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How To Invest In Your Health (It’s About Way More Than What You Eat)

How To Invest In Your Health

We talk a lot about preventative beauty, but what’s most important is actually the way you FEEL. Nothing should take priority over our health, because success in literally everything else starts with your wellness. 

If you want to achieve your full potential, you can’t always be running on empty. You have to invest in your mind, body, and soul to feel your best and reach your goals. 

You deserve the best health, but it doesn’t just happen overnight. To improve your health, you need to make intentional changes that’ll minimize the negative and elevate the positive. So, today we’re sharing a round-up of our top ways to invest in a healthy lifestyle.

Just take Lauryn and Michael for example. A few years ago they got serious about their health and wellness by investing in healthy habits and removing all the unhealthy ones – they even went as far as moving cities. For more on how they focused on small changes to make a big impact over time, listen to this HIM & HER Show episode.

Let’s get into some little shifts you can start making today for big results this time next year.

How To Invest In Your Health 

♡ Focus on good eating habits.

Good food choices can literally change EVERYTHING about the way you feel. Healthy eating can change your body and your brain too. 

Start with small stuff like eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding the center aisle of grocery stores, and cooking your own meals. 

Whether you have an animal-based diet or a plant-based diet, there are lots of different ways to form new habits around food. You can hear more about those in this episode of the HIM & HER Show and check out the episode on debunking common food myths too.

It’s important to focus on what you can add in, opposed to take away. Crowd out your not so healthy food with more healthful, whole foods and go from there.

Next, start a food journal, and then decide which habits you want to change. Document how you feel and keep on going, Keep things positive and give yourself lots of grace. 

♡ Take advantage of wellness apps. 

Forming new habits and routines can be hard. Studies say it takes about 66 days to form a new habit . . . and every time you mess up you start over. Luckily, health apps can help you keep yourself accountable. 

Some of our favorite healthy life apps are Headspace, MyFitnessPal, Pacer, Talkspace, and Waterllama. They can help you do anything from managing anxiety to drinking more water. As a rule, if you want to do something . . . there’s probably an app for that. 

♡ Cut bad habits. 

To live better, you can’t just add things we’ve got to take things away too. What are bad habits you want to ditch? On your phone too much? Still smoke? Drink too often? Bite your nails? Procrastinate too much? 

Whatever it is, if it’s weighing on your mental and emotional health, get rid of it. We know that’s easier said than done, so consider getting an accountability partner (like a family member/friend) or life coach to help you through. 

♡ Take the right supplements.

Okay, we’re kind of vitamin snobs around here, but nutrient deficiencies are real. And, when you lack the right nutrients your physical and mental health get all out of whack. 

We get it, the supplement aisle is overwhelming. However, some basics include vitamin B12, vitamin D3, omega-3, and magnesium. Most people should consider those.

Here’s a starter supplement guide to read and don’t forget to listen to the episode of the HIM & HER Show called Wellness Practices That Will Enhance Your Life, Essential Supplements and Nutritional Gaps. Then, you’ll have all the info you need to get popping.

If you find the supplement space overwhelming, Lauryn and Michael love Athletic Greens. It’s a good place to start and ensures your get all your daily vitamins and nutrients in one scoop (plus it’s great for your gut).

How To Heal Your Gut After Taking Antibiotics

♡ Actually see your doctors and dentist. 

Preventive healthcare is cheap healthcare. Getting an annual physical and seeing the dentist every 6 months are essential to being in long-term good health. They’ll catch stuff early, give you inexpensive solutions, and you can keep kicking and living your best life. For more on how vital oral health is (hi mouth tape and tongue scraper) listen to this episode called Ask the Dentist.

♡ Exercise regularly in a way that helps your body.

Physical activity is essential for a healthy life. Different forms of exercise work for different people. It’s important to find a method you love and will stick with. Whether that’s weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, long walks, tennis, or all of the above, focus on moving your body to get your blood pumping, lymph system moving and joints and bones working.

If you’re wanting to get started, check out this post by one of Lauryn’s trainers, Kim Kelly.

♡ Stay hydrated. 

If you want a really simple way to stay in good health drink more water. But not any water. Add electrolytes into your life for the ultimate hydration concoction. We know, we know, in a latte-loving world it’s really hard to get that H20 sometimes, but you need it. Your skin will thank you too.

We recommend spicing up your water (like with this spa water recipe) and getting a great water bottle (love a good tumbler and this strap) to make drinking water all day easier. You could try electrolyte powder too. 

Lauryn has 2 favorite drinks of the moment:

1: Kion aminos (love mango, use code SKINNY) and 3-5 grams of Creatine in a Stanley.

2: lemon juice, electrolytes (get the cranberry hydration and use code SKINNY), and Le Depuff drops in a glass tumbler. Sometimes I also do Le Depuff drops, lemon juice, hydrogen tablets and colostrum. *use code SKINNY for all.

♡ Budget and set money goals.

Financial stress can affect your health in a lot of ways. It can be hard to focus on health if your finances aren’t in order, so read our tips on money management, start a budget, and listen to this episode of the HIM & HER Show for some of Micheal’s finance tips.

♡ Meditate every single day.

Lauryn swears by starting her day with mediation. It’s one of the best ways to relieve stress, increase focus, improve relationships, and so much more. She calls it a strategy session for your entire life, with yourself. Here are all the benefits of meditation. For Lauryn’s exact meditation routine, read this post. It’s a life-changing habit you can add into your day and so many high performers swear by it.

meditation space

♡ Take a digital detox. 

A digital detox can calm you down and make you feel peaceful and content. All the stimuli from constant notifications and social media access can be super toxic. Start with just a day and then do longer detoxes as you see and feel the benefits. Your diet is much more than what you eat. The content you listen to, watch, and the people you surround yourself with all matters.

♡ Find go-to stress-management techniques. 

Stress wreaks havoc on your body. It can raise your blood pressure, lower your insulin sensitivity, and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus, stress just makes you feel like shit.

Find ways to decompress through self-care, meditation, exercise, or whatever helps you feel rejuvenated. Listen to this episode of the Show all about regulating stress and getting healthy.

♡ Try hot and cold therapy.

Hot and cold therapy is all the rage right now, and for good reason. It feels so good for the body and mind and can help with things like improving inflammation, immunity, sleep, and stress. 

For a lot of people, hot and cold therapy is jumping back and forth between a sauna and an ice bath. However, if the idea of an ice bath is not your speed, here are some cold plunge alternatives that still have loads of benefits. Lauryn recommends finishing your shower with a cold blast and work your way up to 3 minutes.

♡ Do morning light therapy. 

If mornings are tough for you, try light therapy. It’s as simple as going for a morning walk and soaking in those sunrays (protected by SPF, of course.) Sunlight promotes Vitamin D production and boosts serotonin, which helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. That way, you’re alert and focused during the day and drift right off to sleep at night. 

Lauryn and Townes get out for a circadian walk every day after breakfast. The key is to get outside within an hour of waking for ultimate benefits.

♡ Prioritize your sleep. 

Speaking of sleep… It’s one of the most important things for your health. Your skin, hair, body, and mind all depend on you getting your Zs. So, if you want to invest more in your health, master your sleep by establishing a solid nighttime routine. (Tip: mouth tape helps a lot)

♡ Stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and circulatory system (blood flow), which means it’s essential to a healthy body. Through different techniques, you can stimulate your lymph system and encourage drainage of toxins and bacteria, which can boost your immunity, reduce swelling, improve headaches, and improve healing! 

We’ve been OBSESSED with lymphatic drainage since we heard about it. Try encouraging lymphatic drainage by dry brushing with Butter Brush, sculpting your body with the Le Spoon, and massaging your face with Pink Balls. Life-changing practices that give you instant results.

How To Invest In Your Health | TSC beauty tools

♡ Invest in self-care activities. 

For a truly healthy lifestyle, you can’t just focus on your physical health. You need to be investing time in your mind and soul too. It’s self-care 101. Do things you love, go on vacation, journal daily, spend time with awesome people, and just show up for yourself.

Invest in your health with these killer tips.

Taking care of yourself takes dedication and work. It’s not always easy, but things worth having seldom are. Remember, taking care of yourself so you FEEL healthy, happy and content will help you show up as a better person to everyone and everything in your life.

Try starting with one thing from this list a week. Small steps will get you on the right track, minus the overwhelm.

Happy New Year to this amazing community. What new habits are you forming this year? Tell us below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ learn more about Lauryn’s specific habits, routines and hacks.

++ check out these low acidic coffee options for ultimate wellness, with a kick.


  1. Hi Lauryn,
    I love your blog and all these awesome tips! One thing I have really picked up from you in your posts, and your podcasts, is patience that results take time. Whether that is with your health, weight loss, followers, blog growth, etc. I have never been very patient when it comes to those things, so I tend to get discouraged and then quit, but thinking about patience the way you do, and applying all the tips above, has really helped me to not race to everything. It takes time. And I want it to take time, because that makes it more lasting. Thank you for your wisdom, advice, and great content! Happy New Year! Libby of

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