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How To Prevent A UTI with Coconut Oil and Coconut Water…Trust Me, I’ve Been There

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Let’s get real.

There’s really absolutely NOTHING WORSE than a dreaded Urinary Tract Infections UTIs.

Don’t believe me? Ok, I’ll set the scene for you…

Literally in New York City Airport DYING, so UNCOMFORTABLE from a UTI. So, SO uncomfortable in fact, that I’m scrambling ( you can’t explain one unless you’ve had one! ). Basically I’m asking people around me for Uristat. Google it, not fun. Michael has no clue what to do…HA! He’s uncomfortable in his own way.

So ya, this situation SUCKS.

To further set the scene, I’m running around to every magazine/beverage shop in the airport, asking them from some type medicine. No one has anything for me. Brutal. The women at each counter look at me with such pity because THEY GET IT.

I’m basically helpless…kill me? You get it if you’ve been there – now imagine knowing you have a 6 hour flight in front of you with nothing to relieve the uncomfortableness.

It feels like you have to pee, every second, of every day.

I’ve gotten a UTI aka URINARY TRACT INFECTION, many, MANY times. So many in fact, that I’ve lost count.

The second I feel one coming on, I’m immediately on the phone with a random doctor who’s prescribing Cipro ( YUCK, SHOOT ME ) or some random antibiotic with the word ‘Micro?’

But I kind of figured out my cure. Wanna know how I prevent UTIs?

How To Prevent A UTI with Coconut Oil and Coconut Water

Is Coconut Oil Good For UTI?


We’ve all heard this one: shower before & after sex.

Shower before. Shower after. Especially after if you can’t before. ALSO! Not doing shower is at higher risk of UTI. Peeing after sex makes all the difference.  Oh after peeing,  you have to wipe from front to back as opposed to back to front makes a big difference to prevent bacteria from spreading!

Also using coconut oil as lube ( like raw unrefined coconut oil as lube ) has prevented my pesky UTIs.

Coconut oil for UTI: is anti-bacteria so it prevents bacterial!! Bacteria causes UTIs. It treats utis. No bacteria – no UTI.

( You know what I never want to hear again? Cranberry-anything. I’ve tried it all, it doesn’t work for me. This has been my experience at least. I need a preventative measure. Since I’ve figured out a way to prevent them, life has been easier. LOL. If cranberry works for you, which I’ve heard it helps a lot of people, stick with it! ).

Other research states: “urinary tract infections present with urgency of urination, frequency, burning, pain and even bleeding. The associated symptoms are fever, chills, nausea or vomiting etc. UTIs should be taken seriously, because if not treated it may go to kidney infection.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for this condition and most of the cases of UTI will be cured. But sometimes it is resistant to bacteria and it comes back after treatment. Good news is that there are some home remedies for UTI.

Using natural remedies you can cure urinary tract infection. Coconut is a nutritious food which is rich in minerals and vitamins. You need coconut oil and coconut water to cure UTI. Coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Coconut oil kills the bad bacteria, but does not kill the good bacteria. You need to take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil three times a day.

Is Coconut Water Good for UTI?

Coconut water for UTI:  is able to cure urinary tract infections and bladder infection as it makes you stay hydrated, it can flush bacteria through your bladder and urethra and it can also dissolve kidney stones.  It is also be used as a natural laxative to ease your bowel movement. Coconut water has a very soothing healing property that is very good for curing UTI.   It can also prevent dry skin.  Drinking coconut water along with coconut oil throughout the day will make it faster healing.

If you have yeast infection, drink cranberry juice.

Can Coconut Oil Cause UTI?

Coconut possesses various health benefits due to the nutritional content it has. Coconut oil is the one which makes it a remarkable healthy food and medicine. It has medium chain fatty acids which are beneficial for human health.”

Apparently they’re also good for you / your UTI symptoms while you have one? I haven’t had one yet since using coconut oil so I’ll let you know if the whole 3 tablespoons a day thing works.


Does anyone else get UTIs? I swear this coconut EVERYTHING is the trick that has saved my life. I like to eat it daily & use it as lube.

There’s really nothing worse than being stranded somewhere with a horrific UTI. NOTHING WORSE. If you’ve been there, I feel for you. Please try these tricks for some RELIEF if you’re used to frequent UTIs.

Anyway, this is what’s worked for me!! Happy Wednesday guys!

x, lauryn

+ always consult a doctor if the UTI is not going away after a few days. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about kidney infections from an untreated UTI.

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  1. Oh my gosh. The airport comment is SPOT ON. I got a UTI on our honeymoon in Punta Cana where there was NO medicine for it on our resort. I thought I was going to DIE. Your preventative tips are great though and I’ll most definitely make Coconut a part of our “routine.”

    1. That is the WORST! I hope it didn’t get in the way of your honeymoon too much. Coconut oil is the best ; ) xx

  2. Cranberry has actually helped me (as a supplement). That, clansing the area with camomille and drinking lots and lots of water. Two pharmacist actually suggested that whenever I feel I have an infection to take 2 cranberry supplements at once.
    One more thing: I gave up on thongs and any type of undergarment that gets in my butt.

  3. Oh wow, good to know! I’ve never heard of coconut being a natural remedy for it. Can’t say I’m surprised though. Coconut oil is the bomb.

  4. Omg UTI’s are the absolute WORST! Cranberry anything never worked for me either. But just like your tips about showering, it has seriously done wonders! I haven’t gotten once since. (Knock on wood.)

  5. Another win for coconut oil!
    I don’t deal with the frequent UTI’s, but man can I relate to your situation but with yeast infections. Ugh yuck.
    Maybe I’ll try coconut oil…anyone who gets them on the reg knows they are the worst…liked you want to just pull your pants down in the middle of the grocery store and scratch your lady bits to shreds:(
    TMI? Truth.
    Btw, I am in love with the podcast. Really, great listening! It makes my runs fly by!

    1. Yeast infections are the worst! Check out my post where I talk about them here: Taking a probiotic has really helped me with yeast infections Natasha! xx

  6. Ahhhh great post! While I agree with everything, another trick I have found once you have a UTI is to take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar at the first sign of it. It will go away, promise!

    xx Bree | sleeping baby

  7. Hey Lauryn! First off, I totes sympathize with the while UTI situ. I think I have had about 5+ a year for the past 3 years of my life. And coconut oil + personal hygiene is the SHIT. It really does cut down on the frequency of my UTIs as well. However, I will caution you a little bit on being resistant to antibiotics and giving out medical advice. I am a clinical pharmacist (and many of my friends are medical doctors). Coconut oil is bloody fantastic for prevention, but once you have a UTI it needs to be treated with an antibiotic or you are at an very high risk for it turning into a kidney infection or pelvic infection. Both of those downstream infections require hospitalization and are rather serious if left untreated. Anyhow. Just my two cents I wanted to squeak in here! Love what you do. Keep up the pro-tips on being a boss girl at life 🙂

    P.S. There is no solid evidence in the medical literature that cranberry either prevents or treats UTIs, so you are totes right. It’s maybe not worth using 😉

  8. Hi Lauren, Have you tried taking probiotics? I’ve been taking nature wise Time release women’s care. Everyone’s raved about how it’s helped their UTI’s. I’ve gotten a UTI twice and after that I’ve peed before and after sex. That and I read UTI’s are sometimes caused by not wiping front to back

  9. Also try taking a daily probiotic. The healthy bacteria in your gut helps keep everything down there healthy too! Its totally worked for me!!

  10. WOW! I have never heard of using coconut oil/water before. I get UTI’s from stress and when I was in a bad relationship I got one ONCE A MONTH! My doctor gave me a refillable prescription because I was coming in so often. I’ll definitely have to give this a try next time.

    As for the airport UTI, the exact same thing happened to me on my way to my honeymoon the day after my wedding! Airports really need drugstores in them!

  11. UTIs are the worst! I feel like you’ll appreciate this story since you’re getting married and presumably going on a honeymoon soon. So I was in Bali, in the middle of my 3 week honeymoon, when I started getting that dreaded feeling and I just knew a UTI was coming on. Talk about terrible timing! I thought no big deal, there are tons of pharmacies in the area we were in at the time..but try explaining a UTI to a Balinese man who does not speak much English… I walked out with a drug used to treat prostate infections, ugh definitely did not want to take that! Called my sister who is in PA school, she died laughing because she had just taken a test the day before on the topic and apparently UTIs on honeymoons are so common they have a clinical diagnosis called “honeymoon cystitis”! I eventually ended up getting some over the counter treatment from a different pharmacy based on her suggestion, but lesson learned… I always travel prepared with some UTI treatment just in case!

    1. AH no way! That’s such a smart idea to always have some treatment with you when traveling! Love it. Thanks for sharing Caroline! xx

  12. i have chronic UTIs and a coconut allergy. What a nightmare. Last time i was stranded I was camping in big sur and none of the cute little roadside shops that gouge you for money for firewood had any. Also I was too scared to get up and go to the bathroom past midnight, so i literally just cried.

    1. OMG that sounds so awful Megan! What a nightmare. I would try taking probiotics to help with your UTIs as well! xx

  13. Ugh totally feel you on this- the WORST. I’ve wound up in the ER with a nasty infection from a UTI that kept coming back a million times. Terrible. I find that taking D Mannos (you can find it at GNC or vitamin stores) about once a week and when I feel one coming on (you know you feel them the second they start- you just KNOW). Coconut is interesting though and totally makes sense!

  14. I think I would literally die if I had to get on an airplane with a UTI. You’re a trooper! It’s the worst feeling ever and so hard to describe to a guy!

  15. I have had multiple and what cures it right away, are vitamin c tablets! Soo easy, just take 4 right away, and maybe more later, but it gets rid of the discomfort almost immediately:) And then you don’t have to drink sugar laden drinks:)

  16. I used to suffer from super chronic UTIs, but the ALWAYS ALWAYS going pee *immediately* after largely seems to do the trick. Showering before AND after seems pretty damn onerous and like a waste of water. The other thing that helped me when they were more chronic was REALLY upping my water consumption. It’s been several years since I had them ALL the time, but I still drink probably AT LEAST 100 ounces of water a day, and that’s kept the bad UTIs away.

  17. Hi Lauryn! LOVE THIS POST!! Could not have come at a better time as I am sitting here in agony – I have a dr appt this afternoon, matter of fact.

    I had no idea I could CURE a UTI by eating 3 tbs of coconut oil 3x per day. (1000 calories, but at this point I’m so miserable that I’ll do anything – plus, coconut oil cookies!) This is a total life changer. Can you please share with me your source? I’m going to print out this post and bring it to my doctor today in case he balks when I refuse the antibiotics he’s for sure try to prescribe to me. Don’t drs know how harmful they are??

    Thanks girl,

  18. Uggh, UTI’s are the WORST! I got my first one at 17 ,so 30 years of dealing with this …I have lost my pride and begged for a script on vacation too from a friends friend who is a dr.. I was so embarrassed but desperate Pee before and after sex ( like right after, so romantic I know) and use D mannose powder as a preventative measure or when I feel one coming on. I buy it in bulk on amazon and keep a small jar in the pantry to add to my coffee in the morning and in the evening tea..or to whatever, throw it in cocktails too. if I do need a script I save a days worth for next time so I always have some on hand. Antibiotics are terrible for you , so I try to avoid.

    1. I hope these tips help you out Lacey! I love that you throw it in a cocktail LOL. Thanks for sharing. xx

  19. UTI’s are the absolute worst! I completely understand anyone’s pain from getting them on the reg so I love to share my succsess story in hopes that it may help someone else. Normal cranberry pills/juice never worked for me until I tried Dr. Tori Hudson – Cranstat Extra by Vitanica. TOTAL game changer. I take one every day regardless of any “fun” activities, but whenever I do have intercourse I take one immediately after and another before bed (or in the AM depending on the spread of time inbetween). Works like a charm. Also, chugging a ton of water with lemon helps flush things out with natural antibacterial properties. For some reason this pill has the perfect mix of all the natural herbs/meds that help the urinary tract ignore bacteria. ** also, peeing/shower after sex is a must as well.

  20. UGH. So happy i learned about the coconut oil (i think you mentioned it somewhere random a while back) because it has helped me whenever i feel one coming on. I’m the same as you and used to get them ALL the time. Horrible ones.

    Another thing that helps me is taking D-Mannose (it’s a sugar complex) whenever i feel one starting. It literally sticks to the bacteria and helps wash it out as you pee, which is great to help speed up the recovery if you get a full-on UTI.


    1. People have been mentioning D-Mannose! I’m definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing Cassie! xx

  21. I always pee right after sex! Like RIGHT AFTER. Even when I am really really not in the mood to get up! lol = no UTIs. I would always get this painful burning sensation though, until I started taking a feminine probiotic every day!!! (rephresh) and it has made all the difference!

  22. In our publication I wrote about my experience with UTI’s too (had them my entire life– literally since I was a baby. SO SHITTY.) I feel ya girl. And love that you wrote about it. I agree with the coconut oil as lube for surrrrrre. Thanks for going in depth on that, I so appreciate the further research. Went back and added your article under the tips in mine! xx

    1. What have you been doing to stop them Katey? AW you’re so sweet. Thanks for doing that and for all of your support with The Skinny Confidential!

  23. I know you said cranberry doesn’t work for you, but have you tried cranberry concentrate capsules (500mg)? You have to take a lot…like 4-6 per hour. Cranberry juice doesn’t work at all but these capsules are magic. They were originally suggested to me by a pharmacist over antibiotics and I swear by them. They’re also good to take on a regular basis as a preventative measure….haven’t had a UTI in years!

  24. I have a tip for getting rid of the DREADED UTI! You can actually drink iodine mixed with water. It is great for UTI’s because it works very fast. You can’t do it for many days in a row because too much iodine will suppress thyroid function so it has to be done judiciously. When you take iodine it gets secreted out of all your mucous membranes and will attack any bacteria it may encounter. I know this is out there but it actually works really well!

    1. Very interesting Emily! I haven’t heard of that before. I will definitely look into! Thanks so much for sharing the tip = ) xx

  25. I used to encounter these pesky boogers many a times in the past. Two things that I have found help a ton are A)probiotics-help with that good bacteria and b) D-Mannose- a supplement that binds to the bacteria in your bladder and helps to flush it out through urine. I once had a fever nasty UTI in conjunction with a bacterial infection UGTH! Even after antibiotics and my doctor saying that both infections were cleared, I still felt a slight urge to pee ALL the damn time. Someone recommended D-Mannose and it finally fixed the problem. So now I take it once a day as a preventative measure and have never had one since! Just a good option in case you (or someone else out there) needs a little extra help.

    1. Wow D-Mannose sounds amazing Brittany! So many people have been suggesting it. I am definitely going to look into it. Thanks for sharing! xx

  26. So I totally feel like my UTI is coming back from reading this post. I feel like I just need to channel my inner Lauren because you are always posting, snapping, instagramming things that have been happening to me or have been on my mind. Like skinny margaritas, aka “tequila on the rocks”….last week I got a UTI and went straight to the dr. Started taking the antibiotic immediately along with 800mg of ibuprofen. I was so pissed Bc I’ve been taking really great care of myself….eating right, exercising, taking my collegen and greens everyday. But I don’t take a probiotic and I have no idea what kind I should be taking? I’ll have to do some investigating on your blog, lol. But I did start taking the D-Mannose (1500 mg a day) and I’m gonna keep on taking it for another week Bc sometimes my UTI likes to come back. And I’m def gonna increase my coconut oil intake to 3tbspoons a day. And shower, a lot 🙂 oh, and search for a probiotic. Thanks for all the helpful tips. I love your blog and I don’t even read blogs, weird.

  27. Urgh I used to HATE having UTIs… but then again, don’t anyone has ever not hated them! Haven’t had one in years *knock on wood* as my “trick” is to always – and I mean always – pee right after. It helps clear it all out, works like a charm!

    I also use coconut oil as lube, though people who use condoms have to be careful as it can make them burst! Most condoms can only use a water based lube.


  28. OMG Lauryn, I feel like you should be my big sister! I get UTI’s all the time and would try to cure it from home instead of having to pay for a doctors visit and put antibiotics in my system. Cranberry doesn’t work for me either. So these tips are amazing! Glad you talk about the weird stuff that most people are scared to talk about, but they go through it themselves!! Your the best!

  29. I’ve only had one and that was ENOUGH! I religiously pee after sex, that has always 100% worked. If my husband is trying to get frisky and I just went to the restroom, he gets shut down / delayed because I need to be able to pee after.

    The issue is bacteria going up your urethra. Bacteria is introduced during sex (i.e. not your own), and peeing after sex rinses all this bacteria away before it can make it’s way up and wreak havoc.

  30. Had no idea that coconut oil could help — thank you! For all my fellow sufferers, I wanted to add that D-Mannose has absolutely changed my UTI-plagued life. It’s a supplement that you can get in Whole Foods/any health food store, and it seriously works better for me than antibiotics (which I’ve been on more times than I could ever count for this problem). Works as a preventative measure and a treatment.

  31. I just happened to get a sample at Whole Foods of a new peanut butter by Earth Balance that is made with Coconut Oil instead of Vegetable Oil. I was asking the sample girl why did they do that and she said because it is so good for everything. I took her word for it because it was yummy but she wasn’t very specific so I’m glad you posted this! ☺️

  32. Cipro is no longer recommended to be prescribed due to side effects. Ask tour provider for another antibiotic if they try and give it to you, or don’t just treat with leftover/refill of cipro. The other antibiotic you’re thinking of is Macrobid. Which is first line therapy. Just wanted to give updated info

  33. I am SO with ya, Lauryn! I’ve had UTIs since I was 4 months old, so I completely feel your pain. So happy to hear about all your tips, too. LOVE coconut oil as a lube 😉 As for preventative measures, I have found (alongside what you recommended) that drinking TONS of water all day everyday, while also taking all natural cranberry pills daily, works wonders & has definitely been a game changer for me.

    Anyways, thanks so much again for posting — glad to know I’m not the only one out there that gets it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I read it daily (which maybe is also a good preventative measure? 😉 <3

  34. I use to get UTI’s frequently and what I found that helps me the most is baby wipes! I ALWAYS pee after sex but even that didn’t always work so I started using baby wipes to clean that area. I have not had one since I’ve started doing this. Going to the bathroom after sex + using baby wipes = NO UTI

  35. This post made me feel like I have to pee just because I have also had so many UTI’s. Ugh LOL. But loved this I also will try to have 3 tbsp. of coconut oil each day, love it in my coffee!! 🙂 -Darian

  36. I love how open you are, sharing your life and the tricks you have for everything!! I had no idea where this post was going, but I loved how real you are!

  37. BLESS YOU for this post. I get UTIS more than anyone I know and feel helpless half the time. I totally found that the showering before & after sex is extremely helpful.. but I’ve never heard this coconut trick!!

  38. I can’t imagine being stuck on a plane with that kind of discomfort! It’s great you figured out what works for you. Coconut tastes a lot better than cranberry-anything, in my opinion.

  39. Have tried a few different things – but never thought of showering BEFORE sex as well as after as we of preventing…Cranberry has helped me but not the miracle that others swear by. Any particular type of coconut oil you recommend?

  40. Right now I’m laying on the floor of a toilet in Madrid with the worst UTI. I’m about to get on an 8 hour flight…then a 15 hour flight to Australia. I’m going to use it as my chance to get the upgrade to business class I’ve always wanted, although I’m not sure anyone wants to sit near the crying, pee soaked person.

  41. 1st Uti I experienced a couple of years back caused me to pee myself in Bangkok airport…. major mortification! About 15-20 recurring Uti’s later, I’m completely resistant to trimethoprim so have to move onto other antiobiotics. I’m religious about all the usual preventative measures, peeing, wiping, showering etc. I’m now taking 1000mg of d-mannose daily and double the dose after sex. Coupled with a a daily probiotic, d-mannose seems to be saving my life and keeping them away, but fingers crossed it continues. Hoping to never have to see another antibiotic script again! Must try the coconut oil trick! Thanks for sharing x

  42. I once got a UTI in Jamaica – TREACHEREOUS! When I visited the local pharmacy for Azo and TBH, some black market antibiotics. The pharmacist ‘prescribed’ me a few liters of coconut water – it’s worked!!

  43. This is some really good information about UTIs. It is good to know that it would be smart to be really hygienic. I liked that you explained that bacteria causes the UTI so you need to try to get rid of that bacteria.

  44. Thank you for sharing!! I’m struggling with UTI’s and looking into using coconut oil to help. I have read and heard from doctors, though, to not let coconut oil enter the vaginal canal so I did want to at least warn against that in regards to using it as lube… Basically I guess it comes down to how you’re using it as lube… [insert your sexy details or not…lol].

  45. Can you put the coconut oil in a tea or some other drink or food or do you need to east it straight from the jar with a spoon. It’s quite awful to take it as it is in the mouth..

  46. Hello.. nice article here. How fast did coconut oil cure your problem? I myself have frequent UTI and I totally feel you. My case sometimes have to go like every hour and pain at times. And I can’t hold for too long. When it comes it has to go. If I hold too long I will be basically in pain and suffering from urine retention at times. What a life changing it has done for me. Were you able to go less and hold longer after you took coconut oil? I try 1 spoon last night and it did seems to have some positive effect. So I would like to know the above questions. As I will be flying next week and I’m very afraid when in the plane.

  47. I always carry a remedy with me when I’m travelling because I know exactly what you mean about your airport problem. I like the idea of trying coconut water.

  48. ty so much Lauryn i am gona use the vergin coconut oil. and drinking alot of coconut water daily now. lets hope my infection goes. i also wana ask you i also had Penile discharge ones a 2month ago. and i had puss that time. it was cure by antibiotic which doctor gives me. but today what happen to me i was having a sex with my gf and condom broked. just after that my penis dosnt feel good. what i did was so gone to pee n and washed my penis with water.and i didnt done sex with her after that. right now i feel like infection and a littile buring feeling on peeing. with no pain. can this coconut oil and water can helps me ? and is coconut oil mouth pulling also helps ? sorry for my bad english. anyway love your content.

  49. To the person who said, need antibiotics. Well, at 82 I found that I was now allergic to every antibiotic and have had terrible reaction to sulfa besides. So some of us have had to learn about what worked before there were antibiotics and/or in places where antibiotics are not usually available eg. some indigenous cultures.
    So, I appreciate some of the above remarks. I also want to put a plug in for colloidal silver which is what was used before antibiotics came on the scene. I buy it by the quart from but they will not ship when temps are below freezing because the bottles can break. Some health food stores carry it but I can not speak for the quality. I’d like to suggest that the persons concerned do some research online about colloidal silver. The National Institute of Health Pub Med site offers a number of articles published in scientific journals about colloidal silver. I often search their site for articles on biomedical issues Thanks for considering

    1. I should add that collodial silver should be used sparingly because ingestion of too much silver can lead to argryria …an unsightly condition.

  50. I used to suffer from frequently reoccurring UTIs also. Two things saved me. One I also began using coconut oil randomly a few years ago when I was out of lube and two, D-Mannose. It took me years of research to find this natural supplement but it’s been life changing. I don’t travel without it now. As soon as i feel one coming on I pop a couple capsules and feel better within an hour. No more doctors visits or antibiotics.

  51. How do you take the coconut oil? Just straight oil or do you mix it with something? How about fractionated oil instead of unrefined?

    1. Just straight. On a spoon. I don’t take too much at once tho because it makes me nauseous. It does work though and is good for you with occasional or medical use (such as a few days for a uti treatment)

  52. Older women who have post menopausal dryness get UTI’s without having sex and with doing everything right, thanks for your post. Use coconut oil on your genitalia every day. Best remedy ever!

  53. I have had SO many infections or things that just FEEL like UTIs this year alone, 6 times! I had to get Bactrim every time to clear it out, no matter how much water with d-mannose i chugged…its a miracle worker for some people but apparently not me….after my 5th time, I saw somewhere that the urethra can get irritated during sexual activity and cause the same symptoms and since all of my “infections” spawn from loving myself too hard, if you know what I mean, even if I peed immediately afterwards and cleaned. They said that using coconut oil as lube can help with that irritation and for 2 months, I used coconut oil whenever I had any “fun time” and didn’t have a problem… Then one day I went without it and BOOM. It’s back again…. Honestly I’m at a loss on what to do now, but for those of you who are thinking about coconut oil, try it! It kept the UTI’s away for the short while I WAS using it…. I don’t have any vaginal complications with pH and I take a probiotic for that too so yeast infections weren’t that much of a worry for me!

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  55. GARLIC. I had one for the first time in ages this week… in desperation I googled stuff… toook three cloves of garlic chewed up on a full stomach and 2 hours later I could sleep… feeling much better, will do it for a couple more days (3 cloves 3x aday for 3 days)

  56. This is great. I had an idea about coconut oil as a uti cure and googled it and got this article. Thank you for reaffirming and for taking the time to talk about it : )

  57. Thanks for the info! I’ve had a long history of utis as well and found the miracle cure: Brazilian waxing! That’s kept me uti-free for about 7 years now. (And believe me, my husband and I have tested this. Like, a LOT.)

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