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How To Clean Your Ice Roller

How To Clean Your Ice Roller

One of the most asked questions Lauryn’s gets over DM is “how do I clean my ice roller?”

Look no further, we’re here to lay it all out for you so your ice roller stays pink & shiny, but most importantly CLEAN & efficient. All of us at The Skinny Confidential LOVE our ice rollers and you can use them at any time of day – whatever works for you.

Lauryn uses hers as soon as she wakes up (because it’s like a shot of espresso to the face), right before she puts on her makeup, and at night before she puts on her skincare products. Feel free to use yours whenever the fuck you want. If you want more details on how to use, stalk this blog post.

But she especially uses it after traveling. She gets so puffy from airplanes, & who doesn’t. Your HOT MESS is such an effective tool no matter how you get puffy. Hot tip: keep your ice roller in the hotel ice bucket in your room or down by the pool to keep it freezing cold.

The HOT MESS ice roller stays cold for so long, you can keep it in the fridge or freezer too & is such a relief if you have a sunburn, rash, bug bite, sore muscles or just feel like keeping it icy while you’re watching Real Housewives.

Hot Mess ice roller
How To Clean Your Ice Roller

Before we tell you how to clean your ice roller, let’s get into some benefits:

♡ shrinks the look of pores, fine lines & wrinkles

♡ instantly reduces puffiness & redness

♡ helps with lymphatic drainage & gets rid of toxins

♡ increases circulation

♡ & it feels damn good

Now, lets get into why we’re all here.

HOT MESS ICE ROLLER | The Skinny Confidential Product


♡ grab your baby washcloths

We first learned about baby washcloths from Jule. She taught us about the brilliant idea of keeping a cute little basket of rolled up baby wash cloths to wash your face. They’re clean, gentle, and well- soft enough for a baby, duh.

Now, we’ve discovered that baby washcloths are perfect for cleaning your beauty tools.

♡ grab your soap

Our favorite: Dr. Bronner’s Castille baby or peppermint soap.

Hot tip: you can dilute this soap for other purposes and it’s fab for cleaning your makeup brushes too.

♡ get sudsy

Put a 1-2 drops of soap on your baby washcloth and run it under warm water. Get a nice lather going, then rub it all over your ice roller.

The HOT MESS is smooth and sturdy so you can really go for it. It makes cleaning so easy with the smooth silicone surfaces & aluminum roller.

♡ dry it off

Use another baby washcloth to dry off your ice roller, then lay it down for an air dry finish. Ensure all the water is evaporated before you put it back in the freezer.

Voilà, your ice roller is like new.

How To Clean Your Ice Roller
pink aluminum roller

One thing we do not recommend is removing the pink aluminum roller from the hinges. If you have a bunch of skincare & gross stuff in your hinges, try to use a small brush or thin cloth to wipe in that area.

To keep your ice roller clean be sure to check out the SLEEPING BAG. It’s the perfect home, created especially for the HOT MESS. Cute & pink, it holds in the cold, is washable, and keeps your ice roller free from bacteria, bad smells (oh hey frozen peas from 1999), & wear and tear.

As for how often to clean your roller, that’s up to you. Lauryn likes to use hers BEFORE applying skincare products so there’s no transfer to the roller, but you might like to do it after. However you use your ice roller with determine how often you’d like it cleaned.

We hope you’re all still loving your ice rollers & seeing the benefits.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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How To Clean Your Ice Roller

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