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Home Details For Ya

welcome to our home | by the skinny confidential

SOOO. You guys inspired a ( kind of ) PART THREE of our home tour.

Your tips, comments, & feedback were seriously EVERYTHING. Thank you, thank you!

Wanted to follow-up on some of your questions with a full post.

On that note, here are YOUR favorite pieces from the home tour:

Pixy & Boone’s Lace Tipi:

Your dog will LOVE this tipi. I catch Pixy taking her afternoon nap in it every single day. It’s super white, & totally feminine so it will definitely add to the vibe of your home.

Sexy Floor Lamps:

Very easy to just grab whatever is functional but let’s add a little flair to it, shall we? Instead of going with something basic, take a moment to find a super sexy lamp to up the decor in the home.

White Tufted Couch:

Who doesn’t love white?! You’ll probably want to smack every person that tries to put their shoes on it but who cares because it’s SO chic.

welcome to our home | by the skinny confidential

Palm Pillows:

These pillows are the perfect accent. I throw them on our giant blue chairs, but the cool thing about them is they can work with any color scheme, ESPECIALLY white.

Manly Candles:

These candles are ideal because Michael’s man cave needs a special touch. There are tons of feminine smells in white jars for a more girly vibe.

Gold Accent Wishbone:

Gold accents are a win, male or female. Don’t ya think? This wishbone is cute to place on top of a coffee table or books.


Take time to find art you love. You’ll have it forever & it’s usually the first thing people see when they walk in a home. You guys asked for the link to this HUSTLE sign & the picture of the kitty!

Alright, that’s it. Again, thank you so much for the sweet comments about our home posts.

Check out part ONE & part TWO if you missed out, they’re some of my favorite posts to write.


  1. Hi!
    Thank you for this post!!I really love this couch and I’ve been looking for a white couch I’ve seen yours on snapchat. I think it’s perfect! Is this the exact site and couch you have in your home? I’m scared to by something online like this I’ve never seen in person… I’ve heard these couches sometimes are too small and uncomfortable. Is yours comfortable to sit on and does it seem like an average size? Thank you again!

    1. Yes it is the same exact couch Brandie! I would say it’s comfortable and above average size. I hope it works out for you : )

  2. Hey Lauryn! What size are your palm pillows? I’m having the hardest time deciding what size to go with! Thanks xx

    1. I have are the 26″ pillows Courtney! You should factor in the size of the chair or couch the pillow will be on to determine the right size.

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  4. Great post, Lauryn! I think that tipi for the pup is such a great idea and looks amazing as well.

    Sometimes I like those manly scented candles just as much as the girly ones! =)

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