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How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Home

How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Home

Hi hi hello!

Today we’re going to talk all about how to create a meditation space at home.

A few years ago I got into doing the Headspace app & it was truly life-changing. Since then I’ve found that breathwork & stillness really change the whole tone of my day. It makes me feel proactive instead of reactive & like I’m running the day. The day isn’t running me.

There are just so many benefits to stillness & meditation that I learned from Ryan Holiday’s book Stillness is the Key too. He was on the HIM & HER show talking all about how to clear your mind & create stillness in your life. I mean, if you can’t get still for 10 minutes a day, you don’t have a life, in my opinion.


One thing that I realized during the pandemic was that I’ve been craving a little spot in my house that is completely my own. I’m not talking about an office or a desk, I’m talking about a meditation space.

How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Home
Meditation Space at home

When it came to creating my meditation space, I was looking for pieces that were neutral, earthy & most of all, peaceful. It had to be a place of stillness.

This new meditation space of mine is used for my low cortisol workouts or my breathwork ( if you haven’t heard of Wim Hof’s breathwork, be sure to check out this post ). To bring the space together perfectly, I needed to be very methodical. If you’ve been wanting to create a zen, peaceful space just for you & your meditation, this post is for you. Let’s get into it.

How To Create a Meditation Space in Your Home:

Choose a spot:

So the first thing you want to do is choose a spot in your house that’s right for you. At first I thought it would be a great idea to share Zaza’s playroom with her & use it as my meditation space- THAT was a mistake. All the moms out there know what I’m talking about. I know I know. No need to discuss this any further.

So eventually I decided on a little space downstairs in my office. It’s got natural light, it’s bright & surrounded by nature because there are tons of windows. So figure out what space in your house brings you peace & stillness & make that your mediation space.

Set the vibe:

Next, it’s time to set the vibe. As I said, I wanted everything neutral & earthy so I started with a nude, very specific yoga mat. This one has a nice grip, is something I can practice yoga on, but also lay down on it & do Wim Hof’s breathwork.

The color & feel of this yoga mat is just right- it’s not too thick or too thin. It took me 500 years to find just this right one. Typically, I like to play Japanese zen garden music on a speaker while I just sit on it in stillness & breathe.

You might want a whole different vibe for your space, but everything in mine has to be neutral. Just be sure to set it up in a way that is unique to you & your meditation practice. It has to be set up perfectly for YOU.

The next thing you need to do is get your space comfortable for meditation. I scoured the internet for days until I found the best cushions.

Mala Collective meditation cushions are hand-made in India, they’re the perfect height to support your hips & knees, plus they’re all made of recycled cotton which means each piece looks a little different. Anyone who comes over & sees my meditation space just HAS to know where I got them.

My Mala Collective Meditation Must-Haves:

The Meditation Sit Set

The exact natural color I have isn’t available right now, but the sage is very nice. There’s always a waitlist so I would get on that list if you’re interested in picking up a Sit Set. The other colors & styles are amazing too, & really, you just can’t go wrong with anything from Mala.

The quality is out of this world & it really helps support your meditation journey while you’re at home. There’s a floor cushion that supports your knees & ankles & a round cushion that goes on top to elevate your hips.

It’s also a good situation if you want to have a low desk/table & like to work or eat while sitting on the floor. Although, it’s a good idea to keep meditation & work separate.

It’s important to note that the cushion covers are not removable so they need to be spot treated. Be careful if you have kids! Anyway, these are just so beautiful & such a good buy.

Natural Chindi Meditation Sit Set
Meditation set essentials

Quartz Crystal Set

There are so many different crystals to choose from Mala Collective too. They promote good energy & calm me. Having them around just makes me feel good. My home meditation space needed the quartz crystal set to help me set intentions, clear the space & encourage grounding. They’re mined in Brazil & quartz is known to lift depression & rid negativity.

Mala Beads

As you can see I went nuts on their site. Everything is so cute & perfect. The “I Am Patient” Rudraksha necklace has quartz crystal & rudraksha gemstones on it. They’re both known to provide inner calm & peace.

Using meditation beads coincides with the breathwork. You’re supposed to drape the beads over your hand and slowly move one bead per inhale & exhale. It’s just the most relaxing thing & really supports your mindful journey in meditation.

Be sure to use code LAURYNB20 at checkout for 20% off your order.

bala bangles review

Other Things to Complete Your Meditation Space:

Aura Clearing Mist

This spray was recommended to me by Jesse Golden of The Golden Secrets.

The Aura Clearing mist is so good & contains over 60 different compounds to form a protective layer on your skin to shield you from environmental factors. I LOVE IT. The Aura Clearing mist can rid you of negative energy, can help with swollen lymph nodes, increase your energy & focus, & combat dry, aging skin. It’s a no brainer, really.

Sidenote: Jesse was also featured in GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN & recently came on the blog to give us all her glowy skin tips. Check them out here.

Bala Weights

Always, ALWAYS have my Bala weights near by. These are beautiful little ankle weights & they’re perfect to throw on for a low impact workout. They’re such good quality & they come in lots of different colors. And they’re super chic without some huge chunky strap of Velcro.

They’re great to wear on your ankles, yes, but you can also hook them onto your hands to intensify your arm workouts. I love to use them while I do Melissa Wood Health workouts.

Brooklyn Candle Studio Palo Santo Candles

These candles are 100% soy, eco-friendly & have a lead-free cotton wick. The Palo Santo candle is just too good. It has the deep, earthy scent which goes perfect in my home meditation space, plus Palo Santo wood ( holy wood ) has been known to clear spaces of negative energy & promote healing.

All of Brooklyn Candle Studio’s candles are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free & petroleum-free.

♡ Add Your Personal Touch

Add anything else that zens you the fuck out. Just make it YOUR sacred space that is relaxing and helps you get to that meditative state.

Surround yourself with lots of different floor pillows, Buddha statues, &/or plants. Personally, I keep THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS Ice Roller in my meditation space because it feels so good & makes me feel relaxed WHILE contouring the fuck out of my face.

One thing I highly recommend are sound bowls. There’s an whole post dedicated to sound bowls here, so be sure to check it out. They help align your chakras, which is the perfect thing to do before meditating.

Another thing I can’t recommend enough is a water fountain. You may have heard me talk about it before because I’m just so obsessed. Everyone needs one of these in their home. The sound is so grounding & relaxing, just trust me. It’s the perfect addition to any room in your home.

meditation spot at home
how to create zen space at home

Must-haves For a Meditation Space:

neutral yoga mat

The Meditation Sit Set

Quartz Crystal Set

Mala beads

Aura Clearing Mist

Bala Weights

Brooklyn Candle Studio Palo Santo Candles


indoor water fountain

Open the windows, put on some zen Japanese garden music, grab a cup of Pique ginger tea ( use code SKINNY for 5% off ) & sit in stillness. It’s so powerful.

Also, you should know that The Art of Simple Living by Shunmyo Masuno really helps streamline mindfulness.

What else do I need in my home meditation space? Mine isn’t perfect & need all your tips.


x, lauryn

+ if you need to clear your head, check out my post on the morning pages.

++ scope these wellness practices to keep you sane during the pandemic.


  1. Ohh ma’am as a spiritual director I LOVE your advice. One thing I tell my clients is to have “what you will open your eyes to” to be a peaceful vibe. Because some days are not a closed eye day but a soft gaze day. You know how to can be. Also something grounding like that ice roller really helps bring you back to your body if you need some centering. This article is so great!

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