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How to Plan a Pinterest Worthy Girls Night

Pinterest Worthy Girls Night

We’re in for such a treat today, because this post is all about the ladies. Specifically, how to throw a girls night.

Taylor Toro is here to share all the details of her Galentines party and how to incorporate them into a girls night any time of the year.

Taylor is a little extra in all areas of life (as she says below), passionate about events, and works for Tony Robbins. We found out that she used The Skinny Confidential’s BOUGIE Driving Gloves as part of her Galentine’s so we had to invite her on the blog to hear all about it.

With that, let’s welcome Taylor.


Hi! I’m Taylor Toro. I was always that girl doing a little too much in life…

Taylor Toro

Too overdressed for the occasion and too excited about the little things (like great latté art or a cotton candy sunset). 

In college I’d toss my cheer poms aside, clear my desk of the lines I was memorizing for Oklahoma the musical, and pick up a pen to start brainstorming events for my fellow students.

As President of the Campus Activities Board for my college, I lit up by taking the ideas in my head and bringing them to life. Midwest winters can get a little bleh, and I absolutely thrived in bringing some spice to those months (this did include a Twilight themed movie night, and I was harshly judged for it). 

C’est la vie

At my first corporate job fresh out of college I was constantly challenging the status quo, whether it was wallpapering my drab gray cubicle in pastel florals…

Being reprimanded for having an open flame Piña Colada scented candle in the office…

Or pushing the dress code (they wanted us to wear PANTY HOSE?)

Fast forward to today and I’m a marketing specialist for the world’s top life coach, thought leader, and philanthropist Tony Robbins and a style content creator in sunny San Diego, CA. 

If I’m not managing marketing campaigns in sweatpants or being chased by a DSLR in a full ball gown, you can find me day dreaming about throwing events

Nothing excites me like a THEMED event. And bringing together the people I love to enjoy said theme? *Chef’s kiss* 

Taylor Toro Galentine's party ideas

My latest event obsession is a girls night.

Nothing fuels the soul of a feminine woman like a 90’s rom com worthy,  pink frills to the gills, rosé flowing, no boys allowed, GIRLS NIGHT.

It’s a time to press pause & bring your Pilates friend, your work bestie, your mentor – all the amazing women from the different circles in your life together, to just BE. 

Laugh, vent, strategize, empathize, dance, belt the lyrics to Anti-hero, toss back some Dry Farm Wines, inhale a charcuterie board, and for a moment in time, soak in the unique and sacred joy of being a woman. 

I threw a girls night in February and I was transported from a hectic week of marketing emails, content planning, and laundry to a magical pink realm where not a single Slack message or email could reach me.

Here are my tips for a Pinterest Worthy Girls Night:

♡ Aesthetic. 

Pick your colors. My girls night was in February so I went with a Galentines theme as you can see from the pictures. Pink for a girls night works all year round if you ask me. I also wanted the space to feel super romantic and feminine. 

Once I decided on my aesthetic my RAS went to work. RAS stands for Reticular Activating System and it’s a neurological facet of the human brain that I find fascinating

How to Plan a Pinterest Worthy Girls Night
How to Plan a Pinterest Worthy Girls Night

It’s the reason when you learn a new fact, or buy that dress you’ve been dreaming about, you start seeing it everywhere.

Once you’re attuned to a certain thought or idea, your brain realizes this is important, and you’ll start noticing it pop up over and over. My brain was literally wired to LOOK for pink things leading up to the party.

Pink glassware, pink heart shaped lanterns, pink tablecloth, pink floral arrangements – all the pink.

♡ Dress code

Apply the color scheme to your own attire and make a specific note in the invite for guests.  Giving your guests direction for attire isn’t bossy, it’s KIND.

Have you ever shown up for an event only to realize you didn’t get the memo on what to wear? Everyone else somehow knew it was a sundress and heels situation but you’re in leggings. 

How to Plan a Pinterest Worthy Girls Night
Girls party outfit

People WANT to know what to wear. Give them inspiration, give them ideas, paint a picture in their mind of the look you’re going for. Consistency is key to bring a specific aesthetic to life. AND there is nothing cuter than an entire guest list that understood the assignment. 

♡ Layers

A quick way to make something look elegant & fancy without actually spending a ton of money is to layer.

For my tablescape I did a LoveShackFancy table cloth and then stacked each place setting with a woven place mat, a gold charger (the dollar store is your best friend for these), and a gold trimmed plate.

Give yourself time to collect decor. I have an arsenal of party hosting basics that are interchangeable for different themes. Having a base to start with is a game changer and saves you money in the long run.

Girls night party favors

♡ Favors

Another way to make an event feel super luxe or bougie is FAVORS. It’s an extra touch that says I’m so happy you’re here, and allows your guest to head home with a tangible token of appreciation, beyond just their awesome memories of the night. 

For my girls night I did a conversation hearts box, pink rock candy, and The Skinny Confidential BOUGIE Driving Gloves wrapped in pink ribbon. The driving gloves were the biggest hit. And they fit the theme perfectly. Nothing says girl, I love you, like sun protection and youthful hands.

When you cultivate an enchanting environment with thoughtful touches, what will unfold is truly gorgeous.

Women will open up about what’s going great in their life and what’s keeping them up at night. You’ll tap into our evolutionary need for community. You’ll exchange stories, tips… and you’ll walk away feeling lighter.

girls night desserts
girls night party favor ideas

Because the truth is, we need a little more magic in the mundane. 

We need to “do too much” in all the right places, outside of our careers and the measurable initiatives of our life. We need pink and magic and an excuse to wear platform stilettos. And we need other women.

Cheers to your next girls night, whether it’s pink themed, moody gothic, or Taco Bell on the couch with your favorite girls.

Interested in more event inspo and style? You can find me on Instagram at @Taylor_Toro where I’m sure to be sharing all the pink. Or if TikTok is your jam, find me here

Sending magic your way to create the life of your dreams today and every day!

xoxo -Taylor

Photos: Kayla Stag Cawley 

Florals: Native Poppy


Hope you feel inspired to throw your own girls night soon. We’re thinking a floral, cozy patio party to celebrate Spring?

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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