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Hottie Bikinis For Spring

hottie bikinis for spring | by the skinny confidential

Bikini season is in full effect in Southern California.

Is it bikini season where you live yet?  Teens, it’s time to show off your spring break bikini.

Either way, you need THREE things for spring / summer.

First, you need to look & feel your best. Skipping workouts isn’t an option right now, ladies! I’ve been using TSC Bombshell Body Guide 3 times per week + doing some kind of cardio or yoga on the off days.

Second, you need sun protection. That means sunscreen, hats, & YES sunglasses.

Finally, you need some hottie bikinis.  It’s time to flaunt your frankies bikinis!  If you don’t have one, don’t worry. For this, I gotcha covered.

Here is a list of hottie bikinis for spring:

Tropical Palm Leaves:

I’m obsessed with palm prints lately! Aren’t you? This swimsuit is a statement piece. It’s also great for tanning ( while wearing a hat and sunscreen!! ) since it’s itty bitty.

Sexy Black and Nude:

Consider this hottie number your basic swimsuit, that is not basic at all. Always have it in your beach or pool bag so you’re ready for whatever!

Wrap Around In White:

I’m loving these wrap top style bikinis lately. They’re another not so basic, basic. They come in almost any color, which you can check out HERE.

Off The Shoulder Stripes:

This little number is perfect for a party. I would actually use this as a bikini top with a flowing maxi skirt, & if people want to go swimming, well YOU’RE ready for that too!

Little Red Twist:

Every woman should own a HOTT red bikini. It’s sexy, spicy, & always comes in handy around 4th of July.

Girly Florals:

I’ve noticed a TON of gorgeous floral print bikinis lately online. The great thing about florals is that they’re unique & girly.  These cheeky bikini bottoms can be a perfect addition to your swimwear line, whether you’re curvy or have a smaller bottom.

You really can’t go wrong!

If you’re into a more conservative side, you can wear a bathing suit that is something less revealing.  A black one piece swimsuit is timeless, flattering, effortless, and in some cases even sexier than a bikini.  Those high cut bikini sets remind you of the good old Baywatch ladies. Nostalgic!  You can also wear those high waist bikini set.  Paired with a swimsuit cover, you can still get fashionable and comfy.

Which hottie bikinis are your favorite?

Also I’m currently doing my spring & summer bikini shopping so if you find anything cute I’d love it if you could leave the link below!




  1. Cool stuff! Thanks especially for remembering me I need urgently a new bikini 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hi Rena, eeek so glad this post came at the right time for you! Did you buy one? Would love to know which one you chose! xx

  2. YES! Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been searching high and low for some cute bikinis for this summer. I usually buy Acacia bikinis, but I’ve been looking for some that aren’t… you know… $100 per top and bottom! Unfortunately, it isn’t warm here on the east coast yet (Right now is the time I’m wishing I didn’t move away from Hawaii! )

    1. Hi Jasmine, I know right? Swimwear can definitely get expensive. These are good prices I think. What do you think? Are these affordable? LMK & thanks for reading

    1. I LOVE that one too, Kari. It comes in a ton of colors too. I like white best though. White bikinis are great as long as they having lining. Don’t want a nip slip! xx

    1. Hi Hayley, so glad you like these. Stripes are definitely really in right now. I’ve been really making an effort to work stripes into my wardrobe. Thanks for commenting, lady! xx

  3. I’m searching for bikini ideas for a change this upcoming summer season, and I’m so glad I found this! Love the off-shoulder sailor striped bikini here — just really what I’ve been looking for!

    1. Hi Mimi, did you buy it?? Let me know how it fits if you did! I’m so curious! I’m sure it looks great! xx

  4. I LOVE the idea of an off the shoulder bikini. It definitely isn’t bikini season yet in Scotland (is it ever?) but just reading this post makes me excited to be back home in NYC this summer.
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Pia, SO JEALOUS you’re in Scotland. What is the weather like there? Do they have a bikini season at all there? So curious. xx

    1. Hi Lauren, I feel like that’s everyone’s favorite on this post! Definitely good feedback. Thanks for reading

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! Heading to Cabo (for the first time, eek! Made me think of you) at the end of the month, and swimsuits are top priority. Love your inspiration as usual, muah.

    1. You’re so sweet, Erin. Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it. AND definitely happy this post came to you before your trip! Enjoy CABO!! You’re going to love it! xx

  6. Literally need all of them. Living in Colorado though makes it difficult to buy any type of bikini knowing that like it could snow tomorrow…gross right? But I’m totally obsessed with the palm print this season, seriously love all of them! Such good picks!


    1. Thanks Ashlin! I feel the same way. It’s so hard to just pick one or two. What part of Colorado do you live in? Is there no summer season? How warm does it get? Maybe you need a California vacation?? LOL! Thanks for reading

  7. Loving the WRAP AROUND IN WHITE, it’s cool and hot, and I really love white bikini, for me, it’s neat and clean to see. Hoping to have this soon. Thank you for sharing this one.

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