Holiday Ideas For The Dog Lover…Because Who Can Resist A Mini Fedora?!

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So obviously my dogs are a HUGE part of my life. Really though my obsession is sick. Their personalities are hilarious (like Pixy growled at a horse who was trotting by yesterday. Literally though, a horse— apparently she thinks she bigger than a freaking horse). Anyway, Boone & Pixy are my two ride or dies— they come everywhere with me.

As you guys know, I’ve already done an eating, walking, bathing breakdown but since they’re so important to me, I figured I’d share a little personality post too.

Recently, Gwen Stefani sent both of them ( LOL ) a bunch of fun goodies from her new, limited-edition Harajuku Lovers line with Petco. Pixy is more of a kitten diva with her clothes; she actually loves them because she really does associate the clothing with hanging out outside of the house with mom or dad. She will pretty much put the clothes on herself if it means hanging out with us. Boone, on the other hand, isn’t quite used to clothes. He doesn’t really know how he feels about them. However, he was loving the cozy Union Jack sweater that Petco sent him

Here’s the Twinkles modeling their new outfits:

As you can tell he felt extremely special…& manly.

Isn’t he the manliest man ever?


BUT can we talk about his fedora?…

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Yes, a fedora ( the Union Jack Trilby Dog Hat, specifically ).

Am I psycho or is this the cutest thing in the world? HA.

They’re also obsessed with the Kawaii Donut Plush Squeaky Dog Toy & the Cool Emoji Canvas Squeaky Dog Toy. Boone squeaks it to the point of ad nauseam. He literally created a song by squeaking the toy every second, of every day.

Pixy also chimes in on the bass, squeaking her pink donut like a bougie badass.

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Also, lately I’ve been really incorporating some healthy foods in their diet like raw coconut oil ( GREAT to eat & to rub on their coat ), spaghetti squash ( tons of vitamins & minerals ), watermelon ( sans seeds ), raw carrots, strawberries, chia seeds, & green beans! I also have been using a tough brush on their coats so they can get the same effect as dry brushing. It’s SO great for dog’s lymph system to be dry brushed. We also literally massage them ( are we crazy? ).

Any other tips you guys have?

Anyway, I thought that these little outfits would be an AWESOME holiday gift/stocking stuffer for your dog-lover friend. Seriously I think anyone with a fur baby would just be entirely in love with the fedora concept, no?

love, lauryn, Pixy, & T.Boone Pickens <3

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++ to check out the rest of the line visit | in collaboration w/ Petco.

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42 replies to “Holiday Ideas For The Dog Lover…Because Who Can Resist A Mini Fedora?!”

  1. I just love those little outfits! I want to get some for my rescue cats Leo and Missy!!! Your dogs are soo funny and cute!!!

    1. Thanks Virginia, this post was seriously so fun ( & hilarious ) to shoot! They loved having everyone’s attention on them for the day! LOL! Thanks for reading <3

    1. Hi Lou :)) They were totally loving it. Especially Pixy, she loves the attention! Thanks for reading <3

  2. Oh my gosh, your fur babies look so cute!! We like to use coconut oil on my dog’s nose when it gets dry in the cooler weather. Now, I just wish he’d let us dress him up like that!

    1. Coconut oil on their noses is SUCH a great idea! Does your dog love it? I feel like Pixy and Boone would just lick it all up. Thanks for reading <3

  3. This is ridiculous! They are soo adorable. I have no idea how you made that fedora stay on his head, but i am so impressed. I got my cat a santa collar that is velvet and i think he loves it.

    1. LOL!! PLEASE send me a pic of our cat in a Santa collar. I need to see this!! AND where can I get one for Boone?? I need it for Christmas seriously! Thanks for reading babe <3

    1. Hi Anna, UGH I know it was literally the worst. The Instagram team is amazing though I regained access to my account within 24 hours THANK GOD!!!

  4. great health tips! i have read your blog for many years and love it, buuuuutttt i think its so silly to buy little hats for dogs. sweaters and stuff i get because they can get cold, but hats and tutus and stuff? unnecessary and only serves the eye of humans, let dogs be dogs i say. anyways, not meant as criticism cause you are great, have a nice day L 🙂

  5. This is such a cute post! I love seeing your pups.

    And I’m a total dog psycho too! I adopted my girl 5 years ago when she was 2 and she has completely changed my life! Someone ditched her when she was pregnant at a shelter, if you can believe it. When I got her she was so scared and skinny, but still so, so sweet. Now that she’s learned to trust, she is her bubbly, lovely self. She actually inspired me to volunteer at a local shelter, and that is just so rewarding. It’s so awesome to spend time with all the dogs before they find their humans.

    1. Hi Whitney, your story is so sweet. I completely agree with you. I do not understand how people could abuse or abandon dogs… It’s unbelievable. I guess the only thing we can do is try to give back and take care of them. Where are you from? Where you do you volunteer? xx

    2. Thanks for writing back! Until last month I was living in the Boston area, volunteering at Schultz’s Guest House. But my husband and I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, so I’m going to start volunteering at the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue as soon as I complete the orientation process. It’s definitely something I miss about my time in Boston and want to bring back into my life.

  6. Ahhh! I can’t wait to be home for christmas and see my baby again!! I was looking for a present to bring home for her. She’s the cutest little dog in the whole wide world (sorry Lauryn! 😉

  7. Oh so cute!I have a little yorkie and he is really all my life.I love everything about him and especially his personality.It is crazy to see the way we communicate because we really do!Nice gifts!!!

    1. I totally get it, Pixy and I have our own language. She totally knows what I’m saying. LOL! Thanks for reading <3

  8. Could you do a post on the recipes you use for all the healthy foods you incorporate into their diets?! Would absolutely LOVE it!

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  10. Double sided clothes brush: the brush side for the longer coarser hair, then the lint remover side for the finer hair.
    Also gettting the loose hair off the dog with a zoom groom brush first helps reduce the amount of fur I get on me!

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