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OOOH LA LA….Have I got a surprise for you.

Well, not you, but Michael. Recently, we were on the Sex With Emily podcast & we were all brainstorming ways to spice it up. Michael & I have been together for 10 years, & we never want things to get boring or stale- you gotta keep it spicy & flirty, ya know?

Emily Morse of Sex With Emily told us we should totally try this game called sexy stranger. This is how Emily describes it:

“While role play might not be your style, imagine how sexy it would be to pretend your partner is just a sexy stranger at the bar you’ve set your eyes on. You can create a new persona, dip into your inner sex vixen, and have sex like it’s the very first time between the two of you.”

Fun right? We decided to try it for my birthday.

So what you do is dress up as an alter ego, & it can be anyone you want. Meet your S.O. at a bar & act like you don’t know each other. Make sure you really go for it though because you don’t wanna do what Michael did. We’ll get to that.

I took my situation very seriously. I was Tatiana, a Russian working girl with a short black bob-think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction but with an accent. I wore all black, including a black trench coat, had my tits pushed up to the chin, & wore the highest heel I own. You should know that Tatiana lives part time in NYC, LA & the South of France- depending on the season. She’s an aloof bitch who is always unimpressed, doesn’t give a fuck EVER, & drinks martinis with a twist.

Aleksey of the dpHUE house did my hair. We got a wig then he cut it so it was super blunt, & he cut the bangs blunt too. The makeup was super sultry & sassy with a big lash & smokey eye. My nails were blood red & I was ready to go.

Michael & I showed up separately to the restaurant. So I walked into the cutest Italian restaurant in Santa Monica & Michael’s jaw nearly fell to the ground like a Looney Tune. & I looked at him & it was very underwhelming. Like, I’m just being honest here. He wore a bolo & cowboy boots & called himself a cowboy from Texas! I mean, are you fucking serious???? Just not enough effort.

So we role played a little then got into dinner. HERE’S MY THING>>> If you’re gonna do this, meet at a hotel bar, NOT a restaurant. People were really staring at us because I was sooooo out of my mind- I literally looked like a working girl & it looked like I was butt naked under my trench coat. It was such an intimate restaurant so the tables were close together & the guy next to us was basically in my soup sucking on my nipple.

Anyways, we ate then went to a hotel bar to play it out a bit more. We ran into Lisa & Ken from Vanderpump Rules & her dog Giggy. I asked to take a picture with Giggy & Lisa looked at me like I was crazy because I was SO dressed up. I think she got the wrong idea- thought I was trying to get Giggy with it. HA!

We did get some pics with Giggy which I was very excited about.

AND YES, we taped the whole thing ( almost )! Here it is for your viewing pleasure…

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We ended the night back at our house ( sex was great BTW ) with lots of coconut oil lube. LOL

I would highly recommend testing this out if you’ve been in a relationship for more than year. It’s really fun & an interesting way to shake things up.

Have you guys tried anything like this? Tell, tell, tell!

x, lauryn

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