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How To Avoid a Hangover In Cabo

How To Avoid a Hangover In Cabo

Hey hey hello.

This post is all about hangover tips while on vacation. I posted an Instagram of all the things that helped me beat a hangover when I was in Cabo, so I wanted to post it on the blog so you guys always have a resource to refer back to.

These are the hangover tips of your dreams. Things that you can easily streamline into your life, or your vacation.

When we went to Cabo I told myself to let loose & have a little fun. That’s exactly what I did. But I also wanted to make sure I was on top of the hangover situation so I didn’t spend the whole vacation feeling sluggish.

I can honestly tell you that by following these tips, I was only kind of hungover once. ONCE !! I mean, thank god for the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER.

How To Avoid a Hangover:

♡ Gangster Chic electrolytes

Ingrid, the founder of the Gangster Chic brand, is one of my best friends & such a superstar for creating this PURE product.

H20nulin contains sodium, calcium, magnesium & potassium, and it’s delivered straight to the bloodstream. I like to put it in my morning tea or spa water to replenish all the minerals in my body.

It helps so much with hydration so you don’t have to drown yourself in 5 liters of water. Such a vacation must-have.

♡ Dry Farm Wines

I’ve tried so many different wines from all over the world, & I feel like I’ve finally figured it out: a lot of companies add shit to their wine. This means additives, aromas, colors, flavor alterations, sulfites & SUGAR. Yes. added. sugar. in. your. wine. So it’s no surprise that after two glasses you wake up with a headache because it’s basically like you had two Snickers bars. It’s disgusting that we buy a bottle of wine from Italy & think there’s no sugar added when there’s actually up to 40 grams.

Anyways, as you know, I recently had my friend Katie of The Wellness Mama on TSC podcast & she told me all about this company called Dry Farm Wines. The reason I was IMMEDIATELY interested is because they deliver it right to your door monthly – you know I love a delivery. Also, you can guarantee their wines:

+ are natural, sustainable & biodynamic.

+ are farmed & made using traditional wine making practices.

+ have no chemical additives for aroma, color, flavor or texture enhancement.

+ no or minimal filtering/fining.

+ have no or minimal addition of SO2 (sulfites).

+ have no commercial yeast for flavor alteration.

+ use minimal intervention in the vinification and aging.

To take it a step further I researched & learned about how specific they are about choosing their wines & they only procure authentic, natural wines.

THEN I TOOK IT EVEN FURTHER…. & got on the phone with the owners. They educated me about their wine, it’s low alcohol percentage & why there’s so much sugar & sulfites added to other wines. I told them that I love red wines from Italy, love rosé, & so they sent me some wine to try. They just get it.

How To Avoid a Hangover while on vacation Dry Farm Wines review

It was time to put it to the test- always wanna human guinea pig myself for you guys. I had TWO HEAPING GLASSES of a Tuscan red, ate how I normally ate & went to bed.

The next morning, nothing. Not even a speck of a headache. I didn’t even increase my water intake. So I decided to have my sister Mimi & best friend Westin try it ( don’t mean to brag but Westin knows his shit when it comes to alcohol & Mimi loves her wine, so they were the perfect people to test it out ).

They both said….. NO HANGOVER.

Some more fun facts about Dry Farm Wines:

+ they use an independent certified enologist to test all wines so they can guarantee the wines are SUGAR FREE ( thank the lord ).

+ they ensure every wine meets strict standards of health & purity. (We don’t want a bunch of shit in our wine that doesn’t need to be there.)

+ they work with small family farmers to offer wine that’s grown. And made the way nature intended.

+ they support small, organic, natural wine growers with fair trade pricing.

+ they verify a lower alcohol content & sulfites.

Totally worth it to pack a few bottles of Dry Farm Wine in your suitcase.

Dry Farm Wines drinks review

♡ mindful drinks

When you’re at the beach bar as for a shot of tequila with Pellegrino & ask for some lime & lemon juice. This keeps things skinny with NO SUGAR. Sugar is such a huge culprit of hangovers ( as we just talked about above ).

Some other favorite drinks of mine are Drink Bev cans, this boozy kombucha & Ashland Hard Seltzer ( get the watermelon one ).

♡ Pique tea

This matcha or ginger digestive tea is the BEST tea on the market. They don’t use tea bags ( which are usually full of shit, toxins & nasty bullshit ) so you can just open the little packet & pour your tea into ice water or hot water.

It’s super high quality & helps so much with a hangover. Pique tea goes through a triple toxin screening for pesticides, heavy metals & mold.

Good news: you can use code SKINNY for 20% off. Get the matcha & ginger digestions. Trust me.

♡ No Days Wasted supplement

This is a herbal supplement I always take after my first drink. It’s full of antioxidants & minerals so it hydrates & replenishes the body.

Other helpful tips:

+ ice roll the fuck out of your face ( you’ll depuff & debloat in no time )

+ IV therapy ( Mercy at Drip Hydration in Austin is amazing )

+ Wim Hof breathwork & a freezing cold shower ( more here )

+ sleep

+ workout ( Kim Kelly always kicks my ass )

And if none of this works, just a fucking hair of the dog & call it a day.

Sometimes a spicy bloody Mary is just what the doctor ordered.

What are some of your best hangover tips, especially when on vacay?

x, lauryn

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  1. Charcoal pills also work great! Take 2 before drinking (or right after), the charcoal binds to the toxins & you’re left hangover free – a cheap & all natural solution:)

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