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How To Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

How To Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

Did you know that around 10-25% of married couples in the US have been going through the aftermath of being cheated on?

It’s no walk in the park to get over.

It can leave you feeling angry, frustrated, and overthinking everything while your confidence feels like it’s taken a hit. 

It’s a traumatic experience and a total punch in the gut. 

But, here’s the thing… being in a constant loop of overthinking can mess with your mental health AND your future relationships. 

So, let’s break that vicious cycle, shall we? And talk about how to survive a cheater. 

Today, we’re sharing some practical tips to help you all start the healing process. 

How To Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

Being cheated on is literally the worst feeling. It’s natural to feel betrayed and hurt. We can’t let that jerk of a person hold us back from living our best lives. 

They’re just not worth it.

Instead of dwelling on the past, let’s focus on the present. 

What brings you joy and fulfillment? Maybe it’s killing it at work, indulging in your hobbies, or working on personal growth

Whatever it may be, let’s make that our priority. And, along the way, don’t forget to practice self-care and lean on your loved ones for support. 

You deserve to be happy and loved, and by taking care of yourself and focusing on the present, you can create a bright and fulfilling future for yourself.

Now, we know it’s difficult to stop overthinking in the first place, let alone after being cheated on. 

Just know that everyone’s journey is different. So, let’s not compare ourselves to others or be too hard on ourselves. 

With a little bit of patience, self-care, and the right tools, we can start living our best lives again. That’s why it’s crucial to take steps to reduce overthinking after being cheated on and promote healing. 

Here are some tips that can help us move forward:

♡ Recognize your feelings.

It’s essential to recognize and acknowledge your feelings after being cheated on. It’s okay to feel angry, sad, or betrayed, heck, even to have intrusive thoughts. You’re human, and those emotions are valid.

Don’t try to suppress those feelings. It’ll only lead to overthinking and make the healing process longer.

So go ahead, feel your feelings, and don’t be afraid to let it out. Cry it out, scream it out, do whatever you need to do to release those emotions. It’s all part of the healing process, and you’ll come out stronger on the other side. Feel, heal and move on.

♡ Treat yourself. 

You better believe that practicing self-care is non-negotiable when it comes to dealing with the pain of being cheated on. We need to treat ourselves like the queens we are and prioritize our minds, bodies, and souls.

So, take an herbal bath, get a massage, read a new book, relax with the PINK BALLS face massager, or do whatever makes you feel good. And, don’t forget about your mental health. You could talk to a therapist, practice mindfulness or some meditation, or write in a journal.

Whatever it is, make sure you’re taking care of yourself in every way possible. You deserve to feel good and be happy, so don’t neglect yourself during this healing process.

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♡ Take a breather.

Taking a break from the situation can be a game-changer when it comes to dealing with being cheated on. Whether it’s a short-term break like taking a day off work or a long-term break like going on a vacation, it’s essential to use this time to focus on ourselves and our healing process.

During this break, we can clear our minds, reduce overthinking, and prioritize our mental health. We can indulge in activities that make us happy, spend time with loved ones, or simply take some time for ourselves.

Most importantly, make sure you’re using this break to heal and come back stronger than ever. Remember, you deserve to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being.

♡ Keep good company.

Surrounding ourselves with positive and supportive people is essential when it comes to overcoming negative thoughts and emotions. And, it can make us feel more grateful during hard times. That’s why it’s important to seek out the company of friends and family who uplift us and make us feel good about ourselves.

But listen, it’s not just about surrounding ourselves with good vibes. We also need to set boundaries and communicate our needs with those around us. Let them know how they can support us during this time and what we need from them. By doing so, we create a strong support system that helps us through the healing process. 

Just remember, you deserve to be surrounded by people who make you feel good and support you through thick and thin. So, surround yourself with positivity, and don’t be afraid to communicate your needs.

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♡ Set boundaries.

Alright, let’s get real here. When it comes to dealing with being cheated on, we need to set some boundaries. These boundaries can be with our ex-partner and with ourselves. It’s no surprise that you might have trust issues with the person who cheated on you. 

For instance, we might set boundaries around communication with our ex, like cutting off contact or only communicating through a third party. This helps us avoid any unnecessary drama or emotional turmoil that might come from direct contact with our ex. It can be something as simple as telling someone that you are not in the place to take any relationship advice at the moment. Or saying no to plans so you can take time for yourself.

We can’t forget about setting boundaries with ourselves too. We need to limit the amount of time we spend thinking about the situation or even stalking our ex on social media. By setting these boundaries, we can protect ourselves and our healing process. Plus, nobody has time for any extra negativity or drama.

♡ Journal, journal, journal.

Journaling is a powerful tool for processing emotions and reducing overthinking. By writing down our feelings and thoughts in a journal, we can gain some serious clarity and perspective on the situation. 

When we’re dealing with the gravity of the fact that our partner cheated, our emotions can be all over the place. One minute we’re angry, the next we’re sad, and before we know it, we’re spiraling into a frenzy of overthinking. 

But, with journaling, we can take a step back and reflect on our emotions in a more structured way. It helps us process our feelings and make sense of what we’re going through.

Grab a cute journal and good pen, and start writing down your thoughts and feelings. It’s a powerful tool for healing and gaining clarity. And who knows, you might even discover some hidden insights about yourself along the way.

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♡ Get physical.

Exercise is an incredible way to release pent-up emotions and reduce stress. Not only that, but it can also help us feel more confident and empowered. The key is to find a form of exercise that we enjoy and make it a regular part of our routine.

Whether it’s yoga, running, or weightlifting, finding an exercise routine that works for you can make all the difference. Being in good physical shape is a great way to release emotions and get out any frustration we might be feeling. Plus, it’s a total confidence booster.

There’s nothing like feeling strong and capable after a good workout. Prioritize your physical health and make exercise a regular part of your routine. It’s a powerful way to take care of our mental health too. You may even discover a new passion for fitness. 

Remember, it’s important to be kind and patient with ourselves during this process. Journaling and getting our sweat on are amazing ways to reduce overthinking and promote healing. Whether you decide to stay in the relationship or not, surrounding yourself with trusted friends so you can get past it is a good idea. 

In the end, dealing with being cheated on is awful. But, with a little bit of effort and some self-love, we can overcome overthinking and reclaim our power. 

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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