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How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

Listen, we all love to play dress-up every once in a while, and that includes experimenting with different makeup looks. It’s fun.

It’s a great way to express yourself and your creativity. Plus, there are SO MANY different looks you can make with the right combination of products and techniques.

But sometimes, less is more. We can’t go for red carpet glam every day, after all. And when you’re not looking for all the glam and glitz, a no makeup makeup look is ideal.

It’s simple, yet it can be styled so many ways. That’s why today, we’re sharing a guide on how to get the no makeup makeup look.

How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

No makeup makeup looks are IN, season after season. Just look at old pictures from every decade and you’ll find at least one starlet who went au naturel(ish).

No makeup makeup looks highlight your best features while still providing coverage of blemishes and minor ‘imperfections.’

And while it can take more than a handful of products, learning the proper way to do this look is not complicated. In fact, we bet you can learn it in just one blog post.

What is The No Makeup Makeup Look?

The no makeup makeup look features a fresh face with little to no appearance of makeup. Of course, a trained eye (AKA EVERY GIRL EVER) can tell you’ve got makeup on, but a lot of men are going to be left in the dark about it. Trust us.

No makeup makeup looks use minimal products, but still manage to enhance your best features. You can accomplish this through defining some features and highlighting others.

How To Do A No Makeup Look

Step 1: Prep your skin.

First, prep your skin for makeup. This should be the base of every one of your looks, regardless of what it is. Luminous, healthy skin begins with you taking care of it. Check out Lauryn’s updated skincare routine and make sure you pick the right creams and serums for your skin type. One of Lauryn’s hottest tips is to shave your face. It’ll create a smooth canvas for your makeup, give a gentle exfoliation and help your skincare products absorb better – hence, better skin.

Lauryn loves moisturizing with Agent Nateur’s Ageless Face Serum, depuffing oil and Epicuren’s Colostrum Cream.

Step 2: Apply SPF.

If you haven’t heard, you should Get the Fuck Out of the Sun. SPF is super important for so many reasons, but especially for a no makeup makeup look. This is because you want your skin to look clear and blemish-free with minimal product, and the sun loves to fuck that up for us. The Skinny Confidential’s NEW Caffeinated Sunscreen just launched and it’s SO good. Get it now and get it on subscription, because it’s going to sell out. Think of it as your new favorite skincare product that protects you from UV and blue light, while tightening, firming, and lifting the skin through caffeine.

The best part: It’s slightly tinted so it’s the perfect product to help you achieve the no makeup makeup look. Below is Lauryn wearing it with nothing else.

How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

Step 3: Apply foundation.

Next up, we’re looking at applying foundation with a makeup sponge or Beautyblender. You can go as hard or as light on this step as you want—some days, we have skin days so good we don’t need anything but a few drops of oil to keep us looking like a dewy daydream. Other days, we mix that in with a light layer of our favorite foundation or as we just said, TSC’s Caffeinated SPF.

Step 4: Bronze it up.

For the next step, you’ll want to get a glowy bronzer. Bronzer helps add to that natural-looking glow that the no makeup makeup look is all about.

Step 5: Add a natural blush.

Now, you’re going to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. ( Here are some tips on how to apply it.they.) Your goal is to look like you have a nice, natural flush to your skin tone. 

We love this liquid blush by Rare Beauty. A little goes a long way.

Step 6: Highlight.

Step 6 is all about highlighting your features with some shimmering highlighter. Apply a small amount over your cheeks, down your nose, and under your brows to lift the face.

HOT TIP: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a bit of coconut oil as a highlighter for ultimate dewiness. 

Step 7: Define the eyes.

Now, define your eyes with mascara. This step is pretty simple. Just pick your favorite mascara and get to it. Keep it minimal for a more natural look. Remember, less is more with this one. You can also try a brown mascara for a super natural look.

Step 8: Brush out those brows.

Next up, we’re going to define the brows. Remember, when brushing your brows, always brush UP. This will help to define them more strongly. Lauryn likes to use this castor oil to help her lashes and brows grow and finish up with REFY gel.

How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

Step 9: Blow yourself a kiss.

AKA, add some shine to your lips. Since this is a no makeup makeup look, any lip color we’re adding should closely resemble our own lip color. But good news, friends. You don’t have to add any color at all. A solid lip balm, lip gloss, or hydrating and plumping lip treatment will do the trick. Lauryn loves to use this lip mask as a balm right now.

Step 10: Don’t forget the setting spray.

You don’t want this look to go to waste. Set it for the day with some setting spray. We love this one because it’s hydrating, alcohol and oil free and keeps your makeup in place for 16 hours. Try it!

And you should know that almost all these items are available at Sephora and their huge spring sale is on now. So if you ever wanted to try some new products, now is the time. Be sure to stalk Lauryn’s Sephora favorites here too.

We hope this post helps you create the PERFECT no make makeup look for you & your unique style. 

Have you perfected the no makeup makeup look? Drop all your hot tips below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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