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How To Ask A Girl For Nudes Without Being A Major Creep

How To Ask A Girl For Nudes

Fellas… we have a serious question to ask.

Why are y’all so terrible at asking a girl to send nudes?

Honestly, it’s already hard enough to find a great sex partner IRL, and virtual sex is not that much different. 

At this point, sexting is about as disappointing as it is dealing with whiskey dick for real. And, we’d also love to have flirtatious, freaky, fun chats with you  without feeling the ick lurking around every corner.

That’s why today, we’re throwing you boys a bone (*wink wink*) with tips on how to ask a girl for nudes without being such a fucking creep.

You heard (or read) that right. We are here to help you raise your game and figure this sexting stuff out the right way.

How to Ask A Girl For Nudes: A Guide for the Respectful Requester

♡ Read the room, because vibes are paramount.

No two queens are alike, but we do have a lot of overlap in what is and isn’t okay language-wise. 

Even with that said, there’s a spectrum of what we’re willing to send and what language is welcome while sexting. Consider the type of person you’re chatting up and the nature of your relationship. 

We’re not all super naughty and you’ll lose before we both can win if you’re not careful with your words.

♡ Show respect.

Okay, the fact that we have to say this is another issue. But, believe it or not, for most of us, class and respect are really fucking hot.

So no, you should NOT be, “leading by example,” by throwing out an unsolicited dick pic. Make sure you treat the lady you’re texting with the utmost respect and kindness. Oh, and sending eggplant and peach emojis with zero context is gross.

How To Ask A Girl For Nudes Respectfully

♡ Lead with flattery; compliments never hurt anyone.

A little flattery goes a long way, if it’s genuine of course. 

Start with an authentic compliment before you even think about her sending a nude photo. And MEAN it! If you compliment her properly & honestly, she’ll be one step closer to providing promiscuous pics.

♡ Beating around the bush BLOWS.

Just because you can’t kiss in person, doesn’t mean you can’t KISS while sexting. That’s K.I.S.S. as in, “keep it simple stupid.”

Please do not waste our time with these long-winded, “Maybe it would be nice if you could possibly, send me something probably like if you’re into it or whatever,” bullshit. Enough with that. 

Yes we want you to read the room. Yes, we want to feel respected throughout all of this. But, FUCK! You’ve got to get straight to the point and just ask.

Flip the coin, take the leap, pull the trigger. Non-arrogant confidence is a major turn on for a lot of us, so just go for it if the timing is right.

♡ It’s all about timing.

If you haven’t noticed by now, sexting is basically a tight-wire act. One wrong move, and you’re falling to your doom, sans nudes, leaving us with the ick. Timing is just another thing to need to pay attention to if you want to receive a nude.

Keep an eye on the timing of it all, and you’ll be that much closer to seeing some spicy pics.

♡ Respect our boundaries, no means FUCKING NO.

This is pretty self explanatory. We’re pretty sure there is not a single form of spoken language out there where no means yes.

If she doesn’t want to send you nudes, respect her decision and don’t push it. No one owes you a damn thing bud. And a major ick for a lot of us is someone who won’t take no for an answer. While it’s sexy in so many other scenarios, with our bodies… it is NOT the vibe.

♡ Be understanding, and you’ll never go wrong.

We’ve all got different levels of comfort. So it’s important to remember that everyone’s boundaries and comfort levels are different when it comes to exchanging nudes. 

Show you actually care by always prioritizing consent, respect, and timing. She’ll more than likely feel comfortable sharing sexy photos if she feels safe.

Be understanding, be considerate.

♡ Sharing is caring, baby.

IF you ask your girl to send you nudes, and she DOES send them be prepared to share some snapshots of you in your birthday suit as well. You can’t get nudes without giving nudes yourself baby. It’s about trust and balance.

♡ Consent is the key, the lock, and the door.

Listen up, and listen good boys. 

If she sends you a sexy photo, it does not belong to you.

It is utterly gross when we’re vulnerable for the recipient to share it with others. Be sure to keep these nudes to yourself. Simple.

sexting tips

Succeed in seducing her WITH respect and WITHOUT being a sleazeball

Remember, the key to any successful sexting session is trust. You won’t get that without respect and consent, though. And to look your very best before sending nudes try sculpting your body with Le Spoon first. It will tone, chisel and give you the sexiest silhouette. 

Happy sexting.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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