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Hot, Sexy Mamas: Julie Evarts & Karen Hasler

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

Meet two of the hottest mamas I know: Julie Evarts ( my stepmom ) & Karen Hasler ( my friend ). Both of these ladies are so influential because they treat their bodies with major TLC. Talk about over forty & fabbbb.

First let me introduce Julie ( her blog was featured in Cooking Light— amaze! ). Between her love of cooking, her creativity, & her home decor, Julie has been a huge inspiration behind my blog. She’s also the best role model ( & friend ) a girl could ask for.

Make sure you check out all the deets on her DIY blog here. It’s like, the most totally Pinterest worthy blog evs.

Here’s how Julie balances it all:

+ Introduce yourself.

A little bit about me…I’m the blogger behind Burlap & Crystal, mother of four, wife, & friend. I live each day as if it were an event. Even the smallest details can spark inspiration. I created my blog as a way to share what inspires me. I adore color, texture, & all things down. I covet my magazines as if they were great novels. I cook & entertain to relieve stress. I believe that a smile can cure- it’s free to pass on. I never miss an opportunity to enjoy the rewards of being polite & kind. Engaging is sweet conversation with total strangers inspires me.

My personal guiding principle is “there is no right way to do the wrong thing.” I love deep, loyal, & forever. My God, my husband, four amazing children, family, & friends are everything to me…dogs too, all four of them.

Make everyday an event!

+ Is it more difficult to lose weight as you grew older; if so, why?

Hell yah! I was one of those girls who could eat anything & never gain weight. At least until I started my family. I gained a lot ( I mean a lot ) of weight having my children. I didn’t even realize I was gaining weight. I would order myself birthday cakes a couple of time a month from my favorite bakery. They would ask me what the message should read on the cake. My response was just write eat me on it & I’ll pick it up on the way home. I was literally fat…and happy. It took me a good solid year after having my last child to get it back together. For the most part I maintain my weight now, but it doesn’t come easy or without effort.

+ Quick skinny tip?

I was raised to eat everything on my plate. You would think changing that habit is easy, but the concept was deeply embedded. Keeping with the classic smaller portions is a must for me. Additionally, my husband and I really try to have dates with one another. This usually involves dinning out. We have both learned that we don’t really want a whole entree, so we try to order something we can split & usually try to order on the healthy side. That does not apply to ‘Taco Tuesday’…

+ For someone who wants to lose a lot of weight, what’s your number trick?

No brainer: cut out all starchy carbs.

+ Favorite healthy, snack?

I have learned to use endive in place of chips or crackers. One of my favorite snacks is endive with goat cheese & sliced pear.

+ How do you maintain your weight?

I watch what I eat, exercise, & cut out starchy carbs after a big splurge or weak moment ( especially cake ).

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

+ Cocktail of choice?

Tequila, just straight up good tequila with no lime, no salt, & a side of sparkling water.

+ Recommendations for women who have trouble keeping weight off?

It starts with discipline. You have to advocate for yourself. If you want something to change, only you can bring the change. I’m not a huge fan of diets, but I do subscribe to making smart meal choices & cutting out starchy carbs. Everyone’s different. For me staying in shape & keeping my weight in check is a combination of habits that support maintaining my health & figure.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

I try to play tennis four days a week & take as least one day to run the beach. I drive everywhere with arm weights on. It’s true, I look like a crazy lady on the road, but it works. Just before I take a shower each day, I do thirty squats, because I don’t want my butt to slide into the back of my knees. I always want to do more, but balance is not always easy to achieve. I’m human & sometimes life just won’t let me squeeze in one more thing.

+ Favorite skinny recipe:

This lime, avocado, chicken soup! So yummy.

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

This little mama has got it going on! Karen looks absolutely insane & can keep up with any twenty year old. In fact…people often mistake her for twenty year old. I mean, I’m not surprised!

Check her out:

+ Introduce yourself:

I am Karen, fifty seven & I love food. I was surprised & flattered when Lauryn asked me for an interview. It’s my pleasure to share some of my diet & exercise tips. My mother’s Japanese heritage has instilled healthy eating habits from an early age.

+ Is it more difficult to lose weight as you grew older; if so, why?

Menopause came early for me and I was not prepared. I recommend women learn about the symptoms & the choices for relief WAY before it begins. I spent four months researching as the sweating, loss of energy, & discomfort continued. With the advice of my doctor, I chose HRT, it isn’t for everyone & even commonly portrayed negatively, but I was balanced within five days.

+ Quick skinny tip?

I love to cook! I am happy with a house full of friends & family eating traditional dishes or new recipes. My routine go-to snack…apples! I eat one a day, at least. Lately, my foods are all about simplicity. A lot of vegetables & organic salads, spiced up with greens like chiso, basil, cilantro, mint, & arugula. I like Girard’s Light Champagne Dressing, but I’ll switch it up by whisking in soy or ponzu. It is great with tofu or on steamed rice ( preferably brown ). Fresh rice is best cooked in a ‘Zojirushi NP-HBC-10 Fuzzy Logic Automatic Rice Cooker.’

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

+ Favorite healthy snack?

I always have roasted chicken breasts on hand. I serve it shredded, sliced, hot or cold topped with sauces or Greek yogurt & herbs. Sushi & choices for fresh fish are endless too. Red meat is enjoyed in moderation; I often grill a slab of salmon, skin side down first & turned to finish. I don’t believe in denying the sweet & salty either, but limiting to a few bites is my resolve. I prepare meals in advance, which saves time to work out because I love to exercise, & let’s face, it’s time-consuming!

+ Weekly work out schedule?

I love to be active! Lauryn turned me on to barre classes, so now I attend them about three times a week with dedication & angst. On days in between, I ride my bike, practice yoga, & vigorously walk our beloved new puppy. Whew! I’m thankful that my husband is patient, loving, & my biggest fan. I love him!

+ Best overall advice?

My advice for quick weight loss is easy. Water, exercise, eat very small portions, plenty of veggies, apples, & feel slightly hungry before bedtime. Not for everyone…but it works for me!

+ Quick, easy recipe:

An easy dressing/marinade recipe:

Miso/Ginger Vinaigrette

1/2 cup shiro miso (a soy bean paste)

1 cup water

¼ cup corn oil, peanut, or vegetable; even add a touch sesame oil too

1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoon sushi ginger

+ Directions: blend until creamy. This has big flavor! Use sparingly.

Julie McKeown Evarts and Karen Hasler talk skinny tips and tricks for women over forty.

  1. No way. I would have never guessed their ages! They’re so young and inspiring 🙂 Keep it up ladies.

  2. WOW. I’m always amazed + inspired to see women my mom’s age who have a more bangin’ body than most 25 year olds I know. My parents constantly blow my mind with how fit and healthy they are. Whenever I go home to visit, my 57 year old mother drags me to hot yoga, crossfit, triathalon training, and whatever else she’s into at the moment. And she makes me look like such a baby! I’ll be sweating and almost in tears while she has a huge smile on her face just going 110% like its NBD. These ladies are such an inspiration! <3

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