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victorias secret at home workout by tsc

STEPHEN PASTERINO of P.volve is back on The Skinny Confidential guys. His fitness podcast episode was a hit with the community ( if you haven’t listened, you HAVE to- SO MANY TAKEAWAYS ) so I wanted to bring him back to discuss BUTTS. There’s so many misconceptions about fitness- especially with social media- but I feel like Stephen’s method is LEGIT. Tried & true. Like P.volve doesn’t make your cortisol go crazy, it’s low intensity with big results, & the workout leans the body as opposed to bulking it.

I have worked out with Stephen many times in NYC & LA & always feel AMAZING after- the movements are ones that you would do in your daily life. THIS TIDBIT matters. Here’s why: if you do an exercise that has different moves than you’re used to doing in real life the body will gain muscles in areas that look unnatural. The online platform is badass- a bunch of you have e-mailed me your results & they’re insane. The equipment is minimal & the workout are with him & presented in a VERY clear way. You can stalk his online platform here. It’s also worth a mention that he trains a bunch of the Victoria’s Secret models. No big deal.

( + Also from a friend perspective- he’s cool as a cucumber, his wife is a badass ( she’s an amazing cook ) & the whole P.volve team is incredible really ).

Anyway Stephen is really THE ASS MASTER- I mean GQ named him that SOOOOOOooooo there’s that! As you can see it’s absolutely no surprise that he knows his stuff when it comes to getting a tight ass. He recently launched a butt program & I am very much about it. Read on about how you can sculpt the butt of your dreams at-home ( & be SURE to enter the giveaway at the end of this post ).

victorias secret at home workout by tsc

Alright let’s hear from THE ASS MASTER himself: Stephen Pasterino of P.Volve:

Introduce yourself for anyone who hasn’t listen to the podcast. Tell us your backstory and how you got involved in health and fitness.

Stephen Pasterino: My name is Stephen Pasterino and I’ve been involved in health and fitness since I was about 14. My small town was very much a “Varsity Blues” American town where everyone was obsessed with football. For a small boy playing sports and growing up there, football is all that matters.

At this point when you’re playing football, were you also obsessed with the body?

SP: I was obsessed with the body, obsessed with working out, obsessed with food and diet. Everyone’s dad liked to workout so it passed down to the boys. At 14 years old we all had mentors already. Dads, coaches & teachers were all heavy into working out and this lifestyle, so that right there catapulted us into the world of health and fitness from a young age.

How do you go from being obsessed with the body and football to developing P.volve?

SP: That life started with sports, getting as strong as possible, gaining as much muscle as possible, being able to run as fast possible, getting 6-pack abs, getting jacked and being the best-looking kid at college parties. It went from being all about sports to being all about looks and body building.

Body building is one of the most intense forms of fitness out there. You really learn how to manipulate your body through diet, proportions, ratios and movement; you can make parts of your body smaller, so other parts look bigger. I brought a bit of that into the P.volve program.

I’ve done the P.Volve workout, so I know the difference between it and body building. Your body is amazing, and you don’t look like a body builder, so can you tell the audience the main difference?

SP: I hate mentioning body building when talking about P.volve because I feel like people misunderstand me and just think of huge, jacked muscles. But body building is the foundation of P.volve. In body building you learn how to manipulate your muscles by making things smaller so other things look bigger, and through your diet you can strategically work on your proportions. Body building is great, but it’s non-functional. P.volve is all about everyday, functional movements and working your body in a way that you would do in your everyday life.

I find it very interesting how great you are at understanding and sculpting the female body even though males can also do your workout. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

SP: Around age 26 I felt like I’d learned so much about the male physique and how to really perfect it. I walked into a gym in New York and I noticed almost everyone was a woman and started wondering what feminine physique they were looking for. It’s that long, sleek, flat stomach, a great ass, chiseled arms – and then the lightbulb switched on.

As an expert in sports training and body building, I know that 98% of the most known exercises are out because they’re going to build out shoulders, widen the back, and bulk up thighs and calves. So, everything I know is going out the window if I’m going to sculpt the perfect female physique. There are negative effects to the body when training like an athlete. These people are training for extreme situations and there is no reason the everyday woman should be training like one.

I started looking into Pilates, yoga and barre and it didn’t take me long to realize that these are way better for the body than all the other heavy lifting stuff. But I also realized these lighter exercises are not perfect. I felt that these exercises and movements were taking people only 75% of the way to their full potential.

That’s so nuts and it’s why I love this interview. It’s so different from everything we’ve been told. So how does P.volve get you that extra 25%?

SP: By doing functional movements with body weight or light weights and focusing on the butt. Pilates and barre classes are very repetitive and you’re putting a ton of impact on your thighs and knees, which leads to bulking. They’re non-functional movements that you don’t do in everyday life. Non-functional exercise yields an unnatural physique. Pilates, yoga and barre classes are great; it burns, and it works you, but everyone can look even better.

I want to talk about Karen. She’s a girl I made up who lives in Minnesota. She’s 30-40 lbs overweight, she doesn’t have the best diet, she gets up at 6 and gets home at 6 from her 9-5 desk job, she’s exhausted, she makes dinner and goes to bed. What are your recommendations for her since she can’t come see you in NYC or LA? Tell us her plan.

SP: That is a very typical lifestyle and to change it you really need to commit to more movement and a healthy diet. When you sit all day, you aren’t expending very many calories and most offices are full of snacks which contributes to mindless eating. In my opinion, most people eat too often and even when ordering a salad for lunch, it’s filled with fatty foods like eggs and avocado. Those are healthy foods but not in excess when you’re trying to lose weight.

I would tell Karen to start with my butt program and do it 5-6 days a week. Adding in 1 hour of walking a few times a week would be great too. She should also try eating just 2 meals a day, whether that’s breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner – she can figure out what works for her. If she is committed and follows a good diet I see no reason why she couldn’t lose 20 lbs in 2 months.

Should Karen start running to get her heart rate going or is walking good enough?

SP: Unfortunately, when you’re 40 lbs overweight, you don’t get to run. Even being 15 lbs overweight can do tremendous damage to your joints. Our joints can only take so much wear and tear and over the course of my life, I’ve had a lot of joint pain. It’s horrible and taking pressure off our joints is one of my biggest focuses when developing P.volve.

Heart health isn’t all related to exercise. Diet and your arteries play a huge part in heart health. You don’t have to run or do cardio to have a healthy heart. My workout totally gets your heart going and your blood pumping. Running when you’re overweight can do more damage than good.

You said that Karen should start with your butt program. Why?

SP: The butt program will fully activate the butt which is the most important thing. The more the butt is activated the better, because the butt is the foundation of the body.

Interesting. Tell us more about that.

SP: The glutes are the biggest and strongest muscles in the body. It’s dead center and everything sits on top of it. It propels your every movement and what goes on below. It works in conjunction with your thighs, hips and stomach and is actually the powerhouse of the body. If you pretend your body is a car, then the butt is the engine. You want your engine functioning at its best, and if it’s not, everything else take the brunt. So, if your butt isn’t functioning optimally, then your thighs and hips do more work which is going to bulk them up. You’ll get knee aches and lower back aches because your other muscles have to compensate for your butt.

That’s where the functional exercises come in. We need to make sure the butt is fully activated so the rest of the body does what it’s supposed to do in conjunction with the glutes, so your body is moving in the best possible way.

I’m so bummed out that Pilates isn’t functional.

SP: No no no! I’m not saying Pilates, barre, or yoga is bad. I’m saying it’s just not the best. It doesn’t take your body to the place it can go.

I love working out with you in person, but more and more people are working out at home. What you’re actually selling is time, which is what everyone needs more of. We don’t need to go the gym and we can do your workouts at home, but do we need all the equipment?

SP: If you want to get the best bang for your buck and give yourself a real chance at getting the best results, then yes. You want to get the arm band, the ankle weights, the hand weights because all these little bits of resistance are going to help activate your muscles further, without overbearing them. I know it’s annoying but that’s why we have all the stuff; it’s useful. The exercises are still extremely effective without equipment but I’m constantly coming up with the new things and adding programs, so the equipment is necessary to keep the body’s stimuli changing. It’ll help you see results quicker.

Will people lose weight on your program?

SP: Yes, but that’s not the main focus. In my opinion, there are 3 main factors to health: being strong and healthy, feeling good, and looking good. When you work on a healthy diet, and sculpting and getting into amazing shape, weight loss naturally follows. It goes back to functional exercise creating your natural body. It’s about muscle activation, proportion, building glutes, sculpting thighs, fixing posture and leaning out your stomach. When you do all those things, weight loss will naturally follow.

If all the women in the world followed your program do you think they’d all be happier?

SP: Definitely! I think there would be a lot less frustration & a lot more confidence.

victorias secret at home workout by tsc

I’ve had many conversations with you and I really think your program is what you say it is. It’s not a gimmick.

SP: No, it’s not. The results speak for themselves. I’m very fortunate because over the last 5 years I’ve led group classes in NYC with all different body types and ages and have seen results first hand. I know it works and the results are amazing. I’ve seen people’s bodies and personalities change!

We’ve had girls from all over the world send us bikini pics and the results are amazing. This can really transform your body and you don’t need heavy weights, squats, lunges or deadlifts to do it. Working with Victoria’s Secret models is great, but I don’t want to be known for that. It’s not what I’m most proud of. I want everyone to have their best body and feel amazing.

P.volve workouts are for everyone and I’ve had a lot of experience with a wide range of people who get results. I want men and women who are anywhere from 20-50 years old to be able to do my workouts and feel amazing. That’s what I’m most proud of.

Can you tell us a few more specifics about the butt program? Sell us!

SP: The butt program is a 21-day program with 5 different videos. We break down the butt into different sections and focus on its different muscles. It shows you how to sculpt the middle of your butt, the inner and outer areas of your butt, how to get the smile, etc. I teach you how to work your entire butt, not just the middle ( which is the only thing a squat does ).

As I said, the butt is the powerhouse and you need to get it switched on and working properly to let everything else fall into place. You’re not going to get the legs or stomach you want if your butt isn’t working properly. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a great ass!


SO GUYS I was totally sold after having many convos with Stephen, having him on the podcast, & working out with him in person a few times. He really knows his shit. He even predicted that Michael would have back problems from wearing his cowboy boots…& guess what? Ya, here we are. A few weeks ago, Michael told me Stephen was right, his back is hurting, and so he started wearing sneakers. He needs P.volve & a chiropractor stat. You can catch me on IG Stories working out with Stephen when I’m in NYC or jumping on his butt program in my living room.

In the meantime, as promised Stephen is doing a huge giveaway for all TSC readers. You ready? TO WIN a Skype workout session with Stephen + $525 Varley gift card simply tell us how many days you sit on your ass ( for me…it’s a lot- the computer is killer, LOL ) on my latest Instagram. And for extra credit TAG A FRIEND ON INSTAGRAM to enter too!

See you tomorrow, x lauryn

+  STALK STEPHEN & P.volve: website | Stephen’s Instagram | P.volve IG 

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victorias secret at home workout by tsc


  1. I am from Louisiana and do coastal restoration work! While that may sounds active and exciting, it mostly entails me sitting at a desk to work for extended hours. As a person who is quad-dominant and a previous barre participant, I was also so nervous to “bulk my thigh” so I could never properly target my glutes to lift them where I wanted them and tone them! I am very interested in P.Volve and would love to snag this awesome giveaway!!

    Thank you for the tips & opportunity!

  2. Too much sadly – my hours are pretty long and sometimes I’m sitting for 8 hrs/day. Definitely try to be as active as I can on the weekend to make up for it.

  3. I have a standing desk thank goodness so I think I only sit about 3-4 hours a day with regular hourly standing and movement.

  4. I sit for 6 hours 5 days a week at work ? but the weekend I try to be as active as possible! The struggle is real!

  5. Literally ever day, but i’m Usually fairly active. I recently got a foot injury and I am trying rest it. But I have a 10 month old that I chase around all day and can most of my work from my phone! I could use a nice ass, but who couldn’t?!

  6. I’m a digital designer so I LIVE on the computer but I try to only sit for a total of 1 hour a day. THANK GOD for standing desks, oh and the Apple watch is a big help too! ??

  7. I sit 7 days a week. Every day. For most of the day. I know it’s awful but I don’t know how to stop!

  8. I work from home and I’m always sitting at the computer!! I love getting some steps in while reading emails or during conf calls – took the idea from you and it really makes my day!

  9. I work a desk job, so I literally sit every day, 7 days a week. Even when I’m not at work, I’ll be sitting down playing video games. I just started the 21 day butt program so hopefully that’ll change!

  10. I sit all day at my 9-5 paralegal job 5 days a week. But i LOVE Pvolve! It’s my favorite way to move in the morning! And the P Ball?? BEST PIECE OF WORKOUT EQUIPMENT i have ever used! My absolute fave. I noticed a difference in my body immediately after i starting using it. For reals, it was less than a week. LOVE!

  11. Basically sit all day at work. I’m in the only department at my company without standing desks so I’m constantly getting up to walk around because I can’t sit that long!

  12. I have a desk job, so I’m sitting a majority of my 40 hour work week. I tried asking HR for a stand-up desk & they told me I needed a medical condition. -eyeroll- A stand-up desk would help me avoid medical conditions!

  13. I am a 57 year old teacher. Most of my life I’ve been thin and fit, but with menopause and sitting too much at my computer (a good portion of the day 5 days a week), I find myself heavier and out-of-shape. I would love to try P-Volve.

  14. I love his philosophy! I work for 8 hours and then pick my daughter up and only have 2 days per week that I can work out because my husband and I take turns doing things that we life. I’m thinking about working out from home, but I love Pilates reformers! I would love to have a session with Stephen and learn the basics. Great post Lauryn and you look gorg as usual!

  15. I’m sitting close to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week at my new job. I try to be more active on weekends to make up for it. At my last job, I was on my feet almost all day and I miss it.

  16. I sit a lot whether I’m working on my computer or driving around. Probably 4 days a week. Love the outfit!!

  17. Omg I sit far, far too many days than I care to admit. I have chronic Lyme disease so my energy is often low and I have a lot of body pain. Moving helps a lot but I have to be very efficient with my workouts which is why am very interested in the @pvolve method. Love following @stephenpasterino and seeing the moves he has engineered ✨?

  18. I have a desk job so I’m sitting about 9 hours a day 5 days a week! I need this workout in my life!

  19. I sit pretty much every day, but I always make sure part of the day I get up and move around even if it doesn’t mean I get a workout in, which I haven’t in a few months :/

  20. I sit 6-7 days a week for 8-10 hours a day, sometimes even more depending on workload. Ohhh the life of an accountant…??‍♀️ At least having a dog gets me out for walks during the day a little!

  21. I sit unfortunately close to 5-6 hours a day (if not more) UGH! I tricked my office (jk had a legit medical reason but ya know, do what you gotta do) to get me a standing desk, which definitely helps. I definitely need pvolve in my life to balance out all the sitting! ❤️

  22. I sit on my ass for wayyy to long at my office job. I’d love to win a skype session with stephen – after I listened to several podcasts feat. him and heard he changed his wife’s body with his workouts specifically because she had scoliosis and these worked for her I’ve wanted to try them! (I have scoliosis too and have struggled with back problems because of it!)

  23. On my butt 5 days a week alllll day! But on the weekends the only time i’m on my butt is in my kayak! Would love a pvolve session with Stephen!

  24. Every day at my computer for work! And it is worse since I started working from home. I love the one hour walk a day recommendation. Would love to win this! @ashley.barre.kauai

  25. I’ve heard so many good things about pvolve and would LOVE to try this out! I’m getting married in June and need to get my ass in shape (literally, like, need to be tight and toned). Thanks for all the inspo and motivation! xo

    1. Ps- sit on my ass 5 days a week at my job. We’re getting standing desks – hopefully soon – but could def benefit from this in the meantime!

  26. Proteins and nutrition bar contains higher carbohydrates in comparison to the protein product. Mainly protein product rich in muscle building area. It consists of the low element of vitamins and minerals but a better impact on bodybuilding.

  27. This is a great post! I am a firm believer of doing what you like, what energizes you, and what you make you feel good. Everything you said was great and I agree about the exercise part as well, but it’s not my area of expertise.

  28. I really think every body is different and is going to respond to different exercises. I do hot yoga/Pilates and high weight low rep weight trying in the gym. I’m lean strong and not bulky what so ever. I don’t agree with him on becoming bulky. Honestly it’s about becoming HEALTHY. Being comfortable in how your clothes fit and just in your body as a whole. I’ve lifted weights heavy and light and have never been “bulky” I feel your diet will determine that. And not your center is not your bum it’s your core. Everything starts from the core. Abdominals. Don’t mean to hate yes gluts follow and are a big muscle group but it’s all about the core. Your back your posture you’re hips. This is just my opinion and I’m sure this pvolve works for these skinny model girls but ultimately it’s about feeling great and confident in your own body doing whatever workout that challenges you and motivates you. 🙂

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    аssist, so һere it takeѕ place.

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    and now each timе a comment is added I get 4 emɑils with the exact same comment.
    Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service?
    Thank yоu!

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