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lip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidentialSephora is one of those stores you go into thinking you need a new lip gloss but you walk out with the latest Vitamin C serum, coconut primer, & 2349098 lip stick shades.

But like right? 

You can’t really leave the store without your hands full- I dare you to try- it doesn’t work. And if you get in line with one product you will for sure get caught with the testers that are like CandyLand before arriving to the cashier. Gets me every time.

Anyway, today I am going to tell you my top 3 Sephora products that are worth it- & worth it for multiple reasons. These are products that I have tested, my friends have tested, & ones that are repeat buys. I love a repeat buy. There’s nothing better than having a go-to, standout star that you tell all your friends about. Am I wrong? I don’t think so.

So the products- what you’re waiting for. I mean that’s what you came here for: the GOODS. Let’s get to it.lip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidentiallip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidential


This smell is everything you want for summer…& it’s called BLOOM. It’s flirty & perfect & exactly what you want for a summertime scent.

WHAT ELSE? Oh! The bottle. Have you seen THIS BOTTLE? If this isn’t Instagram goals, I don’t know what is. This bottle is special- it’s chic & pink & makes you feel like you’re living in Paris sipping an espresso, reading Hemingway at a local café. Sometimes you want to save perfume bottles…& this is one you SAVE. Like I’m saving mine for my first-born. I display it proudly on my vintage, gothic vanity. The bottle is a star- & I suppose that now when I buy perfume I want a FAB smell but I also want a cute bottle. lip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidentiallip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidential


We’ve been here before. If you haven’t stocked up on collagen lip treatment, what is life? Lip wrinkles are a thing. And this treatment is all the rage. 

ALSO! The feeling. God, the way the treatment lays on the lips. It’s good guys. You will like it. I feel like we know each other at this point & think this is one you’ll want to apply at night but also in the morning. Do you. ( I do this when I REALLY want to keep my lips moisturized & plump- AKA when I have an event or meeting or something festive, like a party ).

On those days, when I am really putting effort into it — swear to God —  Michael is all, “YOU LOOK CUTE BABE!” Which is a real hoot, because I actually woke up with prune lips. Anyway, collagen helps smooth fine lines & wrinkles- that’s the point.lip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidentiallip treatments and gucci perfume | by the skinny confidential


I like these, K? THEY’RE NICE ON THE LIPS! Light, but they have staying power which we love. LIKE LOVE, LOVE.

Plain & simple: go for the ‘Champagne rose gold’- it reminds me of lips…but enhanced. The color, I mean. It’s the right shade- very youthful.  And then there’s the magical element of a little shimmer, just a little—to keep it flirty & all.

The moral of the story: go into Sephora with a specific list- & make sure these gems are on it. I’m telling you- these are my summer Sephora must-haves. What are yours? Get specific- you know I love specific.

Ok, we are off to go have lox, capers, & red onion-covered bagels at Balthazar in New York. 

x lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Sephora. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Yes. Been using BITE beauty lip mask (and agave lip treatment and their lipsticks ang lip liners) for ages… the all. Discovered Algenist collagen lip treatment a few months ago when Sephora started to carry it. LOOOOVE it!! Definitely. The only product I’m not on board with is Gucci Bloom :(. Something about that s egg just really turns me off. Proves that everyone loves different scents — it smells differently on everyone! I do use Gucci II occasionally, although it’s not on my top ten favorite fragrances list either. Thnx for the suggestions!

  2. Yes! Sephora has everything, and I can never buy just one thing! Loving the packaging of the Gucci Perfume. I used the Agave Lip mask didn’t work out too well for me though :/ I used it for a few weeks and loved it! Until it completely sucked all hydration out! It was the weirdest thing! So sad it didn’t work out for me, because I’m obsessed with lip hydration!

  3. So I am like 110% unsure how one person could be so gorgeous!! I def want to give these products a try.Thank you for posting this!!

  4. I have been thinking about getting the bite mask for so long! Maybe I’ll order it instead of going into Sephora to risk coming out with 10 other things lol!

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