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How to Trick Your BF Into Cooking For You

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

If you’ve been following TSC on Snapchat you know Michael has been cooking!!

Well he’s been cooking kind of.

Blue Apron has been doing half the work.

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

Remember how I shared this arugula pesto pasta dish? Well, since then Michael & I have become OBSESSED with Blue Apron’s services.

The concept is too easy & efficient to NOT use. You get the ingredients delivered straight to your door, measured out, ready to go, with a recipe.

So yes, Michael’s been ‘cooking’.

This week’s meal was spicy lentil stew. Literally as good as it sounds. See:

Basically all fresh ingredients ( think: garlic, red onion, peppers, mint, & delicious spices ) with yellow lentils.

AND SPOTLIGHT ON LENTILS BECAUSE they’re kind of the best carb ever. Some quick benefits: they’re filled with protein, lower cholesterol, amazing for the heart, support digestive health ( HEY FIBER ), & stabilize blood sugar.

Anyway, what I love about Blue Apron is the menu changes all the time & it’s always clean. With their services it’s really, very easy to trick your BF/GF/fiancé/husband into cooking for you. Like last night we had the whole wheat spaghetti with basil & lemon. You would have thought Michael handmade the noodles himself & seriously planted the basil, he was grinning from ear to ear when he completed the meal…so proud of the final product ( cute, right ).

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

Really though, it’s a win/win because Michael thinks he created the whole meal entirely by himself & I get to eat healthy while he’s busy thinking that.

Any other tips for tricking guys into cooking for you? Tell, tell.

If you’re interested in trying out Blue Apron, the first 50 readers will get two free meals on their first order— just click here!

x, lauryn

{ denim apron by SaltHouse }

+ pics | vid

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

blue apron meals | by the skinny confidential

  1. BlueApron sounds like an awesome service! I’m lucky that some of my friends love cooking and often grace me with their abilities haha.
    That pasta dish sounds AMAZING.
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Pia, you’re lucky you have your friends! Blue Apron is SOOO good. It just makes cooking easy, you know? These days I am all about convenience. Thanks for reading, xx

  2. Haha, I bet my bf would cook with Blue Apron too! We’ve been meaning to give them a shot. Right now he loves to “cook” with Munchery, which means he puts it in the oven…..I just bought a crock pot to “save time” in healthy food prep – let’s see if he gets on board with that 😛

    1. LOL, Jill! Just keep working on him, gradualism is the key! I plant seeds in M’s head and three months later it’s his idea! Crock pots are great. You’ll love it. Let me know if you find any great recipes. Thanks for reading, xx

  3. This is one of those boxes that I’ve been heavily debating on buying. The only thing stopping me really is time. Sooo busy with work, but I feel like this is just the kind of thing that would force me to enhance my kitchen skills haha.


    COFFEESLAG 06/26/15

    1. Babe, if time is you’re one concern, definitely do it. It’s saves so much time. Everything just shows up at your door step ready go. Cooking usually takes time to buy everything, wash, prep, cut, blah blah blah. Literally all you have to do is put it together and cook it. So easy. LMK what you decide! xx

  4. Love blue apron!! We got this Laos chicken dish once and now I make a version of it all the time for my lunch! Love finding inspiration like that 🙂 Next step is getting my BF to do the cooking…

    xo Annie

  5. Blue Apron is definitely something I want to look into more. I just wish they were available in my area! My husband does not cook whatsoever and it’s actually something we were laughing about last night haha.

  6. Can we please talk about how adorable that apron is? I thought it was just a wrap maxi skirt. Adorable – never heard of Salt House (other than the restaurant in SF!) and now I am newly obsessed. That stew looks incredible. Love all the colours in it. I always joke that my bf would be so good in the kitchen – he’s sooo calculated lol – so this is the perfect way to make it happen. ??

    1. Hi Shannon, thank you for your comment. Yes, definitely get your man in the kitchen. Let me know how it goes :)))

  7. I wish they would offer better gluten free options… on their support page they say they have many dishes that are naturally gluten free, however every recipe on the page for this week has gluten (mostly as a main component) =(

    1. Hi Jen, did you sign up to see their full recipe list? They have some featured recipes but in order to see the full list you have to view the recipes list. LMK, xx

  8. My husband is actually a really great cook and loves to do it. However, because it’s something he does as a creative outlet and to relax, he prefers to have time to do it. So he tends to cook more for us on the weekends and I tend to do more of the weeknight stuff because I don’t mind cooking under a timeline or doing a big meal prep twice a week.

  9. Wow this looks really amazing! Thank you for sharing!

    Do check us out as we blog about health, beauty and lifestyle tips and food reviews!

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