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How To Pick A Sassy Wedding Scent

wedding perfume |by the skinny confidentialwedding perfume |by the skinny confidential

Well hi, hello!

Today we kind of have a medley of a post: FRAGRANCES.

I feel like we haven’t talked a ton about perfume.

I DEFINITELY have a day time/night-time fragrance but have recently been slightly bored.

So it’s no surprise that when I decided to pick a wedding scent, I was just really uninspired.

If you guys don’t know what a wedding scent is, let me explain.

Basically it’s a scent that you wear the entire wedding so every time after you rock the perfume, you’re reminded of your special day.

( Be psycho like me: I went a step further and actually sprayed my wedding scent on our dramatic invitations. So when our guests opened up the invites, BAM!!! A PRETTY SMELL ).

wedding perfume |by the skinny confidentialwedding perfume |by the skinny confidential

ANYWAY, when picking a wedding scent it’s important to feel your wedding vibes, you know? Like are you getting married on the beach? Or surrounded by flowers? Maybe somewhere urban? Or are you just saying F it & going to City Hall? I feel like the wedding scent should depict your taste & vibe.

It was very ideal that Sephora sent me & Michael a HIM & HER box of perfume before our wedding. That way 1.) I was able to see which scent would work for me. Like I didn’t have to commit to a scent without trying it. 2.) Michael was able to pick his wedding scent… & I helped ( if he’s wearing a cologne I have to like it ). 3.) We each had a bunch of extra travel scents. Since we travel so much having little samplers is PERFECT.

I feel like this sampler box from Sephora is just a great gift. You guys have been asking me for creative gift ideas & what’s cool about this specific kit: inside the box you get 15 samples ( they’re all legit ). Pick your favorite & take the scent certificate to any Sephora store to redeem a FULL size bottle of your pick. For $65 bucks.

wedding perfume |by the skinny confidentialwedding perfume |by the skinny confidential

Fun right?

So cute to put under the tree & let your mom/sister/friend pick out their OWN scent. No one wants someone else to pick out their perfume. This kit allows the recipient to pick their own perfume.

Your taste, your terms. Just how I like it.

Anyway, back to our wedding scents: so once we both had the sampler kit, we tried a bunch of different brands, picked our scents, & went to the store to buy the big bottle.

THEN I saved the rest of the samplers for traveling.


wedding perfume |by the skinny confidentialwedding perfume |by the skinny confidentialwedding perfume |by the skinny confidential

And some would say my wedding scent should be garlic since I eat it so much…but no, it was something dramatic and provocative: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon. Kind of a sultry vanilla bourbon, oak wood, and a hint of wood.

Michael picked ( AKA ME because I micromanage ) Tom Ford NOIR. This scent is super masculine. It smells like bergamot, black pepper oil, & a little violet flower. Very on brand for the wedding.

Last little perfume tip: I like to spray it in my hair. It lasts. Sometimes even in my hair brush & then I’ll brush through my hair.

Anyone else have a wedding scent? Tell, tell.

x lauryn

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This post is in collaboration with Sephora. As always, all opinions are my own.

wedding perfume |by the skinny confidential

  1. Well, I’m not married, so no, I don’t have a wedding scent lol but I would love to one day. It’s the first time I hear about it, and it sounds like such a good idea. It will be like those childhood scents that always make you feel happy when you smell them.
    I also find the sample box an amazing gift idea, thanks! Always running late with gifts, what’s wrong with me?
    Loved the post!

    Agnese |

  2. PERFECT wedding scent. I’ve been using that Elizabeth & James perfume for a few months and I’m obsessed. Usually I go more floral so I was surprised by how much I feel like this smells like “me” ya know?? Anyways, I always spray my hairbrush too!! Knew I wasn’t the only one who did that LOL.

    Love your posts, as always!! PS loving all your school girl looks recently on snap!

    XO Madison.

  3. What a fun sampler way to try out a scent for awhile before investing in it!

  4. I love your great wedding idea here. So love the wedding scent Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. That will be my wedding scent for my wedding someday. Really you inspire me here. Anyway, if someone of you guys needs more beauty and cosmetics for your wedding, you may grab the chance for the great Holiday sale, only at

  5. just bought three of these perfume sampler kits…. one for me (of course) and two for friends’ birthday gifts! what an amazing gift idea!!!!!

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