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How To Lift Your Butt In 2 Seconds

How To Lift Your Butt | by the skinny confidential

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There’s a butt lifter in town & it doesn’t require injections or fat transfers! Because let’s just go ahead & address the white elephant in the room: A LOT OF PEOPLE are getting injections in their butt. I have no judgement one way or another towards the subject. In fact, I feel like everyone should do whatever they want to their body. For me, however, I need something efficient & straight to the point sometimes when I’m wearing certain outfits.

One night I was stalking Amazon & I came across this. What’s this you ask? Well it’s basically for the girl who wants more junk in her truck. No needles, no bullshit, just underwear.

I should warn you that this specific shapewear has two huge ( HUGE ) holes in the butt. This did not come as a big surprise to me because that’s the whole point of the underwear/shapewear situation: it’s meant to lift & add that bubble butt effect.

For the record, this is one of those things that I cannot NOT share with you guys. Some people will love this post, some people will hate this post. But that’s the thing about The Skinny Confidential- you take what you like, leave what you hate. Anyway- like I said, I found this shapewear on Amazon & immediately knew I had to blog about it. It’s a niche product & if you don’t know by now: I LOVE NICHE PRODUCTS. Like specifically weird shit that isn’t overly expensive that gets the job done ( coughity, cough acupressure mat! ).

So these butt lifters- basically they provide INSTANT body shape while adding some hip dimension. Now all butts are different- like, they’re not all created equally ( thank God because what a BORE that would be ) but for me it sort of makes my butt rounder? Let’s put it this way: the other night I was wearing kind of a clingy skirt & Michael was really checking me out- so I want to say it makes a difference.

I have never been one to obsess over my butt.

I mean, I got my boobs done at 19 so the butt was never the main focus, you know? Recently with this whole butt craze though I’ve decided it doesn’t hurt a flea to try butt lifting underwear. I like my butt, but a little lift is always fun.

Again, this is a HARD product to recommend because I have no fucking idea how it’s going to look on everyone’s butt. This is one of those things you have to try to see if you like. The underwear is stretchy & the rear circular cut-outs lift, smooth, & shape while holding in the tummy. Fabric is nylon so it’s easy to wash & most certainly reusable.

How To Lift Your Butt | by the Skinny Confidential

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I should mention you cannot wear it with everything- but that’s ok, I guess. You can only wear it with certain outfits. For me, it’s looked best with pencil skirts.

As for sizing, I sized up. I got a medium. Also you can go for a black moment, but I went with nude. For shapewear, I prefer nude. For lingerie, I prefer black. Riveting, I know but I prefer to keep it simple with a twist.

Now there’s two options here: you can go with the butt lifter that has the tummy control top OR the butt lifter without tummy control. I bought the ones without it because I felt like the material would show through the top too much.

I should mention they’re $10.99 so you’re not breaking the bank here.

kardashian butt lift | by the skinny confidential

How To Lift Your Butt

Of course, you can lift your butt naturally.  Here are some of the butt workouts you can do to sculpt that butt.

Walking lunges: Stand with your feet. Step right foot forward and bend your knees to lower down into a lunge, stopping when both legs form 90 degrees. Press through right heel to stand and step left foot forward, lowering into a lunge and return to the starting position.

Isometric Squat: Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands by sides. Push hips back and bend knees slightly until thighs are nearly parallel to the floor.  Squeeze your glutes and press hips forward to straighten legs.

Single Leg Squat: Start standing facing away from a chair with weight in left foot, lift your right knee, and arms at sides. Engage core, bend left knee, and push hips back to sink down into a single-leg squat until butt touches chair, simultaneously extending arms out straight in front of body and right toes point out slightly for balance. Press through left foot to return to standing position.

Step up: Start standing facing a bench or stair, hands on waist and feet under hips. Lift your right leg and step right foot onto bench or stair and pull left knee bent up toward chest. Reverse movement to return to start.

You can do all these routines to build muscle using just your body weight.  For more extensive strength training, you can add weights.  These simple routines can also help you burn fat.

You can also check out my other butt lifting exercises you can do at home.

OK I HOPE YOUR BRAIN IS STIMULATED- you never know what you’re going to find on The Skinny Confidential.

Sometimes it’s branding, sometimes it’s The Fat Jewish making UTI jokes, sometimes it’s how to make dark circles disappear, & sometimes it’s a full post about asses? We love to keep it fresh here.

Going to call it a day- I have a very early morning & would love to look rested. Please let me know if you try a butt lifter. Happy Wednesday!

x, lauryn

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++ ALSO, be sure to peep the Nordstrom Sale <3.

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  1. So totally fucking random….I”m one of these weirdos who pick my underwear based on if I get hit by a bus that day ( I know that’s really weird) and I think about the coroner prying me out of my ass- holster, being like “God-damnit, third one this week!”

  2. This is hilarious but I can totally see why it’s a great product! I think its soooooo funny how there’s literally a hole for each but cheek. Love it <3

    xx Pia

  3. Love you and all your content but I don’t like this post. Why not recommend workouts that lift their butts, which is also healthy for them overrall. This is just an illusion and like you said, will most likely not work for every body type. You want a butt, work for it. I love your blog because your so real and you talk about real things, this is not one of them.

  4. HA, I love this! Literally posts like this are the reason I come back to TSC…nobody else talks about this stuff! I love hearing about the different products you try, because they’re always things I haven’t heard of before. So bored of the typical, trendy stuff! Definitely gotta get me one of these at some point!

  5. Omg just died over that comment by DGGYST – SAME 100%

    Too scared I’d die in them and be remembered by that. I can see it now… “The body was recovered but still looking for the ass of her underwear” ?

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    I’m a big fan of this blog “theskinnyconfidential”! Your post “theskinnyconfidential” is really helpful but you need to add more info.
    I certainly, you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ?

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