TSC HIM & HER PODCAST EPISODE 76: Mistakes & Learning Experiences

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( 0:30 ): Hello! After about a month of living in the South of France we’re back. And today we’re talking MISTAKES. Mistakes that I’ve made while blogging & building The Skinny Confidential. OR as I prefer to call them, learning experiences.


( 5:30 ): Michael asks “When you were starting out what were some of the biggest mistakes you made?”

( 13:00 ): Michael asks “What would you tell someone who has a brand & has friends who are interested in partnering?”

( 16:15 ): Michael asks “What were some mistakes or difficulties you had in finding your voice & message?”

( 24:30 ): Michael asks “What’s a mistake that put you in the wrong direction?” 

( 28:45 ): Michael asks “What are some mistakes you see other bloggers & influencers making?

( 30:50 ): Michael asks “How do you balance the audience vs. your voice?”

( 34:50 ): Michael asks “What are some mistakes you think you can avoid?”

( 49:00 ): Michael asks “What are some mistakes you’ve made podcasting?”

( 55:50: ): Michael asks “What is one last takeaway that you would help someone avoid?”

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Learning experiences allow us to grow and evolve. Without them life would be a bore.


You have to love the process & the journey.

Ok time for a fun announcement.


confidence is a killa charity san diego meet up | by the skinny confidential

THIS Thursday ( tomorrow ) the Lady Killas are hosting a little meet up. I’ll be there to discuss confidence, following your vision, branding, & more. So come hang out with me at Bang Bang. We are partnering with Girls Rising and donating 40% of all ticket sales to their organization.

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– lauryn, x

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2 replies to “TSC HIM & HER PODCAST EPISODE 76: Mistakes & Learning Experiences”

  1. Again, this is why I look forward to your podcast each week – you tell the truth and have passion for your brand; and you’re not afraid to share your journey to building The Skinny Confidential (meaning, you don’t act like it was easy from Day One, like some bloggers do). And I always appreciate your genuine correspondence.