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A Home Decor Update <3


So I’ve decided to start fresh with decorating my house- & today I’m sharing some of the latest purchase. My color scheme is all white with pops of gold/mint ( or seafoam )/black.

Oh, & I’m literally obsessed with my new gold bar cart—- furnishing it with Meyer lemons, sparkling water, & a few colorful liquor bottles ( tequila, anyone? ) sounds more fun than basically anything.

Lemme tell ya, I’m having fun with this home decor thing. It’s sort of therapeutic.

If any of you have any recs on furniture shopping- I’d love to hear them below! xx.L

1.} Diptyque Baies Candles

2.} World’s Away Roland Gold Leaf Bar Cart

3.} Zak Designs’ Large White Rectangular Tray

4.} Mrs. Meyer’s All-Natural Hand Soap: Honeysuckle Scent

5.} Latte Bowls in Seafoam from Anthropologie

6.} Urban Outfitter’s Vanity Mirror in White

7.} White Anthropologie Celestial Coaster Set

8.} Kate: The Kate Moss Book

9.} Rose Gold Flatware from West Elm


  1. We decide to renovate too this year. We redid mine and my brother’s room. Its on its end almost. Another day of white wash and Ill be ready to move back into my room. Im so excited. The walls are purple!

  2. lovin’ the rose gold flatware! the set I had my eye on at UO is no longer available, so I am super happy that you shared this set!

    my fave places for home decor shopping are definitely Etsy and Target! Now that I live in the UK, Next home is also a new obsession. Enjoy the decorating therapy!

  3. I love that flatware! Such a refreshing change from the normal silver. I’m sure you’ve shopped it but I LOVE Etsy for everything really but especially for home decor. It’s the best to find ooak items, whether vintage or handmade. The furniture can be expensive but I think it’s worth it for statement pieces. I found a guy on there that made a huge reclaimed wood window pane mirror for me for my living room and it’s my favorite piece in the room! I like knowing where the items I buy are made too!

  4. Such great finds there! I absolutely love that cart. What a great idea.
    I’m feeling everyone loves the diptique candles. It’s one of the most blogged about product, ever, isn’t it? I went in the other day so give them a glance and wow, I do get the hype!


  5. To me, candles are EXTRAORDINARILY important! They just make any environment feel homey and comforting! Plus, they smell amazing πŸ™‚ I love going to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and getting the bakery smelling scents! lol

  6. I can’t wait until I have a more permanent place (a place of my own!) to decorate however I want. I looooove home decor. So fun. But I especially love kitchen appliances. Don’t even get me started on kitchenware. I could spend anyone’s life savings stocking a kitchen.

  7. How cute are those things! love love love

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    Thank you,

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  9. I can’t connect with the link to your gold flatware, can you share the name? Do you still love it? Struggling to find quality gold/rose gold flatware. Thanks for any help!!!! Ps obsessed with you and your brand

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