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HYDRO FLASK- one of my favorite finds of 2018.

There’s so many reasons & we’ll get into it, but I have to say, if I spot a girl with a white Hydro Flask & a pink lid, I’m gonna go say hi because I know she’s part of The Skinny Confidential community.

They’re efficient, perfect for the girl on the go, easy to use, easy to clean & a BIG PLUS is they keep your water FREEZING cold for hours.

Here’s the best thing about the Hydro Flask – it makes you drink waaaaay more water. My water consumption has gone up like crazy. Like, I drink at least 3 liters now because of it. This is kind of a big deal because if we’re being honest, I was only drinking about 1 liter before I had a Hydro Flask.

When I wake up the first thing I do is meditate with Headspace. I’ll sit there & drink my freezing cold water with lemon that I prepped the night before – feel free to add a sprig of mint & some pomegranate seeds. My first sip is freezing cold & it’s so perfect because the integrity of the ice is maintained overnight.

After my meditation I just refill the bottle with water & lemon, maybe a pinch of Himalayan sea salt & I’m good to go for a few hours- since it’s 32 oz. ( You could also go with the 40 oz. but it’s like… really big. )

If you’re going to buy one of these, you HAVE to also buy the lid that has the straw in it. THIS is what will make you drink a ton of water.

This isn’t some flimsy straw that breaks. Plus, this lid actually comes with 2 straws- you know, just in case. The straw is amazing.

The straw is key if you’re lazy in bed, or on the couch, & you just wanna lay there & gulp water with the bottle hanging down. You don’t need to pick it up & tilt it. I hate lifting my arm- it’s so annoying.

Also, you need a straw cleaner which comes with the straw lid- it’s the ONLY lid you need.

If, for some reason, you aren’t going to buy the straw lid then you should get some silicone straws. I use them all the time. They’re silicone straws that don’t hurt your teeth.

If you like metal better, then I would go with an XStraw. You can even get something engraved on them! They engraved TSC on some for me.

OH…& if you’re a coffee drinker you should check out Koffie Straws.

Other Hydro Flask Benefits:

♡ keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours

♡ keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours

♡ made of BPA free stainless steel

♡ vacuum insulation stops condensation

There are 2 ways I like my Hydro Flask- & of course I’m very specific about it:

The first way is a 32 oz. white situation with a hot pink lid. The other way is a hot pink bottle with a baby blue lid.

Tag me in your Insta Stories so I can stalk your Hydro Flask situation. There’s so many ways to do it, but I want to know your preference. Let me know SPECIFICALLY what you put in yours.

Lastly, if you want to manipulate your bf or husband into drinking more water get one in blue, like I did. Fill it with ice & water then leave it on their nightstand. Works like a charm.

I’d really love an alkaline water system because I’m trying to get rid of water bottles completely. If anyone has recommendations let me know.

x, lauryn


  1. I saw Lauryn drinking out of a white hydro flask with a pink lid so I bought and white hydro flask with a pink lid

  2. Drinking water for me is effortless but I did not know that there is a better way for it. Hydro flask is impressive but is there any downside of this procedure? Thanks for sharing this relevant info though.

  3. EVERYTHING you’ve said in the post is true! I have the white hydro with the hot pink lid with the light blue bumper for the bottom! AND I absolutely love it. I feel like I am cheating the system with how much water I drink! Also, I bought my boyfriend the navy blue and it’s totally changed his life!
    I’ll be a Hydro believer forever. I am so glad you love it too! It means i’m doing something right!!!

  4. Love this post! 1. I’m am definitely checking out Headspace. I was just thinking about mediation. 2. I usually drink hot water with lemon, but never tried iced with Himalayan salt, but it sound interesting, will be trying it out. 3. I just bought a 40 oz double wall stainless steel bottle (different brand), but it doesn’t have the straw lid option, I just may have to switch to the Hydro Flask! I carry it with me to work and when traveling to keep my my Swell bottle full. Sounds like a lot of work, I know, but I’m a total water drinker. 🙂 We recently invested in an alkaline water system (Kangen machine) and love it!! We used to buy bottled water by the cases and we are now a bottled water free home. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have or share info about the system anytime!

    1. The straw lid is literally so life changing, definitely try it out! Thank you for the awesome comment Connie 🙂 x

  5. I love all your posts and videos! You’re so real!! I also use a hydro flask going to have to up my game to a pink lid! Cute! I use the Kangen Water. Which is a machine I have at home so I don’t have to rely or BUY any more plastic bottles. I never knew how that worked bc once u bottle and the water is stored they don’t stay 9.5 water which is most ideal!! Best purchase I made!! Best my skins been!

  6. I didn’t even know how to replace plastic bottles in everyday life! You have a good idea, and plus all the fashionable and interesting design!

  7. I actually chipped my tooth on a Starbucks hard straw. I need the silicone ones in general and the hydro flask! Thank you for the info!

  8. I’ve heard amazing things about Kangen water! One of my friends is a distributor and I’ve watched my veggies in it and can see the junky waxy exterior pesticide crap come off!!

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