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Another month, another giveaway (!!!!!).

That’s right, you guys seem to LOVE giveaways. And here’s the thing: it’s so important for me to be able to thank all of you for your support so I feel like the best way to do this is through a giveaway.

This one is even bigger than the last because it’s $2500 dollars ( YES, YES, YES ) worth of all my favorite beauty products, The Skinny Confidential Book, the Bombshell Body Guide, ANDDDDD WAIT FOR IT…a brand, spanking new juicer by Breville.

I’m going to be like Chris Harrison, Bachelor-style here & say: the most dramatic giveaway yet.

But really, it is. Promise.

I’m especially about the Kylie Jenner nail polish set & HUGE collection of Urban Decay lipsticks.

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What you’ll win…

Limited Edition NuFACE Facial-Lift Kit ( GREAT FOR LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE! )
Hot Shave Razor


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Again, the reason I LOVE giveaways is because it’s VERYYYY important to me to give back to TSC Community! Really, I wish each and every one of you could win. For the record: no one is sponsoring this, this is all just saying THANK YOU FOR READING from lil, old me.

On that note, I’m giving three runners up a free month of TSC Bombshell Body Guide because I love you guys. Fun right?

Good luck guys! Thanks for being so amazing— I so, SO appreciate each & every one of you.

Happy Monday, lauryn x

+ anyone eligible to enter | winners announced 5/27/16.

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Shop the Giveaway:




  2. Hi Lauryn!

    I would absolutely die to win this giveaway. I am an OG TSC subscriber & I absolutely love you and Susan’s podcast. I would love this giveaway not only for the insane products but the blog doo tips as well. I’m in the process of starting my own blog and this giveaway would totally help me start on the right track. My BF and I love your podcast by the way!!


  3. You are right, this give away is LIFE. I’ve had my eye on the remmington curling iron for ages and would LOVE to integrate the juicer to my daily routine in this new Healthy lifestyle of mine, inspired by your amazing body! I mean, you really are GOALS.

  4. Ummm Greatest giveaway ever—-DYING. I did all the steps to win and I would obviously freak out hardcore if I did win. However, if I don’t ( like usual) I will still be an avid listener to Him & Her and still check your snap stories everyday….. LOL. Good Luck to all of my fellow TSC readers
    P.S. My face needs a lot of this makeup and my body definitely needs this juicer!

  5. I’ve been following you for so long now and love to see how you are growing TSC!! Your realness is what I prefer you are amazing! LOVE all of those products I would be so excited to win!! Thank you so much for this giveway! Regards from France. Clémence

  6. Thank you so much for being so inspiring! I love your blog and I really enjoy your snap chat as well. I’m a proud San Diegan so it just makes me so happy to see whenever someone from San Diego is spreading awesomeness to the world!

    Oh btw I would love to win the giveaway:)!

    1. I hope to win this giveaway because I am a long time reader and fan of your brand. I have been following the blog for over four years now. I try every single recipe and check the website at least once a day. I love “Panicky Susan” and hope he continues to brush those brows UP, straight towards Jesus (I kid). I love how authentic you are and the fact that you never serve up bullshit. I knew I loved you when you spoke about hating being the girl who “forgot where she got this shirt from”. You share your tips with us, and we appreciate it. XOXO

  7. I NEED to win because I’ve been living in Italy for 2 years and the Sephora here does not carry all the brands (AND they don’t give samples, rude) and I am DYING TO HAVE ALL THIS STUFF!

  8. Thanks for the chance! This giveaway would be everything, all of these products would get the most use ever!!!! I just moved and am trying a healthier & on a super budget lifestyle and I think these items would totally help me get in killer shape and still be glamours. Fingers crossed. Cheers!

  9. Would love to win this giveaway, has some products from my favourite brands like Burt Bees and mac and some stuff I really need, like the curling iron! Also am dying to try the bombshell body guide for summer!

    PS – Think this is a great way to say thanks to your followers and show your engagement with them!

  10. What an AMAZING giveaway! Thank YOU for introducing me and the world, to all these fabulous products. Your so fun to watch on your podcasts and your blog is a favorite of mine to read. I have to win because trying new things is healthy and adventurous. ???What a blessing it would be!

  11. I have to win this give-away because I deserve it! I feel like I’ve been a PR member for all things “The Skinny Confidential” for years. Whether it was a riveting blog post on hooters tights and enemas, reposting and tagging a TSC Instagram post, screenshot stalking your every snap chat to spread around in my group chats, ambition-shaming every man or boyfriend by comparing them to Michael, casually playing the TSC podcast in my car when I’m DD’ing losers around, I even made an attempt to get that Anchor thing Susan was obsessed with because I am such a huge fan of everything TSC stands for! It can be extremely isolating and lonely being an entrepreneur with no one around that understands your drive and hustle- like I said in my TSC Podcast review- it’s like the two best friends I never had! In low points when I just wanted to quit because I was alone in my journey I would run to snap chat, your blog, whatever it may be to pick myself back up! Whether I win or not- I have already won by being so lucky to have found your blog 4 years ago! I’m giving KRAFT a run for their money with my cheese machine!!

    Secondly… it’s fucking rough being a startup & I’m broke as shit. I not only WANT to win but I really NEED to win hahaha. My fruit needs juiced, my eyes need “revitalized”, my lips need sticked, my hair needs wanded, my legs need shaved.. you get the picture! If I won I would probably shit myself like Michael did when your dad found him in the closet, not really but you get it. Off to drink my TSC detox drink and brush my brows up now. 🙂

  12. Would love to win. In major need of a new summer makeover. Feeling drab coming out of winter

  13. LAURYN! You are killing it with the giveaways. I love everything, those teeny bikinis especially!!
    Why I NEED to win? I am finally moving back to Canada and trying to “start fresh” so leaving behind a lot of beauty products/clothing. SO this would be the perfect way to jump start a new collection.

  14. I have to win because I have loved TSC for years!! You seriously are an idol in health and beauty, as well as being an amazing business woman! I would love the opportunity to try all of these products 🙂

  15. Hey Lauryn,

    i for sure would like to win this giveaway! i love every product included in the list and its absolutely a want!

    i seriously love your posts, instagram, snapchat and podcasts. TBH its a daily routine of mine to check them out. im in love with pixy, such a princess, she’s just so adorable, and your relationship with Susan, omg its so fun and hilarious!!

    Love you, and Thanks for the giveaways opportunities. xo

  16. Of course I would feel super lucky to receive this give-away because all of these products are TO DIE FOR. I’m an avid juicer and WHAT a life it would be able to make them in the comfort of my own apartment. Adore your blog, and keep doin’ what you’re doin’ because I love all everything you post.

  17. Thank you so much for creating these giveaways for us! I would love to win this so much! I’m the biggest skinny confidential fan, I tell all of my friends to read your blog. Additionally, I’m obsessed with your podcast, Michael, and brushing up my brows.

    P.S. My sister Susan acts just like Michael’s “Susan”

  18. Seeing this giveaway this morning while reading your blog on the bus JUST MADE MY DAY!!! It would be 100s all around if I won this giveaway because all of these products are fabulous and can make a girl feel so great! Everything from your bombshell guides to the Vix bikinis to the welda products and of course the JUICER!! You are such a wonderful person inside and out and this is the nicest giveaway that you are giving your readers; like how cool! Would love to win and use everything listed! Thank you!!

  19. I want – I need – I have to have that Juicer and Bombshell Body Guide…would go so far in helping me reach my weight loss goals… and the eyelash growing serum so I can bat my long lashes with my new skinny self…
    Love – Love – Love – TSC – Always Awesome!!!

  20. @kaitycjones

    Lauryn YAS! I will keep entering these giveaways until I get one! All these goodies are absolutely amazing (as always, you have the best taste) && are must-haves for any girl out there. Thanks for everything!!

    Kaitlyn ??

  21. my favorite makeup item I would love to have would be the Tula skincare, I’ve heard so many good things. Everything looks wonderful though, I follow you on snap, insta, and bloglovin, I love seeing what you have to say and show each day, and when Nan makes an appearance it’s a bonus. I used to call my grandmom Nan, so it lights my heart up a little bit:)
    Having a baby this summer, so this giveaway would be amazing, needless to say!

  22. I would LOVE to win this set! I just crave every single item, and since I’m such a juice fan, it would be a definitely wonderful way to make my outside beauty shine from within. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity! You sure are loved and admired overseas! 🙂

  23. I have to win for two reasons—I am in desperate need of a juicer. I spend way too much on cold pressed juices from Whole Foods especially since I already have the ingredients I need at home! Second, I just had a birthday this past weekend and can confidently say that this prize package would be the best possible gift!

    In total sincerity, I adore your blog and am always finding new inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. I finally tried shaving with coconut oil yesterday and am pretty sure my life has changed. Thanks for all of the great posts!

    xx Briana

  24. Girl I LIVE for your blog, dying to share some of your faves!! You are too generous for doing this, thank you so much 🙂 xo

  25. I have been such a fan of yours since day one. There are days where I will spend an entire Sunday looking at old posts. You have absolutely changed my entire lifestyle and habits that I have. I am so unbelievably grateful that I found your blog!

    I would so appreciate this giveaway!

  26. This giveaway is insane!!! So many great products!!! I would just loooooooove to win this giveaway especially since it is my birth month :)!

  27. I HAVE TO WIN because I am getting married early next year and my god I need to get whipped into the best I can be!! The beauty products, the health pick me ups and your book will be my recipe for success!! I cannot wait to find out if I am lucky to win!!!! (I never win anything, so I have my fingers crossed!!!)

  28. Thanks for being so lovely Lauyrn! The world needs more of you 🙂
    I’d love to win this, especially the juicer! They are so bloody expensive, and my new condo will thank you 🙂

    Keep on doing what you do! xx

  29. I would freak out if I won this giveaway because I never win anything! My beauty supplies are really lacking and this would be such an awesome pick-me up for me! Those bikinis are adorable and the juicer would be such an amazing win!! P.S. It is so amazing how you always do this for us readers! XOXO

  30. I would love to win, because I’m dying to get into a Summer mindset and this prize would be the perfect way to get me there.

  31. Would love to win! I’m graduating college this week and this would seriously help me into feeling like a real adult.

  32. This is an awesome giveaway! I would like to win so I can try out some of your favorite products and find some new favorites! I’m always in the lookout for new favorites! I’ve also been eyeing a juicer for forever but haven’t broke down and bought one yet!

  33. Every day I look forward to reading the TSC! I would love to win any products endorsed by the TSC. It is so nice that you post everyday. So many blogs do not post often and that is what I enjoy about TSC is the dedication and frequency of great posts and information!

  34. I have to win this giveaway because I am a die hard product tester, reviewer and lover of all things beauty and fashion! As a momma to a wonderful 2 year old little girl I could use some new products and baubles to make me feel pretty and wonderful and happy. Thanks TSC for this giveaway! Fingers crossed for the win!

  35. Lauren…
    TSC has been a mini lady-bible for me for a while now.
    I have been hesitant to enter a giveaway of yours with the mindset of “like hell I’m going to win this…”
    But i’ve changed my mindset – “Why not me?.. Let’s do it!”

    Winning this would make me the happiest little lady.
    With summer just around the corner up in the great north (I’m in Northern Ontario), my LIFE could use the entirety of this giveaway.

    Fingers crossed :)!
    Big hugs xx

  36. Lauryn…
    TSC has been a mini lady-bible for me for a while now.
    I have been hesitant to enter a giveaway of yours with the mindset of “like hell I’m going to win this…”
    But i’ve changed my mindset – “Why not me?.. Let’s do it!”

    Winning this would make me the happiest little lady.
    With summer just around the corner up in the great north (I’m in Northern Ontario), my LIFE could use the entirety of this giveaway.

    Fingers crossed :)!
    Big hugs xx

  37. I would like to win because I follow all your social media, blog and podcast and always want to try out whatever you’re into at the moment. This would be the perfect chance to try them all! Thanks so much for this giveaway! <3

  38. I want to win this give away because I am a BROKE law school student. I love love love your blog, your podcast (wished you uploaded more than once a week to save me from my horrible drive to and from school) and your email subscription; I always want to try out your recommendations, but I just do not have the luxury of purchasing any of the items.

  39. Uhm…. this is the best giveaway EVER!!! I have to win because my hair desperately needs some TLC and that can be achieved with coconut oil S&C!! Also those Vix swimsuits would showcase my new girls AH-mazingly this summer!! 😀 😀 Fingers crossed

  40. I would love to win this giveaway! First, thank you for doing this. This is amazing! Secondly, I am a new mom and I am in a beauty funk! I think this would be such a great way to try to get back to me!! Plus the juicer can help with the baby weight right?! Thanks again!

  41. If I win, I just HAVE to have those vix bikinis!! I’ve been eyeing bikinis from vix for a while and can’t get myself to splurge so to win them would be awesome! As always, love your blog and all that you do for your readers, we love you!!

  42. This giveaway is one of the best and most generous I have ever seen from a Blogger to their fans/followers! I would absolutely LOVE to win this as I am always trying out new beauty, health and wellness products and sharing the ones I love best with family and friends. Thanks for this and all of your insights on The Skinny Confidential Blog and social platforms 🙂

  43. I would love love love to win this because I recently started my own lifestyle change and this juicer would be SO helpful! My blender just doesn’t get the job done lol. Either way, I love what you do Lauryn and appreciate you wanting to give back to your fans.

  44. I have to win this giveaway because Lauryn is so real about every product, procedure, etc. that she tries how
    Could anyone think the stuff she’s giving away is not going to be anything short of AMAZING!?
    Thanks Lauryn!

  45. I would love that Remington Curling Iron – I’ve been having trouble mastering the sex pot curls and that would for sure help!

  46. This is such a great giveaway, thank you so much for doing these! I would love to win this giveaway because I’m recently engaged and getting married next year!!!! I would love to try new products in preparation for the wedding. Just like other brides, I definitely want to look my best but do not have a lot of money to spend on beauty products. Thanks again for this awesome giveaway!

  47. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win this post and be able to pamper myself for the summer as I have just graduated college!! Been studying my butt off to pass my registration exam to become a Registered Nurse! Some pampering after these 3 months of studying would be amazing! I love you and Michael’s podcast, all of your bog posts and your youtube videos! Your snapchats are also the best!

    Kristina xox

  48. Ugh! My beauty ad wellness routine needs a major overhaul. Winning this fantabulous giveaway would definitely put me in the right direction this summer. And what better picks than those from TSC?! So awesome. Love it. Period.

  49. Maaannn I tried SO HARD to write a review on your podcast – not only because of the giveaway, but because it’s just great – so if you have roughly 14 reviews backed up somewhere from all different name variations of “maghayes,” that’s me! But anyways, this giveaway is WILD. I can’t even tell you what a juicer would do for my life and for my wallet. Mainly, I love that all of these products just really let you take care of yourself, because if you don’t, then who will? You’re laying the groundwork for us to do that (and not just with the giveaway, with your entire brand!), and really helping us feel confident and sunshine-y. Thank you for caring so much! It’s really inspiring.

  50. I’d love to win this and split it with my best friend and mom. This year has been a little rough. Due to health issues, I had to resign and it’s a huge mindf*ck. I’m always busy busy busy. Now I have to focus on my health. Need to juice, meditate, dry sauna and yoga per doctor. I’m heading to dr for IV treatment again today. It’s one lonely journey.
    I had to finally ask my brother to take over my moms car payments since I have no income. I no longer get to splurge on beauty items on a whim. Went from making money to zero. Thank God for my supportive husband. I’m only 35 but feel like my body is giving up. I couldn’t get my mom anything for her birthday or Morhers day. This would be a great gift for all of us.
    I have followed your blog for almost 3 years and it’s my fave fun read at home, in the bathtub and at the airport. You are so classy and informative. Seems like a girls girl, someone’s BFF! Love the chill vibe you & Michael give off. #relationshipgoals
    Rated and left review on podcast
    @imnotarunner follows you on Instagram

  51. Best giveaway EVER – I would love to win (like kind of have to win)! I am in a makeup/style rut and would love to try new products. The MAC products, mini facial toning device, and TSC Bombshell Body Guide are a must try. Thanks for your blog and keep doing you!

  52. Oh I have to win this giveaway. This is for sure the best one I’ve ever seen on any blog and being a student and not having that much money to spend on beauty products and random things I want this would be perfect. And the bikinis for summer, TO DIE FOR!!! And also, your book seems amazing so that would be awesome!

  53. I want to win this giveaway, because I’m on a mission this year to take care of myself more than ever before. Soul care, self love, clean eating, taking care of my body in every way, shape, and form. This blog is one of my daily reads—it feels indulgent, but truly something I do for myself.

  54. WOW!!! What an amazing giveaway! I am getting ready to make a huge career change and have had to be very thrifty these last couple of months to prepare. I literally have not splurged on myself in months. This would be an incredible boost to keep looking toward the future to the next chapter!

  55. Lauryn, You’re my spirit animal, I swear! I live for everything you and Michael do, not just this amaze giveaway. You guys inspire me, through your Snapchat and podcast I’ve seen the confidence and thirst both you and Michael have for your work, which has in turn given me a new sense of passion in my own professional life. Thank you for taking the time to make such an amazing giveaway, I’m looking forward to using the Breville Juicer and the TSC Bombshell Body Guide, because lets be real, we all need help keeping things right and tight! And as always, brush up. #TYSM

  56. Hi Lauryn! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. It would be amazing to own so many beauty and lifestyle products recommended by you, and I’ve spotted so many on the list that I have been dying to try. Thanks for being such a dedicated blogger and just an overall awesome, funny, genuine person. xoxoxo from NYC

  57. Lauryn, You’re my spirit animal, I swear! I live for everything you and Michael do, not just this amaze give away. Through your Snapchat and podcast, you show your readers how confident and thirsty you both are when it comes to bettering your business and your personal life, which I find inspiring. Being a young individual, starting my own business, you guys give me a piece of sanity! I’m looking forward to using the Breville Juicer and of course, the TSC Bombshell Body Guide. I mean, lets be real, we can all use some help keeping things right and tight. As always, Brush up! #TYSM

  58. I’m fairly new to TSC but was hooked after I started listening to your podcasts! I’ve been meaning to check out your book… and those Vix swimsuits are amazing.

  59. I absolutely love the blog and follow it everyday! This is an amazing giveaway and I would LOVE to win!

  60. This giveaway is unreal, and I’m dying to win just because I trust your opinion so much! I’m not a natural when it comes to picking out beauty products, and your tips and tricks have been so helpful. I love everything included, but I’m probably most excited about TSC book and bombshell guide.

  61. Love your blog! ? I literally start my day by checking for updates. You have the best advice on life. I started following you from the very beginning!! This past month I’ve dealt with such adversity and would love to win… ? Breakup, sick mom, work troubles but I remained strong with your help!!

  62. Why I have to win!! My boyfriend recently left for 6 months and needless to say I have been a little down lately (long distance is a lot harder than I thought it would be). The products in this giveaway would help to give me the confidence boost I need and get me back on track with a healthy routine in my life 🙂

  63. oh i totally want to win because i NEED a juicer in my life! i am dying to make my own juice cleanse. also, dying to try the new Urban Decay lipstick formula. really. dying to try a million of these products because there are so many and i’ve been interested in them all!
    pick me! pick me! 😉

  64. I really need to win this,
    I’m going to tell you why.
    And I’m not much of a rhymer,
    But fuck, I’m gonna try.

    My job pays me in wrinkles,
    I get a new one every day.
    To smooth those mofo’s away.

    I haven’t seen the sun in months.
    I’m as white as the Twilight crew.
    I could glisten like them, too.

    I’ve been using the same straightener,
    For about a trillion years.
    Would save me many tears.

    Our Canadian winter left snow banks,
    On my love handles and backside.
    So, to look good in a VIX BIKINI,
    I’ll need the BOMBSHELL BODY GUIDE.

    I’m trying to be healthy,
    And attempting to eat clean.
    A BREVILLE JUICER could keep me moving,
    If you know what I mean.

    This giveaway would help me through,
    A life filled with many roles.
    HELLOOOOOO! Life goals!

    So now you understand why,
    I absolutely HAVE to win.
    Just think about the sad condition,
    Of my TULA SKINCARE–less skin.

    And I know what you’re going to say,
    Before it even leaves your lips.
    My writing could really benefit,

    But believe me when I tell you,
    This is the most exciting thing I’ve seen.
    So please remember when you choose a winner,
    My name is ANGELINE.

  65. Lauryn,
    I have been obsessed with your blog, instagram, snapchat, podcast [basically anything you have a hand in creating] for years now. There have been so many things you have taught me that have revolutionized mine [and my family/friends] lives… namely DRY BRUSHING, cupping, and recently, not speaking to my BF until he finishes his water like you do to Michael (v effective). I am positive that I would be obsessed with every product in this giveaway, and would most def share the love with my sister, mother, friends, aunts, 5 year old nieces who are into giving anyone who will sit still “manicures”, etc.
    Those bikinis + bombshell body guide is a match made in heaven!

    You inspire me, plus… we have the same name 😉

  66. Would be so fun to win this! I look to your blog for tips and tricks on EVERYTHING. From recipes to new (and safe) beauty products, I’m obsessed!

    1. How so very generous of you Lauryn! This giveaway is AMAZING! A lot of these products aren’t available in Switzerland, and as a self-proclaimed beauty freak, I would love to try them ALL! Especially the coconot oil shampoo and conditioner. And of course, a personalized TSC Book would mean the world, because I’ve been reading your blog for a few years and have started to see you as a role model in life – you’re just SO COOL! (I hope this doesn’t come off as stalker-y but if I’m ever in LA I would LOVE to meet you for Iced Coffee or Juice one day!) sending you loads of love and virtual chocolate from Zurich xox Anoushé

  67. I would love to win because my favorite beauty tips and tricks come from TSC. Aka- I never wash my hair any more. You’re the best!

  68. I’ve become a Skinny Confidential Addict! I listen to the podcast the moment it comes out, I read every new blog post, I follow every Snap story… The list goes on! This giveaway is INCREDIBLE and I would LOSE MY MIND in the best possible way. Thank you for being a workaholic and KILLING IT!

  69. You put together the most fabulous giveaways!! Obviously would love to win. 🙂
    Love the blog, Snapchat, and podcast! I pester my friends and really anyone with tips and facts and stories from you and Michael. They love it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  70. This giveaway is amazinggggggg! I mean it is my birthday this month (5/24).. and I’m graduating college.. but there are tons of people worthy of this and I’m sure whoever wins will just love it as much as I would! TSC has been my fave blog all four years of university so thank you for basically going through college with me!

  71. I’m beauty challenged and would definitely benefit from all of these wonderful products 🙂

  72. Hi Lauryn!
    First off, I think it’s really rad that you do giveaways like this! It would be kind of divine to win because I love trying new things-especially in the beauty world. I love recommending products to my friends and family and simply finding ways to make myself feel more healthy and beautiful because it’s quite nice to feel as though you are your best self-confidenceeee booster! I actually graduate college this Saturday (loved the podcast insight lol), & it would be awesome to try some new products and get cleansed as I take my next steps forward and start ‘adulting’ or trying to at least. haha
    Thanks for all the TSC knowledge!

  73. Okay, though I am a relatively new (and might I add, avid) stalker/lover of your blog, I WOULD BE SO HONORED TO WIN!!!!! I thought I considered myself relatively “in-the-know” when it comes to health, fitness, beauty, etc. but after reading your blog, L, and following you on every single form of social media and converting all my friends to active subscribers, I seriously have made a life change (i’m not even fucking kidding). I never thought I would (or should) care about wellness the way you do and after trying a couple remedies and tips/tricks you have mentioned (HELLO oil pulling, anything essential oils, tumeric everything and detox drink), i am HOOKED needless to say! You have so much knowledge and passion behind what you do, L, and I would love to be apart of that through winning this contest! 🙂 Thanks for being a great role model!! XX

  74. I need to win this amazing beauty loot because summer is around the corner and these prizes will get my booty in gear! Thanks for this amazingness!

  75. I would love to win this because I have been using up my old products and really not buying much make-up and only products I used up. I wanted to declutter my bathroom before getting new products to try. It’s been over a year and I could use some fresh air in my small collection…

  76. You are giving away so many products I have been wanting to try… esp that deodorant spray! I have been seriously slacking on making time to take care of myself lately and winning this would change that! Thank you for doing these giveaways- even if i don’t win they introduce me to new amazing products!!

  77. I am working on collecting more and more beauty products and trying more and more things. As a student, though, my budget isn’t the greatest. I would love to win this because then I don’t have money to worry about!

  78. Another amazing giveaway – Lauryn you are a dreamboat! Thank you so much for delivering the realness every damn day. Obsessed with your snaps and the Him & Her podcast. Would love to win all of these amazing prizes to prep for my upcoming wedding 🙂

  79. This is the best!!! I love seeing your blog and brand grow over the last couple years of reading. You are the definition of a boss. Thanks for having the best giveaways!

  80. This giveaway is ridiculously amazing! I’ve been following your blog for a while and its amazing how focus you are on your readers and making sure they feel appreciated! I’d probably be most excited for you BBG because its something I’ve contemplated getting but just having hard time getting motivated. I’m also trying to figure out my skincare and beauty routine and would be so excited to try because you’ve raved about these products.

    Keep up the amazing work and of course I’d love if you picked me for the giveaway! 🙂

  81. This giveaway is AMAZING! I would love to win because I’m going back to school for my PhD in the fall, aka I’ll be living on a student budget to for the next 5-6 years–this giveaway would be such a treat before I start school! I would use so many of these items all the time too–I don’t have a juicer, need a new curling iron, always have my nails polished, and love trying new beauty products! I’d also love to read your books and try the bombshell body guide!

  82. BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! There are so many things in the giveaway I’ve been wanting to try! Plus, who wouldn’t want a Breville juicer!? One of the top brands in my opinion for juicers!

    PS. LOVE your podcast, I listen every week 🙂

  83. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win the giveaway because new beauty products are definitely not in my budget right now! I have been using drug store products for ages, because it is all I can afford. I would love the opportunity to try new products. I did all steps to win and I hope you pick me 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Totally into this giveaway! I would die for that juicer, I’ve been eyeing it for ages but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    Long time reader and subscriber over here. Just love your blog and realness. Michael is pretty too 😉

    Have a great day babe!

  85. Holy moly, my husband would kill me but this all looks amazing. Shame i’m over in England, the postage would cripple! Good luck to whoever gets it x

  86. It would make my year to win all this fun stuff! I am always trying new products so I would love to be able to try all of this out! You always pick the best products!!

  87. Ah! This is why I love you because I get to learn ALL of your ahhmazing beauty hacks! Seriously, you’ve changed my beauty game & I couldn’t be more thankful! As a fellow San Diegan, I can truly say you’re an inspiration to many girls out there & way to go on all of your success! Thanks again for being a voice for all of us and teaching me how to look & feel my best! Thankful xoxo

  88. I would love to win this giveaway and try out the BBG and could use the blog tips 🙂 I am working on launching my blog this month and would love to write about BBG and all the products. OG TSC reader and HUGE ASS SUPPORTER of you and Susan and all your projects!



  89. I would love to win this because working full time and going to school full time doesn’t leave much room to pamper myself. If I won I would deff take some time to myself. Very awesome giveaway!

  90. I have been following you for ages! I absolutely ADORE your blog, instagram posts, podcasts…everything! You are so fabulous and I have loved watching you grow and become so successful! I am a mother to a two year old and pregnant with our second!! This would be a dream to win to help me feel normal and beautiful! 🙂 I love all of your products! I am obsessing over your PARISSA ORGANIC WAX you mentioned! Help a sister out in the hair department! 🙂 Ha Crossing my fingers! XO

  91. I would love love love to win this giveaway to help kickstart the summer beauty routine! I’m also headed to a few music festivals this summer and a lot of these products would be FAB!

  92. Hi Lauryn! Obsessed with TSC since the beginning. I used to print out your TJ’s grocery lists! I need to win this bundle of goodies because I am starting a new career and need a fresh overhaul of my beauty products and wardrobe! These products will help get on the right track! I’d also be thrilled to win the Bombshell Body Guide as second runner up! Keep up the great work! xx

  93. Done! I for sure HAVE to win this time! Things have been tight with money lately so I have not been able to get any splurge or beauty products, so it would be amazing to win! Thanks for doing so many fun giveaways, its so generous of you to do!

  94. Why do I have to win? Because I’d dieeeeee for all those products. I’m from Argentina and it is really really hard to get all of this, either you have to paid sooooo much money to get those products or you have to wait like years (!!!!!) So for me, this would be amazing and this could be what helps me to start my youtube channel!
    All the love xx
    (and i’ll be praying hoping to win)

  95. Yup, it’s true… You’re the queen of giveaways! That’s a totally epic one, a juicer, your book and a ton of makeup… Beach body & face body ready in no time. This juicer will be the perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle change I’m going through!

    Good luck everyone!

  96. Literally dying to win this! I absolutely love every tip I get from the Skinny Confidential and I feel like I could promote your brand better if I had some of this awesome stuff to try out and comment on. Plus, I just fucking love you (and Michael and Boone and Pixie too)!

  97. OMG what an amazing giveaway!! I would absolutely die if I won! I’m obsessed with Weleda & Burt’s Bees and would love to try a ton of new products plus jewellry & a bikini oh and a BKR water bottle! My juicer literally just died this weekend so this is the perfect chance to replace it.
    Listening to TSC H&H #9 right now – Love that you had a lil RHOBH moment!

  98. Love the extra credit! Already commented on iTunes and Instagram (gabskeegs) about how much I am loving everything TSC puts out. I’ve taken a lot of your beauty and health advice and they’re starting to change my life totally! As of yesterday I’m hooked on your morning detox drink. So good. I need to win the beauty giveaway because yours is the only opinion I care about anymore when I buy products! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  99. Already follow you on Insta, commented my favorite product and wrote a 5 star podcast review 🙂

    Speaking of your podcast I HAVE to win this giveaway because I just got a new job because of it. Your podcast truly motivated me to get out of a job I hated and start doing something I am passionate about again.

  100. Don’t have instagram, but I absolutely HAD to comment on this.
    As a career-student (yup, thanks Grad-school) winning this would be amazing- a way to brighten up, look better and try out things I could never afford.


  101. This giveaway is insane! I’ve been eyeing that juicer for ages and I would love to check out the beauty products you love!! I would also love to check out your book after reading nearly all your blog posts in under a month!

  102. I would die to win this! The timing would be so great because I’ve been wanting to try your bombshell body guide and my nutribullet just broke! It’s like this giveaway was made for me. I totally trust everything you share and recommend to us so to get all these products from you would be so amazing!

  103. Oh my gosh I would absolutely looooooove to win this giveaway!!!!!!! Everything is amazing… I want to read your books so bad. Also, I’ve been so into juicing lately but my juicer is not too great. PS I love your podcast. I look forward to it every week!!! I wish there was a new one every day haha. You and Michael are the best!


  104. Why do I have to win?? I mean I’d really really love to win! I am a beauty product junkie and would be over the moon to win and play with your favorite products. Another reason I want to win?? Oh, my serious jaw issues that limit the foods that I can eat – soft food diet for over a year as I have surgery in stages (3 of 5 procedures down!). Your posts on the jaw issues really SPOKE to me. Winning the juicer would help me get more greens into my system as raw veggies are difficult to chew.

  105. I’ve been totally hooked on TSC lately! I would love to win because I juice every morning, but I am stuck with using my old Magic Bullet like a peasant!! Also I’m a HUGE Urban Decay fan and would love to try the other products.

    Thanks!! Alison Pringle

  106. Love this giveaway!! I NEED a juicer in my life ASAP because I just started the BOMBSHELL BODY GUIDE and it is killer. Also loving the podcast for my morning commute! Keep them coming!

  107. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Who wouldn’t? I am a 26 year old wife, mom of 2 and real estate agent. Pretty busy. The closest I get to a spa day is when I open my dishwasher to get my pores steam cleaned. I read the skinny confidential religiously. When I say religiously I mean I check the blog every night before bed, listen to the pod casts and follow you on Instagram. My shopping cart is constantly full of TSC recommendations, which I also love gifting to friends, family members, and co workers. I want to win because I already try everything you post about and want to try more! Thanks for being so authentic and such an inspiration!

  108. Done & done! If I won, I would probably freak the EFF out – lol. Not just because I’m creepily obsessed with you (Justttt kiddingggggg?) but because I would love to be able to share all of these products with my readers. From the Nuface Mini Facial (DYING), to the juicer (NEED), to the TSC BBG Subscription (Because I am a fitness junky), I’m obsessed with it all. Heck, I am even pumped about the Kylie Jenner nail polish – haha. Any who, it’s a great giveaway and I would be ecstatic to win! You are the reason I started my blog in the first place (swear your my spirit animal), so for that alone I am extremely grateful for everything you do for your readers!

    Keep doing what you’re doing!



  109. You’re the real deal and I’d love to win because I know you’re not including anything in this giveaway that isn’t the truth!

  110. This is awesome giveaway. Id love to try the new products. I am currently not using any products because I haven’t found any that Im happy with. Im a mom to 3 kiddos and could use the help and looking for something that is just right for my skin and sex me up for the hubby 🙂 Thanks for the entry opportunity. Take care.

  111. i LOVE this giveaway…as I do basically everything that you have on this entire blog. I’m an OCD TSC fan and check everyday for updates, new articles, and constantly go back and read older posts. My fave beauty product right now is WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner….it literally feels like a facial on your head…it’s amazing. My hair is the softest its ever been, has a relaxing tea tree scent (win), and I literally feel rejuvenated and clean.I highly recommend trying it, especially in time for summer. Best way to use it, load up your hair, let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse, and repeat 🙂 works like a charm. I can’t wait to use it every time I’m in the shower. Yes, it’s that good!

    Go Falcons and Aztecs

  112. This is an amazing giveaway and a really nice way to reward your readers! Excited to listen to your new podcasts!

  113. i LOVE this giveaway…as I do basically everything that you have on this entire blog. I’m an OCD TSC fan and check everyday for updates, new articles, and constantly go back and read older posts. My fave beauty product right now is WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner….it literally feels like a facial on your head…it’s amazing. My hair is the softest its ever been, has a relaxing tea tree scent (win), and I literally feel rejuvenated and clean.I highly recommend trying it, especially in time for summer. Best way to use it, load up your hair, let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse, and repeat 🙂 works like a charm. I can’t wait to use it every time I’m in the shower. Yes, it’s that good!

    I would love to win this giveaway for obvious reasons, which I’m sure every reader on here is the same. How awesome is it to try new beauty items and find products that you never would have known of? Definitely time to kick start that summer bod (or I probably should have weeks ago), and I would be so thankful to win because it would show that you really do read every post on here 🙂
    Go Falcons and Aztecs

  114. I really really want to win this givaway! I would so extremely happy! I am a college student and therefore don’t have the funding to purchase, and try all of these beauty products. I really try to live a healthy lifestyle and I think some of the tools in this givaway will really aid me in my journey! It would mean the world if I won! Additionally I have ben reading the blog for years now and am absolutely obsessed!

  115. Every snap, every post, every podcast makes me realize how much Lauryn is my spirit animal. I thought (and according to most quizzes) it was a tiger but, no it’s all wrong. To be a part of a community that serves health and wellness with a huge side of sass is soooooo necessary when you’re a twenty year old trying to figure your shit out.

  116. I’d love to win! I’m currently undergoing a complete overhaul of my beauty routine/bag and am looking for recs everywhere! TSC is the BEST place to start.

  117. I would love to win this because I’m starting a new chapter in my life this summer that I can’t wait to get started on. I’ve lived in the midwest my whole life but always visited California in summers and just know that it’s where I’m supposed to live. It had always just kind of been a pipe dream and I never expected for it to actually happen. This year, both Michael and your advice on working hard to get what you want has really paid off and I worked my ass off to get an internship doing something I love in San Diego. Your blog has helped me realize that I can’t just sit around and expect to get what I want. I have to go after it 100% and not take no for an answer. Who knew I would come for the fashion and leave with a head full of business advice.

    I’m ready to get to California and dive headfirst into new things (inside and out of the office) and what better way to do that than with a new look. I love being able to see my style and sense of self develop and try new things. It would be amazing to get to start fresh in this new chapter of my life with some new goodies to help me out 🙂

  118. I would love to win this giveaway! I read your blog every single day and tell all of my friends about it. I’ve been reading religiously for about 2 years now and feel like I know you! Your tips and tricks are always on point and so inspirational. Each post adds a little happiness to my day and the blog is one of the reasons I’ve made it through law school with my sanity in tact (haha). My law school graduation is this weekend and winning this would be the cherry on top! I’m already subscribed to your instagram, and I definitely commented and subscribed/rated the podcast. Hope I win! xoxo Thanks Lauryn!

  119. Girl, I would love this! You are the reason I am a vitamin poppin’, green juice drinkin, no deodoratn wearing, ice rolling (obsessed), oil pullin fool! Like you said, smell like a cowboy look like Kate Moss! I live in San Diego and I keep thinking we will run into each other eventually. Love what you are doing keep it up!

  120. I would die if I won! I’m a total product junkie but am getting married this year so have had to cut back on my products, this would be unbelievable for my honeymoon, healthy diet, and bridal beauty!;). My fiancé was assaulted and had to have a complete face reconstruction (thank god he is mostly ok now) and I think the nuface would help him so much, but I haven’t had the money to buy it! Oh my gosh I hope I win! I commented on insta and reviewed TSC podcast too (which I love!). Thanks so much for all the giveaways!!

  121. i am a mama of an almost one year old and still haven’t found the time to take care of myself and find all of the lovely beauty products you recommend. 😉 i love love love your giveaways and your advice. i’ve been following you for years now, and i’ve loved watching your blog and business grow! i look forward to your real posts and the fact that you talk about things other people ignore or find awkward. love it. keep being real. xx.

  122. I’m graduating college this weekend and am totally broke (typical college grad right?) and would love to have new beauty products to start off my adult life!! I’ve loved your blog for the past two years, trying the sleep bun, oil pulling, dry brushing, charcoal pills etc. all because of your recommendations! I’ve followed your snaps and also tried to give my best tips for travel in NYC (my home). I really hope I win! I reviewed your podcast ages ago for Michael’s birthday and also commented on your most recent insta. XO

  123. Absolutely love your blog and podcast and have been eyeing so many of these products for SO long. I don’t want each and every one of them…I NEED THEM! 🙂

  124. I have been following you forever now. I absolutely love everything about you and your blog! I can’t go a day without reading it. I am a huge product junkie and I would absolutely appreciate every bit of this giveaway if I won. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win this amazing giveaway, you’re the best. <3

  125. I HAVE TO WIN because this is a bomb ass giveaway! I have been following you for years and always want to try all of the products and plans you talk about but it’s hard to keep up with/afford them all! This would be a wonderful way to explore the Skinny Confidential world 🙂

  126. What an absolutely fabulous giveaway! I would love to win because all of these products look amazing and I’d love to try them. Especially the juicer! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been wanting to start juicing, but don’t have a juicer! And I’d love to read your book, and the fact that it’s personalized AND signed, oh my gosh, that would be AMAZING! 🙂

  127. L A U R Y N- I’m dying to win this giveaway for so many reasons 🙂 I’m not a blogger, just a normal girl who loves TSC and would love to win this giveaway! I swear by all of your beauty tips/advice and thanks to you I’m now an ice roller/dry brusher/eye brow brusher upper 🙂 keep doing what you’re doing. PS. LOVING THE PODCAST 🙂

  128. I have bought so many things based on your awesome blog recommendations! Need some kickback, au gratis 🙂

  129. You know those celebs/online personalities that you’re convinced you’d be friends IRL and you and your friends refer to them on first name basis? You are that to me and my girls haha (+KyJen)! Snapchat just brings it to another level with the BTS realness. Love your giveaway + blog + tips on subjects we all wanna talk about but are too scared to bring up. Xx

  130. I would absolutely die to win this giveaway. As an avid reader/Instagram follower of yours, I’ve come to consult TSC on so many beauty/healthy lifestyle products and tips. You’ve inspired my own healthy lifestyle transformation and I’d love to incorporate some of these products into my daily routine. Regardless, I love you and will continue to be a huge fan of yours! Thank you for all that you do!


    IG: @erinvabney

  131. I HAVE TO WIN because —
    1) I’m totally & completely obsessed with TSC
    2) You always seem to find the best product in every department — I have yet to try the CALM tea, but I neeeed it.
    3) I literally tell everyone to listen to your podcast

    XO- Peyton 🙂

  132. Wow – you covered EVERYTHING in this giveaway! I NEED to win because little luxuries like these don’t come around often! Faithful longtime follower of your blog, Instagram (@rainesmom) & your podcast (love)!

  133. I NEED TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY! Not only because everything you’ve recommended has changed my life but because I could never afford to spend this much money on beauty products (especially when paying for school). I have been SUCH a huge fan of yours for the last year & read your blog & posts nonstop! Thank you for being so inspiring!! 🙂 You & Susan are the best.

    Xoxo, Ali ??

  134. I have to win because this giveaway is too good not too! I’ve been a huge fan of your blog (and podcast) for a while now. Thanks for doing stuff like this for your readers!

  135. I would absolutely die to win this giveaway! I’m pregnant and honestly, I feel terrible about myself and my image right now… Think beached whale haha. These products would be amazing to win- just to feel pretty again! Thanks for the cutest blog and most hilarious snaps. Favorite person to follow by far!

  136. I’ve been following your blog for a LONG time. Longer than any other blogger I’ve come across. Your content is always fantastic and it keeps me motivated to try new things. As a broke-ass college student trying to stay in the loop, I would be floored to win this giveaway. It really would be like, THEEEE most motivating, unreal thing ever.

    PS. Thanks for making podcasts cool!

  137. Hi Lauryn!

    You probably haven’t heard news about this, but there was a 250,000 hector (size of three Toronto’s) wildfire in the city I lived in, Fort McMurray, Alberta. Last week the entire city of 100,000 people got evacuated. It took 18 hours of non stop driving and zero sleep to get out of the city, driving through the black smoke and flames, to get to the city that would usually take 4 hours to get to, but of course because of the traffic, it took almost 5 times as long. We were constantly checking updates to see where the fire in town was, and worried to death that our home and all our belongings would be burnt down. So many people lost their houses. Most people didn’t even have time to gather any belongings before having to get evacuated. Thanks to your podcasts, my boyfriend and I had you two to listen to and take our minds off of everything going on around us. You really helped us through all that tragedy and I would be so, sooo grateful if I could this giveaway 🙂

  138. OMGGG…I HAVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  139. These products are EVERYTHING. These items are fun, promote healthy lifestyle and boost confidence! I would LOVE to win and use every single thing. Thanks!! xx

  140. I would absolutely love to win! I am obsessed with the skinny confidential and I would also be so excited to try all of these products and see how fabulous they are!

  141. I have loved your website since you started! I love the positive body imago you promote but also the beauty and celebration. I absolutely love all the products that are in this giveaway. I’ve never really been into makeup since recently and now I LOVE IT! Also I’ve entered a lot of your other contests! And I’m going to college next year and I think this would be a great starter kit for my college list. Also, having many food allergies the juicer would help me keep my healthy lifestyle even after I leave home!

  142. I have to win because if I don’t I will literally die and then come back to life as the winner reincarnate so, like, I might as well just win this in the first place. Ya know?

    Also, I’ve been obsessed with TSC for forever. So, there’s that.

  143. YAASSSS! Lauryn you’re the shit for always doing these giveaways!! I just need to win one haha

    I’m a broke college student and could never buy anything in that giveaway!!! I would die of happiness if i won!!

  144. Doing a whole mind/body/spirit/beauty make-over this summer and this would be kickstart. Love reading your blog and following you on SnapChat


  145. Oh, Lauryn! You seriously host the best giveaways ever! Those bikinis are too cute (omg that blue and white one) – can’t wait for episode #10! Your Podcast is seriously my favourite! x Shannon

  146. First, Lauren and Michael – thank you for yoir valuable two cents on all my favorite subjects: health, beauty and business. As I stated on the Podcast review, the power of you too together is making women more confident and brave in all aspects of their lives. THIS IS A WOW giveaway, not even sure how to start.

    Being in Brazil it would be AMAZING to win such a range of Beauty stuff I never get the access to here not to mention TSC book and access! As noticed worldwide we are suffering a major political and economical crisis here and our consuming power is very low at the moment, not only for lowest income but raging taxes and a very undervalued currency…

    I am very excited specially for some produts which I would love to explain!

    The Nuface device, as I have serious bloating caused for the malfunctionality of my saphenous vein which I have to go under surgery for but I am waiting on my Health Insurance approval for months.

    The TSC book is a WOW, it’s seriously in my wishlist since ever! I can’t wait to be able to look around the pages and have a piece of TSC in hand!

    Burts Bee produtcs!!!! I LOVE THIS. I love them, i love everything about them and once again not available here. Since taxes for importation is so expensive I have to buy when I travel and since we are on “savings” mode here it’s been a while since I got to really buy some.

    Mac produts, because I’m a make-up freak! And all make-up included! Shout out to your contour video which made me try for the first time for how simple it looked and I swear I am a pro now!

    Weleda! Because I am all for natural!!! Wow wow, again, not much access here!

    And, JUICER!!!!!! Finally able to really recreate your amazing recipes!!!

    Anyway, winning or not… Thank you for this opportunity. You guys rock!

  147. Hi! I’d like to win because my husband is a law student and I am supporting the both of us right now. Still, I make our health a priority and eating clean and working out is at the top of the list. Your blog has made a big impact on my life, thanks for doing this giveaway!

  148. I deserve to win this giveaway because, well, I really, really want a personalized copy of your book…hahaha.

  149. I would love to win this giveaway because I need some Skinny Confidential inspiration for the summer!

  150. I’ve been making green smoothies with your snapchat recipe for months now and they’re the most delicious breakfast — but my blender is ready to bite the dust. I really want to win this give away because I literally don’t know what else I’d eat for breakfast! Also the beauty products don’t suck either!

  151. I would love to win this giveaway because I feel like you’re such a girls girl. You always have the best advice on hair, skin, makeup, and just overall wellness tips. I love following you and if you recommend something, I don’t take that lightly! <3

  152. You are a true inspiration for women of all ages everywhere. I have been following your blog for years and your content has lead me to try so many different endeavors [Core40, Pure Barre, oil pulling, not washing my hair-LIFE CHANGER BTW.] which have changed my life. You carry yourself with grace, elegance, and are a kick-ass business woman who puts her all into everything. The fact that you want to give back to the community you have created speaks volumes about your character, and also shows how in touch you are with your audience. I just want to thank YOU for honestly being the most genuine and authentic blogger in the blogging universe [this is my own opinion, but I have a very good feeling every one of your readers agree as well :)] Winning this giveaway would only reinforce my love for your blog and the content you provide, and I mean hello you are hooking a girl up with all the stuff included! You rock, Lauryn!

  153. Lauryn, this is to DIE for!!!!! I would be thrilled to win because you have been literally my role model! I have been following you on TSC for the past 3.5 years! I have your book and read it multiple times a year (along with other books recommended by Michael from the HIM series). I am a member of the tscbombshellbody community. I am currently working according to your fitness plan every day. Thumbs up, it works!!! I checked and I love the results!!!! In addition, I absolutely love all the tips and tricks you post daily to the tscbombshellbody web-site! Your and Michael’s snapchat stories make my day every day! You guys are sooooo amazing and sooooo perfect for each other! As the rest of the ladies here, I can’t wait for your wedding pictures! Last but not least, you inspired me to create my our blog which will be dedicated to healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. I could ask you a million questions about the topic because you are the most knowledgeable person ever and you are great at what you do! I really hope I could have a chance to win and get gifts from you personally! It would be a dream come true!!!!

  154. I want to win because I’ve been following you for SO long…(ever since you worked with Max at Delicias!) You’re the reason I started doing barre religiously years ago, the reason I can spend hours in the supplement sections of Whole Foods and Sprouts, ANNNND the reason I want to go back to school for Holistic Health and Nutrition!! I look up to you so much and trust your opinion fully and would DIE if I won all this stuff!! <3

  155. Ahh this is amazing!! I HAVE to win because I have been reading your blog since the way way way beginning (maybe 5-6 years ago!) I ran into you and Michael at a coffee shop in NY a few months ago and it literally made my MONTH! I think you are amazing. Also- these products look amazing! Thank you for all that you do! And Michael too 🙂

  156. I would love to win this awesome giveaway. The books and the skincare items would be my favorites! I am busy packing/ moving our family of 6 while my husband works out of town. Keeping my 100 lb furry baby happy at the same time:) This mom of 4 who is pushing 4-0 could sure use the pick-me-up of this huge giveaway! New to your site and loving it!

  157. Sometimes bloggers get so caught up in themselves and forget to prioritize the readers. It is so refreshing to follow someone with your attitude who has such a great connection to your readers. Thanks for being true to you and giving me some of the most random/crazy beauty tips and pointers!

  158. Honestly, I would love to win this because being in two weddings this year has left me a little haggard! I love spoiling my friends and would absolutely love to share these with my best friend and sister on their wedding days! Obsessed with skincare and beauty and always on the lookout to try new products and you always have the best recommendations!

  159. I would love to win your giveaway!! I watch your snap stories, check your Instagram and read TSC daily. It would mean so much, I love all the products in it and I would love to do the bombshell body guide this summer! Thank you so much for reading this, hope I win!! 🙂

  160. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this giveaway. You are my FAVORITE blogger and I’m guilty of becoming a devotee to any product you post because they’re all so great! I love how real, honest and upfront you are about everything we ALL think about but stupidly don’t talk about (i.e. kegels, douching, B.O. haha). Seriously, thank you for that. I check your blog religiously and looooove your snaps. You are truly the queen of social media. Looking forward to your next podcast already! xoxo

  161. LOVE this giveaway! I have been wanting to buy your book and use the body guide so this is the perfect time for me to enter the giveaway! I’m overly obsessed with the Calm powder in my tea, since buying it with your recommendation I have been talking it up to everyone I know! (I’ve also entered every way I could, love listening to your podcast as well!)

  162. Dying to win!! Love your blog and podcast/snapchat! Would be so excited to try all of this awesome stuff!

  163. I would absolutely love to win this GiveAway because I get so many of my favorite new products from your site. I grew up my whole life in San Diego, CA and I love that I have found a blog to follow of a San Diegan (?) who keeps up with all the latest, natural, organic, fun, useful things and shares them with the world. I currently work and live in NYC and I check your blog all the time while I’m at work for an informative break. I keep up with your blog on Insta and Snapchat and learn so much! This GiveAway would be a total dream to win. I love sharing products with all of my friends and family and this would be a great way to try great new stuff. Keep doing you Lauryn <3 Thanks! xx Livie

  164. Hi Lauren! I would love to win this giveaway. I have been a huge fan of yours for years and love the knowledge you have given me of how to love and treat my body right! Every product you talk of I have to get my hands on. I have been wanting and eyeing this juicer for years! Xoxo

  165. You always do the best giveaways! I love everything you have on here and I’ve been dying for a new juicer… thanks Lauryn!

  166. Reason number one why I need to win is that I’ve been very curious as to what’s in the TSC BSBG and I’m too broke from paying back student loans to purchase. Reason number two why I need to win which should probably be number one is because I LOVE MYSELF and beauty products are a fun way to treat myself, make me feel good, and something I don’t often have the time to do. I’m a driven software developer and sometimes the deadlines don’t stop, but when they do its SO so so sso important for my well being to treat myself. Also, did I mention that I’m broke from paying back my student loans and living outside of my parents house hah. – RaeCucs

  167. I would love to win because I have been following your blog forever and have never won anything before! I love all your beauty tips and would love to try out some of these products!!!

  168. I am in college currently and being the broke college girl that I am all these amazing products (especially the juicer) that I wish I could afford would be incredible to have!! I have also been lacking in inspiration lately regarding most aspects of my life, so learning about blogging tips and starting the TSC Bombshell Body guide would definitely get my motivation going to do something with my summer other than work lame jobs!
    You are amazing Lauren keep doing you 🙂

  169. SO excited for your giveaways! This one is amazing. I have been wanting to try a lot of these products. Thank you for offering giveaways. I am always interested in trying products that you use/believe because several of the ones I have tried from your blog and snapchat have really helped my skin and overall health. Thanks Lauryn!

  170. Such an incredible giveaway! Just started using Weleda products and so excited to see them in here! I’m about to start my dissertation, and it would be great to have these products to help remind me to indulge in a little self-care every once in a while!

  171. I need need need this giveaway so my college roommate and I can be fun & fit babes on a budget style! It would be the perfect way to kick my ass into gear after finals. Plus my roommate is a professional dancer so the juicer and bikini body guide would be perfect for us!!

  172. I would love to win this giveaway because I just landed my dream job after years of grad school + grunt work and I really need a new professional look. I think these beauty products will help me go from stressed grad student to #girlboss. Fingers crossed!

  173. OH EMMMM GGEEEEEEEEEEEE I want to be a flawless blonde beach babe with all of these amazing products! Gimmie the products and I’ll supply the confidence and swaggger to rock them errrrr’y day! xoxoxo

  174. I really would love to win because I am graduating college on friday!! I am joining the Teach For America corps to teach at a low income/high need school in Houston and I won’t be getting paid until August because I will be training intensively all summer! It would be the cherry on top of four years of hard work and a little thing to hold me over on beauty purchases until I officially start getting paid!

  175. I am so glad I came across your blog over 8 months ago. I love reading all your tips and you’re so honest about everything! It’s so refreshing!

    I’m hoping to win because I LOVE beauty products SO MUCH and for the reasons above as well! Also I’m on a tight budget recently because I need to pay off school loans, so little luxuries like this haven’t been happening lately. It would mean a lot!

  176. I’ve been a TSC reader for years and have never participated in a giveaway until now. I just moved to NYC a month ago and had to do away with most of my beauty products. This giveaway would be the perfect fresh start for a new city and seriously help me settle in!


  177. Well I just have to win because of those freaking bathing suits! Im obsessed. Im also borderline obsessed with TSC so I take all of your recommendations v. seriously and would love to try out all your fave products.
    Thanks for the giveaway Lauren!

  178. OMG! I absolutely love this giveaway!!! I recently just started a new job and have been feeling a little insecure with my career change. To win this, would be a great little confidence booster. It’s always difficult when moving into a new environment and pampering yourself up each day before you head out the door to work would be a major plus! Pick me Lauren, please! 🙂

  179. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!! Some of these products I have never heard of, and I would love to try each and every single one. HUGE thank you! xx

  180. Lauryn, you are the best!

    Why I would LOVE to win–
    1) Because you give the most HONEST reviews (and real advice!), so I know if you’re including a product in a giveaway, then it means you have tried it and loved it!
    2) Yesterday I bit the bullet, took a chance, and applied for a position that would be a huge promotion at work! Even though I’m the youngest and least experienced person on my team, I decided to be confident and just do it. (Michael’s post a couple weeks ago about no excuses was seriously a push that I needed.) The products in this giveaway would definitely help to bring my stress levels down and give me that extra confidence boost! Because when you look and feel great, your confidence shows 🙂

  181. Hope I’m not too late! Tomorrow is my birthday so winning this amazing gift would be such a treat! Love your blog and have been reading it since the beginning! It’s been great watching you grow professionally and it’s inspiring to us girl bosses xoxoxo

  182. I did all of the above!! I don’t know if it matters that my itunes account is different – email/username for it would be or Emily Benzing. But I HAVE to win because I’m a beauty fanatic – these are products I would absolutely use every single day. I just love everything about this giveaway!

  183. I would love to win this giveaway! I’m looking to reboot my beauty and health/wellness routine (gelatin already on the way!) this summer, and this would be a major boost.

    Fingers crossed!


    But seriously though!
    Thank you so much for literally everything, your advice goes a long way, i have no idea what i’d do without this blog, (and of course your instagram, snapchat, etc etc.which are actually goals every day)!

    Love you so so much thank you for everything!

  185. I love love love your blog and follow you on Insta and Snap and check your blog everyday. My favorite is probably your and Michael’s Snaps. You two are the cutest. I seriously take all your recommendations and buy everything almost immediately!! You’re blog is amazing and so real. I really enjoy all your honesty and writing about things that others shy away from. 🙂

  186. Lauryn!
    So much love and appreciation for you!
    Your blog has been such a MASSIVE inspiration for my personal lifestyle whether it be your TSC Detox drink (religiously made daily) or your beauty tips (brushing eyebrows up forever and always).
    Thank god I have your blog who is literally my online girlfriend giving me the 411 on anything important for us girls.
    Off to binge-watch your and Michael’s snapchats while doing the Bombshell Body Guide.
    Hope to hear from you, C x

  187. I would love to win this giveaway! I love experimenting with new skin and hair care products, as well as makeup and this give away has some awesome products. Have loved following your blog!

  188. Hey Lauryn! Hope you’re doing well! LOVING this giveaway! Just took care of all of the steps, and I’m hoping I win, because I could definitely use all of this, especially the straightener. Mine has been acting really weird and overheating, so I haven’t been able to use it! 🙁 Thank you for all of your content, and thank you for being so inspiring! You are my role model in so many ways, and I definitely appreciate all you do for me, my blog, and all of TSC community! We love you!!!! May positive vibes always flow your way!

    -xox Jeni


  189. I recently started to religiously follow your blog/insta/snapchat (creepy, right?) No, but seriously! I look to your blog for tips on all things beauty, wellness, recipes ETC. It’s weird to feel a connection to someone you don’t even know, but I guess that’s the world we live in now! I think you are super down to earth and real about everything you post, which is rad! I appreciate the brutal honesty and hilarious tid bits you share on all of your social media accounts. Your relationship with your fiance is serious goals, and basically just hilarious. Anyways I’m creeping myself out with this post so I’ll just get to the point. I have always been an avid health NUT, but I definitely slip from time to time. I have found it beyond helpful to look to your blog for all my health/just general life inspirations. I for sure look up all your recommendations and try to fit them into my lifestyle whenever I can. Basically the reason I am professing my love is to obviously win the giveaway. JK but seriously though, I am a kindergarten teacher and I can;t afford to buy everything you recommend (super bummer)… so that’s why I should win? haha If anything I hope you read this and realize how helpful you are to peiple! I can tell how hard you work and I totalllly get it. In my proffession I’m all about helping change lives in a positive way, and you have done that for me. My life can be extremely emotionally and mentally stressful so thank you for being an outlet for me. I’ll stop rambling nowww! xx

  190. I am SWOONING looking at all these products… Lauryn idk how you can even part with this giveaway!! The wrap around bikini top… ay yi yi

  191. I would LOVE to win because I’m a mama to a 21 month old beautiful boy and expecting my second sweet boy in 5 weeks! It’s a household of boys for this gal and I rarely get the chance to shop for or pamper myself with beauty care so it would be amazing to receive so many incredible products to take care of MY needs! Thank you Lauryn!

  192. I would love to win this give-away because who wouldn’t?!
    I have been having a difficult year with family members health wise.
    If I win this give-away I am going to divide it up between my family members. This would be a super way to give everyone who has had a hard time to have a smile on their face.

  193. Amazing giveaway! I should only be so lucky! Love the other products you have suggested so I imagine this giveaway will be amaze.balls.


  194. I’m a newby to this make-up, primp, and pamper world! Thanks to some great friends with no tolerance for a bare face and sweatpants, I’m learning and loving this new person who primps in the mirror every morning; my collection is lacking some luster though…Just sayin! Would love to have alllllllll of this as my first real leap into the ocean called beauty!!! New fan of your page BTW and I absolutely love it! You have me dying on the daily girl!

  195. I MUST WIN!! Because I love all of these products and am building my makeup collection!! Working on getting things started and would love to incorporate!! I love your blog! It really does brighten my day. And your content is relatable!! I talk about your boob job post today!! -getting off topic– I really want to win especially the juicer!! My roommate is allergic to lots of stuff and it’s really hard to find juices she can have!!

  196. I have to win because 1. I absolutely love you and everything you do. 2. Today is my birthday. 3. I followed all of your instructions. 🙂 You are so generous and you rock!

  197. Hi Lauryn (and Michael and the pups!)
    Like everyone else, I’d love to win the giveaway! I’ve been following TSC for the past three years and have loved seeing your brand develop and to see how you balance your work/home/love life while pursuing your passions! I’m graduating from grad school this month (eek) and browsing your Instagram and posts have been keeping me sane during this super stressful time. My favorite part about TSC is that you’re so open and upfront about balancing the craziness of life with the lifestyle you want to live! I want to do my yoga and be cognizant of what I put in my body and not feel bad about eating mint chocolate chip ice cream some times, and I respect that you see the balance in that too! But anyways, this giveaway is absolutely amazing and I’d love to win it to ease my transition from graduate school into ‘the real world’.

  198. my boyfriend and I just broke up today so winning this would be sooooo amazing on such a crummy horrible day -heartbreak can always be cured by pampering yourself right?

  199. Thank you SO much for hosting this! You’re so sweet 🙂 I would absolutely love to win because I’m slightly obsessed with TSC and have been desperately wanting to follow all your advice and tips for ages, but as a broke college student I really can’t afford it. Winning this giveaway would mean the world to me!

  200. I would love to win the giveaway because I’m a long time reader and really trust your opinion and research. If you recommend a product I take your endorsement seriously. It would be a great surprise to win the beauty giveaway because I am starting medical school in July and will be on a strict budget. I won’t be able to splurge or experiment with any products. The juicer would be a great thing for a medical student to have since I need to keep healthy and keep my immune system strong so that I can have all the energy to study.

  201. I adore all of your lifestyle, beauty and health tips and tricks! I’ve been a close follower of yours for years and would love to win such a big haul to try even more of your favorite things!

  202. I would absolutely love to win all these amazing products. I feel like your my go to girl on beauty, health fitness and fashion. I love sharing tips w you on Snapchat. It’s like ur my virtual that weird? I trust your opinion and if you love it then I know I will too. Fingers crossed bc this giveaway is the bomb dot com times 1000!! Xo

  203. I would love to win this giveaway for a ton of reasons, I think it’s amazing that you are giving away all these wonderful products that many (including myself) would be unable to afford! I mostly interested in The Skinny Confidential Book that you will be giving away because I have been trying to create a healthier lifestyle for myself- I love all your healthy recipes and tips and it would be amazing to own a SIGNED copy. Thank you so much!

  204. Great giveaway! This is amazing! I am really loving your podcast! You are BOTH doing a fantastic job! These products would be awsome to win but I would be most excited about the TSC Bombshell Guide! Fingers crossed!

  205. Ugh you and the TSC team are da BEST.

    I just reviewed on iTunes ( I think I reviewed it twice LOL) but commented and all that jazz.

    This giveaway is MAJOR and would be amazing, since I am currently making the shift to blog full time, and money is TIGHT. So any of these things would never happen for me right now anyway! I love the blog do tips, the tamanu oil, MAC products…

    so dope!

    Love you guys.

  206. Hi Lauryn!!

    To be honest there are probably people who need this more than I do, but I would absolutely love to win this. I have been following you for quite a long time (almost since the beginning) and recently had the pleasure of meeting you and Michael. This was truly something else for me. Since the beginning I loved the idea of your blog–the balance in all aspects of life. But part of me was very skeptical that it was some fake perfection, however after meeting you in person every little bit of doubt dissapeared. The authenticity was unreal. You didn’t have to meet the psycho (me lol) who was borderline harassing you on snapchat haha, but you did. And it wasn’t a 5 min photo op, it was a genuine interest.

    You have changed my life in many ways (eating, wellness, fashion, fitness) but most importantly you have helped me stay in my own lane, do what I would like to do, ignoring the haters. (The coyotes howl but the caravan keeps moving).

    Winning this would simply help me enhance my own life, the TSC way.
    I can’t wait to see where TSC goes, it’s evolution amazes me every month.

  207. I would die a little if I was chosen to win. I really love reading lauryn’s blog. I trust her advice for pretty much. If I won that would be amazing.

  208. Would love to win this GIVEAWAY to help get me summer ready! I enjoy all your posts.


  209. I’d absolutely love to win this giveaway. I’m currently on disability and trying to work on my health and eating cleanly, but don’t really have the money to do it like I really want to. The juicer would really come in handy, and all the lovely goodies would help me to spoil myself through all of my health problems in the meantime.
    I also never, ever win anything. lol

  210. Lauryn! You giveaways are the best! And I love how your blog hasn’t lost the prrsonal touch as most do… Please don’t!!

  211. Is this for REAL? 2500 worth of amazing giveaways?!? This just proves how REAL and authentic you are and how much you care about your readers. I know we appreciate it so very much. That being said, Lauryn I would LOVE LOVE LOVVVEEEE if I won this. EVERYTHING looks amazing and I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I legit have been reading this blog for three years and love everything about the way you carry yourself and your brand. I feel like I honestly know you and that is an incredible feat for a blog! I know you are proud and inlove with what you do and you absolutely should be. — I can’t tell you enough how much my dirt sack poor Canadian self would be so grateful if I happen to be chosen!

    Thank you againnnnnnnnnn xoxoxoxox

    And thank you to the whole team for everything you do!!! So happy to have TSC in my life 🙂

  212. Hey Lauryn!
    I would love to win because most (if not all) recommendations you’ve made to us readers have become my favourite products. I’ve shared so many of your posts and tips with friends, and we have never been disappointed. I started reading your blog almost three years ago and I don’t think I have missed a post yet. I am in grad school and am always on the computer, and I look forward to taking a break each day to read your posts. I love that you post daily, one of the reasons you quickly became my favourite blog (and bloggers), but most of all I enjoy how open you are in all of your mediums (a word I learned from your podcasts lol), which helps myself as a reader feel like you’re a friend giving advice. I’ve loved following both you and Michael on SnapChat and now on the podcast, in getting to know more about you as people, as a couple, and of course your business sense and tips that you share so openly. While I would be extremely fortunate to win this giveaway, regardless I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to thank you and share my gratitude for everything you do! P.S. I love the new(ish) layout on the TSC app ☺

  213. I neeeeeeed to win because I think you’re amazing, hilarious, and I love everything you do!

  214. I need to win this because I love everything this giveaway has to offer, and because it would save me a whole bunch of money that I don’t have.. Trying to live like you is not easy, and obviously I am going to want all of this even if I don’t win. I read your blog religiously, and actually found Chelsey Rose through you, and now follow her which is what led me to this. The collaboration is so awesome.

  215. Ahhh! I have to win because those urban decay lipsticks would make an awesome graduation present.

    I’d also be able to start paying off my loans since I wouldn’t have to buy any new beauty products any time soon. Haha!

  216. So I would love to win especially a couple of these items for a couple of reasons. 1. the breville juicer because I have recently started eating a vegan diet, 2. the bombshell body guide because I have been needing to try out your program but I just am having issues keeping to one thing and finding an exercise I love, 3. I have been DYING to try out the Tula products you recommended in once post, and 4. the blog doo tips because I just started a blog a little bit ago and I am doing it because I LOVE IT but tips and help would be amazing making my blog the best it can be. I love your blog lauryn and winning one of your give aways would be amazing and such a blessing! xoxo Chandler Hennelly

  217. I’ve been a longtime reader (4 years!) and live the blog! Thank you for all your great recommendations on products!

  218. I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty uncomfortable lately so winning this giveaway would help distract me from this big belly!

  219. I’m coming into a new chapter of my life and this would be a great start! I’m in love with everything in this giveaway and it’s a dream come true! Will continue supporting everything you do. I matter what!

  220. Hi Lauryn! First of all, thank YOU for all you do for the TSC community. I seriously look forward to reading your posts (and now also listening to the podcast) every day, and you are such an inspiration! Stumbling upon The Skinny Confidential is actually what motivated me to start my own blog last year, so I really appreciate all that you do 🙂

    Anyways…I HAVE to win this giveaway because…

    1) I am dying to try the Bombshell Body Guide! I’m in college, and it’s sometimes pretty hard to get myself to the gym. I know that you’ve mentioned that you’ve done the guide in your hotel rooms and whatnot, so I would love the opportunity to try this program, which seems pretty amazing AND manageable!

    2) I love all of the beauty products you’re featuring! I don’t have a ton of disposable income right now to spend on this type of stuff since I’m kind of a broke a** college girl (ha!), and could totally use some of those lovely picks!

    3) THE JUICER. Right now I just make juice recipes in my blender, which is obviously not the same thing as juice! Would so love to try an actual juicer!

    Thanks so much for doing this for your readers, we really appreciate it! 🙂 xx

  221. EEK! I wrote a similar long ass comment on your podcast review but I couldn’t see my post so I wasn’t sure it worked! I wanted to make sure you got this so if you read this twice, I’m sorry 🙂

    I was introduced to The Skinny Confidential at your signing party in Del Mar a few years ago! A friend of mine was working for Suja at the time and I helped her set up that super cute champagne bar 🙂 I instantly became a follower and fan but it was when you started posting about your jaw surgery that I really started gravitating to your work. I’ve also struggled with severe TMJ and your realness was so inspiring and relatable to my life. Unlike most bloggers, I find your work genuinely interesting. You have a sense of ‘vunerable swag’ that can’t be matched.

    I love that you’ve started introducing Michael into your brand. I too work with my boyfriend and can relate on SO many levels. You and Michael are killing it and I enjoy listening to your stories, advice and banter each week!

    Keep up the amazing content

  222. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! There are so many amazing products that I would just love to try. I’ve been dying to buy a juicer, but as a broke University student cannot afford it…so winning that would make my day!. I would also love to get your skinny confidential guide and bombshell body guide as they look amazing. I have been reading your blog for years and I find you give such great advice.Whenever life gets busy, and I don’t have time to read your blog, I also somehow make it back! I can tell that you are passionate about your posts and appreciate that you want to give back to your readers. If I won, I know my sisters & friends would also be grateful, as I know they will make me share all these goodies 😉

  223. This is the ultimate giveaway & I have to win because I’ve followed the blog so long and it has already changed my life. Your wellness and beauty tips have me feeling confident and energetic every single day. As a college student this giveaway would be a dream come true. All of your advice has worked for me in the past so I know that all the products in this giveaway would revamp my routine! Thank you for giving back to us and I hope that I can get lucky enough to win this time because I would be so honored. Keep up the amazing work you are such an inspiration!

  224. I would sooo love to win (like everybody else here, duh!) cause this giveaway is the bomb!! Seriously this would be like Christmas in the summer but like 10 times better! ha! I can soo see myself making a juice while wearing the bikinis and trying all the make up ( i would not know what to try first :p) Thx for these giveaways Lauryn!! Muchos love from Belguim! X

  225. Have to win because this is the greatest give away ever. Period. End of discussion.

    Keep killin it girl!!

  226. Hey Lauryn!

    Well, winning this would like MAKE MY WHOLE YEAR! I can’t even put to words how happy I would be, I became a make-up/fashion/health junkie since following you and before that I did not know about highlighters and alligator clips.. I’m so glad I ran in to your blog, you’re such an inspiration and addition to my day to day life. (Like, for real!!)


  227. Holy Balls!! Great giveaway!
    I need to win because these products all look fucking INCREDIBLE! And because it would be impossible to find any of these in New Zealand. (Legit impossible – not hard, but impossible).
    The most FAB beauty product of all time is from Ocean Organics (yep, an NZ brand – but this treat thing goes both ways 😉 haha kidding). It’s a gummy ointment, all natural – and heals EVERYTHING – pimples, cracked lips, ingrown hairs, ANY SKIN ISSUE. I put it on and sleep in it (cos it’s properly gunky) – rarely do I need to use it two days in a row (but can also depend how picky I am being). It is crazy-arse good.

  228. I must win because my sister showed me your blog and I have been in love ever since. I constantly tell people about your recipes such as the tomato soup as well as putting mineral water with orange juice. They are so simple yet both make a world of a difference.

  229. Lauryn you’re seriously the BEST! How kind and generous of you! I just have to win because I’m a huge fan and would lovingly use all these products to the last drop! HA 🙂 Also I have a daughter who just turned 13 and is just starting to show an interest in beauty products and I would THRILLED to share the wealth with her! YAY!
    (*following on inst – kaizenfashion, commented on your insta photo, left a review too)

    love love love!

  230. I think I should win because I am a huge Skinny Girl Confidential fan! Plus I have a 15 month old, and winning something for myself would be wonderful! Everything has been about the baby (who I am totally crazy over), but this mommy is ready to get back to making things about me again; meaning having a beauty and body regime again! Please pick me! I could use the pick-me-up!

  231. I am getting married in October and these products would be AN AMAZING way to prep for the big day! My beauty budget has also taken a hit these past few months with home repairs,medical bills (my finace was hit by a truck last year while on his motorcycle), and wedding planning. I would love to be able to spoil myself!

  232. I have to win so that I can share all of the TSC love with everyone. A stash this big just screams out to be shared, with family, friends and coworkers alike. We could have a TSC giveaway winner party….party favors for everyone!
    You get a car, you get a car, you get a car….well you know what I mean

  233. I would love to win this giveaway to pamper myself after being so stressed out about getting a new job! I would love to have a treat-yo-self day!

  234. Lauryn! I would die for this giveaway!!!!! I feel like I say this every time, but you are such an inspiration and your blog legit makes my day every day! I work in a high stress corporate environment, and I love my coffee and lunch breaks when I can read TSC and get inspired to eat healthy, work out, and just take better care of myself overall. This giveaway would make my YEAR- so many amazing products that I would actually die for. As always- thanks for even the chance to win this stuff!


  235. Ahhh would love to win this! Seriously amazing. Still struggling with myself postpartum so this would be a huge boost to my self confidence!

  236. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I just had my son a month ago and it would be so great to have all these products, especially the Juicer, when I am aloud to start working out again and get back into shape. Thanks for the chance to win! <3

  237. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win this giveaway – you’ve teamed up with some awesome people to make this amazing giveaway, super inspiring! Also would love a chance to try out the bombshell beauty guide 🙂

  238. I’d LOVE that juicer!!!!!!!!!! I love dropping off fresh juices to friends/family, and this would be perfect!

  239. Love your blog and podcasts! Always so interested to try the products you love. I trust your opinions and hope to try all these awesome products out!

  240. While all of the ladies commenting here are deserving to win, there are just SO many products here I have been wanting to give a try, it would be AMAZING to win! I want that Nuface <3

  241. Hi Lauryn!
    I have been following you for SO long & I swear by all of your amazing tips. I have a two year old & all your advice has helped me transform myself after having him. I felt so worn down, losing hair, uneven face – but after trying so many of your magical tips, it’s helped me transform & I know winning this giveaway would take it over the top. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!! By the way, love the new podcast- you guys are my very favorite couple!! Xxo- Katie

  242. I have to win because all of the products are always amazing and I want ALL of them! Most of the time I can only get 1 out of every 10 recommended so all of this would be fabulous! And, bonus for the bombshell body guide!

  243. So need to win because I absolutely NEED each one of these items. Chic fake eyewear – yes please. A juicer? OMG YES! Skin care stuff? Yes, yes and YES! Make me new SC! 🙂 xoxo

  244. All of the products in this Giveaway are so rad! I’d be over the moon grateful to win. I definitely NEED this juicer – and would be so so thankful for everything else! I have been a loyal follower for years now, and I think it’s great that you continue to give back to your readers/subscribers! Salute to your ever-progressing and successful lifestyle blog, and to your & Michael’s new (awesome) podcast adventure! <3


  245. If you don’t enter you will never win, right!? I’ll never quit entering these, even if I feel desperado at times 😉 Can’t imagine how awesome it would be to own all of these amazing, love-yourself type of items. It’s everything my eyes light up for in one giiiiiant bundle. thanks for putting this together – would love to be chosen!

    Thanks, Lauryn!!

  246. Hi Lauryn!

    Absolutely obsessed with your blog. I was so excited when I found out you were doing the podcast to further expand on some things you talk about on snapchat because I literally screenshot all of it lol. BTW love the podcast- hilarious. Like you, I’m really big into health/wellness routines. I just recently got back from studying abroad in Spain for 4 months and while it was the most amazing experience ever (like ever) I wasn’t able to do a lot of my daily wellness routines; needless to say I’m feeling a little off. I got a bunch of stuff you talked about on the blog that totally resonated with me to help me get back on track but I think this giveaway would help too 😉 Not to mention I’m a broke college student trying to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle on a budget. Regardless, still love TSC and check it daily for new inspiration!


  247. What an amazing giveaway! I’d love to win because I never end up spending money on myself. It’d be so amazing to try all of these!

  248. Lauryn, you have literally been the biggest inspiration in my life these past few months. You inspire me everyday, you bring me joy + laughter with your straightforward blogposts + podcasts. Obsessed with all your YouTube videos + insta posts. You are MY game changer. If my day is kinda yuck I just check in with all your social media + I feel renergized, inspired + excited. You make me SO happy! Winning this aaahhh-amazing give away would be perfection as I am in a huge transition in my life that is focusing on beauty from the inside out. Your TSC Bombshell guide + the juicer would help play major rolls in this adventure in healthy living. I LOVE TSC + you Lauryn!

  249. I mentioned this in my podcast review, but I honestly cannot overstate how much you have positively influenced my life in every way! I now live a life in total pursuit of health, authenticity, and balance. I look forward to soaking up your blog (in its many forms) every chance I get!

  250. I mean, I could go on and on with my list of reasons why I would DIE to win this. Like the fact that I’ve never won a giveaway in my life, or the fact that I just graduated and this would be a fun celebratory gift, or that I’m broke and in dire need of new beauty products. BUTTTTT. I won’t. (see what I did there? 😉 ) I would be honored to win your giveaway. Especially because I’ve been absolutely dying to try your bombshell body guide. So. Pick me? xox

  251. Hi Lauryn,

    I love that you appreciate your readers and are doing amazing giveaways like this one. Thanks for giving back to us! Your blog is so inspiring and it’s a part of my daily morning routine with my coffee to catch up on new posts and listen to the podcast. I’d love to win because I’m truly a part of The Skinny Confidential’s audience and community. Your blog has helped me in every day of my daily life and it continues to help me learn about all the things that I love – health, fitness, cooking, work, relationships…I could go on 😉

    Keep up your amazing work – I always look forward to all that you do!
    xo Adrianna

  252. I would love to win because I’ve never won anything in my life and I often don’t try new products because it’s hard to spend the money on them sometimes not know weather or not you will like them. And I have been wanting to get into juicing, my brother and his new wife just started and have been raving about it!

  253. Def need to try the juicer. I have smoothies a lot, but having a juicer at home would save so much time and money and keep me healthy!

  254. Wow, this seems about impossible, right? All of these loyal followers, I’m one in a million! But really, I would die (actually) to win this give-away, 1) because I could brag to my friends and blog followers that THE Lauryn from TSC sent me all this stuff and 2) because wow, as a poor grad student, when have I last treated myself with such amazing stuff!?…here’s a clue. The answer is that it’s been seriously forever and a day. So please choose me! I’ll be sincerely grateful (& fit & beautiful & stylish).

    Em Burton

  255. I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve been a longtime follower and always refer people to your blog! I love your perspective, it is different and refreshing! xoxo
    (also commented on instagram and subscribed to the podcast)

  256. Wow, impressive giveaway! I would absolutely love to win this because I have a hard time justifying purchasing things for myself, when I have two young children to take care of. Sorry, Im not sorry for pulling the mom card- this giveaway is the ultimate gift for pampering oneself inside to out, something I could most definitely and gratefully use! I would love to win this specifically from you because I find your blog and podcast super inspiring and I always look forward to reading and listening to it!

  257. OMG this is the best giveaway I have ever seen!! So many fabulous products! Love your blog so so much and would love to win 🙂

  258. Winning this would be amazing amazing! You and Michael are seriously inspirational and just down right bad ass! From the podcast to the styling tips to all the natural stuff you two are into…I’m just lovin it! Fingers crossed!

  259. I would love to win this giveaway all things I’ve been dying to try!! I just started accutane & my skin is struggling so I really NEED these amazing products to help me through these next couple months! I’m such a fan of you & Michael’s xx

  260. I absolutely need to win this because I’m turning 30 and looking to start acting/feeling/looking more girly, I barely own any makeup so this would be a great start and looks like so much fun to play around with! Also I would die for those gorgeous bikinis and the juicer! Love your blog & podcast, thank you! x

  261. Wow you have the best giveaways!!! I would love to win because I have tried most of the products and beauty tricks you’ve recommended over the years and 99% of the time you are on point, so i am sure those will be no different!!! Thank you for your dedication and sincere effort to share your tips with us.

  262. I’ve already written a review for the podcast ❤️ It makes my 40 minute commute seem like 5! I’m crushing hard for this giveaway because a creepy amount of the items are things I love or are on a list of things I want to buy! Like literally I have a list of things mostly from links on your blog ? BUT mostly I’m dying over the suits because I just moved to Florida and keep talking myself out of buying a new one since I want to spend all my extra money on my little sister’s 21st birthday at the end of the month!!


  263. Okay, let’s just be honest… I don’t “have” to win this giveaway.. But HOLY SHIT it would totally be the tits if I did win this giveaway. I live in a small ass town (we don’t even have a mall or a wal-mart), so I can never just leave the house and buy some cool beauty products! I order everything online so this would save me lots of shipping costs haha.

  264. I looooveee trying new beauty products and these seem all amazing!! Also, would love to have a juicer to help me with my fruit and vegetable intake. Such an amazing giveaway!!

  265. I would love to win this because…. heck why do I even need a reason. You know how amazing this giveaway is. I’m a student so this would set me up for the next 5 years <3

  266. I would LOVE to win this giveaway (who wouldn’t haha). It is packed full of goodies that I want to try or are already obsessed with! I’ve been on a juicing kick recently but unfortunately don’t have my own juicer so winning that would be game changing!! I’m super stoked about the water bottle, skinny confidential book, and the blue Vix bikini!! Thank you Lauryn for constantly giving to your readers. I don’t know what I would do everyone without my Skinny Confidential!! I rely on you for so much lifestyle advice!

  267. i HAVE to win because i literally talk about you everyday to my friends, clients, boyfriend. everyone that i share your blog with lives are instantly changed. seriously.

  268. I subscribed, but couldn’t figure out how to rate the podcast? Anyway, I’d love to win this mix of product because you always have such good product recommendations! would be wonderful to have the opportunity to test them all out!

  269. Oh my goodness! Lauryn! This giveaway is insane! I would LOVE to win because I’ve sworn off buying more makeup or body care stuff until I have a safe amount in my bank account and can move to a new place…but I MISS buying girly stuff. <3 This would be amazing.
    Commented on your podcast (which is ADORABLE), commented on IG, and obvi I follow you!
    Hugs dahhling! <3

  270. Dyyying over those bikinis!! And I need that juicer for the kitchen in my new house!!! ???

  271. Hi Lauryn ! I NEED to win this give away. I’ve perused your blog every once in a while, but since finding TSC again via podcast I’m totally hooked. I needed a little something to get my shit together and TSC had the perfect suggestions. I have been incorporating lots of your suggestions into my routine and it’s totally helping. Fitness, skin care, overall beauty and wellness, everything that sounds like it could work for me and I’m loving it. This giveaway be the perfect way to continue with my brand new positive trend.

    XO, Chelsie

  272. I would honestly just love to win.. Probably most to get my hands on a signed copy of your book (does that sound creepy? Haha), and also the body bombshell guide! Need some motivation. however, all the beauty products is also amazing! Sounds to good to be true! 🙂 thank you for a great blog, I really like following your life (creep again?) 🙂 😉

  273. This would be the most amazing prize to win going into final exams! A little lymphatic drainage and bombshell body to destress, juicer to stay healthy under stress, and bikinis to keep me looking forward to vacation after all the late night study sessions! Love it!

  274. I would love to win because hello, look at that SWAG. But furthermore, *healthy/sexy/indulgent* SWAG. I love following your blog because you are such an advocate for women and women’s health– mentally, physically, nutritionally… Your content is made to help your readers, not talk about yourself. This giveaway is a total embodiment of your brand as a whole. I would love to bring a little more health, fitness, and sassiness into my life!

  275. My friends referred your blog to me, and I became obsessed with how relatable you are!! Seriously, you speak from the heart and I love it. I have been trying to become more consistent with a healthy lifestyle and your TSC Bombshell Body Guide has been a great starting point! Winning this basket would keep my motivation going! ??

  276. I would die to win!! All of the products featured I’ve heard are amazing, and a few of them are my favorites! My friends referred your blog to me, and I became obsessed with how relatable you are!! Seriously, you speak from the heart and I love it. I have been trying to become more consistent with a healthy lifestyle and your TSC Bombshell Body Guide has been a great starting point! Winning this basket would keep my motivation going! ??

  277. Hi Lauryn! “Virtual” little sister Tami here. Your blog posts and snapchat stories always brighten my day and this giveaway would be no different. All these goodies, from you, would definitely bring joy and good vibes at a much needed time as I go through some tough stages with my MS. Xoxo Tami

  278. I love all of these giveaways! As I said before winning one of your giveaway would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g for me because most of the products that you are giving away can not be found in Italy, being able to trying them would be so cool! Plus I’m moving out in my first apartment sooo I’m going to be on a budget for a while 😛 stocking up with great products would be a win win
    Finger crossed

  279. Hi Lauryn

    I’d love to win this give-away it’s seriously amazing and so generous of you to give back big time to your Readers!
    I read a few comments here and I think a lot of People deserve to win, you got such a great following!

    Anyway, I love your blog and always find myself googling products you recommend and sometimes buying them to make my own opinion. Since I live in Europe I don’t really have the same stores / brands to shop, especially for Food, but you definitely inspired me to get healthier, step by step.

    So actually, since I probably live too far away for shipping (oh and imagine custom fees. iiieks.) I just put my useless comment here and root for one of your other wonderful (haha, Little cocky, including myself in wonderful) Readers to win it (I couldn’t decide if I were you daaamn.)

    Keep inspiring, you do great things!


  280. I would LOVE to win! Lately I have made some big changes in my life, both emotionally and physically, and winning this would be like a reward for all my hard work!! ????

  281. Seriously HAVE to win because I have been dying to try ALL of these products but being a recent post graduate from college, I’m ballin’ on a serious budget. Winning these products would be a dream come true and would make “adulting” that much easier.

  282. I would loveeeeeeeeeeee to win this!!!! I always like to check our your recommendations cause they’re always fabulous but I am on a VERY VERY strict budget while in graduate school and working 3 jobs so I keep it to the bare minimum. Love this blog I found it while I was in college 4 years ago and I swear by it!!! keep spreading the love!!!!

  283. I lost my last Breville juicer in a break-up and miss it so much!! Would love to have another and the beauty products look AMAZING – I’m semi-clueless with makeup and would be awesome to have some new products to try!!

  284. Bikinis & Bombshell Guide & bronzer & coconut oil shampoo. Oh my!!! The most amazing summer package ever put together. I NEED NEED NEED HAVE TO win this! I haven’t felt comfortable in a swimsuit or during summer in yearssss. I’m finally eating clean and lots of veggies and doing my cardio/toning and I feel amazing!! I’m so ready to make this the best summer ever!! <3

  285. omg this is absolutely the best giveaway ever! I am getting married in a couple of months and could definitely use some new beauty products!

  286. Hi Lauryn!
    I would love to win because you are seriously one of the only people I trust with beauty, fashion, and health advice.
    Ever since following your blog, I have become more aware of what I am putting in my body and focusing on simple ingredients and balance. I also love that when it comes to fashion you bring something different to the table. Girl after my own heart! It has been so amazing to see The Skinny Confidential boom and grow, and there is no doubt in my mind how much hard-work and heart you have put into this blog. So thank you! It is something I look forward to every day!

  287. OMG you seriously have the best giveaways! I would love to win and try all of these awesome products!

  288. WOW HELLLOOOOO. This is the most amazing giveaway ever!!!!!!! I mean could you die? I have been OBSESSED with your blog lately – out of any blogger I follow the products you recommend are the most spot on… a reason I would love to WIN!!!!!!!! Also I want to THANK YOU for doing the HIM and HER podcast. You all have given so much good advice and are so honest, AND have especially helped as I am an aspiring blogger (the authenticity and humor you provide in your podcasts is an added bonus). So anyway… thank you and I hope I win!!!!!!

  289. I should win because the Bombshell subscription will make me look amazing in those bikinis! 🙂

  290. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!! I am obsessed with trying new products and ALWAYS come to your page before buying almost any skincare products. I try to use natural and organic products as much as possible especially for skincare. I love that all your suggestions are conscious of that!
    Thank you for sharing your tips! Love your blog!

  291. I would like to win because WHAT AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! Amiright?! Thank you for showing your appreciation to your readers, you really seem to take everything you say to heart and you show your passion for what you do everyday. I love your blog, even if you didn’t give back to readers I would still follow this shit erry day! I feel like since the first time I started reading I have learned so much, especially about Heath/ wellness. I’ve started sharing your blog posts with my husband, I’m always like ” babe, check this out!” Thanks so much xoxo

  292. I would love to win and give all this to my best friend in the whole world. Her birthday is coming up and although we have been friends for 15 years, I always feel like my presents aren’t exactly perfect. This is a big one for her, her 21st and I would love more than anything to make it a birthday she will never forget. Her favorite things in the world are beauty products and giving her this giveaway would make her the happiest girl ever! xoxo

  293. I would love to win the giveaway because i haven’t entered one before and the products mentioned are so enticing! I just finished a 6 week workout plan and am looking for the next challenge so the bombshell body guide would be the perfect fit! I think its really amazing that you do these to let your readers know how much you appreciate them. just know that we appreciate you too! thank you for all of the hard work you put into your blog, you readers get so much out of it! I feel like i have learned so much from following you! I’ve started sharing some of your health/wellness blog post with my husband, i’m always like “babe, come check this out!” haha. Thank you Lauryn!

  294. the skinny confidential is my fav. love your daily healthy lifestyle tips! such a real down to earth blog. winning your giveaway would be amazing! so fun to try all of your favorites, i have been dying for a new curling iron.

  295. Love the blog and the podcast! It’s super inspiring. I would love to win the giveaway because it’s AMAZING and I’m always hunting for the next best beauty product!

  296. I just found your blog and I cannot believe how much I love it! I love how down to earth you are and I can really tell how much you value your followers – I love that!! Anyways, I’ve really been trying to up my girly-game and this giveaway is literally to die for. I’ve had my eye on a lot of these products and those bikinis just sold me on entering. Pick me!!!! 🙂

  297. I would absolutely love to win for the blog tips and body guide access alone! I follow your beauty recs all the time and they have all been amazing but sometimes I have to use my money for my side business I am building and would love the opportunity to pamper myself 🙂

  298. Lauryn, I’d LOVE to win this. What an amazing slew of products. Super generous of you to do this. I have followed you for a very long time and love your blog so much. I read every day! I feel like I deserve this because I am pregnant with my first child and I’ve been feeling like CRAP (first trimester). Ugh. This would brighten up my day, my week, my month! Let’s be honest. Ha. Thanks!

  299. I really admire all the research you do behind the products you take prior to using them. Also love how you share that research with your readers, shine theory at its finest! All these products look great, would love to give them a try! Not to mention that juicer…… My gosh.

  300. this is the most amazing giveaway! i have been a huge fan of yours for years, look forward to you and susan’s snap stories everyday (especially when you annoy him) and think it’s so inspiring how much you have grown your personal brand. i def need this juicer for bikini season and can never have too much makeup!! xoxo

  301. I hope to win because I’ve never won anything before and am a dedicated TSC follower and would love love love to try out these beauty products 🙂

  302. Always love some extra credit 😉 ! Thank you so much again for this insane giveaway, you’re so generous with your readers. You are seriously on fire this year, so inspired!!
    I would die to win this giveaway because I am so committed and driven right now to make summer 2016 MY summer, and make this year my year, by nailing my fitness, career, health, and beauty goals, inspired by you!! (is it normal to have beauty goals?? idk but I do lol). This giveaway would just be the icing on the cake; it would help me get there faster & motivate me! Anyway good luck to everyone! 🙂
    PS I just noticed I reviewed on iTunes under “Rebecca Bell” because I’m signed into my mom’s account somehow and can’t get out.. lol just so you know I reviewed! love the podcast 🙂

  303. I have to say, I admire your honesty and realness with all the taboo subjects. I have to say, I love when you share, not only the good, but the struggles along the way. I admire your hard work on getting your brand started, I guess in my current down turn in life, it’s giving me some hope on things getting better. I thought, about a year ago, that life was “perfect” — I had a great career (job I LOVED), was engaged, and didn’t really have other than day to day problems. Well, about a year ago, I developed a capsular contraction in my left breast (after 8 years), which meant going under the knife again (which isn’t something I love, at all). I ended up ending my engagement as things somehow were really clear that we didn’t want the same life. I got laid off the job I loved, as the oil industry took a downturn (and have been unable to find one for the last 6 months). And, after having redone my implant issue, two months after, the implant “bottomed-out”, and so now… I have to have surgery for the 3rd time (one I can’t afford at this time). It’s been a wheeeee bit of a rough 6 months. So, at this point I truck on and try to keep my head up, and listening/reading about other people surviving sh*t storms, does give me hope. Damn, that was a long story. But, in summary, keep doing what you’re doing, I love your honesty, and not succumbing to peer pressure from a bunch of labels for $$$. (and, as a girl, totally jealous of your b00bs, they are fantastic) <3 Jewels

  304. The reason why I would be so happy to win is that the nuface mini facial toning device has been on the top of my wish list since I found out about it! I have been following your blog for years and like how you manage to mix a broad range of topics that always interest me!

  305. Hi Lauryn!! Love your last post ( I mean is there a post that I hate? NOPE! ), I actually use the La Rosche-Posay sunscreen and was so delighted to see you post about it. I also started using the it Cosmetics CC Cream and I’m so happy I did, its amazing and such a great addition before summer.

    As for why I should win this giveaway? I’m going to be blunt! I have read The Skinny Confidential since the beginning ( I still try to remember how I found your blog to begin with! ), have snapped, emailed, and obsessed over everything you put out there! Not that any of this makes me much different than a majority of your readers but I guess it’s the way you make each one of us feel like a friend that makes this blog so special. I haven’t won a giveaway yet and I’m DYING to!!! I’m always so disappointed when I realize I haven’t won ha! SO PLEASE PICK ME!!! <3 <3 <3

    PS: I was also so pleased to see you do a review on the Rich Bitch and it was beyond perfect timing because I had snapped you and Michael some of your book recommendations, but picked up Rich Bitch and threw it in the photo too because who can walk past that title and not pick it up?! So it was like, amazing to get your POV before I really dove in.



  306. I would love to win because this is the ultimate “get ready for summer” tool kit! I’m a long time reader and I truly enjoy the evolution of your blog and the expansion into other realms, like your HILARIOUS podcasts!

  307. Reasons to win:
    1) Love your blog and all giveaway products because you have the best taste
    2) I have been borrowing my moms juicer for almost 2 years
    3) Deleting photos (selfies) to make room for your app and new podcasts
    4) my favorite beauty product is life changing, think coconut oil bath but no mess and still all the benefits! Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak (made of dehydrated coconut milk + pulp) = heaven

  308. First i’d just like to say that i’m a new subscriber to your podcast with Michael, and I absolutely love it! Anyways, I’d love to win this giveaway because i’m currently trying to live a healthier life, and I think that juicer would be very helpful.

  309. Thank you to you and your sponsors for this generous giveaway!

    I am looking forward to seeing your video on plastic surgery! I am hoping that it includes information on Botox and fillers!

  310. Winning these gorgeous products would be awesome. Thanks for everything that you are doing. You’ re such an inspiration and you motivate me to better in life.

  311. Heeeeey!

    I can’t believe you do SO many giveaways! You’re so amazing. I read your blog literally everyday (though I don’t often comment). I think I check your blog just as much as facebook and instagram lol.

    Living off the East coast of Canada, a lot of these products aren’t even available to me! The crazy stuff you get in California is awesome! I would love to try out a bunch of these products.

    I’ve been loving your podcast. Great job! I usually get bored of podcasts, or the same monotonous voice speaking, but yours is actually hilarious and where there’s so much tonal quality and different people interacting with your conversation, it really holds my interest! Keep up the amazing work! Thanks for posting such great content.

  312. I have 3 children and full time job. And could really use these items to help my confidence in my fitness journey.

  313. i would love to win this giveaway so badly its so COOL and are in desperate need of beauty products, and this juicer would help me reach my fitness goal. this giveaway is gold, i would love to win and always enter your competitions i would just die if I won this it would be a miracle. am in desperate need and want to loose wait badly 🙁 this would help me so much, these products look insane and i am subscribed to you. i love your podcasts so much i have been following you ever since you started this blog and have followed it and tried everything, WINNING WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!
    had a bit of time to make an acrostic poem for you

  314. hi, i would just love to win this giveaway i always eneter them, and i havent quite succeeded yet. i would adore this juicer to help me reach my weight loss goal and steer towards a better lifestyle. these products would help me so much i need new skin products and would help my sensitive skin since i cant afford the more expensive products. i have very bad acne and it would be much appreciated! i have followed your blog since the beginning and always subscribe, like and comment. this giveaway would mean the world to me, thankyou

  315. i would love to win this giveaway! i always enter your giveaways and can ensure you i have completed all the steps, i have been subscribed to you and follow everything you do since the very start of this blog, me and my friends all follow you and adore you. this juicer would help me loose those extra kilos i have been trying so hard to get off, and those bikinis would drive me to achieve my goal, these skin products would be amazing because i cant quite afford the more expensive products as i suffer from really bad acne. i would just love this awesome giveaway and i think its great that your reaching out to your fans. HAVING THIS GIVEAWAY WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME so please consider it. xoxo- eliza

  316. S- saint in my eyes
    K- kind and beautiful
    I- inspiring (truly)
    N- nice
    N- natural and real
    Y-young and gorgeous

    C- confident in herself and body
    O- optimistic
    N- nourishing and refreshing blog posts
    F- fantastic and fabulous
    I- interesting in everything you do
    D- determined to spread your gold recipes
    E- engaging in everything you write
    T-thankfull ( i am thankful that your bringing us awesome real life tips)
    I- intelligant
    A-active delivering real fitness tips to us
    made this acrostic poem for skinny confidential, i would love to win these beauty products as i have really bad acne and can’t afford to buy expensive products that wont irritate it, the juicer would help me reach my fitness goal. the bikinis are gorgeous and would drive me to loose the extra kilos. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY, it would be much appreciated, i always enter your competitions and me and my friends adore you, i have been following you ever since you started this blog and just love your awesome podcasts. please consider me, eliza- xoxo

  317. I need to try this Marc Jacobs eye shadow palette! Would love to win all these fantastic products. Thanks Lauryn!

  318. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win because there are so many products here I have been dying to try! Thanks for giving us the opportunity! XXX

  319. Hey, Lauryn! LOVE your connection to us – you do a FAB job of cultivating TSC online, girlfriend community. Winning your beauty call would be DIVINE because I could split it up and surprise my tribe of girlfriends with goodies from your giveaway! Perhaps after we indulge in some pineapple, lime, and cayenne Skinny Conf style! 😉

    Keep it up, Gorgeous!

    XO, Tara

  320. I think I would literally faint if I won! My beauty routine is in serious need of an overhaul and I don’t think I’d have to step foot in Sephora for quite some time if I won this! While I already have a juicer I would totally love to gift my bestie the breville if I won so I can spread the amazing TSC love.

  321. What a blessing this would be! And what a big heart you have!!! How exciting!
    I am a subscriber and a instagram follower =)

  322. I would like to win because all the prizes are amazing. It would be a blessing to win. I want to start juicing so that juicer would be perfect. Thanks for your generosity
    And the chance in winning these amazing prizes.

  323. I would love to win because I have been saving up for a juicer and the Guide. Winning would mean more money toward my first ever NYC trip!

  324. I am a true, obsessed, and dedicated fan to TSC. You and Susan have my new favorite podcast that helps me wake up and enjoy my commute to work every morning. I think I have listened to them all at least 3 times now. Winning this giveaway would mean so much to me for so many reasons. First anything from TSC would just be really kick-ass because I love you!! I also recently moved to NYC which has been amazing but has done quite a number on my skin. Coming from the clean midwest air my whole body had a bit of a freakout upon moving. I have been working my hardest to get even healthy than I was before and get myself back to looking and feeling great! The juicer would be a major help with this. I have been dying to get one but just don’t have the funds yet. All of the toners, oils, strips, and more I think would really give my face the kick that it needs to get back on track! The rest is just an amazing bonus to give me a confidence boost! Either way thank you for the blog, podcast, and just being a positive influence in my life! YOU ROCK!!!!

  325. I would love to win because there are so many wonderful products that I would love to have for myself and several that I would love to share. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  326. I would love to win because there are so many beautiful products! I can’t believe you are giving all of this away to one super lucky person!

  327. I would LOVE to win this giveaway to kick off summer in a very fresh way! I have had my eye on a lot of these products before you posted this and would love a chance to try everything out! The amazing bikinis don’t hurt either!

  328. Winning this would be AMAZING. Not only for the juicer, to up my healthy eating game, but I would love to try all of your favorites. Beauty/Skincare is quite important to me.

  329. Amazing giveaway! Would love to try all these goodies out! Maybe host a little get together with some of the girls and test the crap out of them! Obviously chips, guac and grapefruit margs will be involved. I’ll even make some black bean brownies (heavy on the cayenne). Thanks for sharing, girly! Xx Gabriella

  330. My wedding is a short four months away and I follow your blog religiously so I can be my best, healthy and glowing self for my big day. You are so inspiring and your book is brilliant. I feel like I can get there because I have you as a guide! To girls going after what they deserve in life ! #bossbitch . My fave product for sure is the juicer!

  331. OMG! Ok, so because you posted so much about the ice roller I really put your posts to test and spent $30 on I didn’t even really know at the time. But now I’m a little spokesperson for it, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve gotten all my friends hooked on your blog bc they’re like what is that ice roller and I told them all about your blog and how it’s the shit. You’re one of the only people who I actually trust on your product picks because I know you wouldn’t post about a company who offered a cheap sponsor. Like you say no to the bullshit and will only do and use what you are obsessed with. Just like you said in the podcast whatever you want to do become obsessed with it. Your blog&podcast inspired me to make mine and I’m obsessed with your style of telling it how it is.

    Ok sorry this is way too long but all I really have to say as my claim to fame to win this giveaway is I think you are as amazing as an ice roller!! Lol, seriously!

  332. I would LOOOOOVE to win this giveaway!!! I’ve been reading TSC for 5 years and I absolutely love every post and Lauryn’s expertise on all things beauty and wellness! I am also a college student on a budget who would love the luxuries of so many of the featured items in the giveaway! PICK ME LAURYN 🙂 xoxo

  333. I HAVE TO WIN. Like just gotta. I was clueless as shit with beauty products before reading your blog & now it’s my morning news. Your snapchat is LIFE & I’m obsessed with all your beauty tips! Plus! I’ve just gotten really into juice cleansing/detoxing and could really use a nice juicer. 🙂 Gotta look good for my best friends wedding this summer!

  334. Honestly, I am working three jobs in San Diego and I haven’t felt like a women in so long and I think this would help. It’s like a major shopping spree for free. It would feel amazing. Great blog girl!

  335. I would love to win this because I am graduating in one week from college and I would love to add all of this to my collection!

  336. My favorite item from your instagram is the clean reserve scents..i usually buy mine from sephora once a year because it gets pricey. I would love/have to win because i use a few of these items and the others i couldnt afford them so it would be a dream to win. This is the biggest giveaway ive participated in ! Heres hoping !

    1. when does this end ? This is so kind of you to do this for us..and it comes out of your pocket, i mean how gracious is that !? thanks again

  337. I would absolutely DIE to win because my 27th Birthday is May 26 & I’m truthfully feeling a bit haggard and not a spring chicken anymore haha! I absolutely live for you & Michael. Ive been a follower on all of your platforms since the beginning. I can honestly say my life is in such a better place because of all of the knowledge and motivation you both give me. Thanks go all you do Lauryn & Michael! ??

  338. OMG,.. So many giveaway stuffs,.. Many of these giveaway goodies are not available in my country,.. so winning this giveaway would be the best gift for my wedding,.. I’m getting married to my best friend this July, so super excited,.. 🙂 Thank you for this awesoem giveaway,…

  339. Oh, wow. I have to win because I covet almost every single one of these products! This would be an amazing collection!

  340. What an amazing giveaway – i’ve entered but for some reason my review on the podcast doesn’t seem to have come up – do you know if there is a delay on it/if it has to be approved by Apple or something first?

    Giveaway looks insane and would absolutely love to win it as i’m a total product junkie – its also kind of cool that I can win it from the UK, as thats not always the case with a blog based in the states! Either way, love what you’re doing and the way you do it – wishing you tonnes of success, i’ll be listening!

  341. Omg, i just LOVE LOVE LOVEEE The Skinny Confidential website, and your Snapchat. Unfortunately I can’t listen to your podcasts, even though I’d really love too, because I have an Android. Same with your app! I’m really trying to start my own blog, and you are such an inspiration in EVERY way! Keep on keepin on girl, you’re awesome! Your whole relationship dynamic with Michael is hilarious. It reminds me of my own relationship. Sense of humor and laughter is one of the “major keys” haha!

  342. Such a great giveaway! LOVING the podcast, I literally drink up the episodes like an ice-cold Kir Royale on a hot day. In the middle of writing a badass assignment and holding up four jobs at the moment to pay for university so winning this would be just the best start to summer ever!

  343. Hi Lauryn! I love that you do these giveaways, but have you ever considered doing smaller giveaways for more winners? I don’t enter because I feel there is a 1 to million chance.. 😛

  344. This giveaway has every girls dream wrapped up into an amazing little package. My juicer just broke so winning this giveaway would come at the perfect time. Like you I need 6 drinks all at once and I’m really missing my juice right now. I love all of your health and beauty tips and am always implementing them into my daily routine. You’re blog is a life changer and I love it! Thank you Lauryn and Michael and TCS team. 🙂

  345. Seriously obsessing over this giveaway! I’d love to win because most of these products have been on my to-buy list for a while!!

  346. OMG, such an amazing giveaway!! Winning this would mean the world to me!! I would just die!! I am seriously obsessed with you, your snaps and all your beauty secrets and tips. I have tried some of the vitamins and products you brag about but I can’t afford to get all that I would like! I’ve been feeling very blah and in a ‘rut’ lately and cant seem to shake it!! This would be such an amazing refresher for me! I turn 32 this summer and I am sure some of these products would rejuvenate me and help me feel 32 and fabulous! Not to mention I am in two weddings this summer and could use a good ass kicker to get me back in shape STAT! 🙂 Anyways enough woe is me!! Thank you thank you for all you do!!!

    P.S. I would love if you did a whole podcast on anxiety and what you have tried that works like you guys discussed!! 🙂

  347. I am just really getting into makeup and watching turtorials, reading reviews, and just soaking up as much as I can. I really love everything so far and your blog the best! obvs.

  348. I am a broke as hell graduate student in Florida who needs all the help she can get when it comes to beauty products! Also, I just love the Skinny Confidential and would die to be able to try some of these products!

  349. I would really LOVE to win this beautyful set.. This would really double my little makeup/beauty stash.. I love every product. I especially love the remington curling iron, because mine is malfunctioned..

  350. Thanks for keeping everything so real Lauryn! I would die if I won this giveaway! Beauty Products, Ice Roller, Juicer, and Blog-doo Tips… I dont know if it gets any better than this. If I could only choose one blog- yours would absolutly trump anyother post. Creative, Ahead of the Curve, plus I would miss Susan! Keep doing what you are doing!

  351. You are right. This giveaway is LIFE! I would love to win because there is no way that I could ever purchase all of this on my own. There are so many amazing products but believe it or no what I’m most excited about is the bombshell guide and the juicer!!! I’m on a health kick recently and i think this would fit in right with my lifestyle! I’m always following you on snapchat and all of your recommendations have made a 180 in my life!

  352. I have to win because I love trying new beauty products and I have been dying to get on board with the juicing craze!

    I completed all the steps to enter (my instagram name is edmontonjb). Thanks so much for the chance!

  353. I have never won anything in my life — and aside from scratch tickets and powerballs — this is the only thing I have ever REALLY wanted to win. I have been an avid, routine reader of yours for YEARS. Reading your website has been the break I take in between my teaching blocks and studying (I’m a Special Ed teacher). I follow you (and Michael!) on Twitter and Instagram (I even have your Instagram filters!), I have subscribed to your TSC YouTube channel and also your new (and AWESOME) Podcast. I’m a total TSC junky. Your tips are kick-ass and I can’t begin to tell you how many of the products I’ve purchased from Amazon per your suggestion — and loved them.
    Your blog is addicting. I learn a lot from you and I value you as a hard-working woman who followed her dream. Thank you for sharing your life with us <3

  354. Hi Lauryn. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything you put out there and share with us. I really enjoy all of the content and how much you do for us. I have to get back to work (the 9-6 grind yoooo) haha, but THANK YOU so much for everything. You are beautiful!
    I left an awesome review of your podcast because I LOVE IT! <3 you guys Rock!

  355. Wow what an amazing gift. This would be such a joy! I would of course love to win as I usually don’t buy stuff for myself due to budget! Thanks for sharing the tips and products you use, I’m currently on the lookout for a wet brush!

  356. Love Love your social media! I am a huge fan from Mexico. Is this giveaway international?

  357. I have been subscribed to the TSC Podcasts for a while now. How do you rate/leave feedback? Feeling like a dumbass right about now, can’t figure it out! ?

  358. This looks amazing! So rad. I already followed you on all the media channels, but I JUST subscribed to the podcast too! It’s so entertaining. Keep it up!

  359. I need to win! I think it’s the best way for me to gain back my confidence after and extremely rough year. I’m looking to get back into the swing of things and ready to start feeling good about myself again!

  360. I HAVE to win because I love trying new beauty products and I know anything from you will be amazing!

  361. I did all the steps required to enter. I would love to win because this past year has been very difficult. I am 34, married with four children and I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Stage IV breast cancer. Treatments are tiring and I don’t always feel beautiful or vibrant anymore. I love being a girly-girl and this would help make me feel look beautiful 🙂 I would also love the juicer because I read it helps give energy and detox the body which is good when you are on chemo and radiation. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and I love your podcast 🙂


  362. I gotta win this for all these amazingness! Every time you suggest a health product, I’m on it! Looking it up and typically ordering!

  363. Well there is a lot of reasons why I want to win because look at all those amazing products! I mainly want to win because of the juicer. I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle and NEED to recreate those green juices of yours. ?

  364. I use to follow you years ago, but as life goes I got super busy and pretty much stopped reading blogs. Now that life has calmed down a bit and I rediscovered TSC I can’t believe how much your blog has grown. First off Congrats on that! Now, why do I wanna win this giveaway? Because it is an awesome giveaway. I mean seriously who would want to win. There are so many amazing products here. BTW I seriously can’t wait for your podcasts to come out each week. I listen on either my bike or walk to work.

  365. I absolutely have to win because this would make my summer! I have been so caught up in the hustle at work lately and this giveaway would provide me with the PERFECT reminder to take care of myself! These products are AMAZING! ?

  366. Lauryn, you are so gracious to do these sorts of giveaways! I enter & cross my fingers every time. I have read your posts for a few years now & feel uplifted, inspired & interested whenever a new post goes up! & I love love love watching your Youtube videos. Keep being you!

  367. I would love to win this because I am a 17 year old girl who looks up to you and uses you as my inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been following the blog and following you on Instagram since your interview with Ashley Sky (how ever long ago that was!) and I watch your snap stories everyday as a reminder to make healthy lifestyle choices!! You rock!!

  368. It would be beyond AMAZE and a dream come true to win this giveaway! I am such a huge fan of yours and religiously follow and now listen to all your tips and tricks. However, since life is just expensive (when is it not) haven’t been able to get all the products you mention. As a dedicated follower and fan of your brand, I know I would use the products and further promote you and your brand. Thank you for your constant words of wisdom, tricks, tips and of course making me laugh! 🙂

  369. I would love to win this because I’ve always wanted to focus more on beauty and wellness but haven’t been able to afford it! This would be such a joy to win so I could focus on being a better me. Love what you’re doing Lauryn!

  370. I just had twin girls, and am in desperate need of a little freshening up! I have to win this fantastic mass of wonderful prizes, and the bikinis especially will incentivize me to shed those last couple of baby pounds…And as a sleep-deprived new mom, I could really use the eye cream and beauty products!

  371. Okay…even though I entered the day (minutes after actually) this was posted, I have to comment again because I had to let you know that my dear mother and I have been drinking your TSC detox drink for 2 weeks now and have noticed HUGE results. I have legit lost 2 pounds (hey not a ton but has really helped cleanse me out). I NEED this giveaway because I seriously trust your advice and can SEE the benefits! This giveaway would be great to truly experience even more of your awesome products and ideas!!!!! pick me pick me 🙂 XXOO

  372. I don’t neeeeeed to win this giveaway but I REALLY WANT to win this giveaway because all these beauty products are AMAZING and I’ve been dying for a Breville juicer!!!! I’m a food blogger and that applicance would get used like EVERYDAY OMG 🙂

  373. Thanks Lauryn for being so friendly, giving, and entertaining! I am in a pretty busy medical field that leaves me little time for beauty research and shopping. You make it SO easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  374. Love listening to your podcast and how relatable it is! Hoping to win this one and try out some fabulous new beauty products! <3

  375. This is amazing! I am dying to win (as is everyone else!). I subscribed to your podcast after the second episode and am obsessed! You and Michael are #relationshipgoals. I work at People Magazine and have made all of my coworkers follow you as well. You spread such a positive message for both women and young girls. Keep it up! I also think it’s so amazing and kind how connected you are to your followers. I snapchat messaged you one day asking about a mascara you used and you responded within an hour. I was blown away! Love your site and the message you are promoting.

  376. BEST giveaway ever!!! I would LOVE to win because 1. I think your AHHmazing, 2. Can’t get enough of your beauty tips and am always looking forward to your YouTube videos and 3. My beauty products need a make over bad!!!

  377. Girl, you give me life! I might have spent like 2 hours on your blog the other night! I even had my BF going on it because I was sharing with him all your tips and products. Hope you are doing well and hope to run into you sometime soon! And yeah, I would die for this giveaway….like WOAH, all my favorite things in one place. xoxo

  378. I totally think I should win this amazing giveaway, because I could do so much good damage with everything that’s included. I could use these products to drive my man crazy and show all the other ladies why they need to subscribe to TSC! I honestly only own one thing from the list, so I definitely would be using everything religiously. I genuinely love TSC so much that I’m ordering 8 of your books to give to my bridesmaids as part of their proposal gift basket! P.S. I’m seriously obsessed and in love with TSC podcast. I wish you guys would upload more episodes in a week! I don’t know if it matters or not but my podcast review and rating is #72 lol. Much love, always!

  379. So this past weekend I decided that it was time to start focusing on ME for once and so for the next 8 weeks I will be working towards a better, healthier me! Winning all of those amazing beauty tools and JUICER!! would be an amazing way to kick start this new journey I’m about to go on.

  380. This giveaway is absolutely insane!! Its like a lottery jackpot.
    Who ever wins this is going to be one lucky lady!
    Crossing my fingers and toes I’ll be her 🙂

  381. I have to win because I am now in my mid 40’s & after 12 years of a serious health issue took it’s toll on my looks, I am in need of a major makeover & these products would be a big help in achieving a new look!

  382. I love all these products. I am a big fan of first aid beauty and thanks for this thoughtfulness and consideration.

  383. Omg there are so many awesome brands from a Breville to Nuface. I’ve turned into a big beauty junkie the past few years plus I have 3 sisters I would share this massive giveaway with.

    Ok it took more than 2 secs to even figure out the iTunes part, subscribe and review and listen to your podcast.

    Thanks so much for this Christmas gift!!

  384. Oh my I simply could not imagine winning this spectacular one of a kind, no words to describe giveaway. I would be able to give my two daughters, ages 20 and 22, so many goodies yet keep so much also that I may rank in their top list of favorite people for once in their lives, therefore this is a must win for me. I do so enjoy seeing their excitement in opening gifts I’ve given them.
    Thank you so much for your overly generous giveaway.
    I commented on your latest ig post with my favorite beauty product. Username: duboiscp
    Rated and subscribed to your podcast. I used nickname: Reidsrd

  385. I would love to win this give away. You have gotten me hooked on L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara, I had never found one that actually made my lashes look longer. Prime, prime, prime. Anyway so I know I would love trying out everything especially the Tula products, which look amazing (probiotics)!

  386. Lauryn, first of all thank you for this big opportunity! I love you blog even though I just found out about it recently, I have gone back reading one post after the other for a full saturday ahaha:) And now I am a follower on Bloglovin, Instagram and Snapchat. Anyway, I am from Italy so there is no way I could get my hands on most of those amazing products any other way (hello, custom taxes!) an by the way, might have sent you a couple tips on your romantic getaway. Hope you enjoyed my beautiful country!

  387. Hey! this is an amazing give a way!!! I would love to win because I have been listening to you since the beginning ! I found you originally on the skinny bitch website 🙂
    Btw loving the new twist with Michael’s posts! Keep it up !

  388. I think it is so awesome that you do stuff like this for your readers. You are such a nice person and I love all your posts! I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I have been able to get so much advice from reading your posts so thank you so much for sharing everything even the awkward and hard to talk about things!

    I would love to win this giveaway…. There are so many great products that I would love try and I am obsessed with juicing and I have been wanting this breville forever! Please pick me to win!

  389. That juicer alone would change my life!! But also, I have a wedding in Hawaii and this giveaway would be everything I need to look and feel amazing 🙂

  390. I’ve been a loyal reader for over 4 years now. Love your blog and so happy for all of your success!

  391. I have been dying to try Tula products! Plus my straightening iron just broke and I’m in need! This would literally be an amazing blessing in my life! Your podcasts are seriously right up my boyfriend and I’s alley and we see ourselves being friends with you and Michael in real life! Thanks for showing us appreciation! Keep on doing what you do!

  392. As a woman of a more mature age (Sooooo not telling how old!) I feel that I get so much from your website and book that I am able to use and or modify on my journey to becoming as healthy and happy feeling as possible. I am well aware that the majority of your followers/viewers are young enough to be my daughter but winning for me would be the ultimate gift. Fingers crossed ……. 🙂

  393. I would love to win because, as a long time devoted reader (years!), I dieee for your tips/tricks. So helpful! I didn’t start wearing ANY makeup at all until I was 16 and didn’t step foot in a salon/spa til 21 so I still feel like a total beauty newbie… I literally have never bought any makeup that’s not drugstore! Rated and reviewed the podcast a second time ’cause I love it 🙂 Cheers! And fingers crossed!!

  394. Honestly, I would love to win this because I have finally started being more girly and it’s tough to know what to buy. This would help me find my favorites and absolute GO-TO’s. I love the way that you choose all natural products, another thing I have recently started transitioning to. With work, school, and life my skin has taken a beating and I’m trying to make sure I take the best care of it from here on out. All of these rejuvenating products would be so helpful to get me through the next few years of nursing school and still allow me to be girly and cute on the weekends! Thank you so much for this opportunity but thank you even more for all of the tips and tricks on the skinny confidential. You’re the best 🙂

  395. I need to win because I just got engaged and need MAJOR beauty help!!! Would also love to share the goodies with my mom!

  396. I absolutely HAVE to win (lol needy much?) because I am obsessed with your blog and would absolutely LOVE to try a month of the TSC Bombshell Bodyguide! I am trying to tone up and slim down for my best friend’s wedding in November and the juicer would be a GREAT addition to my kitchen. Then all these goodies… I could die! Also, I love trying new beauty products and this would be a fun way to do that! Absolutely love your blog, Lauryn. Your trip to Italy looked AMAZE – snapchat really is THE best thing in existence.

  397. I would love to win this giveaway. First off I feel like I have the worst luck ever so winning this prize would be amazing and to top it off there so many great products your giving away!

    One thing is for sure, I would LOVEEEE to own a juicer! I have so many allergies that I feel like if I was to own a juicer I can insure that its healthy and wont contain ingredients that my body will reject.

    Secondly I’ve been wanting to try sooo many of these beauty products. Living on a strict budget doesn’t always allow me to splurge on myself. So this would be a great way to pamper myself without braking the bank 🙂

    Side note: Every morning its a ritual that I read your blog with a cup of tea. Its the perfect way to start my day as I’m left daydreaming about redecorating my home , looking forward to trying a new recipe, and staying on track to staying healthy! A lot of the times I click on the link to buy an item which I then add to my very long wish list 🙂

    (Thanks to you, my boyfriend never needs to worry about what to get me for my birthdays haha)

    Mostly, I like that all of your social media platforms has a sense of humor and that its easily relate-able!

    Keep up the great work!

  398. Hi Lauryn,

    I am all about that extra credit 🙂 I have been following you since the beginning and let me tell you…your blog never gets old. You and Michael are so motivating and inspiring. Thank you for being vulnerable and inspiring others to live a life with a clear vision to ultimately go after their dreams!! XX

    This would be the best summer present + it would get me out of my comfort zone to finally try new products that I would never purchase on my own.

    Love Love Love,

  399. Hi Lauryn, I adore your blog, and I think that I should win because I get married in less than 30 days and could use all of the beautifying necessary to be totally bridal ;). Keep up the great content!

  400. I have to win! I just got back from backpacking in South America and all of my beauty products were stolen. My curling iron, my make-up and even my grandmother’s engagement ring. All gone. I have to start from scratch to replace everything and this would just be an absolute highlight! I’m such a fan of the blog and the podcast, Lauryn. This would really make a huge impact.

  401. I am obsessed with the skinny confidential. on my day off on Tuesday, I spent the whole day listening to the podcast and had each episode on auto-play to be sure I didn’t miss anything! thank you for your kindness, realness & openness to all of your viewers!

  402. Holy giveaway, not only is it so generous for you to do this its so exciting for everyone. Even if you’re not the “winner” we win everyday reading your blog and being able to communicate with you. With all the success you’ve had you still are so grounded, I admire that so much. I have to win this giveaway because it’s too good not to pass up, all my favorite products, and others I’ve been dying to try!

  403. I HAVE to win this insanely generous giveaway because I would LOVE to share some of this with my roommate, little sis, and mom! I’ve also been dying to try a bunch of these products and those bikinis look amazing!

    P.S. I love your blog and how real you are. 🙂

  404. Haaaave to win! Getting married in two weeks then honeymooning in Mexico!! Would love some new beauty finds to play with!!

    1. I would love to win the beauty contest! Your are my fav blogger and I love all your tips! I seriously say at least once a day “The skinny confidential uses this” as I am rolling my ice roller across my face! I love your tips so much, thank you for everything you do! <3 Hope I win the giveaway!!

  405. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win because I have two upcoming vacations that I could use all of these products for!! I have also been eyeing juicers for a while and would absolutely love to have my own! Thanks for hosting such amazing giveaways for your readers! xo

  406. I would die if I win this giveaway, all the products sound amazing and would love to try them all. Your blog is so inspiring and I love your podcast. I would really love all blog doo tips as I am starting my blog and TSC Bombshell body guide to have an amazing body as yours. XoXo

  407. HALF OF THIS STUFF CANT EVEN BE FOUND IN CANADA, therefore i would love to win <3
    you always have the best giveaways !
    love kristen

  408. shit i don’t know if my comment uploaded or not, but five stars all around for the podcasts obvs. Not trying to be a debby desperado but like this contest is probs the best so far. thanks for sharing with us <3

  409. This might just be the best giveaway I’ve ever seen!! Thank you!! Love your podcast + IG account. And this giveaway is just epic! ??

  410. I would love to win because the products seem amazing, and I love juicing and a good juicer makes all the difference. I love reading your blog, I find it inspiring, interesting, and fresh. Its unlike any other blog I have read. Thanks!

  411. I would absolutely love love love to win this! It’s so hard to prioritize and afford to live a healthy lifestyle and this would be so incredibly amazing to receive. Your blog has helped me discover so many amazing things like dry brushing, gelatin and ice rolling so thank you!

  412. Omg!! This is like heaven on earth looking back at me from the other side of the computer screen!!! I almost died when I saw all the amazing things that are included in this Give Away!!! How awesome and HOW completely generous!!! I guess I would say I don’t HAVE to win, because I’ll totally still be ok if I don’t… lol! BUT… If we’re being totally real and all I would LOVE to win because I would be forever grateful to be given a chance to try the products and your Bombshell guide included in the “Oh so Glorious gift” above!!! Plus, I am trying to eat better, take better care of me personal health and beauty health, and so many of these products would provide me a chance to keep on that commitment to myself while also being able to research and try A lot of Newness that I’ve never used before!! I am also not going to lie…. I need a proper Blender and have been wanting one for a long time- when I saw this was included I almost just died on the spot… Oh and I would be able to blend up a health morning detox shake while making my bed, mediating, and trying on every new Urban Decay lipstick!!! Does it get any better or more “chic” than that!?!? And…. I love a good classic Lip Highlight…. So there’s that too! Xoxox

  413. I did all of those things. I love you guys. Your snapchat is awesome. Great beauty advice. I just got my ice roller. I love it. Would love to win.

  414. Lauryn! I’m getting married in August and I would love to win all of these products to up my bridal beauty game! Help a sister out!

  415. Hi Lauryn!!! I think I already entered (scatterbrained as F right now)…and it’s totally last minute but hey better late then never, right? Maybe? Hopefully. I would be so happy to win such an awesome package of incredible, useful and life-bettering stuff that I would likely keep “bagged” in my cart online and never end up purchasing half of them — because I don’t neeeed them, I tell myself. But really I do need them!! Hope your trip was amazing — thank you for giving us the opportunity to score such a rad package!


  416. Thank you for all the useful tips ❤️, I would LOVE to win this giveaway because the giveaway is amazing and I think it’s VERY useful! Love your blog!

  417. i was going to write why I deserve to win, but seriously.. after reading Angeline Parson’s poem – she totally deserves it! Haha! No, I don’t know her, but I’m impressed by the creativity. 😉 Happy Friday!

    Love, Lindsey

  418. I would LOVE/ DIE TO WIN THIS Giveaway because…. I beyond trust/ respect/ love anything and everything Lauryn recommends! Honestly, The Skinny Conf. is the only blog I follow and trust 10000%. Like I said in my Podcast review, anything and everything you guys touch becomes a complete highlight to my day! From the book to the blog to the podcast, I can’t imagine not being obsessed with whatever Lauryn and Michael get involved with next. You guys are such an inspiration in the way you work your asses off and hustle! Your work provides a constant source of inspiration for me and I really respect and love what you do!! Wishing you all the positive vibes and am honestly very thankful for the positive impact this blog has!
    Last but not least, I would love to win this giveaway– being fresh out of college and in my first “real” job, I have been trying to save everything I make! Winning this would completely make my month (year!?) and would be so appreciated. I’m a huge health nut which can be difficult on a budget, having recently moved to Newport Beach, life is expensive!! Anyways, thanks so much for everything you do and the respect you give everyone who reads the blog! <3

  419. We have twin Chi’s so isn’t it obvious?! Love every detail on your site/app/podcast. You kill it on the regular. Thank you! <3

  420. I just had my second son and I need some products that aren’t charged with testosterone!!! Ha! I’m totally outnumbered and I need to feel pampered like a girl!

  421. I am absolutely obsessed with your podcast, snapchat, TSC Bombshell Body Guide and the blog. I seriously can’t get enough of your content! I would die to win this giveaway and have been dreaming about owning a juicer! Love you guys!!

  422. I have to win because on June 26th I’m leaving San Diego to travel the world for 6+ months! I need these products and those sexy bikinis to make sure I’m looking adorable all summer long 🙂

  423. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because there are so many great products I’ve been dying to try!! I’m so obsessed with your blog and also the podcasts… Like no seriously, I drive my family/friends/roommates nuts because I always play the podcast in my car (like multiple times) hahaha. Any whooo, I’m a big fan and supporter and love the connection you keep with your readers! Yay for giveaways and yay for TSC??

  424. I would love to win just because all of that stuff is expensive and I have three beautiful daughters I could share them with. I really enjoy your snaps. Susan’s Snaps are hilarious. The podcast is my new obsession.

  425. is the give away still going on? if so, i always wanted to get those things but my mother could never afford it for me. right when i saw ur blog i saw it as something so helpful and cool, i hope you see this and have second thoughts.I even showed all my friend about you and they love you! xoxo i freaking love you by the way

  426. Oh Lauryn please pick me to win! I am a new mom and totally need a pick me up! My skin is haggard, my nails are ragged and I could use a little luxury! I’ll love you either way though. ?

  427. I’ve been on a downward spiral, that I have just started to get out of. My health started to slip and now my priority is to put myself first now. Honestly, the Juicer would be the item most needed in my life right now, to help me keep on track and become a healthier person. Love your positive posts, keep them up!

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