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Housewives Fashion: Get These Looks For Less

You guys probably remember Lauren from Big Blonde Hair. But if you don’t she came on The Skinny Confidential to talk about how she launched a brand while being a mom , THEN she came back on to talk about Dorit Kemsley’s style.

Yes !! Like Dorit Kemsley, THE Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. I just love her style so much, so I was so stoked that Lauren came on to give us some of Dorit’s best looks.

As promised, Lauren is back for the final post in her 3 part series & today is all about the Housewives looks for less.

If you need a recap: Lauren pays attention to the Real Houswives shows, finds the exact same outfits & accessories they wear, then posts about them on her blog. Talk about a niche. When I first found her blog I thought it was the most genius thing I’d ever seen.

If you like the Housewives, if you like fashion, if you’re into not spending $1 mill on clothes, this post is for you.

Let’s welcome back Lauren Sebastian.


While I love finding what the Real Housewives are wearing sometimes their pieces just aren’t in my budget. Okay, a lot of times. And though we always link “Style Stealers” on I’ve gone through and recreated some statement-making Real Housewives looks for much less exclusively for Skinny Confidential readers with some totally on-point similar pieces. You’ll be looking so much like your fave ‘Wives after you shop these you might as well start practicing your tagline as soon as you’re done shopping.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Erika Jayne’s Puff Sleeve Blazer

Blazer (Almost Identical!):



Photo: @ThePrettyMess


Dorit Kemsley’s Newspaper Print Dress


Lipstick (Exact Match):


Denim Jacket (Lauryn’s Amazon Fave):

Boots (Almost Identical!):

Photo: @DoritKemsley


Denim Jacket:

Dress: (almost exact)




Photo: @TinsleyMortimer







Photo: @Kandi





Bag: (expert tip: tuck the strap for an almost identical look!)


Photo: @LisaBarlow14



Thank you so much to Lauren for coming on the blog to share all these style tips with us. And not only style tips, her entire journey of getting to where she is today.

I hope you loved her series & scored some hot dupes for your wardrobe.

x, lauryn

+ 3 tips to help you save money.

++ how you can wear one piece of clothing 3 different ways. 


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