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How to Survive a Cheater with Lala Kent

How to Survive a Cheater with Lala Kent

We’re back to give you some hot takes from yet another killer episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast.

Today we’re here to GIVE YOU LALA. That’s right. Recently Lala Kent came on to discuss her sex life, the future of Vanderpump Rules, and how she drastically changed her life after the cheating accusations of her husband were released.

IT.IS.A.MUST.LISTEN. But we loved the episode so much we wanted to break down a few takeaways for you. So whether you just need a change or need to break free from a partner (who is cheating or not), here’s what Lala did & we think they’re amazing tips.

How to Survive a Cheater with Lala Kent:

♡ scan for red flags.

This seems obvious but when you’re in it, you’re in it, and you may not notice the things you should. Looking back for Lala, this looked like always traveling, always meeting hotels, never seeing his house. Now these things all make sense to her – it’s because he was still seeing his ex.

♡ make sure you know WHO someone is.

Lala talks about how she never really knew her now ex. Sure, she knew what he did, what he liked to do, about his job, but didn’t really know WHO he is at his core.

♡ handle yourself with the future in mind.

If anyone handled such a public situation with the most amount of elegance and grace, it was Lala Kent, you guys. She kept her head up the whole time. She was wronged, she cut the cord, set a boundary and started the journey of MOVING ON.

As Lauryn asks in the podcast: did you put his toothbrush in your butt before you left? LOL NO. Lala did not. She wanted to leave everything with a clean, fresh slate.

♡ set yourself up.

Lala’s mom always told her to make sure she had her own thing. Be self-sufficient and have your own money. If that’s not possible for you (or not safe for you to do), have a friend help you with setting up a bank account, getting an apartment, and getting your ducks in a row so that when the time to leave comes, YOU’RE READY.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode because Lala gets into how her ex’s ex & her put together a whole timeline of cheating, why she wouldn’t change a single thing that happened, and what she’s up to now. (You can listen to Lala’s first podcast here).

tsc Him & Her podcast with Lala Kent

We hope you love the podcast episode as much as we did. Be sure to keep up with Lala on IG @lalakent, stalk her book, beauty line, baby line, AND podcast. PS. Lauryn & Michael’s episode just went live.

Happy listening.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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