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How to Look like Victoria’s Secret Angels by Trainer, Chris Law

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ Sara & Chris ]

Chris is a fantastic trainer. Sara, Bri, Elena, & I have been working out with him for about two years & each session is an experience. We laugh, we complain, we sweat, we complain some more. He definitely pushes us to our limits [ his frog jumps kill us every time ]. We’re all obsessed with him because he’s studied how Victoria’s Secret models achieve those long, lean abs, legs, ass, etc.; we probably ask him a million training/diet/health questions each time we train. Enjoy!

+ Introduce yourself.

Chris Law: Pisces, Personal trainer, volleyball coach/player, yogi, & surfer from La Jolla that currently resides in Solana Beach.

+ What’s your background with fitness & diet, specifically for women?

CL: I’ve been training women for the past five years from ages seven to seventy-seven. I have a degree in exercise science. I have extensively studied in the fields of nutrition, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, & functional fitness training for athletes. Since I train 99% women, my experience is in helping women reach their physiological and fitness goals. I always measure my clients weight, body fat, & circumferences. The proof is in their accurately measured results!

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Best, most efficient workout to lean a woman’s bod out?

CL: 4×3 functional fitness circuit training at least two times per week. I’ve been using this training style for the past five years. It leans the body out using body weight & requires almost zero equipment. One appropriate fitness band is all you need! Or you can use no bands & get creative for those hard to train muscles.

Putting on lean muscle, not dropping weight, increases your bodies metabolism causing you to require more calories daily which leans you out fast as long as you maintain the same caloric intake [ use a calorie counter application; the MyFitnessPal app works well! ].

+ Let’s talk Victoria’s Secret Angels; I know you studied them…tell, tell.

CL: I actually studied what training methods & dietary guidelines that actresses/Victoria’s Secret models have used in the past & also, what they currently use now to achieve their undeniable results. The reason being is that you cannot photoshop a runway model or actress in a film. I found many similarities in their training/diets & made my clients uphold those standards. But of course, I tested them on myself first.

Simple truth is that the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s train hard doing many traditional body weight exercises such as lunges, squats, & push-ups, at least two times per week. They also eat very simple reducing to cutting out all alcohol, dairy, &/or processed sugars.

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

What should a diet look like for a girl who wants to tone up fast?

CL: my recommendations are as follows…

– Eat ONLY whole, clean foods.

– No processed foods sugar or alcohol.

– 4-6 meals/snacks per day

– Examples of meals: oatmeal with fruit, sliced apples w/ almond butter, fresh fish w/ steamed veggies & brown rice, cucumber slices & almonds, &/or a spinach salad w/ tofu or lean meat.

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Biggest secret you’ve learned through training?

CL: diet is EVERYTHING. You want to be fit- train hard. You want to be lean- eat impeccable!!!

Number one food/drink that puts weight on women?

CL: alcohol & processed foods, especially SUGAR.

Best healthy snack?

CL: boring, but vegetables.

Quick, skinny tip?

CL: cut out all processed sugars & added sugars for seven days to shed body fat immediately [ including all “healthy” sweeteners & artificial sweeteners ]. Your taste buds will come back =).

+ Easy exercise @ home workout to tone up your ass ; )?

CL: step back lunges.

+ One word to describe your favorite, stellar, fantastic workout group?


Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

+ To book a training session with Chris, e-mail



    1. You can still rock tight abs, lean legs, and a toned ass! 5’1″ is hot! xoo : )

  1. Thanks for this article. I love to workout and do it constantly, but the toned abs are not there. There is still so much I can’t do as my therapist took me off situps after a really bad car accident, but I’m trying. Thanks for the tips and the reminder to stay motivated.

  2. This is certainly an inspirational post! I don’t know how many times I’ve perused the victoria’s secret catalog and got intimidated lol. This trainer has a lot of great ideas and tips. It makes me excited to work out.

  3. Great post! Chris seems like a really knowledgeable guy as well as a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alot of fitness people/ websites say that you cant have wheat. like wheat bread is fattening. ik it is but my question is what about oatmeal? is oatmeal fattening like whole wheat bread/ white bread is?

    1. You can still do this! I’m sixteen and a scoliosis patient, and I’ve never had any trouble working out. Some exercises (such as crunches and sit-ups) I have to do on something soft, but it really works fine. Abs are tricky though….

  5. Great simple reminders. I learned just how quickly alcohol can have a negative effect on your body. Some of my friends are heavy drinkers, which I am not (I’m actually really health conscious) but in trying to be nice and less “fuddy duddy” i tried to nurse a glass of wine while they downed a few bottles. However in trying to sip on one, whith the occasional “touch up” I found within a year I had gained some weight that I couldn’t figure out how to lose. I still had a good diet, I hasn’t become a couch potato or anything… Then i relized as much as I was trying to nurse that glass of wine with my friends it was still more than I needed or wanted. Not too mention their touch ups made it harder for me to know if I was drinking the min I would have wanted :6-8oz.
    Finally I said F*ck it. I don’t care to drink as it is… I’m not pretending anymore, and went back to drinking tea, water, coffee… Within a few months of walking to and from town all of a sudden just like that I went back to my normal weight, which was about 5-10lbs lighter!

    That being said I try to keep my “healthier” sugars to a bare minimum, fruit and nut bars or green bars (usually sweetened with dates or brown rice syrup or something of the like) for breakfast…. And workout … maybe 2-3 a week,? (…actually trying to get back into a more regular routine)… but feel/ know I’m falling short somewhere! I’m not saying this in an unhealthy way, but I want to be more tone….Like surfer chicks, like (the healthy) gals you see in magazines and tv…

    Any chance you can reiterate or specify just how much and how often you would suggest working out? (Days/hours/ etc)

  6. New fan and I love your great posts! I’ll go out buying for my own resistance band soon 🙂 I definitely need your advice or suggestions about using weights for strength training. If you want to be lean and toned without a lot of bulk, do you suggest using weights heavier than 12 lb? So I’ve been using a 20 lb weights for exercises that target glutes/hamstrings like squats, 10-12 lb weights/barbell for lunges, 12 lb medicine ball for some abs/obliques and 5-8 lb dumbbells for my arms… Bad idea if I want to be leaner or do you have better suggestions? Thanks Lauryn! 🙂

  7. Im 5’9 and Im 121lb but my belly is still not that toned. I realized I eat lots of carbs, and fried vegrtables. And i wasnt eating as healthy as I thought. Thanks for the article

  8. I am skinny and very toned everywhere except my tummy. I do core workouts and not just sit ups but nothing seems to work for me? what should I do to lessen my tummy pouch.

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