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A Holiday Coconut/Cacao Cocktail <3

The Skinny Confidential shares a Bailey's cocktail.

The Skinny Confidential shares a Bailey's cocktail.

The other day on Instagram I posted a pic of coconut/cacao hot chocolate…( SO freaking yummy ) and you guys asked me for a recipe.

Annnnnd today I’m sharing it…BUT I added Bailey’s ( so sue me ).

First off, I had a full on love affair with this little recipe because it’s that good. I fully just sat alone in my house with Spotify’s Christmas Jazz station on repeat pretending like I was in the depths of winter in Alaska with a blazing fire.

When in reality it’s like, 70 to 75 degrees in San Diego.

The Skinny Confidential shares a Bailey's cocktail.

You should see people here though; they’re in full blown UGG’s with wool scarves, leg warmers, jackets, & North Face vests, acting as if they’re experiencing unlivable conditions like ‘Beyond The Wall’ in “Game of Thrones” exclaiming “can’t you believe this weather? It’s bone-chilling!” All while checking out at the grocery store buying logs & heated blankets.

This is real life in SD right now.

Before we get all dramatic, A.) it’s not cold at all ( I just got back from NYC so I’m feeling pretttttty savvy to what’s cold ) & B.) I’m jealous of places that are cold in winter because I want to drink warm drinks by the fire.

…but I mightttttt be wearing a vest & scarf right now too? So I guess I’m just as guilty?

Ok let’s get to the hot chocolate…with a spin though: cacao nibs & coconut flakes!!  Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to DIY.

Soooo good it hurts. The recipe is seriously the easiest thing in the world:

+ 1 cup coffee

+ 1/2 cup almond milk ( make sure it doesn’t contain this nasty-ass, sicky ingredient )

+ 1 ( or 2 ) shots of Bailey’s

+ Sprinkle coconut flakes or add a few drops of coconut sugar ( it’s a liquid )

+ Sprinkle cacao chips ( sometimes I melt them before I add them )

+ Add a couple of marshmallows because DUH! 

( Option: dash of pumpkin pie spice to get super festive-y )

Directions: on a stove heat up coffee and almond milk. Add to a holiday mug. Add Bailey’s. Sprinkle coconut flakes or add coconut sugar. Sprinkle cacao nibs or heat them up for an added touch. Dash on pumpkin pie spice or marshmallows. Cheers! x

The Skinny Confidential shares a Bailey's cocktail.


Any that I have to try?

Lately I’ve also been love this apple cider whiskey drink; I may or may not be wrapping presents with it this weekend.

Don’t forget to check out TSC: Holiday/NYE Lookbook for last minute gifts.

Enjoy the weekend, Lauryn xx

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++ black top || plaid mug.

Video: Chris Tran Media

The Skinny Confidential shares a Bailey's cocktail.

  1. It is 10 degrees and rainy in Switzerland. I actually think that is normal, but every year we expect two meters of snow and -2 degrees for christmas eve (we celebrate on christmas eve). Can’t remember when that last happened or if it ever happened.

    I’m writing on a thesis right no 24/7 and a hot drink in a festive mug every few hours is a must! Right now I’m drinking a coffee with ginger bread spice, a trick I learned from you.

    Merry Christmas Lauryn!

  2. I am so keen to try this!! Coffee and baileys is the best combo ever! Too bad I’sin Aus where its actually summer and super hot right now!

  3. I love you’re blog and admire your attitude.
    That said, you’re seemingly health conscious, constantly trying to weed poisons out of your diet, and pretty knowledgable about alternatives (which I appreciate about your blog)–yet you consume alcohol? It seems a little silly…Having a cocktail is far worse for your health than consuming a little carageenan. Just saying..

    1. I like to keep a healthy balance— I balance my diet like a checkbook: I take out what I don’t need & leave in what I enjoy in moderation. And I definitely love a little wine once in a while. Thanks for reading : ) xx

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