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How to Give Yourself THE BEST Manicure At Home

How to Give Yourself THE BEST Manicure At Home

Today we’re going to be hearing from one Lauryn’s past mentees, Bailey Stanworth. Just to get you acquainted, Bailey is the founder of @playdigital and most recently launched her new brand QUICKIES.

If you’re an influencer who is ready to elevate your brand, you should definitely check out Bailey’s content. She is a dynamic HUSTLER, just such a go getter. Your can stalk her first post about her mentorship experience here where she gets REAL into it & shares what she has learned about staying consistent, branding & engaging with your audience. Plus, Lauryn’s top tips that stuck with her.

But today she is here to tell us all about Quickies, an easy to use press-on nail that saves you TIME and MONEY. Is there anything more TSC than that?

With that, let’s welcome Bailey back to The Skinny Confidential.


How to Give Yourself THE BEST Manicure At Home

Do you want a salon quality manicure without the hours spent sitting in a chair where you can’t even take a sip of your coffee let alone multi-task? And do you want it for less than $25?

I’m Bailey and I’m the Founder of press-on nail brand Quickies and I’m so excited to be back on The Skinny Confidential blog to share how you can get a salon quality mani in less than 5 minutes.

First let’s go back to WHY I started Quickies and how I went from visiting the nail salon every 2-3 weeks spending $200+ per month on nails to now being able to do my manicure at home saving me soooo much time and money. (And the best part is no one ever knows they’re press-ons).

So here’s the thing… I’ve always been a nail biter so I’ve been getting my nails done since I had a job. Because after years of being teased about my barely there natural nails having gels/acrylics gave me more confidence. BUT when the pandemic hit in 2020 all my local nail salons (I live in Vancouver, BC Canada) had to close and I was PANICKING!!!

How to Give Yourself THE BEST Manicure At Home
Quickies nail tips

I ran to Amazon and bought everything to make my own at home nail salon including the gels and UV lamps — you name it, I bought it. It took me 5 freaking hours to do one hand and it looked like a toddler had given me a manicure.

I knew this was NOT it.

My only other option at that point was to try press-on nails, which in my head were ugly and for pre-teens. I ended up finding some styles I liked but the quality was trash. They would bend and crack within 1 day. And I didn’t want to recommend them to any friends. Then I’d find quality ones but the designs were SO dated.

This went on for nearly a year. I just couldn’t find a one-stop shop that offered cute designs, quality products and also shipping within Canada that wasn’t an arm and a leg + duties. And that’s when I decided, fuck it. If no one else is going to offer all these things then I will. And Quickies was born.

You’ve probably seen/heard about press-ons more and more lately. Tons of celebs like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and others are also making the switch to this time-saving trend. But if you haven’t tried them or maybe you did 15 years ago and don’t understand why instant manis are making a comeback, don’t worry because I’m going to give you all the tea and break down my fave benefits of using Quickies press-on nails.


One of the main advantages of press-on nails is the time they save. I never truly realized just HOW much time I was spending in the nail salon. And as someone who loves a good multi-tasking moment, it was a struggle to sit that still for 60-90 minutes multiple times per month.

Press-ons gives you back your time and lets you give yourself a cute, trendy, ‘you’ll never know’ it’s press-ons manicure literally anywhere. Have a Quickie in the car, on a plane, in bed, in the bar bathroom. You get the point. It literally takes 5-10 minutes and will lasts on average 1.5-2 weeks! I can’t tell you how many DM’s I get from busy moms, nurses, budget girlies, etc. who are so grateful to have the freedom to do their own manicure wherever, whenever they want.


Let’s do some quick (pun intended) math…

If you go to the nail salon twice a month (let’s say one appointment is a new set of gels, the other a fill + shellac polish each time) and spend on average $160 per month for 2 manicures over the course of 20 years that’s $38,400.

Now if order 2 pairs of Quickies press-on nails per month (let’s assume the 2 sets are purchased together as a single order with our $4.50 letter mail shipping) and spend $48.40 per month over the course of 20 years that’s $11,616.

That’s a whopping $26,784 difference.

So yeah… I think it’s safe to say that saving money is a BIG perk.

Quickies press-on nails
How to apply Quickies press-on nails


Applying press-on nails is truly so quick and easy. Every single order comes with our Press Ed card that shares our signature application method — but you can also check out our Press Ed online here too because we don’t gatekeep. For a lasting Quickie step 2 really is the secret as it creates texture and grip for the press-on nail.

A few extra tips/tricks I love to share are to make sure you apply the nail from base to tip which helps avoid glue spillage/leakage. If you do end up with any glue coming out from under the nail I recommend using the side of our travel pouch to wipe it up. Never use a Q-Tip or cloth as you will definitely get little fluffies stuck onto the nail and that is not the vibe.


The moment I decided to start Quickies I made a promise to myself and to my future community of press-on lovers that we would not be just another press-on nail brand… and I’m really proud of all the ways we are stepping outside of the box so many other brands stay within. Here’s a few things that really set us apart:

+ We donate $1 from every single order to LGBTQ+ communities via Rainbow Railroad and Abortion Funds.

+ We have fully reinvented how press-on nails are packaged by eliminating any wasteful boxes and plastic trays. And instead package every single set of press-on nails in our 100% recycled travel zip bags that allow you to easily take your nails on the go. Or can be repurposed for jewelry, vitamins, really anything. In fact, we are the first press-on nail brand to ever offer this type of packaging.

+ We aren’t just for the girlies. We are for the girls/gays/theys and are one of (if not the only) press-on nails brands to use male/non-binary models.

+ Our models are age and disability inclusive. I never wanted Quickies to be the “cool girl” brand — we’re for everyone. Our models have ranged from ages 97 to early twenties. And also have included models with arthritis, damaged cuticles and of course a wide variety of ethnicities.

+ We drop new styles the first Tuesday of every month. No more guessing when new styles will come. Our community always knows and has their alarms set since styles sell out quick (wink wink).

Press-ons won’t be for everyone and that’s ok.

I have friends who will forever love going to the nail salon because it’s their self-care. And ultimately you’ve got to do what works for you. BUT if you’re someone looking to free up your time, save some money and don’t want to sacrifice a cute mani you can share on socials… well then, you should probably snag some press-ons.

We can’t wait to have a Quickie with you.

xx Bailey

PS — don’t ghost us once you place an order. Make sure to tag @getquickies so we can share you on our socials.

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We hope this post helps you guys save time and money while still keeping your nails healthy and cute. What’s your favorite style? Let us know below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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