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HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Skinny Confidential BODY APP Is Here!



The Skinny Confidential BODY APP featuring my fabulous trainer Kim Kelly is here.

I am so fucking excited, I can’t even tell you. This APP has been in the making for the last year & a half. We’ve been working on it every single day to make sure we’ve brought you the most efficient, streamlined way to workout, go grocery shopping, make easy, healthy recipes that taste amazing, & stay in touch with like-minded people- so ta-da…The Skinny Confidential BODY APP is just that.

Anyway, this is NEW & improved. How? Well the previous version was an eBook that you bought & could view as a file on your computer or phone or even get printed at Kinko’s ( like I did, LOL ). This new version is an APP & super easy to access on your phone. If you want to get really micro, you can listen to all the details on the latest podcast.

tsc body app by the skinny confidential

What Is The Skinny Confidential BODY APP?:

This APP seriously has it all. 12 weeks of workouts for any fitness level ( beginner, intermediate & expert ). Think moves that you can do from ANYWHERE- a hotel room, a park, your garage, like actually, anywhere. You’ll find moves like walking lunges, frog jumps, hip dips, high knees & butt kicks. Don’t worry, cardio is built in to every circuit, so you don’t even have to think about it.

The recipes are all super & easy quick, which you guys know I’m all about. So many of you are always G2G like me so this section is made for YOU. You’ll drool over GG French toast, Kim’s sweet popcorn, almond nice cream & salmon arugula wraps. Trust me, everything is SO EASY to throw together with simple, delicious ingredients. We also wanted to include our favorite cocktails so expect to see the recipe for Glitter Pink Champagne. It’s to die for.

We don’t want anyone getting hungover & missing their workout so there are so many tips for when you’re drinking & you’ll even find a ‘Hangover Elixr’ recipe just in case you get a little too buzzed one night.

Kim & I both believe that WELL-BEING isn’t just about what you eat & how hard you sweat. The Skinny Confidential BODY includes a Daily Habits chart so you can track how much water you’re drinking, how much sex you’re having ( meow ), how many hours of sleep you get, & anything else that’s important to you. You can also see why protein is so important & how to get it ( lots of plant-based recs here ! ) & 8 tips for success, which we’ll get into more in a minute.

Most important though is the community that you can become part of. There’s a private Facebook group totally dedicated to members where we can share progress, hacks, tips, favorite recipes & grocery store finds. TSC BODY really is a one-done wellness APP that Kim & I are so excited about.

Because of Kim’s expertise & my complete obsession with becoming a practitioner of health & fitness, we wanted to find a way to bring all of our skinny hacks & tips together, & share them with YOU. ESPECIALLY right now because so many people are at home in quarantine. For me, I still have 20 lbs to lose after giving birth, so I’ve been using this guide on myself. I figured it was perfect to partner with my trainer Kim, who is the expert, & use me as a guinea pig ( the practitioner ) & then bring you all the goods.

How To Download The Skinny Confidential BODY APP:

Simply go into your app store, type in ‘The Skinny Confidential‘ & you’ll see a pic of me & Kim. Download & voilà! When you go into the app you’ll be asked your height, weight, sex & birthday. From there you can choose a 14 day free trial, after which you’ll be charged $7.99 USD each month. Or right out the gate you can sign up for a year for $74.99 USD, which works out to $6.25 USD per month.

Honestly, this is like bringing the gym to your home $6.25 per month with one of the best trainers. Kim knows her shit, & if you can pick up her tips & secrets, you’ll be golden.

tsc body app by the skinny confidential

Why am I charging?

There are a lot of expenses that go into running this. The cost is truly the bare minimum to cover costs of running the app, graphic design, time & labor, photos, etc. There’s also been a whole team of people working on this project.

Ok, so back to actually using the APP. I want to walk you guys through each section so you know what to expect. When you open the APP, at the bottom of your screen you’ll see 5 categories: Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, About, & Community. Let’s break down each one together.

If you’re more of a visual person, like me, then I created a video for you too. I like to see what I’m getting. ( Just note that the video & the pics were all shot pre-pregnancy, so I’m currently in the midst of getting back into the shape I was in before baby ).

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The Skinny Confidential BODY APP Tour:


♥ Prepare: 

In this section you’ll find a workout breakdown & how the whole plan works. We go over what to expect from your weekly plan & things that you can do on the days that you don’t workout. Think- stretch, yoga, walk.

You’ll also see instructions on how to measure yourself to track your progress, which we recommend doing every 2 weeks. Once you get used to the workouts, there’s also a ton of tips to ‘INCREASE THE BURN.’

From this section you can ‘START WORKOUT’ which will take you to plan for Beginner, Intermediate, & Expert. Within each of those there are 12 weeks of workouts ( 3 workouts per week ). For example, if you choose Beginner > Week 1 > Day 1 ( legs & ass ), you’ll then see all the moves for that circuit with GIFs of me & Kim doing it, plus how many reps you should aim for within the 1 minute time frame. To find out exactly how to do each exercise, just tap the i in the pink circle to the right for a step-by-step.

I highly recommend checking out the info on each exercise the first time around, because we don’t want anyone to hurt themselves. Form is key when exercising.

♥ 12 Week Workout Guide For Toning & Strengthening: 

Here is where you can find the full workout guide again. It takes you to the same place as when you tap ‘START WORKOUT.’ That means you’ll see Beginner, Intermediate, Expert & all 12 weeks of workouts within each.

♥ Workout Glossary: 

This is where you can find every single workout & stretch. At the top you’ll see buttons for ‘WARMUP’ & ‘CARDIO/PLANK.’ You’ll also find a ‘STRETCH’ section for after your circuit, or days that you don’t workout.

Again, there are little GIFs of me & Kim doing each thing, but just click the i in the pink circle for a step-by-step. Oh, & you don’t need any equipment for these workouts except some light weights, like 1 or 2 lbs, but you can also use water bottles, cans or just your body. You don’t NEED anything. Resistance bands are great & easy to travel with but not necessary. For the step ups & lunges using a box, you can get creative & use a stair, chair, stool or whatever you can find.


♥ Recipes:

Here you’ll find amazing, easy, quick recipes. QUICK being the key here. We all G2G right?

Think 3 ingredient pancakes, crunchy yogurt, mini frittatas & my favorite egg white omelette. There’s a whole section for Breakfast, Sweets, On the Go, Nourish ( for other meals ) &…DRINKS!! Did you think you couldn’t drink when following a workout plan? Kim & I both love a cocktail so there’s a whole section with yummy, satisfying drinks along with TIPS for when you’re drinking.

♥ Grocery List:

This is such a FUN & easy way to keep your grocery list organized while scoping my & Kim’s list of staples we like to have on hand.

Once you’re in the Grocery List Section, you’ll see some categories at the top. Simply tap the category, then the + to view a full list of our faves in that category. Tap & done! The item will be added to your grocery list. Also note that you can just type in whatever is on your list too.

If you’re more of a pen & paper type person, I feel you. You can download & print the full grocery list by tapping the button at the bottom of the page. Print it out, mark it up, cross things off, you do you here.

♥ 7 Day Meal Plan:

Here you’ll see a sample eating plan of how Kim & I both like to eat. You’ll see examples of what breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch & dinner looks like for each day of the week.

But again, you do you. The meal plan sheet is downloadable so you can fill in the blanks using the Recipes & Snacks listed as a guide.

♥ Skinny Hacks:

This is my favorite section. The Skinny Confidential was built on hacks & quick, easy tips so I’m all about having a whole section dedicated to this.

We talk about the best times to eat your meals/snacks, easy tips to keep you prepared so you don’t end up at a drive-through in a hungry rage, tips for drinking alcohol, why fiber is sooooo good, & substitutes for keeping snacks healthy when you’re out with your friends.

YES !!! There are even tips for when eating out at restaurants, plus a portion control guide that is super easy to remember. Also the list of things to avoid & add in is super helpful. Try not to think of it like depriving yourself of foods, but instead crowd out the bad stuff with better stuff. Make sense?


♥ Daily Habits:

Daily habits are things like: drinking water, working out, counting steps, sleeping, sex ( it’s important! ), nutrition, & self-care. You can download the ‘DAILY HABITS CHART’ to track these things & hold yourself accountable ( ahem, really how much water did you drink though? ).

For me, I love counting steps. I walk while on a conference call, try to get on the treadmill while I answer DMs & emails- you get it. Kim parks further away from where ever she’s going which is such a good hack.

Small daily habits can lead to big successes so it’s important that you make time for yourself to do whatever you need to do to feel your best. That could be meditation, reading, or cuddling with your dogs.

In this section you’ll learn how much water you should aim to drink, how much sleep Kim & I like to get each night, & how we practice self-care. Facials, reading & rosé for me plz.

♥ Protein Guide:

Here you’ll find a list of plant-based proteins & a breakdown of what ones to avoid. We go over why protein is so important & what to look for whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or are vegan.

♥ 8 Tips For Your Success:

We’ll go over 8 tips to help you succeed in your journey. This is a great place to go if you’re feeling frustrated or need a little boost of motivation. Think things like:

+ positive talk: Celebrate your victories, big & small. The way we talk to ourselves matters & your thoughts become your actions, so it’s important to give yourself positive reinforcements.

+ time: You wouldn’t miss your hair or nail appointment, so schedule your workouts & don’t skip them. Commit to the time you set aside for yourself to achieve your goals.

+ consistency: Results happen from true, consistent work. Put in the effort & honor yourself to make health a priority.

+ commitment: Why are you doing this? What do you want from the plan? Write it down & even put it on your mirror to remind yourself often.

+ preparation: Set yourself up for success by preparing things that could hold you back. Fill up your water bottle & have it ready at your door, lay out your workout clothes so you can jump out of bed & throw them on, have snacks ready to go for the day to help you make healthy decisions.

+ effort: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Know that you’ll have to PUSH yourself!

+ openness: Get ready to hurdle obstacles because there will be some. A pile of cookies or skipping a workout won’t make those obstacles go away, they’ll create more.

+ being realistic: Be realistic about your time frame when it comes to results. Change comes with commitment, time & effort.


On this page you can learn more about the guide, creating your healthy future, & meet Kim & I. You’ll find our Instagram handles too so you can learn more about us if you’re interested- @kimkellyfit & @theskinnyconfidential.

Ok so, who is Kim Kelly? She is not only my rock star trainer from San Diego, she has become a great friend who I adore. She has her own studio in San Diego, she’s an entrepreneur, & helps women all over the world GET FIT. She’s an expert in the space & one of the best trainers I’ve ever met.

You can go train with her in studio, or she offers virtual workout classes with on-demand videos. Kim is certified in: TRX, yoga, barre, BodyRok Pilates, Lagree Pilates, & personal training. What I love about Kim is that she makes working out fun, she’s always laughing & her energy is just what you want in a trainer.

If you want to find out more about Kim, follow her on Instagram @kimkellyfit where she is always sharing so much VALUE ( including Instagram Live workouts ). Definitely check her out.


This is where you can join the private Facebook group specifically for body guide members. Kim & I will be checking in to touch base with everyone & help you stay motivated. We want to hear about everyone’s journeys, favorite tips, hacks, recipes, snacks & PROGRESS.

It’s a fun, non-judgemental space where we’ll be sharing new grocery store finds, the latest recipes, giveaways & more.

We really want everyone to stay connected, accountable & inspired.

So there you have it- a full breakdown of The Skinny Confidential Body Guide. Kim & I really poured our heart & soul into this project because it’s so important to us. We really hope everyone likes it & finds it as effective & efficient as we do.

Would love to hear what you think below or in the Facebook group. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest podcast episode where we talk everything BODY GUIDE & follow @kimkellyfit on Instagram.

x, lauryn

+ get more acquainted with Kim.

++ check out this badass playlist, perfect for your workout.


  1. I have the ebook from a couple years ago and just downloaded the app! LOVE IT ALL!!! Thank you for making this and for the all the time and effort! Can’t wait to use it tonight at the gym! XOXO Tiff

  2. What happens if later down the road you want to cancel the subscription— is that possible?! Not that I would EVER because I already know I’m going to be obsessed, but just wondering how that would work!! xx thank you so much for creating this for us!

    1. Hey Annie! If later on you want to cancel, you can cancel through the app store under your subscriptions. 🙂 although I hope you enjoy the app & don’t cancel

  3. Hi! I am so excited for this app, just downloaded!! Wanted to let you know that on the first page after you enter your height and weight, “trial” is spelt “trail” in both places on the screen. Just wanted to give you a heads up! Can’t wait to start using this to get back to my pre baby body!

  4. Hi Lauryn! I love this post. I am super in to everything wellness, especially healthy eating and will definitely be downloading the app. You have truly thought of everything! Thanks for always writing such helpful posts!

  5. Lauryn!! I love you’re new app, will you be posting a couple juice recipes?? (LOVE the recipes in your book). -Elly <3

    1. Hi – you do this through the app store! You click the top right where the user icon is and click on subscriptions. You can cancel it through there!

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    to go to see the website, that’s what this site is providing.

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