Hottie Snow Bunny Looks

Recently, I  was in Aspen & then Gstaad, Switzerland. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my entire life. I want to go back ASAP.

Both places were so festive & really put us in a cozy, winter mood. The hot chocolate, the chalets, the whole aprés vibe, the snow- it was just all so cute & magical. The outfits helped too.

When you live in a place like LA, where it’s always warm, it’s really fun… almost necessary… to be able to switch it up to cold weather clothes once in a while.

Let’s break down the hottie snow bunny looks:

♡ blue top & pants

This outfit by Kith is super fun to wear on its own or under something. I really love a two-piece moment & this keeps you warm. You could wear this in the snow or just in cold weather. I paired it with a big coat & a hot pink, fluffy bag by Shady Lady Eyewear.

♡ faux fur coat

This jacket is from my favorite shop in San Diego, Vandevort. I wore it the whole trip. It was so cheeky & fun. I wore this over a black jumpsuit & wore knee-high boots with it. I have it in pink, but it comes in lime green too.

♡ velvet pants & jacket

Another two-piece. Are you surprised? I feel like every girl needs to own this outfit. It’s so flattering & really shrinks your waist in. There’s just something about the cut that is slimming & flattering. I wore it with a white bodysuit underneath & snow boots.

♡ black one-piece

This is very pricey but it’s something I wear every single time I go skiing. It’s the most flattering one-piece you’ll ever see, & I think it’s worth every dollar. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Bogner is known for quality & this is something you’ll have in your closet forever.

♡ red one-piece

Since I loved my Bogner outfit so much, I decided to get another onesie. This one is red & the perfect ski town outfit. If I had to pick between this & the Bogner, I’d go with the Bogner because it’s black- HOWEVER, both of them fit amazing. I skied in both with a big coat & gloves.

♡ white glasses

Every girl needs a pair of white glasses for the s now. There is something so retro about them & they make you feel like a ski bunny in the 1950s. I love Shady Lady eyewear. They’re very on brand, on the pulse, & affordable.

phone case

This case is so fun, especially because I put my last name on it. It makes a great mirror pic & kinda reminds me of a hot pink etch-a-sketch. This case really protects your phone too- I drop my phone 500 times a minute.

♡ gold puffer jacket

This jacket is the icing on the cake. It’s a super fun jacket & reminds me of the movie Blow with Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz. It’s so flamboyant & loud, but in the best way. It’s the perfect jacket for an iconic ski town like Aspen or Gstaad.

If you guys are interested in an in-depth post on Aspen & Gstaad hotspots let me know.

Are you guys skiers, snowboarders, or sit-on-your-assers while you watch people & sip champagne?

Talk to you tomorrow,

x lauryn,

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  1. I snowboarded for 14 years but am learning to ski this year! I realized now that I have a child, it would be difficult to help him strapped to a board. I love snow sports! When you live in Canada, they’re the best way to enjoy the long winters. I never look this cute though! 🙂