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Housewives Fashion: Dorit Kemsley Spotlight

Dorit Kemsley Spotlight: Housewives Fashion

Hello hello.

So excited for this post today because Dorit Kemsley is my FAVORITE HOUSEWIFE. I just love her style.

Lauren from Big Blonde Hair is here to talk to us all about Dorit Kemsley’s iconic, ever-changing fashion choices.

You may have met Lauren already when she came on the blog to tell us all about how she turned her passion into a full on brand, but just to recap:

I stumbled upon Lauren Sebastian’s blog Big Blonde Hair where she was literally breaking down exactly what I was looking for. THE OUTFITS OF THE HOUSEWIVES. She had all these outfits organized, per reality TV star, & I just thought it was the most genius thing I’d ever seen.

Lauren pays attention to the Real Houswives shows, finds the exact same outfits & accessories they wear, then posts about them on her blog. Talk about a niche.

Like I said, I’m so excited for the spotlight on Dorit today. Let’s get right into it with Lauren.

Housewives Fashion: Dorit Kemsley Spotlight


Since I essentially live and breathe Real Housewives fashion as Editor of, naturally I am asked who I think the best dressed Housewife is on repeat. Since a lot of them have different components of their closets that I love, I was actually unable to commit to just one answer for quite some time. But after Dorit Kemsley served up some of my favorite looks ever at Bravocon and showed up to Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bringing her A+ game, I finally had a clear answer.  And as it ends up Lauryn and I have more in common than our first names (yes, she got the cooler spelling). 


I first started Big Blonde Hair because the Real Housewives were over the top, super hot, and they always brought fashion that was worth talking about. So when I turn on my TV to find outfits to cover on Big Blonde Hair, I want something to look at and talk about. And whether Dorit is wearing her famous grey distressed sweatsuit or rocking a good 75% of the Versace store in one look, she always gives me what I want. So much so that I actually spent a day with her stylist Jazmin Gonzalez last year, and got a true inside look at what creates a look worthy of our fave fashion queen.


While I have a major soft spot for a relatable Real Housewife, I’m completely obsessed with DK’s aspirational fashion. When people who say she wears too many labels and is too over the top, I often wonder why they are watching Real Housewives. Isn’t that what we want?! Whether Dorit is rocking a tried and true fashion house like Chanel or a newer designer brand like Off-White or Heron Preston, I am all about it and totally take a cue from the pieces she wears.


When I’m watching Real Housewives I LIVE to see Dorit with her head covered in hair crystal clips at a reunion, or with a braid that weighs more than her adorable kiddos (like, probably combined) at an event! Dorit always keeps it interesting and on theme. If she rocks a mod, 70’s inspired look, her high pony and scarf are part of the look. If the “theme” is mob wife Versace realness, her hair totally falls in line. It’s a component of style that even the biggest celebs sometimes get wrong, and can totally make or break a look. Her longtime, go-to hair stylist Justin Marjan always nails it. 


If it’s a makeup or beauty product and Dorit is using it, sign me up. While she notably has a glam squad, the looks they create for her are so versatile they can totally change her appearance. However even when she posts a pic without a lot of makeup she is simply stunning. I love her signature glow with a nude lip and smokey eye,, but she can also totally pull off a bold red!



Dorit’s travel looks are next level. As someone who likes to go on vacation with specific pieces for each place (ie I like to think I have a Miami wardrobe, a Vegas wardrobe, a New York wardrobe etc.) my fave Beverly Hills housewife completely takes that to the next level. Whether she’s turning the streets of Rome into a Versace runway in unforgettable looks or shopping in Vegas wearing the pink Gucci pajama inspired set that would influence her followers and castmates future looks, she’s always ready to turn heads while she travels. And as we know, it takes a village to create a look, and hers is always along for the trip.



I am also a huge fan of Dorit’s casual style, which often involves some designer sneaks and an over-sized sweatshirt from a recognizable luxury brand. I mean, what better way to dress up a look than let people know you dropped a house payment on it? I’m partially kidding, but I really think a pair of designer kicks can really elevate a causal look and DK doesn’t leave the house without them. I am also always up for a hoodie when it’s time to chill. 




If Dorit is carry a handbag, we want to know where it’s from and she wants us to know. Whether it boasts a large logo or lets you know there’s   “Cash Inside” , she lets her bags do the talking. During Season 8 she was the first Housewife to rock a belt bag since they’ve re-emerged, and you’ll notice that other ‘Wives have definitely followed suit. Even her teeny, tiny Jacqumus microbag was the topic of more than just small talk during season 10!


Whether she’s strolling in rocking some transparent Yeezy sandals circa Season 7 (and 9) or making us say hmmmm with some purple OTK Balenciaga boots, Ms. Kemsley doesnt come to play in the shoe department. And while I especially love her casual collection, she always knows that what you wear on your feet can make or break any look


It might come in the form of a necklace, a safety pin brooch, layered belts or even in her hair, but Dorit knows some statement-making bling is always important to a look. And like everything else, don’t expect anything subtle. 


One of my favorite Housewives inspired-purchases are these necklaces I bought with my son’s names after seeing Dorit wear them! And if someone can make me want to wear necklaces with my kid’s names on them, you know they’re majorly influential. 


While her style has definitely evolved, even during Dorit’s first season, she rocked some head-turning looks and they’ve only gotten better since. Her looks in Italy during Season 10 and her Instagram photoshoots in the off-season have really solidified this, and I can’t wait to see what is next from the hottest Housewife to date



Did I already mention how much I love Dorit? Hope you loved this post & stay tuned because Lauren is going to be back in a few weeks to share some Housewives looks that we can all get on a budget. Yes PLZ.

Who is your favorite Housewife?

x, lauryn.

+ the fake Gucci headband you have to have.

++ hot snow bunny looks for the slopes.


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