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How To Style a Summer Patio

My summer patio has been my project lately. I wanted it to evoke a super calming atmosphere where I could

How to Style a Coffee Table…TSC-Style

Hi, hi. Today I’m sharing a lil peak inside my living room. I’m kinda weird sometimes about sharing my personal

Pretties Time! A Sparkly, Lil DIY: Glitter Pencils

I love pretties. Pretties are like, cute confetti, dainty rings, baby’s-breath flowers, &…glitter! Ok so, this particular DIY is totally

How to Host A Shenanigan W/O Going Bat-Shit Crazy

Hope you’re all wrapped & ready—! And if you’re like me, you’re running around like a bat-shit, crazy maniac getting ready

DIY: Super Sexy, Boho Dream Catchers

Hello, DIY DREAM CATCHERS! This one’s for any hippie-loving-boho-free spirited-babe. Since moving into my new casa, I’m a total white

Mini DeLites x A Burlap and Crystal Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is the bomb. Because, duh? Who doesn’t want to eat, drink, & chill? I did my cooking early

A Little DIY Collab…A Gold, Tiny Critter Dish

When DIY bloggers, Fashionlush & The Fashion Bite asked me to do a DIY collab, I was so excited. I mean,

Mini DeLites

[ White gumballs that sub as decor ] [ The newest home addition ] Ever have just one of those days?

How to Style a Skinny Bar Cart

Styling my new sixties-inspired, gold bar cart was literally the highlight of my life year month week. Since moving into

A Home Decor Update <3

So I’ve decided to start fresh with decorating my house- & today I’m sharing some of the latest purchase. My

Mini DeLites | Starting Fresh

[ My citrus obsession continues…lemon decor ] [ The cutest Lulu*S anklet (( coasters found here )) ] Hi! Sooooo.

A Sex Kitten’s Guide to Home Accessories

Lately I’ve been real into home decor. I almost like it more than shopping for clothes/purses/shoes. Almost. But honestly, staying

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