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The Look Like A Hottie Naked Smoothie

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.

Tell me one person who doesn’t want to look hot naked?…


But right?!

I’m a huge fan of looking hot naked. Not just for my fiancé…but for myself!

And obviously, I’m also a fan of eating clean, clean, clean.

Whelp, this smoothie covers both bases: it’s a real ass tightener plus it’s full of minerals, vitamins, & greens.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.

Before I get in to the ingredients, let me tell you about my smoothie cupboard.

I, Lauryn, have a cupboard dedicated to smoothies.

Not because I’m a pillar of health though.

Nah, I’m not that cool.

It’s because of my wee little problem: I’m always running late. Late to dinner, late to meetings, late to bed, late to…well, err, everything. Hey, like I’ve said, I’m a work in progress. Honestly though— I’m truly working on ditching Larry Lateness & becoming Prompt Peter.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.

But becoming Prompt Peter takes work. And this is where my smoothie cupboard comes in to play. Because when everything’s organized & ready to rock, it’s way easier to grab ingredients & throw them in to a blender…( note: smoothie cupboards are especially helpful for people who are perpetually late… ).

The smoothie cupboard includes: all different kinds of oils, veggies, raw almond butter, fruits, powdered greens, E3Live, plant based protein powder, liquid B-12, omega-3 oil, flaxseed oil, chlorella, mushroom powder, MCT oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca, etc. ( sneak peek here ).

It’s all facing out ( #OCD ) & ready to grab. Super easy…because life seems to always get in the way of breakfast.

One of these days, I’ll Instagram TSC psycho-ass smoothie cupboard. Promise.

Anyway here’s the ingredients to my AM green drink ( I always make sure there’s a green, a good fat, & a protein ):

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.

There’s always leftovers ( you know when you can’t fit the whole smoothie in your cup? ) so make sure to give ’em to your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/neighbor. Share the love.

Bottoms up! x Lauryn

P.S. the curls are a total product of ‘The Sleep Bun..’ Just saying ; ).

{ Photos }


The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite green smoothie.


DRESS: Pitusa Clothing

RINGS: Child of Wild

LIP GLOSS: Lip Venom 

NAIL POLISH: Essie’s ‘Fiji’

SMOOTHIE GLASS: made by my brother, Myles


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  1. I love green smoothies! But it’s been a while since I made one. I was dubious at first about the flavour, but you can make some really tasty ones. I blogged about them a while ago.
    Aimée Belle

  2. A smoothie cupboard?? Now I’m all checking out my kitchen to see which cupboard I can sacrifice for the good cause 😉

  3. That’s such a good idea to have a smoothie cupboard! I’m always running late too so smoothies are my go-to when I’m on-the-go! Will totally try out that smoothie soon, anything with coconut oil in it is a winner in my book!

  4. I was allergic to bananas when I was little and still get thrown off by the smell of raw ones. Anything I could substitute it for?

  5. I wish I was as tall as you so I could pull off your caftan — so pretty!That sounds ahhh-mazing! Ill have to try. Next time you want a juice you should try this Toxic Flush recipe I made from Nekter — here is the link

  6. i feel the same way- i like to look good naked for ME and my husband. love your cupboard of smoothie fixins. i want to see it in all of its glory.

  7. Lauryn you look effortlessly boho chic per usual. I have a question/ post request. How often do you weigh in? Is there a specific weight you stick with or do you just go by how your clothes fit and how you feel? I would love your advice! <3

  8. I’m always on the lookout for healthy tasty smoothie ideas. I like that you include coconut oil. Your smoothie cupboard is my dream pantry, just needs a couple Ghirardelli chocolate chips for when you want something extra sweet.

  9. This post was just what I needed to get back on the smoothie train! I recently fell off 🙁 Here’s one for you to try… it’s more of a lazy smoothie but still delicious and super healthy: handful of frozen watermelon, handful of spinach, + almond milk! It’s amazing! I like to cut up some watermelon and freeze it with some spinach so I always have it ready to go!

  10. In Ayurvedic medicine you’re not supposed to combine certain foods with each other. Fruits should not be paired with anything, because of how fast fruits digest. Adding some greens to your smoothie (spinach, kale, etc.) is an exception, but if you add fats and proteins to your smoothie, it turns from a fast boost of energy that digests in 30 min or less if it was just fruits and greens, into a smoothie that takes hours for your body to digest and absorb. Once you add the protein and fat, your body goes into protein and fat digesting mode, leaving the once easily digested fruit to sit in your stomach and ferment. This leaves you bloated and gassy. Also, sweet fruits (bananas) and acid fruits (raspberries) shouldn’t be eaten together either. Blueberry-banana is a good combination, and if you insist on needing protein with your smoothie you should be mixing it separately and having your strictly fruit and veggie smoothie 20-30 minutes before your protein drink. I guarantee you will feel so much better 🙂

  11. Love love love morning smoothies (and looking good naked, of course!)
    I don’t have a smoothie cupboard, as I am one of those prompt people, but my partner is one of the late ones, so possibly will create one in the house especially for him!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  12. Oh girl you totally aren’t alone on the smoothie cupboard. I actually have two of them going on so I totally get ya! 🙂

  13. Hi I was wondering of the list of things can you put all the “cupboard” ingredients together for example like the powdered green III live plant based protein powder omega-3 flaxseed HAMP all of that stuff or is it to much? Or what would you suggest ? I found a powder that is maca hemp and e3live..having all three is that OK or would be do something different. I just want to ask someone who knows how it all works before I buy. I do smoothies every am however they just spinach and fruit with almond milk nothino like this that is really good for yo it body at least I think. Love to know what your thoughts are.


  14. I made green smoothies like 3x a week. They are my addiction! But real talk: my skin has been so much better since I started making them all the time

  15. I love this post so much. Stealing this recipe. I might or might not have a smoothie cupboard for the very same reason. In fact, I am the psycho at work that keeps a Nutri-bullet at my desk! 🙂

    You might like the smoothie I’ve been doing every morning. It is 1 spoon of the Garden of Life Raw Green in chocolate or watermelon (the watermelon one has the natural caffeine in it– brand is Amazing Greens), bee pollen, gojis, strawberries, bananas, vanilla almond or coconut milk, coconut oil, chias, and either fresh coffee, if chocolate or green tea, if watermelon (I cool it down after brewed with ice and whatever nut milk I use) and blend blend blend. I do it every morning and I am obsessed! Can’t wait to try yours. 😉

    Happy Labor Day weekend!!!!

  16. Wow this looks like such a yummy smoothie. I wouldn’t have a clue where you get all of the ingredients for your smoothie cupboard from! xx

  17. Laughing my butt off! I am glad I’m not the only one w a smoothie cupboard! I have never met another! It’s a fun cupboard to have, like a candy store, so many options 🙂 sorry to my bf though he no longer has a cupboard of chips! Lol mines packed w similar things too: different protein powders, flax/chia blend, freeze dried pomegranate, Gigi, Maca, cacao, greens… It’s a fun healthy hobby!

  18. Can someone tell me what green powder is please?? And a good site to get good healthy recipes like this one for. SmoothiI just started and run out of ideas and knowing what is best

    1. There are quite a few different green powders. I have spirulina powder also wheatgrass powder. I’ve also seen in health food stores, next to the vitamins, Super green powders. They’re a powdered blend of different dark leafy greens. Basically concentrated green leafy veggies. My favorite brand for different powdered goodness is Navitas Naturals, I have like every one they make! Awesome company (sorry to promote). Hope that helps!

    2. I use Pintrest, health/fitness blogs, Instagram, and books from the book store for recipes 🙂 tip, citrus off-sets the bitterness of dark leafy greens 🙂

  19. Lauryn, it honestly brightens my day when you have a new post up. I see that you add Omega-3 oil to smoothies & also talked about liquid B-12. I am someone who just takes a simple multivitamin… If I am looking to add a few things to my daily routine, which herbal supplements/vitamins/pills would you recommend? XO.

  20. Rando question- dinner is always my on the go meal because I’m rushing on my commute home from work to the gym/ errands/ etc. Can you make a green drink at night too for dinner? Should you avoid certain things since it’s night time and add others? I thought that greens would be good anytime of the day but then I’ve read that they aren’t the best at night. Dying to know!!

  21. I’m not going to lie…I was very hesitant on taking a sip after seeing the color that was developing in my Ninja, but once I did, I COULD NOT BELIEVE how YUMMY this was. It usually takes me at least a half hour to finish my morning smoothie…this took me about 5 minutes. Obsessed…thank you for the recipe…can you do a weekly or bi-weekly series with a featuring a new recipe??

  22. HI 🙂


  23. Hey babe you need a Trimr bottle for the smoothie. Keep a nice and smooth mix going on!

  24. I have been having THE WORST congestion this allergy season and wanted to try a new smoothie recipe to help and remembered seeing you post this a few weeks ago. This recipe is amazing (and I had all the ingredients on hand)! Thanks Lauryn! 🙂

  25. Hi lauryn,
    Could you pretty please, with a cherry on top, do a post about your smoothie cuoboard. It’s just what I need at the moment, because I’m still in school and struggling to find ways to get nutritious meals 3 times a day… Thank you ☺️

  26. just made this and it was amazing! would have never thought to put almond butter and spinach together but it sooo works!! Lauren you’re a genius keep the smoothie recipes coming please!!!!

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