only imagine the benefits I can bring to him and because I do provide my In HOME CHILDCARE PARENTS breakfast to take to work with them, they would love something like this, maybe even more so than the egg casseroles, fruit cobblers and biscuit sandwiches I make for them. I am Italian.. I have no recipes so this just might TAME ME! My hubs as a Police Officer can use the juice protection.. I too can use it for my daycare kids as a frozen treat and my parents as a breakfast to take to work with them they get once a week. BRILLIANT!

  357. I have to win because we started juicing and living a heathy life for my weight loss journey and for helping with my teenage daughters depression and extreme anxiety. Natural food n juices cutting out processed foods has helped her. Our dream is to continue down this path and eventually have her off all medication and living life happy and heathy

  358. I should win, because I’m trying to start a new healthy lifestyle. I’ve had asthma my whole life and I want to join the military. To do that I have to get rid of my symptoms and get off of my inhaler. People have highly suggested I change my diet, because it erased their symptoms. It has been my life long dream to join the military and continue my family legacy. I would be so blessed and thankful to win! God bless.

  359. I am having my 5th spinal surgery in July. Nutrition is of the utmost importance to ensure success. With the financial hardship of having one surgery a year and all of the medications and doctors visits to go along with it, a juicer is just not in the budget. It would be great to win this!!

  360. I have two sick parents my mom with high Cholesterol and osteoporosis could hardly walk .My dad just got surgery from Ulcer.And I have been taking care of my parents making them healthy meals and juicing on my old blender. I have also been Juicing making my own recipe since I dont want to end up in the same situation. this would mean a lot to me if I were to win I don’t make alot of money could not afford this kind of juicer. This would make it much easier for us. Thank you for the opportunity crossing fingers Follow on Instagram @chynna_gaby

  361. I would love to win this juicer because I would be able to try all the recipes in Annie Lawless’s book. it would help kick start my healthy lifestyle and cleanse. I’ve been considering buyinh one, but the prices are pretty steep for a good one. Winning this juicer would not only make my day, it would help my confidence, self esteem and lifestyle.

  362. I would love to win!!! I love eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle but sometimes it’s hard when you’re a student. I’ve always been so intrigued by juicing and I love the pre bottled juices but have been to scared to try it on my own! Not to mention I would need a juicer haha. I would love to win this and start my juicing journey!

  363. I love your posts and book! I find your content to be such an inspiration. I would to incorporate juicing in my life on a more regular basis:)

  364. I need to win because is absolutely LOVE Suja juice! It’s the best and I drink one about everyday!! Also your blog is definitely my fav to follow. And last but not least, my juicer broke! Ahh!

  365. I have to win! I just have to! I’ve always loved suja juice. I remember when jimbos first got it. I’d get it every time I was working in the forum. I love the way juicing makes me feel and look and I’ve always wanted a juicer!!!! Pick meeeeeeeee!

  366. I need to win because.. To be honest ice tried juicing but list faith.. I’ve tried we tried fad diets, tried gyming it, tried shaking it… And I’m stuck… Three kids later and 70 lbs overweight and I’m fatigued I’m tired I’m depressed and plateaued right where I am. Drs are convinced it’s my diet, my blood work is good I’m otherwise healthy… I’m determined to find a way out of this jello mold… I can’t afford a good juicer I have a nutribullet.. It’s realistically a mixer… But I need help I’ve been following this blog for awhile I have read the testimonies I’m inspired …Help Me!!! I wat to be your next success story.

  367. Because like you said who the hell doesn’t want a juicer! And I am a fan of whole foods, live a healthy lifestyle and I would love to read the the new book!

  368. Because like you said who the hell doesn’t want a juicer! And I am a fan of whole foods, live a healthy lifestyle and I would love to read the the new book!

  369. Oh I would loooove to win!!!!!! I’ve wanted a juicer for so long! I would love to be able to make fresh juices at home, they are such a treat.

  370. Hi Lauryn and Annie!
    First I just want to say thank you!! It’s obvious that both of you have tremendous compassion for living a life where woman support one another, celebrate each other’s successes, and lift each other up in a way that encourages the embodiment of one’s best self. This can sometimes be a rare quality in our society, which is sad because it’s such a beautiful one; and it’s incredibly inspiring to see two kind, generous and beautiful role models like yourselves promoting such an important message on your platforms!

    Since discovering both of your blogs, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about food, health, beauty and exercise. The genuine, honest, and realistic way in which you share your tips has been transformative. It has allowed me to truly live a happier, healthier and, most importantly, balanced lifestyle that is also completely manageable – a key component that can often be missing in magazines, diet plans, etc. The self-confidence that this has helped me to build is something I didn’t think existed for myself, and it has been overwhelmingly cathartic. I am so unbelievably grateful for that. So again, thank you both!

    As a Blawnde TSC babe on a budget, I would love the opportunity to continue making positive changes in my life with the Suja Giveaway! Suja’s message to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition is such an important one; and I hope that by immersing myself in the Suja-Juice way, I can not only enhance my own life but also act as an ambassador for others!

    With nothing but love and admiration,

  371. I love juicing and quite frankly I am obsessed with Suja juices. They make me feel so great when I drink them. It’s sooooo amazing to be able to purchase a product and know 100% that the ingredients used are amazinggggg and good for you!!! Today there are so many things out there that aren’t and once I started drinking suja juices my life began to change. I’m able to pick them up at whole foods automatically and I’m always trying to tell people about how incredible they are!!! I’m at a point in my life where I love healthy foods, but sometimes have problems knowing what is going to give me balance and make me feel great and not sluggish. I know that The Suja Solution along with the rest of the prizes included will help me reach that next level. I’ve learned soooo much from your book, The Skinny Confidential Lauryn, and your blog has taught me how important it is to have balance in all areas of my life. I’m so lucky that I found the Skinny Confidential and Blawnde. I first discovered Annie in one of her Ted Talks and I could totally relate to all of the digestive problems she had experienced and how juicing was one of the only things that made her feel better at first. It was soooo liberating to hear someone else that has gone through so much with food allergies. She was able to truly turn her situation around and now she is helping so many people like me to feel better and bring awareness to what you actually can do instead of feeling defeated when you have food allergies or feel bad after you eat certain things. It’s super empowering!!!

  372. I would like to try this juice cleaning to help in my new lifestyle, you’ve been so inspiring to me Lauryn! I’m doing my best to eat right, exercise and enjoy it!

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