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Hottie Fitness Favorites

hottie fitness favorites

hot yoga towel | bright yellow tank | bright blue sports bra | dee bar crop top bra | hottie pink weights | THE BEST yoga mat

If you’re ever feeling a little tired/LAZY/like you could totally just skip your workout & go for Netflix & chill instead, throw on some BRIGHT colored workout clothes.

I swear, it’s kind of a GAME changer. There’s just something about the bright colors that kicks your ass into gear.

These hottie fitness finds are just a few items to keep you energized while sweating.

For those of you guys who are participating no way rosé January, how’s it going?

Anyone noticing any differences? Spill!

Happy weekend,


  1. I am all about bright and bold workout clothes. I bought purple running shoes for the new year now I want to buy a bunch of bright pinks and violets to go with them 🙂 So motivating!

    1. Hi Jessie! LOVE bright clothes! So glad you do too! Which purple running shoes did you buy? I have some purple Nike’s but I would love new ones! Send me the link?? xx

  2. Love all those! I am doing a dry January and it’s been great, except I did get a little moody about it last weekend. I just really really wanted a glass of wine. But the feeling passed and I’m not mad about waking up every morning and looking like a 21 year old 😉 So far, so good! Drinking my weight in sparkling water. How are you doing?

    1. Hi Elisse! GOOD for you! Stay strong! I am loving it so far. I agree though, sometimes it’s hard. I was doing a little wedding planning today, there was champagne tempting me!! I stayed strong too though. Loving the way my skin looks and I’m definitely sleeping better. Are you noticing any difference in your sleep patterns?

  3. Do you happen to know how thick the yoga mat is? I usually have a hard time with my joints on a thin mat. Thanks girl! and <3 your snaps

  4. Love Love Love. Where are the capris in the middle picture from? I’m super picky on what i’ll wear for bottoms. I won’t wear it unless it’s thick enough to hold everything in, nylon cause it’s so much softer than polyester imo, and a cute season color. I’ve recently been a Airabella Active addict, but those look cute, and that color seems to be everywhere right now.

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