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winding down | by the skinny confidentialwinding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

Winding down is SO difficult for me.

Michael has been just really obnoxious lately about his routine to wind down. If you follow along on Snapchat you know he literally drinks magnesium tea at 8:40 PM on the dot, tracks his sleep with a sleep app (yes, this exists), AND he even wears a sleep mask.

I’rn sorry, but I can’t make this up.

Meanwhile I’m pounding around in my office, cleaning the house, being distracted, prepping veggies & fruits for the AM., being annoying, etc.

He may be obnoxious but clearly I’m highly annoying because I NEED to learn how to be a better winder-downer, you know?

So I’m working on it.

& when say I’m working on it, guys… I am actually, seriously working on it. Like it’s a New Year’s resolution that I’m not letting go of.

Let’s back up. My routine used to be going to bed at 2 AM ( bartending days, what up ). and then it moved to 1 AM when I moved in with Michael, & then in the last couple months midnight was my casual bedtime.

winding down | by the skinny confidential


I’m working on actually getting into bed at 9:30 PM.

Anyone that knows me knows this is absolutely so not me. BUT I’ve been doing so much research about sleep/winding down & all research says you get your best sleep between the hours of 10 PM & 2 AM. It’s best for my hormones to be asleep by 10:30 PM latest.

Annoying, but it’s true.

SO. Here’s how I’m working on getting to bed at a decent hour:

1.) In bed by 9 PM ( no computer ), reading ( a hardcover or paperback, no electronics ) by 9:30 PM. & lights are going out at 10 PM. I’m not perfect so these are ideal times. I try, try, try. It’s easiest for me to do this on Sundays because there’s not a lot of work going on on Sundays. Obviously, Monday is the hardest. The no electronics thing in bed is a freaking game changer. It’s so hard but after a while I have started to associate the bed with no electronics which is kind of a relief. It’s nice to get into bed & shut off. A real book IS AMAZING. I’m in love with the smell of books anyways.

2.) A gentle skincare routine: as a blogger I get sent products a lot. I try almost all of them. When I like something, I blog about it. Recently, bareMinerals sent me their skincare line— & LOVEEEE, guys. First off, my favorite is their ‘Oil Obsessed.’ Its awesome for taking makeup off. So much easier on the skin than rubbing makeup off with harsh wipes.

After taking my makeup off, I HAVE to have a serum. It sort of seals your skin in. I’m obsessed. I was happily surprised with SkinLongevity because I’m very, very picky about my serum. Basically I hate if they’re too sticky or too heavy. This one is just right.

Then on top of that I’ve been using this insane product called ‘BUTTER DRENCH.’ That’s exactly what it feels like…a facial butter drench. I’m so into moisture, moisture, moisture. It’s the key to fighting wrinkles so I even use the BUTTER DRENCH on my neck.

winding down | by the skinny confidential
winding down | by the skinny confidential

By the way, my nightly skincare routine ALWAYS includes drenching my neck in moisturizer. Don’t forget about your neck & hands before you go to bed!! Radiant skin is JUST as important on the neck area & hands.

Lastly, I rub raw coconut oil all over my arms, legs, & stomach…so basically you get it: I’m moisturized_ EVERYWHERE. Lol.

3.) Lavender oil: burning in the diffuser, every night, makes all the difference. I rub it on my pillow too. Sometimes I even add a spray to our sleep masks. YUM.

4.) CALM magnesium tea: obsessed with this powder. It’s like Xanax but all natural. Really relaxes you. BIG time. I swear I’m so high-strung & this stuff like zens me out. Highly recommended. I add this to mint tea ( just a scoop ) or to warm water.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

5.) Melatonin ( sometimes ), magnesium, & a probiotic: my nightly lineup. I like melatonin once in a while, not too much. Magnesium is my nightly pill. Make sure it’s the Oxide one, not the other one. And lastly, my daily probiotic is the main ROCKSTAR. Probiotics are just amazing in every way. Really gets things moving if you know what I mean.

So those are some things that are helping me stay on track at night.

Next step is getting into the whole bath thing. Baths are goals, for sure.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

winding down | by the skinny confidential

How do you guys unwind? I actually would really love to hear any tips. I really, really struggle with this part of my day every day. My mind doesn’t stop.

if you have ANYTHING ( & I MEAN ANYTHING ) that works for you, please share. Honestly, at this point I would run around the neighborhood naked doing high kicks if it calmed me down.

…SOS kind of post here.

On that note, off to bed ( sue me because it’s 9:16 PM ).

Night, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with bareMinerals.
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winding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

  1. One of my new years resolutions was to meditate 15 minutes a day….so I meditate 5-10 minutes before bed and it’s amazing!! (Use the Headspace app.) I also do a couple rounds of sun salutations which is actually my favorite to unwind. I write in my Five Minute Journal and then read. Sooooo cheesy, but I love all of it. It has really worked for me to relaxxxx. And I spray magnesium oil on my pressure points right before I go to sleep.

  2. I find it so hard to cut off and wind down. When I’m finally in bed my mind is all over the place about work etc. I’m making a big effort to cub that this month.

  3. Urgh i feel ya! it’s taken me ages to actually figure out how to relax. I was always non stop and hated sitting still. But after some practice and a good book I can finally appreciate the art of doing nothing. The magnesium tea sounds something i should try maybe. i start to unwind by listening to music. I just sit and listen and it helps me get grounded again. I also meditate which i highly reccomend if you have a busy lifesyle. just 10 mins is all you need.
    Take care
    Katie x x

  4. This is SO helpful to me. I have been absolutely exhausted lately (pregnant with my first) and have been scootching my bedtime back and back and back. I have not yyet made it to 10pm, but I’m working on getting in bed before midnight. 11 would be ideal. These are great tips, especially the magnesium tea. I am hopping on Amazon to buy some now!

  5. My morning/nightly routines are so important, and I love reading about this kind of thing. For evening, I’m completely on board with you regarding magnesium (I take it in drink form), no electronics, early to bed. Taking a 10 minute stretch/deep breathing before bed is also like a warm bath for my body. It primes it for sleep (which is crucial as a performer). Finally, I love to write out a list of things I’m grateful for that day, things I could do better, and affirmations to put my brain in a positive frame of mind sense bedtime is when all the thoughts come tumbling in. 🙂

  6. I swear by Calm powder! I recently started giving to my husband to help him fall asleep- he’s a hard sell, but he said it helps!

  7. I like to workout in the evening (this way I fall asleep faster afterwards since I’ve used up a huge amount of energy), then I take a nice warm shower and do my skincare. After that, I go to bed, pick a book (hardcover only) and read for about 30min-1hour (depends on the day) and after all that I fall asleep in like 2 minutes!

    I also find that going to bed earlier and then waking up earlier works the best for me, as I’m the most productive in the morning!


  8. Such great tips! I wish I could do the whole in bed by 9:30 thing but retail hours= no go. HA.

    My anxiety is a lot of times worse at night so I do find it calming to use a lavender pillow spray & sometimes I’ll rub essential oil on my feet (I read it helps with sleep?) Also some Sleepytime or chai tea. I SO need to get better about no electronics in bed. Such a hard habit to break!

  9. I struggle with this so much as well! I also take magnesium at night, not a big tea drinker, though I have tried. I have started doing 5 minutes of soothing stretches before bed and reading a book that is not a “who done it” thriller – that would just make it worse! Thank you for sharing these tips!

  10. This makes me want to try the Bare Minerals skin line so badly !! I also am in LOVE with anything super moisturizing. This may be a silly question, but do you get in bed right after you apply the coconut oil? Maybe I’m applying too much, because I feel like it takes awhile for mine to soak in!

  11. Great tips! I’m trying to spend less time on my phone and my laptop. That’s hard considering I run an online business, but it’s important to stay refreshed and in the now!

  12. If you want to unwind a detox bath is really great. I get the bulk size epsom salts and baking soda and use 2 C of epsom and 1 C of baking soda in a warm/hot bath. I stay in for at least 40 minutes, 20 to remove my toxins, and 20 to absorb the magnesium from the epsom salts. I want to sleep as soon as the bath is finished, it feels really nice.

  13. this is maybe really corny but i have been obsessed with listening to this before bed

    i fall asleep like a little baby with mega happy dreams every time…!

  14. I have a tendency to start thinking of everything I need to do/remember when I am winding down at night and then I have a hard time relaxing so I always like to keep a pen and a notepad by my nightstand so I can write down anything I need to. It helps me clear my mind and makes me feel less stressed knowing that my “to dos” is written down so I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything when I wake up.

  15. Ahh these bareminerals products sound so amazing! I love all their makeup so I’m sure I would love their skincare too. Thanks for sharing!

    toast the girl almighty

  16. Hey Lauryn, I really think this book will help you: A Calm Brain by Dr. Gayatri Devi. The author explains how today’s society (with endless choices and technology) has caused our brains to constantly be on alert, which really goes against our primitive nature to relax unless there is a fight-or-flight situation. This constant awareness has resulted in chronic stress, sleep deprivation, migraines and worse for many people. Her book helped me understand why I had anxiety for no apparent reasons sometimes- because my evolved frontal cortex was constantly battling my primitive brain’s need to relax. I really hope you give it a read because it’s incredibly insightful and may change your situation.

  17. Love this post! You always inspire me, Lauryn! Im a big believer in the need to “wind down” before bed and love your strategies! One thing that always gets me very relaxed (besides the Calm drink and a bath!) is laying down with my feet up – not to sound like a grandma! I lay on the bed with them up on the headboard while I read and the reverse blood flow instantly zones me out!

  18. Hey, I am interested on your routine. Looking up magneseium I have read a couple tips to not use the oxide version as it is not as easily absorbed by the body. What is the reason you are pro magneseium oxide?

  19. Hi Lauryn, I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂
    Thanks for your tips I should try ALL of them. One thing that works on me – when I am not overstressed – is body scan or meditation. You can check on You Tube xoxo

  20. I have trouble getting myself to sleep all the time. This is what I have found personally works for me. My finance’s house has remote controls to adjust the brightness of the lights in all the bedrooms, so as we’re getting ready to sleep we dim the lights until they’re off. The second I start to realize my mind is working and I’m thinking about things like work I focus on my breathing inhaling and exhaling slowly. I’ll rub eucalyptus or chamomile body butter throughout my body and play relaxing zen music like what you’d find at a massage parlor.

  21. I have heard good things about this pillow spray. It seems like it would be nice and aromatherapeutic even if it doesn’t work??–75ml

  22. The thing that helps me the most is the evening tea (for example Night Time from pukka) with a couple of slices of lemon. Sometimes I do light stretching while I have the tea.

  23. Loved reading this post, I think we all could use some help in the winding down department, especially us bloggers! Love the idea of having your bed be a no electronics zone and I definitely want to try that calm magnesium tea! For me reading a book before I go to bed always helps me fall asleep faster. I also find it’s easier for me to wind down if I’ve worked out during the day.

    xoxo Nicole

  24. This isn’t going to sounds very effective but I swear it makes so much of a difference. Right after I turn out the light I take 15 yogic breaths: breathe in for 7 secs, hold for 7 secs, breathe out for 7 sec, hold for 7 secs, repeat. It seriously lowers my heart rate, quiets the mind and kind of gives me permission to shut off and go to sleep (which I need, because although I am an early sleeper I find it so hard to wind down sometimes). Good luck on the resolution!

  25. My Dad was a pilot and used melatonin and I tinkered with when I was younger. Though I found it to give me terrible dreams and sometimes wake me up anyways. Valerian root is always my go to…especially an added valerian root laced tea at the same time. I’m a complete weirdo about my memory foam pillows and even have soft copper infused pillowcases to prevent wrinkles. Tempurpedic mattress would be my number one recommendation. It’s a complete game changer. Curious about your thoughts on dimethicone in skincare ingredients…noticed it’s in the butter drench???

  26. I feel you girl! I think it’s a ambitious woman problem…my bf is the same, and it used to be me watching him fall asleep (GRRRR) when I’d go to bed with him!!

    I love my iPad kindle app and I check my phone, so I use Gunnar blue light blocking glasses (so nerdy) in the evening. It helps a ton!! And Tryptophan before Melatonin to sleep (natural Prozac!).

  27. Reading definitely helps me wind down after a long day. It also usually puts me to sleep within 20-30 minutes of picking up the book which really helps. I also started journaling before bed–this helps as a stress release and also helps me get my thoughts out so they aren’t running through my head as I try to fall asleep.

  28. I understand the feeling! So much going on in one day, not enough time. Anxiety kicks in and it’s all down hill from there. Taking it easy and a breather is extremely important in everyone’s life!


  29. Thanks for sharing these! I am trying so hard to unwind at night. I think the biggest thing that keeps me up is that after work, commute time, working out, making & eating dinner, I usually only have about an hour of me/free time before needing to go to bed. I am working on trying to appreciate the tasks that I do so that it feels more like me time.

  30. Ugh I’ve been struggling with trying to get to bed early and winding down too. I def am going to try that tea! Yum 🙂

  31. I LOVE that you mix CALM with mint tea – I never thought of that! I mix mine with aloe juice, but some mint would be absolutely perfect. Those Bare Minerals products sounds right up my alley, and I love the names. Their minimalist packaging is stunning too. Will def give the Butter Drench a go.

    These days, I’m asleep by 10:00 or so PM and one thing that really helps me is routine! This sounds a little Patrick Bateman-esque, but I have a very strict nighttime routine. I do the same exact thing with the same exact products every single night and when I start doing it, I think it triggers my mind/body that it is almost bedtime, so much that once it starts to be 8 or 9:00 PM, my body is ready to start the routine. By the time I finish, I’m ready to zzzzzz! I think (but what do I know!) that it is less about WHAT you do but more about the routine itself that conditions your body/mind that it is bedtime. Sometimes, it’s all about knowing when you are ready to check out for the night ie stop working (SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE). I know it sounds super crazy, but it is something that helped me a lot (& I guess Michael too!), and hopefully it can help you! I also have a routine for the mornings to “wake me up”, Something about routine just works (not to mention I’m a psycho type A crazy person so its where I can get my zen)!

    Chamomile tea or tea with Valerian will work wonders too, especially good with some warmed almond or hemp milk & a lil raw honey xx

    1. I love Valerian! I buy the Valerian Root in pill form, and only take it when I feel like I haven’t slept well the night before, or on a weekend when I can wake up naturally the following day.


  32. I know it sounds weird, but I have a rice cake with almond butter and a little Nutella on it. For some reason having something in my stomach relaxes me. I am training for a fitness competition so I eat really clean all day, so at night I really look foward to the almond butter/Nutella rice cake. 🙂

  33. I don’t struggle too much with winding down (reading in bed really does it for me), but I always notice after a yoga class or a good stretch session, and several deep breaths, I really feel a lot more calm. Maybe some kind of breathing/stretch session before bed would work for you.


  34. Love that you posted about this! Getting myself to wind-down at night is a huge daily effort, so I was ecstatic to see your tips.

    Lately I’ve been trying to get myself into a skin care routine to start shutting off for the night, then finishing off with some sleepy time tea from TJ’s in bed while I read. My system isn’t perfect yet, but it’s way better than it was before! There’s something so calming about pampering yourself with delicious creams and a good book.

    Would love to see an update post on the future if some of these routines end-up sticking!

    Good luck 🙂

    xxo, Kristen

  35. Oh my gosh, I swear I’ve been working on establishing a healthy, normal sleep routine for the past 5 years. My years in the restaurant industry turned me into SUCH a night owl. It’s so hard! I’ll be on a roll for a couple of days, then something will throw me off for a night or two, and then the process starts all over again. I’ve tried so many things, much to no avail, but a handful of things have proven successful:

    – journaling (otherwise I go to bed with my mind spinning), and then reading
    – having a warm drink (usually mag powder or your golden latte!)
    – Good Day Chocolate (calm or sleep). For some reason, if I go to bed earlier than 11, I without a doubt will wake up in between 1-3am and not be able to sleep again for hours. So I’ve tried things like thiamine and valerian root, which didn’t seem to do much. Then I popped 8 of the Calm chocolates and was out like a light.
    – essential oils: I use DoTerra, and at night I diffuse their Breathe blend, and dab sandalwood and vetiver on my feet. The Breathe blend has helped my sinuses too.

    Please keep us updated on what helps you!

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