Hot, Little At-Home Date Night

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

This outfit is called ‘what to wear when you don’t want to go in public but still want to look hot.’

Obviously I would still rock this whole outfit in public but I am still very much swollen from jaw surgery & I’ve been kind of slouching around the house. AKA no makeup, no heels, no dress, you know- homeless chic. So I needed a dynamic outfit to make me feel somewhat attractive.

Last Friday night I suddenly decided I didn’t want to be a total slouch.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home still. I just wanted to look & feel kinda hot, you know. I asked Michael if we could stay in for a date night. He happily agreed. He likes hanging at home too. In fact, he prefers it.

I actually ( for literally the first time in months ) put some effort into my look. This black dress from 5 Two 3 was perfect because it’s comfortable AND cute. The off the shoulder thing is fun because it’s kind of mysterious but also sexy. I’m looking forward to wearing this to a friend’s upcoming birthday. I added a pop of red with these heels & lipstick. GUYS I EVEN WASHED MY HAIR.

Doing big things.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

We turned the living room into a little movie theater, lit candles, played music, & drank some red wine.

Also, I’m very excited because recently I bought bed trays. We used the bed trays to eat ( I made tacos ) on the couch like two old people eating TV dinners. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to risk getting any food on my white couch so thank God for the trays.

Sometimes when you feel shitty, the best way to feel better is to dress up. You know what Elizabeth Taylor said: “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, & pull yourself together.”

Now I just really need to muster the energy to do this every Friday. #GOALS.

– lauryn x

{ black dress | shoes | red lipstick | clutch }

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential


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15 replies to “Hot, Little At-Home Date Night”

  1. That is so sexy/cute. I love staying at home, because I cannot stand people, years of law enforcement will do that to you!!! I hope you have great weekend.

  2. Where did you get bed trays from? This post made me want to get some. (Eating in on the couch with them would be amazing.)

  3. OMG. I’m obsessed with everything about this post. Red/black outfit + red wine + dinner at home, candles, movie night… perfection! Xx