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How To Avoid Razor Bikini Bumps & Keep Your Bikini Line Silky Smooth

How To Avoid Razor Bikini Bumps & Keep Your Bikini Line Silky Smooth

Hello again. It’s the TSC team back with some more fun tips – this time we’re talking about how to avoid razor bikini bumps.

Summer is approaching fast & it’s got us thinking about beaches, bikinis, & à la Piscine de Champagne.

Summer brings so many good things: pool parties, beach hangs & laying out with a good book ( with an umbrella & SPF of course ). But it brings on something else. BIKINI BUMPS!

Could really live without those if we’re being honest.

Shaving is a good ol’ fashioned alternative to laser hair removal, waxing, & sugaring. Waxing is fine, but you have to let it grow for a while before you can get waxed again, plus it hurts like a bitch. Laser hair removal takes quite a few times for it to work. And if you haven’t heard of sugaring, it’s similar to waxing. That leaves shaving as the most convenient solution.

At The Skinny Confidential, we’re all big fans of shaving our faces. YES, OUR FACE. THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR is our top choice for facial shaving ( duh ) & it creates the smoothest canvas for all your skincare & makeup. When paired with THE HOT SHAVE CREAM, the results will have your face ( and your confidence ) feeling out of this world. Sidenote: you can get both of these products in THE SHAVETTE KIT.

Ok so, shaving can sometimes be a lot of work. Aaaaand, I also know it can sometimes have minor side effects like razor bumps. But fear not. We got you covered with a solution.

If any of you guys happened to read Lauryn’s blog posts about shaving your lady parts or arm pits, then you know that we’ve put time & effort into a shaving routine that WORKS.

How To Avoid Razor Bikini Bumps & Keep Your Bikini Line Silky Smooth

So, what are razor bumps?

Razor bumps are those reddish-purple bumps that come up right in the crease of your hip & thigh. So like, RIGHT at the bikini line. They are annoying, irritating & they can definitely be painful if left untreated.

These pesky bumps are basically little ingrown hairs that curl up under skin as they try to grow back in. Gross, yes. But there is a difference between razor bumps & razor burn.

Razor burn happens after shaving & it’s basically a bad case of irritated skin.

If you often experience razor burn you have to try Tend Skin. It calms & soothes like nothing else & is so good to take with you if you’re on vacation & shaving a lot. Hot tip: guys love using this on their face too.

Okay, but, back to razor bumps. They are very common in the bikini area because the hair down there tends to be a bit more rough & coarse than, say, leg hair. So, this means that our pubic hairs are more likely to curl under the skin & become ingrown.

But, with proper care & preparation, you can avoid razor bumps & keep your bikini line looking smooth & sexy all summer long.

How To Avoid Razor Bikini Bumps

How can you avoid razor bikini bumps, you ask? Let’s get right into it.

♡ Spend time in the shower.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wait until you’ve been in the shower for at least 5-10 minutes to warm up the skin & NEVER DRY SHAVE. These are the two things that will absolutely GUARANTEE that you will get razor bumps.

♡ Exfoliate your bikini line.

Getting rid of all the dead skin around your bikini line will make for a MUCH smoother shave. It will also remove all those dead skin particles that build up & contribute to the formation of razor bumps. You can do this by using a dry brush, exfoliating gloves, or a loofah, just remember to be very gentle.

♡ Lather & lubricate.

Be sure to keep your bikini line lathered & lubricated with a good-quality shaving cream during the whole shaving process. If you have easily irritated skin, there are lots of shaving creams made for sensitive skin. We love using THE HOT SHAVE CREAM because it’s specifically made for women’s faces, so it’s gentle enough for your bikini area. It’s very moisturizing & will leave your skin feeling nourished. Keeping your skin hydrated is THE KEY to preventing razor bumps.

♡ Make sure your razor is fresh & clean.

You don’t have to use a new razor every time you shave, but it’s important to cycle through your razors on a regular basis. Depending on how often you shave, consider switching to fresh blades every 1-2 weeks. Dull blades can cause some serious skin irritation & greatly increase the risk of razor bumps. In case you’re curious, we love fav the BIC Soleil.

♡ Be gentle.

Don’t apply too much pressure to the bikini line when shaving. This is a super common issue for men when they shave their face & it can lead to uncomfortable & sore razor bumps. Always be gentle & never press down too hard when shaving. ( And since we’re on the topic of men & shaving, be sure to check out Lauryn’s tips for shaving balls. Nothing is off limits at TSC. LOL. )

♡ Shave in the direction of your hair.

Shaving against the grain is damaging to your hair follicles & can cause serious irritation. For the best results, shave in the same direction that your hair naturally grows.

♡ Rinse your razor regularly.

While shaving, be sure to rinse your razor often. Buildup of hair & skin cells on your razor can cause razor bumps, & in some really yucky cases, infection. All we’re doing is removing hair, we don’t need the drama of some nasty razor.

♡ Store your razor properly.

ALWAYS store your razor in a dry place in-between shaves. Wet surfaces can breed bacteria growth & we already talked about the risks associated with that.


It is absolutely essential that you moisturize your bikini area after every single shave. Hydration & moisturization are the secret ingredients to a perfectly smooth bikini line. After each & every time you shave, try using coconut oil. I moisturize with coconut oil. It has so many skin-nourishing benefits & guess what? You can even shave with coconut oil too. Aloe Vera is another great moisturizer post-shave.

♡ Soothe when necessary.

If you’ve got a bad case of the razor bumps, there are plenty of products like salicylic & glycolic acid that you can use to soothe the skin. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties & promotes exfoliation of the skin. This will help remove dead skin & get those ingrown hairs to the surface. Glycolic acid helps to soothe the skin after all that irritation & inflammation.


Okay guys, this ends here. No more annoying, painful, ugly, red, ingrown, purple…should we keep going? I think you guys get the point. NO MORE RAZOR BUMPS.

Skin health is so important from your head to your toes and all the parts in between, too.

And, like, not to be nosy, but we really want you guys to let us know if your next bikini shave is successful using these tips? And, of course, if you have any more questions or tips about shaving the bikini line, feel free to leave them below. We want all the best tips & tricks for sexy, smooth, & silky skin.

Wishing you an amazing summer full of ONLY good skin days.

Talk soon,

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ if you haven’t shaved your face before, scope all these reasons you need to get on board. 

++ learn more about Tend Skin & how it can help soothe razor burn here.


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