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How To Use an Ice Roller

There have been so many questions online about exactly how to use an ice roller. After having 16 hour jaw surgery, I sorta feel like I’m an expert & practitioner on this subject.

So let’s discuss the specifics to clear up any of your questions so you can get rolling.

Keep in mind that you should do whatever feels good for you. Listen to your body & intuition, always. THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER can be used in so many different ways, so don’t stress about it. Do you. But this is how I use mine, k?

You should know that I always use it BEFORE skincare, not after because I don’t want my skincare all over my ice roller. BUT a lot of facialist like to end the facial with an ice roller, so there you go.

So let’s get right into your most asked, burning hot questions about ice rolling.


Do you HAVE to use oil with it?

No! You can use it alone or before your products. You can use it after your products if you want, but I like to use it before so that the ice roller doesn’t get all greasy.

HOWEVER, you should know that THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL ICE QUEEN FACE OIL is fab because it’s simple ( with raspberry seed, blueberry seed & pomegranate seed oil ) & is designed to fight inflammation, cool the skin & leave you looking PLUMP.  It does work very nicely with the ice roller.

HOT MESS ICE ROLLER | The Skinny Confidential Product

What does the cold do for the skin?

The application of a freezing cold roller boosts circulation, bringing blood to the skin surface, helping to restore radiance & encourage optimum cell function. Plus, ice rolling can instantly reduce puffiness & redness, much like an ice pack can reduce swelling & bruising.

How long should you leave it in the freezer?

Place your clean ice roller in the freezer for at least 15 minutes to get it icy cold. Before using it on your face, roll it on your wrist a few times to make sure it’s not too cold.

How often do you use the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER?

Just so so so many options here. Mainly first thing in the morning ESP if you’re hungover. The cold wakes things up & drains the puff.

At night AFTER cleansing, BEFORE applying products.

If I’m going to be in front of the camera I always spend extra time rolling, & always use it before putting on makeup.

When it’s hot out I use it throughout the day, it feels divine post-shave/wax, post injection, post surgery, or even if you have a rash or sore muscles.

How long do you normally ice roll for?

As long as you want !! If I’m hungover or have major plane puff, then I go for like 10 minutes or longer.

Is there a proper way to roll? Up? Down? Is it like gua sha?

For the lymphatic drainage benefits, yes, there is a proper way. @theodisseya shows us in this video. But also, just do whatever feels good!

Can I use the ice roller if I’m pregnant?

The ice roller has been tested to ensure safety, but we always recommend that you consult with your doctor first if you’re pregnant.

How do you clean the ice roller? Do you clean it after every use?

If I’m being honest, I only clean mine every 3 weeks or so. LOL. But you can clean it as often as you see fit.

Take a baby washcloth & run it under water. Add a bit of soap & work it in so the baby washcloth is sudsy. Gently rub it over your ice roller & then rinse the ice roller under water. Pat it dry & then lay flat for a while before you put it back in the fridge or freezer.

What makes aluminum retain the cold longer?

Here’s the deal: metals retain cold much better than other materials because they’re good thermal conductors. We chose aluminum as it’s a cleaner metal that doesn’t rust while being lightweight compared to metals like stainless steel.

Is it worth it? Why is your $70 ice roller better than a $7 one off Amazon?

YES YES YES. She’s a 10/10 !! I was so sick of limp dick rollers after my jaw surgery & that’s how the HOT MESS was born.

Other ice rollers I found were flimsy, were made with stainless steel ( doesn’t hold the cold for long ), or plastic wrapped with gel. They always broke & only kept the cold for a couple minutes.

The HOT MESS ICE ROLLER is made with solid aluminum so it keeps the cold for ages, has a thumbprint so you can apply pressure where you want & gives extra grip, the silicone handle is sturdy but comfortable to hold, it’s 20-30% bigger than other ice rollers on the market, gets into tissues with minimal effort, & weighs 1/2 lb ( others are 1/4 lb ).

The Skinny Confidential Product launch
hot mess ice roller details


♡ tightens pores

♡ helps with lymphatic drainage

♡ reduces redness, swelling, irritation

♡ contours the fuck out of your face

♡ feels so good after a wax: eyebrows, mustache, vag, wherever!

♡ HOT TIP: the HOT MESS is your new travel BFF. Bring it to the beach or pool, toss it in an ice bucket & enjoy a freezing cold roll poolside.

There you have it…all the details on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & how to use it. If you have any other questions please let me know in the comments & we’ll add it to this post.

It’s such a versatile tool with tons of benefits, but it also just feels damn good on the skin. As I said above, you can use it on rashes, rosacaea, injection marks, after a wax or a shave ( so good for the boys post-shave too ), on bug bites, you can even ice roll your sore muscles after a workout too.

Oh, & during the heatwaves in Canada this summer I was getting so many messages from people telling me the HOT MESS really saved their asses !!

If you want to know more about the HOT MESS ice roller, see some fun how-to videos, & creative ways the community is using it, be sure to follow @theskinnyconfidential. & remember to tag us in your videos so we can feature how you use your ice roller.

I cannot live without it, not even for a single day.

Happy rolling.

x, lauryn

+ if you like this post, you’ll find tons of skin tips in my book GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.

++ find out when you should apply facial oil here.


  1. hi there, you mentioned you had jaw surgery. I was curious about what caused you to have jaw surgery? how did it go? I have issues with the jaw but have been afraid to have surgery thanks so much

  2. Do you put the entire device in the freezer or do you detach the roller and freeze? Do you put it directly into the freezer or do you put it in a container first?

  3. Any recommendations to treat an ice burn from this? I have redness under my eyes after using it! 🙁

  4. Are metal rollers better than the ice cube versions? And is there anything about the safety of aluminum? Thank you!

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