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How To Be Confident In Bed To Keep Things Hot & Spicy

How To Be Confident In Bed

Let’s talk about SEX.

But more specifically, let’s talk about how to be your best confident self in the bedroom. 

Sexual confidence has nothing to do with being good in bed. Really, sexual confidence is more about being confident & comfortable in your own body. It’s about knowing what you want & being able to communicate these wants to your sexual partner. 

Sexual confidence is so important because it can totally affect the way you & your partner achieve sexual pleasure. Confidence is a HUGE turn on to both men & women – it’s so true. No one can resist someone who exudes confidence in their own skin.

So, let’s talk about some of our favorite tips for feeling totally sexy & confident in the bedroom. Get ready to take charge & make the absolute most out of all your time between the sheets. 

How To Be Confident In Bed

♡ Pamper yourself

When you’re feeling like your best self, it’s going to show in the bedroom. The next time you’re planning a hot night with your SO, take some time to pamper yourself. Do the things that make you feel the most sexy & beautiful.

This might be doing your hair & nails, exfoliating all over for smooth & irresistible skin, or anything else that makes you feel GOOD. Before sex, always remember to exfoliate your lips. You don’t want to be caught giving a BJ/oral with dry & cracked lips. 

Not sure how to pamper yourself? Try these 17 natural beauty hacks.

How To Be Confident In Bed how to spice up your sex life

♡ Wear something that makes you feel sexy

We all feel more confident when we’re wearing clothes or lingerie that make us feel sexy. So, on your next date night or the next time you want to get down & dirty, throw on your sexiest outfit. 

A personal favorite: throw on your sexiest lingerie, some heels, & just a trench coat the next time you’re meeting your S/O in for an intimate dinner. 10/10, highly recommend. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it’s totally going to show! Plus, every girl deserves some hot & sexy lingerie

♡ Figure out what you like & be open about it 

Don’t be shy. How is your partner supposed to know what you like if you don’t tell them? Pleasure is a two-way street, so being able to have an open conversation with your partner about what you want is super important. 

Not sure what you like? Think about your ultimate fantasy & the things you would love if your partner did more often. And, when you do figure out what you like, be sure to communicate these things to your partner. 

Let your partner know what you like by bringing it up in conversation, leaving them a note, or sending them kinky text. And don’t forget to always, always, always, tell your partner when they’ve done something you really like! A little positive reinforcement can go a long way. 

You should also always encourage your sexual partner to be open with you as well. You can learn more about your partner’s sexual desires by playing sex games like 20 questions or by simply trying out some different moves to see what they like. 

Any time & effort you put into figuring out what you and your partner like will totally pay off later. 

♡ Do your research 

Want to improve your sexual experiences? Do some research. Not only can you research what you like, but you can also research what your partner likes. Don’t be afraid to check out some online tutorials, read some kinky blogs, or even check out some erotica. 

Knowing what you’re doing during sex will only make you feel more & more confident. Especially when you see the look on your partner’s face when they realize you’ve learned something new just for them. If your partner needs some tips on going down, here are some oral sex tips for men & women. 

♡ Shake things up 

Turn up the spice in the bedroom. Sometimes, the same old sex routine can make things super boring & make you feel like like you’re doing something wrong. This doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe it’s just time to shake things up a bit. 

Try some role playing, experiment with some sex toys, and don’t be afraid to let your inner kinks out to play. One of the best sex toys is Woo Vibez. . 

Oh, and if you’re not using this coconut oil lube, you have got to try it. It’s all natural, long-lasting, and even doubles as a massage oil. Lick it, suck it, fuck it – Woo’s coconut love oil makes sex so much better. 

♡ Fake it till you make it 

Confidence is so attractive. So, just because you’re not 100% confident doesn’t mean your partner needs to know that. Exuding confidence in the bedroom, even if it’s partly fake, is so much hotter than worrying about body image. 

When it comes down to it, your partner doesn’t give a shit about the little flaws here & there ( that only you see ). Just like you don’t care about your partner’s flaws when it gets down to sexy time. 

So, it might sound crazy, but when you’re lacking confidence, just fake it till ya make it. When you see how much it turns your partner on, the confidence will flow out naturally.

Are you ready to take control of your sex life? 

No more feeling self-conscious in the bedroom. We’re all HOT, so let’s act like it. It might take a little time & self-love, but once you build your sexual confidence, you will see a huge difference in the bedroom. 

Hope this post helps you all spice up your sex lives.

Meow, xx – The Skinny Confidential team

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