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How To Style Men’s Clothes For Women

How To Style Men's Clothes For Women

During quarantine I feel like we all got a little lazy. Which was nice if we’re being honest. It was nice to sit back & let my Shellac manicure grow out, not worry about a spray tan or a fresh blowout.

But you know what else was nice? And I mean REAL nice? The clothing situation. To be real, I was a little slobby about it & started wearing a bunch of Michael’s clothes. I was postpartum from having Zaza & so wearing Michael’s clothes a relief, LOL. Everything fit, it was comfortable & it was also stylish.

Anyway, my feelings on wearing, aka stealing, his clothes sort of inspired this post. You’ll learn about some of my favorite, affordable men’s hoodies that I wear all the time & how to style it.

All of these picks are from Walmart & I’m a huge fan of the fashion in stock right now. You can buy online or in-store & choose from tons of amazing accessories, basics, workout clothes, & yes…men’s hoodies. LOL.

You might know by now that I’m a big fan of highs & lows when it comes to fashion so I wanted to share with you these Walmart picks that have become staples in my closet.

And for me, the bigger the better. Sometimes I even go for XXL, but also could do an XL. I love how they hang, how they slouch, how they’re so comfortable & how they look.

How To Style Men’s Clothes For Women

First things first…

How To Style Mens Clothes For Women

classic white hoodie

A while ago I posted a teal sweatsuit situation ( sweatshirt & sweatpants ) & you guys went WILD. You loved this outfit so much, I think it even sold out ??

So the one that I’ve been absolutely loving ( thanks to Hailey Bieber who rocked a similar one recently ) is this white hoodie. There’s just something about a fresh white one that really does it for me.

You can wear it with a hat, little gold hoop earrings & sunglasses for a chill vibe.  You can totally wear a big white hoodie for a night out with your girlfriends too. Wear your hair in a sleek bun & you’ll look chic AF.

If you decide to get this & go super oversized it’s fun to wear it with a boot, & if you don’t go too crazy it’s nice to rock it with a biker short & sneakers.

Hoodies from the men’s section are just so much better than women’s ones if you ask me. Oh, & I’m all for wearing white after Labor Day. I like to wear white when I want to wear it. White is frosty, festive & fun for the holidays.

Men's hoodies and sweatshirts

gray hoodie

And since you’re already in the Walmart Fashion section, snag this gray one too. It’s affordable, basic in the best way, & goes with everything.

This is great for throwing on before a workout, with a black legging & black vest, or underneath a leather jacket.

Michael always wears a gray hoodie under his leather jacket & it’s so sexy. So maybe your significant other will be ‘borrowing’ this one from you?

♡ black crewneck sweatshirt

The last one I recommend getting is this chic black crewneck. It’s fluffy, buttery & so perfect because it’s plain & goes with everything. Perfect for lounging around the house.

You could wear it with your high-waisted boyfriend jeans & a black heel. Throw on some sunglasses & you’re good to go.

To get a bit more specific on styling…this 2 pack of biker shorts comes with black & white ones & they really hold things in if you know what I mean. They look so cute with these oversized hoodies.

These slip-on white sneakers are also FAB.

You guys know I love a white shoe, but these ones are very efficient ( just how we like it ) because they’re slip-on! When you’re busy & running out the door there is no time to mess with a whole shoelace situation so I’m very much into these. They save you time, but also look cute enough to go for a walk or a run & meet your friends at happy hour.

How to wear men's clothing
How to style men's clothing
slip-on white sneakers


One more thing, I fully recommend wearing these shoes with PEDS. No one wants a sweaty foot & PEDS just make the whole shoe situation very comfortable.

If you’re not into the XXL hoodies then I got you covered. This women’s crewneck is just as comfortable & goes with everything. With a bit smaller fit, it’ll still look amazing with biker shorts, boyfriend jeans or leggings. As long as things are comfortable, you can’t go wrong.


In case you haven’t noticed, when I podcast they’re all I wear. The podcast medium is incredible because it’s not about how you look, it’s all focussed on audio & conversation. I love all these hoodies & have them stocked in my closet on heavy rotation.

Hope you guys loved hearing about these affordable finds. I just had to share this strategy since I was always in Michael’s closet anyway.

And if you’re not in sweater weather an oversized t shirt looks just as cute with biker shorts.

Plus, aren’t these best holiday gifts? They won’t break the bank & they’re so useful…who doesn’t love a big, cozy sweatshirt?

So did anyone else steal their significant other’s clothes, or is it just me?

x, lauryn

+ check out the Nanz’ holiday pecans if you need a gift idea.

++ scope these healthy holiday habits.

+ this post is in collaboration with Walmart, as always, all opinions are my own.


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