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How To Take Care of Baby Skin Naturally

My friend Luciana Jones, aka Lucy, knows everything there is to know about babies. She was supposed to be featured in my new book GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN in a whole section about baby skincare, but in an effort to keep the book within its page count, the publisher had to cut the entire baby section.

In this post Lucy shares her favorite baby skincare products, a massage technique for unclogging tear ducts & the difference between infant & 1 year old skin.

 Let’s welcome Lucy to the blog.

How To Take Care of Baby Skin Naturally

Introduce yourself & your background with babies.

Luciana Jones: Hello, my name is Luciana Jones. I am from Brazil & I come from a big family that mostly works in the medical field. I never thought that I would follow their footsteps but happily, here I am.

Since growing up, I have always had a passion for babies but I never thought one day that I would become a nurse for adults AND babies. My passion for babies grew even more when I had my first baby girl at 19 years old, & by age 21, my second baby girl. I fell in love with being a mom & my passion for babies has always grown.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said a nanny! I came to the U.S.A over twenty years ago & graduated from nursing school. Soon after, I was trained to care for special needs babies & this was a meaningful & humbling experience where I could retribute my care & love for the baby and the family. From back then to now, I have the pleasure to continue working with babies.

What are 3 mistakes you see people make when it comes to their baby’s skin?

LJ: One mistake I often see people make when it comes to the baby’s skincare is that they begin using a baby skin product or multiple products without testing a small amount on one area of the baby beforehand. Without testing the product before fully applying, it can often lead to irritation & redness on the baby’s skin. My suggestion would be to test this product(s) on the baby’s forearm 24 hours before proceeding to fully apply the product & incorporating it into your baby’s daily skincare regime.

A second mistake I see people make is exposing the baby to the direct sunlight during the most intense sun rays of the day. In addition, people not clothing the baby with at least one layer of clothes or providing a shaded covering while outside can also be harmful for the baby’s skin, causing sunburn. The FDA does not suggest using sunscreen on infants as they are highly more susceptible to skin irritation than adults. Once the baby has reached six months, I highly recommend speaking to the baby’s pediatrician to determine if it is safe to use sunscreen & if so, which sunscreen would be recommended for your baby.  In my own experience, I try to avoid having the baby in the direct sun & I always choose shaded areas, provide hats, & one layer of clothing.

A third common mistake people make is using too much soap to wash the baby. Using too much soap can irritate the baby’s skin, making their skin dry & in some cases, very itchy. Try to use a small amount of baby soap as it will clean the baby & is safer than overdoing it.

What are your top 3 skincare tips for babies?

LJ: One top skincare tip for babies is to keep it simple! Starting with a head-to-toe, tearless baby wash is a basic step to baby cleanliness. Having one product as a baby wash will make the baby bath & parent’s experience easier & less overwhelming & will get the job done. I highly recommend using baby products that are pediatrician recommended.

A second baby skincare tip is using baby moisturizer! It’s a great thing to keep your baby’s skin smooth & healthy. It is an extra-protecting barrier against skin dryness and irritations.

Diaper cream — I am all for it! Use diaper cream ointment for almost all diaper changes to prevent painful diaper rashes. Especially if your baby has sensitive skin. We are constantly changing the baby’s diapers & by applying a diaper cream ointment, it serves as a protective barrier for your baby’s skin.

What are 3 baby skin products you recommend?

LJ: It’s hard to choose only three baby skin products to recommend because of so many amazing products recommended by pediatricians. Let’s start with the baby soap/shampoo. I recommend Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo. It is a great product that is tear-free, can be used for babies with sensitive skin, & on a daily basis. In addition, it is a hypoallergenic baby wash with natural oat extract. ‘

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion is another great baby product from the same line. This moisturizer is gentle for sensitive skin, can help to smooth the baby’s skin, & can also be used on a daily basis to moisturize & protect your baby’s skin.

Diaper Rash Product! In my years of experience as a baby nurse, using Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment on a daily for most diaper changes has helped babies heal from diaper rashes & prevent further diaper rashes.

Talk to us about infant massage & why it’s so good for the skin.

LJ: Infant massage is very important for the infants & for the parents. When the parents give the baby a massage, the touch between the baby & the parents makes them more receptive to each other & forms a bond of love, trust, & confidence. The baby appears to be more calm & there is less crying which makes the experience between the baby & the parents much easier & pleasant.

Infant massage in each part of the baby’s body has its benefits. For example, massaging the baby’s belly helps the function of the intestines & stomach to help regular bowel movements & to pass gas.

Massaging the baby’s skin can help ease baby crying & fussiness & improve a better sleep. Also, infant massages can help relax the baby & release hormones that calm & soothe the baby.

What are some baby bath time tips?

LJ: The best tip for baby bath time is to try to give the baby a bath every day at the same time close to bedtime. This will help to relax the baby & also help the baby to understand that it is time to get ready for bed time & have a comfortable night of sleep.

What laundry detergent is best for a baby’s skin?

LJ: I like to use a plant-based, hypoallergenic, dye-free, & fragrance-free, laundry detergent that incorporates less chemicals & more natural ingredients.

Tell us how you do facial massage to clear the tear ducts on a baby.

LJ: Facial massage to clear up the baby’s eye ducts in the lymphatic system is key. I like to begin the facial massage in the morning & before bed time. So I first begin by washing my hands very well. I then use my fingers to gently rub the lower corner of the baby’s eyes near the nose with a few motions. The baby should not be uncomfortable during the facial massage & it should be done gently. Most babies will enjoy it!

Are there any transitions from infant skin to 1 year old skin we should know about?

LJ: Infant skin to 1 year old skin will have transitions. Infant skin is thinner & more fragile because infant skin has less collagen. You need to take extra precaution if the baby getting sores & irritation on the skin, as well as limiting sun exposure because the infant’s skin is more permeable at this age than a 1 year old. On the other hand, most 1 year old babies can use sunscreen products recommended by your pediatrician.

What’s a resource you recommend?

LJ: I recommend reading a first-time guide baby book that helps parents on how to start safely caring for their newborn & as the baby continues to grow. Baby books, research articles with scientific support & pediatric references can provide parents with more information & advice.

Any other tips or tricks you want to add for a baby’s skin?

LJ: One of my favorite tips is to keep the baby clean. Keeping the baby clean helps to prevent the baby from picking up germs. In addition, clipping the baby’s nails short & keeping them clean prevents the baby from scratching itself & prevents germs from hiding under the nails that can cause an infection.

There you have it, all the tips for keeping your baby’s skin soft & smooth. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, check out tons of other posts here.

x, lauryn

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