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How to Purify the Air in Your Home

How to Purify the Air in Your Home

A few weeks ago Mike Feldstein, the founder of Jaspr, was on The HIM & HER Show talking about something pretty important.


The air we breath is SO important. Wouldn’t you agree? We care about what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, and the water we drink, but are we thinking enough about the air we breath?

Mike is an unconventional entrepreneur who sees challenges as opportunities and who is constantly finding solutions to problems others see as insurmountable. Jaspr, Feldstein’s latest venture, is the culmination of Mike’s diverse background in air quality, disaster restoration, and entrepreneurship and it is his mission to protect air quality and improve human health through innovative products and education. In the episode he sits down with Lauryn and Michael to talk about air quality, what we should know about the air in our homes, and how we can heal ourselves of the symptoms of bad air quality. 

You should definitely listen to the entire episode because it’ll open your eyes to the importance of air quality in our homes and the positive affects clean hair has on your health and well-being. Kind of obvious right? With that, we wanted to share some things you can do RIGHT NOW, for free, in your home to enhance your air quality.

How to Purify the Air in Your Home

Open your windows

Just opening your windows can refresh your air and make it cleaner. Even things like cooking can stuff up your air so whenever you can open your windows, do it.

Cover up your garbage

Even if your trash can is under your sink, behind a cupboard, try to keep it covered up. The smells and bacteria leach into the air.

Move dirty diapers out of your child’s room

Ok, once you hear this you’ll realize it’s a no brainier – whatever diaper pail or Diaper Genie type thing you have, do not keep it in your child’s room. Poo particles release into the air and who wants that? Imagine sleeping in your baby’s room next to a bin full of dirty diapers. Yuck.

Keep the fans on in your bathroom

Turn the fans on in your bathroom and keep them on at all time. It’ll help filter out air in your bathroom. Just make sure to regularly clean your vent with a vacuum.

Turn your air purifier on turbo before you sleep

Lauryn and Michael started turning their air purifier on HIGH before going to sleep said the difference is incredible. They’re waking up breathing clearer and just feeling better all around.

Get a Jaspr

And use code SKINNY for $200 off. But you should know that they’re on back order since the podcast aired so expect some delays and order now!


Removes over 99% of airborne pollutants

Quiet operation at 30 decibels (same as a whisper)

Beautiful, steel design that blends seamlessly into your home (why Lauryn is obsessed)

Air indoors can be up to ten times worse than the air outside

Even if you feel good and think your air is clean, there could still be some things under the surface

If you have asthma, psoriasis, eczema, or other autoimmune symptoms, it could be a signal from your body that your air quality is bad

You might not notice symptoms right away, but as you continuously breathe in bad air, your body is constantly exposed to horrible chemicals & will start to react over time

Modern homes are made airtight, trapping contaminants from cooking and personal care products, pet dander, mold and allergens which can exacerbate asthma and impact sleep

Improves fatigue and overall health

Provides real time air quality monitoring with smart sensors to adapt your airflow

Takes only 30 seconds to change air filters

Covers a large area, up to 1,600 sq ft.


Air quality after natural disasters

Things people aren’t aware of with air quality

The truth about air quality in your home

Indoor vs. outdoor pollution

How to clean your air at home

Symptoms that are signs of bad air quality

Why your bedroom is the most important room in the house

The truth about humidity inside your home

Everything you need to know about cleansing your air 

Lauryn is in love with her Jaspr and has gotten them for every single bedroom in her house. It’s quiet, effective and looks beautiful. Be sure to follow Jaspr on Instagram for tons of cool facts about the air in your home and be sure to listen to the full episode on The HIM & HER Show.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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