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All The Glowy Tips on How To Prep Your Skin For Makeup

How To Prep Skin For Makeup

One of the most common questions we get from you guys is how to prep skin for makeup. And we’re always down to share all the dewy & glow tips & tricks up our sleeves, especially when it comes to skincare. 

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

The skin is like a canvas. And when it comes to applying makeup, it’s best to start with bright, shiny, & clean skin. So, today, we’re going to be talking about the steps you can take to prep your face before you apply makeup. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Benefits of prepping your face for makeup include:

♡ Helps makeup stay on longer

♡ Reduced smudging & fading

♡ Smoother texture of face for application 

♡ Less need for touch ups later

♡ More even coverage of skin

How To Prep Skin For Makeup

Follow these steps, in  order, to prep your face for smoother & longer-lasting application of makeup.


First things first, drink your water. Staying hydrated helps to balance the oil/water content in your skin which directly contributes to your overall skin health.

When it comes to applying makeup, drinking plenty of water can:

♡ Reduce dark spots & uneven tone

♡ Prevent excess oil secretion 

♡ Reduce clogged pores & acne

♡ Increase skin elasticity

♡ Reduce dry & cracked skin

♡ Promote vibrant & glowy skin 

For an extra boost of hydration, try drinking charcoal-infused water, coconut water, or chlorophyll water. All three have amazing benefits for the skin as well as for hair & nails, energy levels, & the immune system.

Gently remove your makeup. 

Start your makeup routine by gently removing your makeup. One of our favorite ways to do this is by double cleansing. If you guys haven’t tried double cleansing yet, you totally have to.

To do part one of the double cleanse, grab your favorite face oil or lip balm (we love Elemis it’s in the TSC x Elemis kit too ) & massage it into your face. Your makeup should start to literally melt away. Then, take a super soft baby washcloth & gently wipe off makeup & dirt. For more on why you absolutely need to be using baby washcloths on your skin, click here

And for part two of the double cleanse, you simply use your normal face wash to wash off any leftover residues or impurities. Always wash with lukewarm water & be sure to choose a cleanser that supports your skin type. 

How To Prep Skin For Makeup | tsc elemis kit

Shave your face. 

Shaving your face helps to create a smooth canvas for makeup application by getting rid of peach fuzz & unwanted hair that makeup just loves to stick to. 

It’s also a great way of exfoliating the face & reducing the look of wrinkles and dry skin. Plus, it will totally leave your face feeling so silky & soft. 

You can find lots of tutorials @theskinnyconfidential & in the RAZOR highlight

And, don’t just use any razor on your face. THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR is specifically designed for women’s faces & gently removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. For the best face shaving experience, be sure to snatch up some HOT SHAVE CREAM, too.

THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR TSC HOT SHAVE RAZOR How To Prep Skin For Makeup: shave your face

What To Put On Your Face Before Makeup


For ultra smooth makeup application, always be sure to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating the face removes all those gross dead skin cells, shrinks pores, & brightens the skin by increasing blood flow.   

Because the skin on the face is usually much more sensitive than on the body, be sure to steer clear of large, rough exfoliants. For sensitive skin, we recommend Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads. They leave your skin feeling so soft without all the irritation that comes along with harsh crystal exfoliants. 

Oh, & don’t forget to exfoliate your lips, too.

Ice your face. 

To reduce facial swelling & puffiness pre-makeup, ice your face. Icing your face takes no time at all yet makes such a huge difference when applying makeup around the eyes. 

There are a few different ways to ice your face, though.

One way is to grab some ice cubes & rub them in a circular motion on your face. If you choose this method, we highly recommend making your own milk ice cubes

You can also grab your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & massage your face and neck all over. THE HOT MESS will depuff you instantly, boost your circulation, & improve your lymphatic drainage


Apply toner. 

Before applying toner, wash your face with lukewarm water, and be sure to pat your face completely dry. Apply toner to the face with a cotton ball as a final cleansing of impurities, to shrink the pores, & to hydrate the skin. We love Holi(Water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner (contains hyaluronic acid) , witch hazel, or Darphin’s.

Apply eye cream. 

To even & tone the soft & sensitive skin around the eyes, apply a good-quality eye cream after applying your toner. Dab a small amount of eye cream around the eyes & gently pat in. 

My go-to eye cream before makeup is the NO MORE BAGGAGE eye-de puffing gel. And if you love skincare, you totally need to check out The Skinny Confidential Team Skincare Guide.

Boost your hydration.

Time to apply facial oil, again. But this time, we’re not wiping it off. Apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil & pat into the skin. Try to pat on your products instead of rubbing. This helps them layer more effectively especially if you have dry patches on your skin.  If you have dry lips, you can use lip balm. 

Not sure what facial oil to use? Click here to read about Lauryn’s face oil recommendations for dry, oily skin, sensitive, & inflamed skin. And be sure to check out THE ICE QUEEN FACE OIL. It’s packed with antioxidants to leave your skin feeling soft & hydrated. 

Tips To Prep Skin For Makeup

Apply primer.

And finally, the last step before preparing your skin for makeup is to apply a primer. Primers are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines & blemishes, fill in pores & crevices, and provide one more layer of moisturization for the skin. 

Here are some primers we love: Replenix Antioxidant Hydrating Sunscreen, Laura Merceier Pure Canvas Primer, and Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen. And as a primer for plump and sexy lips, you can use Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

And viola, you’re ready for makeup! 

So, there you guys have it. This routine might seem like a lot of work but once it becomes a habit & all your products are in the same spot it just becomes like second nature. The extra 10 minutes is totally worth it. 

If you have any pre-makeup tips, please share below.

xo, The Skinny Confidential team

+ if you have sensitive skin, check out these skincare recommendations.

++ stalk this post on how to organize your skincare.


  1. In the morning when using the roller, when should I roll? This is the order I do my routine. Wake up, wash face, apply toner, apply hydrating serum, eye serum, eye cream, eye moisturizer.

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