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Skin & Hair: Holistic Style

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger and fitness blogger with skinny tricks and tips.

 [ A peak inside my bathroom cabinet ]

If you’re anything like me, you’re psycho about keeping a peachy clean complexion. Meet holistic skin God, Kerry, from A Better Balanced Body. Her tips & skills have refined my daily routine, diet & skin.

Three fab tidbits I have picked up from Kerry over the last year:

+ Clarisonic 101: in your twenties & thirties use the Clarisonic only once a week. It strips the skin each time & when you’re young it is completely unnecessary to strip it daily. Once a week provides the perfect amount of exfoliation.

+ Make-up remover: never use store bought brands. They cause those little white pockets underneath the eyes. Almond oil or grape seed oil are extremely efficient & provide better results. I use grape seed oil for remover every night.

+ Mineral sunscreen: contains no chemicals & is kinder on the skin than regular sunscreens. I use Rhonda Allison 30 SPF everyday.

Kerry’s talks skin, hair and health:

+ Holistic facials vs. regular facials?

A holistic practitioner/esthetician treats the skin as a whole; it does not just look at the outside of the skin, but the inside too. It ensures that a person is feeding their cells from the inside with well-balanced nutrition, nourishment & the daily environment. Most traditional skin care takes care of symptoms but do not always address where the symptoms originated from. This technique often times will mask problems & the symptoms come back because the cause was never addressed.

+ Recommendations of all-natural products?

My favorite product line for skin is Eminence. It is all organic and parts biodynamic which is even more pure than organic, nutraceutical line. This nourishes your skin, rather than stripping the nutrients. I also like Young Blood & Colorescience.

+ Best recommendation for skin & hair?

My biggest recommendation regarding the skin is not about products, but rather general health. Drink lots of water, eat lots of greens loaded with folic acid, plenty of rest, stress less & protect your skin with a high mineral sunscreen.

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger and fitness blogger with skinny tricks and tips.

[ One of Kerry’s secrets: organic Eminence ]

+ Natural remedies that people can do at home?

There are so many natural remedies that can be done at home . It just depends on what is going on with the person. An example: if you have acne, a cooked clove of garlic, a pinch of baking soda & a liitle peppermint or eucalyptus will clear things up in no time as long as it’s not hormone related acne. If the acne is hormone related, you would tweak the mix a bit.

+ Biggest misconception regarding facials?

The most misconception regarding facials is that you can get one facial & the skin is instantly fixed. My job is to help educate on proper usage of products, not to make people believe that they need to use the most popular/expensive items for results. The least a person should be seen is during season changes, so that the body is evaluated for the seasons recommendations.

+ Let’s talk sunscreen?       

Most sunscreens carry harsh chemicals which could clog pores and/or create chemical damage to the skin. I often see people who put these harsh chemicals on their skin & then the pigmentation becomes darker. My favorite sunscreen is made by Colorescience.

+ Beneficial foods for hair & skin?

My recommendation? A high protein diet, low-carb, high veggie, no/low sugar diet.

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger and fitness blogger with skinny tricks and tips.

[ Rhonda Allison’s product line ]

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger and fitness blogger with skinny tricks and tips.

[ Use sparingly: once to twice a week ]

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger and fitness blogger with skinny tricks and tips.

[ Make-up remover: store-bought grape seed oil with vitamin E ]


  1. we love using jojoba oil and hemp seed oil on our faces! we have been doing it for a few weeks and cleaning up our eats, and our skin has gotten so much better! we are al for the more natural way for skin care 🙂 thanks for tips!

  2. I’ve started getting my beauty regime more and more natural over the years and now I’ve been using pure organic coconut oil to remove eye make up and as a facial cleanser. I have to try that grape seed oil as well.

    I also mix filtered water, some white vinegar and jojoba oil in a glass bottle and use it as my toner. My 31 year old acne prone skin has not been better ever. I also use pure shea butter and same coconut oil for my entire body.

    Just found your blog today and LOVE IT!!! Thank you!

    1. Try jojoba essential oils. And also the aloe vera. It is really amazing. Products with these two in the ingredients really makes them much more helpful for skin care.

  3. this is great. i’d love to get more information about using garlic/baking soda and essential oils to clear up acne. also, how you’d tweak it for hormonal acne. love your posts!

  4. Where can I buy that grape seed oil? Whole foods? I’ve always used a little bit of body lotion to remove make up :-/ and yes, I know thats probably terrible…lol


    1. Yes! Any health food stores ; ). Grape seed oil is amazing to take off make-up! XO

  5. I agree with you, drinking a lot of water is really helpful to maintain the glow of the skin. Rehydration is very important to our body, thank you for sharing some helpful products as well.

  6. Very helpful post. My family members have different kind of hair so that, it’s difficult to choose the right shampoo. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It is good to know that with facials, time is needed to help heal your skin. I think I was one of the people who thought that one simple facial could solve all of my skin care woes. I’ll have to implement this on a regular basis, because my skin can get really oily!

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