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necklace length in inches | by the skinny confidential

Perfectly layered jewelry is like a perfect flat lay. While they both look effortless there is definitely some strategy to make them appear that way. Dainty jewels can complete your look. when done well.  Let’s break down the technique.

how to layer your dainty jewelry | by the skinny confidential

Tips for layering your necklaces
  1. Length matters. Choose different lengths so each necklace can shine. Check out this handy necklace guide to see common lengths so you can plan placement.
  2. Mix & match. Gold, silver, rose gold… play around with it. Mixed metals are in.
  3. Add a personal touch. Find a piece that represents something special to you. Recently I’ve been rocking the MARY nameplate in honor of The Nanz or a Gemini necklace.
  4. Stick to odd numbers. While you can pair 2, 4 or even 6 necklaces together there’s something about odd numbers that just seems complete. You’ll typically find me with 3 necklaces at once.
Don’t forget your ears & lips

Ears: if you have multiple holes, experiment and play around a bit. Recently I got my conch pierced ( the inside of your ear ) and it’s been an unexpected and necessary accessory when getting ready. If you’re looking for a bold look I’m loving LARGE & THIN hoops surrounded by lots of mini studs & mini hoops.

Lips: instead of going for a bold red lip tonight, switch it up and try a lip ring. These faux versions are playful and edgy. I rocked the silver in medium on Snapchat & think next time I’m going to do a trio of gold, silver, gold.

silver and gold lip ring | by the skinny confidential

So there you have it. Some little tips to help make styling your jewelry a little easier. What do you think? Did I miss anything?x, lauryn

+ Shop necklaces: nameplate ( similar )| long ( similar )| zodiac ( similar ) | crystal ( similar )

++ Shop ears & lips: large hoops ( similar )  | tiny hoops ( similar ) | lip ring ( similar

  1. Hehe, I love the idea of replacing lipstick with a lipring for a night! I totally agree that odd numbers are the way to go when layering.

    xx Pia

    PS. Thanks for your stellar Instagram live sesh! I took so many notes and already ordered Content Hacker Marketing from Amazon haha.

  2. Probably a silly question, but how do you keep your necklaces from getting tangled when you wear more than one? I’ve tried to do this several times, but so many tangles! I often buy a lot of hand made jewelry from etsy, so perhaps it’s that they’re on less expensive chains?

  3. I LOVE this! I always wear different size earrings. My one ear is covered in piercing so sometimes I like to switch it up by putting in hoops or a cross!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I’m just getting into the necklace layering trend (I’m super late, I know) so this was really helpful. And always great to have some inspirational looks to go off of, too!

  5. Nothing is more attractive than a stylish look. Yet, I have different style jewelry, but sometimes even I don’t understand how to style them so that they look classy and attractive. This post is quite helpful to learn these small but important things.

  6. Yay! Love a good post on layering dainty jewelry!! I need to send you more necklaces! ?

    Have the best time in the South of France!!


  7. Did you order the Ascend Necklace as is (16 in) or did you request a custom length! I love the length you have so just want to make sure I am ordering the correct one. Thanks!

  8. Hey great blog! Some great tips! We are just starting selling jewellery and have set up a blog at our site we will happily share your stuff! Thanks 🙂

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