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How I Organize My Google Calendar

calendar tips life organization efficient productivity by tscRecently, I did a podcast all about time. If you find yourself chaotic with time, don’t worry- I got you covered with the podcast.

After the episode a bunch of you guys messaged about my calendar situation and, let me tell ya, my situation is dialed in. I’m so specific when it comes to my calendar– from driving time to reading time to meditation time. It’s all there in my calendar.

I wanted to break it down a bit further for you today.

First off, my team is super cognitive about color coding and we use certain colors for certain things: all my beauty appointments are in light pink, all my blog post due dates are in red, all my workouts are in yellow… This is such a great tip. It makes your calendar not so overwhelming.

As far as my week goes, I know that Wednesdays are blocked for calls. The entire day is for conference calls, team meeting calls, strategy calls- all my calls are on Wednesday. I like to do this after 10am so I have a personality and my last call is around 6:30pm. I also do my Skype interviews this day so I know that I’ll be talking all day and it’s time to turn my personality on and drink a big cup of coffee.

Doing this has really helped with the flow of my business. For a while I was doing calls throughout the week while I jumped from task to task and it was really slowing me down. So, we decided Wednesdays are for calls.

Every single morning at 7:30 I schedule meditation. I do this for 15 minutes, then I do The Morning Pages. If you haven’t heard of The Morning Pages you have to read this post. Doing them has been LIFE-CHANGING! It’s so therapeutic and really clears the mind so you’re ready for the day ahead.

I like to make sure I connect and communicate with my team throughout the week, so we do a content call on Mondays or a SPRINT meeting where everyone goes around and shares their ideas about how to improve the business. Everyone speaks and shares their piece.

We always schedule photo shoots 2 weeks in advance. We have a content list, a shot list, location and props all ready. This way the team knows exactly what’s going on and what to lay out- it’s very organized. It’s taken time to get to this super organized stage, but it works so well now.

I also schedule my workouts and I schedule them a week in advance so they’re a priority. It’s not just about my body, it’s about my peace of mind and mental clarity. I think it’s really important to have workouts already planned out. I like to schedule these in the morning because it sets the tone of the day.

Lately, I’ve even been putting walking in my calendar. I like to take a break and get up to walk. Movement is key. I do a lot of walking on Wednesdays while I’m on calls. I call it passive multi-tasking. It’s like cooking while listening to a podcast, getting a facial while I answer DMs, answering emails while walking on the treadmill…. Efficiency, always. I like to do something that works my brain and is also productive. But I don’t want to do something like answer emails while I’m on a conference call. You get it.

When it comes to friends and family, I schedule that too. It’s so important that I know I’m taking time out of my schedule and making a point to see them and keep plans that we have. Having that on the calendar with them keeps everyone accountable.

I also plan my reading time- I like 30 minutes a night. It’s a huge priority and always in purple. When I don’t read every night I can really tell.

I also block off time for myself to chill and times for myself to create and write and deal with my Instagram account. I need to block off space for me to be creative and it’s always in red. Red means DO NOT BOTHER ME AT THIS TIME.

I also think it’s important to block off time to grow the business and think of business strategy. For instance, the team and I are renting a WeWork in a couple weeks where we will all get together and spend the whole day working on strategy, moving the needle of the company and what the next steps are.

As you can see I live and breathe my calendar. It holds you accountable, keeps you on time, and lets you use your time more efficiently. Even including driving time in your calendar and knowing how long it’ll take you to get somewhere makes you feel so in control of your day.

For a while I wasn’t like this and it was really hard. I was late for everything, always. Now everything is color coded in custom TSC colors so it always looks super cute and I’m just so in tune with my schedule.

What are your favourite calendar tips? I’m dying to know.

x, lauryn

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+ my favorite way to work: time batching 


  1. Hi Lauryn, I have been following for many years now and usually don’t comment but wanted to write a quick note thanking you for these tips! Earlier this year, I implemented something similar after being inspired by you. I am building the marketing department for my family’s translation business from the ground up with little to no management. I schedule all meetings (as possible) on Tuesdays/Thursdays, Wednesday is my writing or creative day, Friday for social media, and Monday is somewhat in flux but mostly prepping for the week and also a research/writing day. It doesn’t always go according to plan but it works very well! Oh, also I have a time cube sitting on my desk and block out my time in my calendar. Still working on sticking to the schedule more strictly but we’re always a work in progress, right? Anyways, thanks homegirl <3 you

    1. OMG Annie this comment makes so much! Thank you for your endless support of The Skinny Confidential!

  2. I agree when I spend the honest time to have a full calendar even for the fun and personal things listed, I notice myself being both more fulfilled in life and productive in work.

    It also helps act as a pseudo diary

  3. I would dieee if you created the skinny confidential app? Free or paid I would be so happy? anyways, big fan love everything about you!?

  4. Thank you for this! Perfect timing. I have blocked off next week for 2019 business planning and will use these tips to block off certain times in my calendar in color. I agree and understand the color coding. Reducing visual clutter and making the days schedule pretty to look at and cortisol level reducing! :). I am trying out Inslees
    Beautiful planner this year.

  5. Hi Lauryn!

    I have been following you for a very long time now and have always wished you would share screen shots of your calendar as an example! I am a visual person and would love to see your calendar come to fruition and what exactly it looks like!


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